Leaked OS for the BlackBerry Z10 STL100-1

By Adam Zeis on 6 Sep 2013 11:28 am EDT

A quick leak to kick off the weekend that should make some Z10 users happy. While the STL100-1 sometimes gets left off the leaked list for various reasons, this time around we get a fresh one just for Z10 owners with model STL100-1 devices. OS has leaked in the CrackBerry forums and is ready to roll. 

This one looks to be good so grab those a PC and a USB cable and fire up the autoloader. As usual - be sure to perform a full backup first and check out our tutorial on how to install a leaked OS

Hit up the forums thread for more and drop a comment letting us know how things go for you.

Download OS for the Z10 (STL100-1)

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Leaked OS for the BlackBerry Z10 STL100-1


I feel bad for you man. The same way you felt for us last week. If you didn't then cry like a baby on your whole weekend.

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This was our point, there isn't enough of a change from 1443 to 1521 for every other phone, but from 1047 to 1521 is huge for them

If I back up my z10 and install this will I be able to get the original thing back??

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It doesn't mean that 100-1 owners are loved, but that they have whined so much about being left out that Kris couldn't stand it anymore and came up with this leak for them. Proves the adage that the squallin' cat doesn't always get shot...sometimes he gets fed! ;)

Congrats to all you 100-1 owners who now get to have some fun. Thanks to the BerryLeaks team!

Can I flood these comments with questions about why there is no -3 release? I want a -3 release! How come everything is for the -1? It's not fair! ;)

Seriously we -2,-3,-4 users are always left out. This is garbage, blackberry has let me down for the last time. They hate us. Waaa Waaa Waaa Waaa.

Sounds about right doesn't it? Lol

Posted on a Post-It!

Perfect. I was about to brick my phone to go back to 10.1. Before doing it I checked crackberry, and for my surprise, there's an update :)

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Wow! A person is low class because of the hardware of his/her phone! This shows your class. The comment was unnecessary!

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What about a leak for the Z30? How come there isn't an update leak for the original RIM 950 Interactive Pager? Where is BlackBerry 10 for the Pearl Flip? Seriously, I'm so mad there isn't BlackBerry 10 for my Storm. This is just plain ridiculous.

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Enough of those leaks, BlackBerry needs to release official version.

How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning!

No STL-4 love??! Omg I hate BlackBerry!!

Haha jk. That's usually what you see the STL1 users saying

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Great news, another leak! Thanks to all who made it available!

Bad news, I can only get it tomorrow :(

How big is the download?

This has been long overdue since 1047. I hope that the wait would be worth it after I upgrade my STL100-1 tonight.

So STOKED! Now if only I wasn't working tomorrow...damnit! I hope that event reminders work on this version. My 1047 reminders only seemed to work if the temperature in the shade at 12:08 was exactly 21.5 degrees celsius and the moon was a waning crescent and visible at midday. What I'm saying is that they worked...twice. Never again...haha.

Will this work for the STL100-1 Z10? (sorry I see the question so much in all the other leak article comments, I had to lol).

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I just installed it. Skype is working now. Still can't check in from FB as it wasn't possible on 1047. Can't share from Blaq (twitter app), which wasn't possible on 1047 either. Will see how battery life will be in a few days

Love my Z10

With 10.2 comes jelly bean android run time correct? Has anyone tried side loading updated versions of apps or apps that weren't previously available??

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Installed. Settings reinstalled. Side loaded apps back. Ready to give it a workout. Thanks again.

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Hi, what software do you use for sideloading? I use chrome bb10 / playbook app manager but it seems like cannot detect the IP.

One computer using wifi ip, the other using usb ip. I can now sideload my apps but still, facebook is buggy, cannot send message, at the screen, the message appears to be sent but after a refresh, the message will disappear.

The problem persist? I want to know because I use that synchronization a lot. Thanks

Posted via CB10 on my Z10

I found that it occures only if two-factor authentication is enabled in google. When it is enabled, after second phase Google asks for permit for sync contacts and calendar, but setting synchronization of callendar and contacts is not set in BB.
You can work around it by temporarily turn off tho factor authentication durring BB setup, and the reenable it again.

Anyone missing Tmobile Wifi icon after installed OS?

I am missing the icon even though I did installed the Tmobile Wifi Bar app.......

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"STL100-1 sometimes gets left off the leaked list for various reasons"

What are those "various reasons"?

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As 100-1, i'm really happy with this..we are coming from indonesia always wait for stl100-1 update and leak..

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Having a problem downloading this file on my phone. After I sign into the mega sight nothing happens. Can some Plz make this file available

I downloaded from torrents...there is a link in download page .. something with pirate bay...

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Downloaded & installed this onto my Dev B, and everything seems to be fine - the spinner has changed (shame: I liked the previous one), and I have noticed problems when rotating to landscape - videos and the browser don't rotate like they should... perhaps a reinstall is in order...?

Downloaded and installed in my BB Z10. I have a big problem sideloading my apps using Chrome BB10/Playbook App Manager, cannot detect my phone IP. And Instagram also cannot use anymore. Please help.

O yes ss. Couldn't wait for another leak. Downloading now. But does anybody know how to backup android apps
I think big have tons of apps

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Downloaded this a few hours ago, struggled with the side loading of instagram eventually after getting it right, i have two instagram icons on my phone weird, anyone with this problem, i had issues it gave me an incompatible error message something to do with the camera, so i downloaded a previous version of instagram then without logging in to instagram i downloaded a newer version and then it started working just fine

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Go to setup and check if it's setup or swipe 5 times from top right to bottom left to reset your hub

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Nice update, no issues installing but.... Facebook app will not allow camera or places. Evernote will not allow registration, keeps telling me there's an update, then app world says not for this device. Work around using Web Access instead. If anyone has a solution BB me 24CDAEF3. Thanks.

not able to restore after backing up through blackberry link!!
Blackberry should bring back "Blackberry Desktop Software"

Somehow I restored. My BlackBerry apps. And media. I left the settings out. My next move is to put back all my Android apps

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So I installed, only issue is now my device password is strictly numeric. Is there anyway to change. I have a STL100-1

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Installed and I can't log into BBM. I've tried and BBM is broken there too :(

Data is working fine just no BBM.

Please help, I'm being forced to use WhatsApp :(

I've tried restarting, reinstalling different OS versions but BBM remains broken :(

When I log into BBM with my BBID the app says: "Restoring your BBM information" and either gets stuck there or goes to a screen where it states:
"Temporary server error
A temporary server error has occurred. Please try again."


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Hey, Sucks to hear about the problem.

I installed a leak the other day and suffered the same fate as you. The solution that worked for me was to install BBM channels from Beta, I started BBM again and it worked just fine.

Hope this helps you out.


Hi, had same problem. Just go to BBID via your laptop. Change your password and then change it back on your BB. That worked for me. Got all my contacts back and groups. Seems to be problem with BBID

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Thanks for the leak. I really appreciate it. It's better in some ways than the .1047 and I love the fact that mobile hotspot works again since I use that almost everyday, however it has some critical bugs. the phone app is flaky. Sometimes it freezes when I try to reject a call and swipe up. The graphic showing the caller's name and number literally sticks on the top of the screen and I can't even swipe to home and close the app. Must restart. Similar thing happen when trying to answer a call instead of reject. Also, I tried to dial a number today and I was only able to enter the first digit. Nothing was happening when I pressed the keypad after the first number. I closed the app and tried again, same thing. After restarting, I was able to dial normally. Not sure if it's because of this leak or the recent update but Say it - which was a poster child app of stability doesn't work at all when it opens. Nothing seems to work in it anymore. It doesn't talk, I got it to show "Listening..." once and hear one beep when I pressed the record button but to no avail. I've also noticed other bugs and quirks here and there. Once I swiped up to get to the home screen and everything seemed to be compressed and distorted as it was stuck in the top half of the screen. Had to restart to fix that and lastly, the hub gets stuck in landscape mode when using replying to whatsapp messages sometimes. I still love my Mobile hotspot though and doubt I would go back to .1047 and certainly not 10.1. Looking forward to the official 10.2 release and beyond. Quick question. Does the unlocked Android Runtime replace any files with older versions than the ones in this .1521 leak? Lastly, sometimes my OS shows as but other times I checked it and it shows as I think can't remember exactly but I think there was a. 49 at the end. Would love to see this platform live on and continue to evolve. It would be a shame if it didn't. BlackBerry is moving too slowly. They need to lead, rather than follow. In terms of everything, hardware, specs, manufacturing, marketing. When you're coming from behind and trying to catch up you need to be running twice as hard as the person in front of you. Come on BlackBerry show people what your new phones can do. Most people don't have a clue. Waiting on word of mouth and depending on users to show people one by one is a waste of time. BlackBerry needs to be confident in themselves and start to act like they are the best. They are too passive. Market, Market, Market...Show Show Show...People Don't know and many don't care until you show and prove to them that you are worth switching from the new status quo. It's true that most platforms and devices have similar features and apps really define what can be done, but their are many cool and useful features that BB10 does very well and easier than on the other platforms. Pairing a Wii Remote is one of them. Then the performance of the Z10 is exceptional and the browser works very well and you can browse the web with the same confidence that sites will just work as they always have on your desktop. No one knows about that. People love games, kids love games. Not one single ad showing people actually ENJOYING their new BlackBerry 10 Devices. There is enough room for BlackBerry in the market, but BlackBerry needs to more than double their efforts to sell, sell, sell and build mind share with a wide demographic. Look at how easy it is to get an iDevice from the Apple store, any where in the world and you always hear about the great sales experience and after sales service. BlackBerry needs to manage their own presence and go out and make people more interested. Feed, troll and drill people of why they should choose BlackBerry over another. Compare and if the BlackBerry device fails to be better than the competitor in any given area then just make it better and then show it off to the world. I have nothing more to say.

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It also happened to me, the phone to get stuck when rejecting a call. Must restart. Sayit doesn't work either.

Love my Z10

The update is great. But it still has lot of issues. Battery drains off way too fast. It restarts / hangs up. Restoring the old backups is not to the mark. Is anybody else also experiencing the same or should I reload the whole of it again. Please advice.

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Ran the leak and had my phone after five days give up on me. Uses lots of data for some reason. Retored my phone and had to full from 7 day backup. Backups were also crashing.
And Battery drain was leaving me with 4 hours, however thought that was the usual case after a leak install

Hi tax for the atl100-1 Leake was waiting long time for it as the last leak that came out I installed my problem with my camera stating message camera can't be started. Please anyone have same problem please let me know. For all that stl100-2.3.4 I think u all should be great full u get most leaks. This one is our turn