Leaked OS for the BlackBerry Z30

By Bla1ze on 27 Sep 2013 02:26 am EDT

For those of you out there luck enough to already have a BlackBerry Z30 in your hands, you can now download OS Although this one is labeled as 'leak', it's actually among one of the OS' that has been appearing on shipping versions of the BlackBerry Z30 in some regions. So it in a way, could be considered official as well. Consider it a back up autoloader that will help you reset your device should the need arise.

That said though, where it is still an autoloader file and not standard operating procedure for loading an OS onto your device, standard leak disclaimer caution is still advised so there's that. As always be sure to use caution when installing leaked software on your device. Check out our full tutorial for installing leaks here and perform a full backup first and if anything goes bad don't blame us. Hit the forums link for further discussion.

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Leaked OS for the BlackBerry Z30


calm down people its not even a "leak"... this is the OS the Z30 was shipped with and some of the people that got it early just extracted the software.

Oh i did ahaha that comment was for the people who react "OMFG LEAKS FOR Z30?? ALREADY"

people getting excited like they have a Z30 or would want to install this even if they had it lol -__-

Cannot wait for 10.2 to officially release!! BB10 all the way

Posted via the most badass phone in the Universe, the Z10

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Got a UK BlackBerry the day before launch from BlackBerry UK. Using it for less than 24 hours... if you think the Z10 was awesome (it is) - wait til you spend time on a Z30... blow away, like a hurricane - and coupled with 10.2 it is stunning. if you have a Z10, Q10, Q5, 0S 10.2 is miles away from 10.1, including billion times better copy and paste. No more hunting for the command or poor text selection, it is 100% accurate 100% of the time in 10.2

"Although this one is labeled as 'leak'... it in a way, could be considered official as well."

I'm lost... like BlackBerry...

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It is a leak, because it's not officialy provided by BlackBerry for all devices, but this is officialy provided for some carriers.

That really made my day!
P.S. Now looking for where i dropped my a** from laughing

STL100-1( on STC

i have 1521 leak since day 0 for my blackberry z10. now you say officially released z30 have same unoffiical version :s...

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BlackBerry and or Prem Watsa get a real marketing team and promote the kick Ass Z30 and the 10.2 OS properly. From a Z10 and iPhone 5 user ( Z30 my next phone)

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OMG Can I install on my 9700, is it snappy and how is the battery life compared to the Sears Die Hard in my car?

In my opinion it's confusing to hear the disclaimer saying don't blame us if something happens but then say you can always revert back to the official os. I've never installed a leak but hearing that always makes me hesitate jus sayin

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There's always the possibility of something going wrong, but it's really really hard to permanently brick BB10 phones through updates.

So regardless of what goes wrong you can almost always use Link to reset to factory settings, then restore a backup.

"In vino veritas, in aqua sanitas."

Dude this phone is brand spanking new!!! Why the F would a leak for this phone be out there?? Does it have that many bugs?

And u know BlackBerry enthusiasts are going to come up with all kinds of lengthy rebuttals but this leaked software crap is silly!

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Did anyone catch the public radio "blackberry obituary" piece this morning. It was really sad with the sad music and everything. O well.....

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I wouldn't be surprised if all these leaks helped taint the perception of BlackBerry for un-tech savvy users like myself.

I think the quantity and close proximity to release after release helped hurt the BlackBerry brand...again just my opinion. and I am sure I am not alone.

I know you don't have to install them if u don't want to but step back and take a look at how that looks to someone who just wants a good phone and keeps seeing these STUPID leaks that don't even work 100% when being released. I dunno, BlackBerry blew it and blew it bad.

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Don't look in the direction of Android, you might have a heart attack.

"In vino veritas, in aqua sanitas."

I just came from the Blackberry shop in Dubai Mall here in UAE to check the Z30 and I must say, it really is a great-looking dude! Gotta have one.

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