Leaked OS for the BlackBerry Z10

By Adam Zeis on 22 Aug 2013 01:22 pm EDT

The leaks seem to just keep on coming and today we have yet another courtesy of the CrackBerry forums. This time around it's OS and it's available for the BlackBerry Z10 models STL-2/3/4 (this one will not work on the STL-1). 

It's a decent step up from the last leak so if you're a 10.2 fan you may want to give it a go. Things have been getting better with each leak so it may be well worth the effort of installing if you want to keep things running smoothly. 

If you haven't installed a leak before, be sure to hit up the forums first to get all the details. As always - use caution when installing any leaked OS on your device. Be sure to backup first using BlackBerry Link and follow our full tutorial on using an autoloader here

If you do install be sure to drop a comment letting us know how things are working for you!

Download OS for the BlackBerry Z10

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Leaked OS for the BlackBerry Z10


Omg dude. ^

Hopefully this one will correct the battery issue from 1.2.1323. Had some browser app issues that cleared up a bit after leak installed. Will jump in this after I eat a box of Lucky Charms. Really. Have been planning that as lunch all day! Now it seems appropriate. Lol.

Posted via CB10

Perhaps there is something in Lucky Charms' cereal boxes that differentiates them from, say, Froot Loops? Or does he just like cereal boxes in general and it'd happen to be Lucky Charms? Mmm I wonder :P lol

Posted via CB 10 on my naked Z10 ;)

will sideloads that currently work without debug token (w/.810 runtime) still work with this?
How about facebook apps and device notification (those are currently broken on my otherwise awesome

No idea, I always use the debug method and I dunno about Facebook, it's the devil so I don't use it. lol. Ask in the forums, maybe someone else deals in that pit of hell. http://forums.crackberry.com/bb10-leaked-beta-os-f395/berryleaks-presents-10-2-0-1371-stl100-2-3-4-a-841855/

@Bla1ze - is there a reason you always use the debug method? I can understand for apps that won't work otherwise, but there's so many now that work fine without debug.

Make sure you check all hundred pages of the thread and run multiple searches before asking a question. If you ask something that has already been asked, the superior leak team will get upset and let you know how stupid you are, all while not answering your questions....

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No one has to answer, just like you don't have to be a jerk a**. I have read many many pages. Can't read/see/know it all like you sir. So either answer or don't but don't be a jerk a**.

Whoa, sorry buddy, but my post was meant to be as sarcastic as possible!

I'm on your side. I was just making some fun at a ridiculous problem with the forums. I apologize that you didn't see my sarcasm and thought I was being a jerk. It was not meant the way you interpreted it.

Posted via CB10

Ahh, yeah I missed that. So sorry here too then. :) Now when I read it your comment I do see it better. So now I'm the red faced jerk a**. Anyhoo...I did search some more but still can't see any benefit to loading with debug unless app won't work without it. Then there's the two apps that used to work, but since 10.2 don't work with or without debug...but that's all in other threads. Think ima gonna try this one.

As a Canadian, I found this funny and assume you two are Canadian also. We always are so apologetic, anywhere else it would of turned into a flaming war lol

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Yes, you should search before posting -- and then include mention that you did in your post. This is Forum 101 stuff; sorry you got slapped.

Before restoring my backup facebook notifications work well... but after no more notifications on the hub and I can't activate in account properties...

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im happy with 10.2.1047. i think ill just stick around with it until an official update on 10.2 or a huge difference is seen with another leak.

Hahahaha lmao! Oh God that was completely unexpected lol. Can't stop laughing

Posted via CB 10 on my naked Z10 ;)

Yeah unless there is added functions in the camera runtime improvements or wifi direct I'm sticking with 1047 until a official build.

CB10- BlackBerry Z10 -

I'm happy with it too. But this new leak must come with some enhancement or fix, so I'm downloading it! You won't know what you're missing until you try!

Keith H. from CB10.

GAAAAHH! STL100-1!!! Wish the leaks would be for the international version...not that I'm not enjoying my! Hehe

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I'm also quite happy with 1047. I would have to hear what this one does better than 1047 before installing

Looking forward to running this install in a few hours. Current 10.2 release I am on doesn't do the wifi hotspot. Will reply to my comment after I test!

Posted via CB10

And here I thought I was going to have a productive start to my ...

Other things can wait... time to download

Posted via Z10

The changes are all documented in the forum post; the BerryLeaks team knows exactly which files changed in the build, and what those changes are.

And yet -- with this version, when my Z10 reboots, it finally comes back up with the wifi enabled. This was a bug in .1047 and .1323, and my Verizon bill is ecstatic that it's finally fixed.

Definitely will upgrade as since I've upgraded to 1323, my bbm is not working, Set Up and restoring bbm are failed. Can't open my bbm since last Monday. I just can't figure out what have happened. Downgraded, wipe, reinstall all the previous version still unable to solve my problem

This has been covered many times in the forums. Sign up for a blackberry beta account and get access to bbm channels beta, that solves it.

All this constant "leaked" stuff is getting ridiculous. I think we should now have a schedule for when "leaks" will be released and distributed. BlackBerry obviously have severe security failings.

Well, that could apply to pretty much every smartphone manufacturer out there.. can you think of a device or OS that hasn't really leaked? New Android builds appear all the time, iOS betas can be downloaded and installed within minutes and WP8 updates can come directly from manufacturers websites directly. And that's only OS', how many devices get leaked on a daily basis? The simple answer is A LOT. Even the once super secretive Apple has their shiz leaked before it hits official status now.

I don't believe it for a second. Leaks happen though and I don't think that BlackBerry intentionally leak their os.
I'm grateful but I will hold fire on this of too!

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well not sure if you follow the berry leaks team and their podcasts. during the last one on Saturday they were asked where they get the leaks from. now obviously they won't say who they get it from but they did say that they have a connection with an employee at blackberry and have an agreement with them. it's not BlackBerry as a company putting out the leaks secretly but I would think they don't really mind because they get all of us to test them for free. the release of official OS updates is really sad and brings a lot of negativity to the company. on top of that once they do push an update, it's not a smooth update for many because it would get stuck on 100% for some and stay there. Anywhere from 1 min to 16 hrs. also many got inpatient and pulled their battery and soft bricked their device. It looks bad when a leak is a million times easier to load then an official OS update. (for some).

BlackBerry for life. Kick'n it with my Z10.

A Lot because people running these leaks have android 4.2 runtime which eliminates the need for those apps to be native because they run just as smooth. Oh and we have Instagram, Hulu, Netflix, etc.

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Someone mentioned losing Password Keeper data on a previous leak.

Is that something that is backed up in Link or somewhere. Has anyone lost any data or texts on this one?

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I gave up on PW Keeper. Lost data once. Now I use KeePassB, and keep the encrypted file in dropbox. Now I have access on all phone and desktop platforms. Best PW method ever!

To answer your question yes, if they ever backed up the full device or even just the settings, password keeper entries are there. They just need to restore settings and voila.

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Yes, I lost all my Password Keeper entries after installing and upgrading the Password Keeper via BlackBerry World (because I like its new black theme and new features). Had to restore data with Link.
Can someone try even if they are not using Password Keeper with 1 test entry whether or not the data is preserved AFTER loading this leak AND upgrading Password Keeper via BlackBerry World. This would be much appreciated.

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I'm all about leaks, I think that it's a great thing, just curious if anyone has had a problem thus far with hotspot not working in this build? I'm on att and it doesn't work on 1047.

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Did you try it, let it fail (mine would give error 'not permitted in your country'!?), and then try it again? I found this to work consistently for me.

Yeah I'm running 1047 too. I've been running nothing but leaks on my Z10. I'll just wait until official 10.2 :)

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When I double click the extracted file, the command prompt window just pops up for a quick second then closes... Am I missing something?

Ehhhhh so lazy. I think I will skip this one, unless it makes me coffee? Have they added make me coffee and wash my car functionality yet?

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I think I'll stick with 1323. Battery life is superb and everything is running smoothly, even my workspace is running great, no lag or anything like that. Any significant improvements on this from my current build?

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I swear, these leaks are like crack for me. Can't resist them! No matter how much I try. "What's the matter? You know you want it"...the little voice screamed at me. What's a man to do! Here we go. Downloading now...

Yes, I lost all my Password Keeper entries after installing and upgrading the Password Keeper via BlackBerry World (because I like its new black theme and new features). Had to restore data with Link.
Can someone try even if they are not using Password Keeper with 1 test entry whether or not the data is preserved AFTER loading this leak AND upgrading Password Keeper via BlackBerry World. This would be much appreciated.

Posted via CB10

After installing .1047, I thought I had lost all of my passwords,...after re-installing PW Keeper,...all of my password account info was available! Had it not, I would have reverted back to AT&T latest 10.1.


I just finished my upgrade. Unfortunately, Vito, I didn't not experience the behaviour your mentioned. All my entries, over thirty, are still there.

When I loaded .1323 the entries were there too. Although after upgrading Password Keeper via BlackBerry World to a newer version the entries were gone. You probably wouldn't want to experiment with your 30+ entries if this still happening with .1371 leak, that's why we need someone who doesn't use Password Keeper to test it with 1 or 2 probal entries. Anybody?

Posted via CB10

Hopefully the next version of Link will be at least as good as Desktop Manager was for legacy devices. Right now unfortunately it cannot do it.

Posted via CB10

Hi, just installed the new build and found that the Weather App will not allow the insertion of a new city. Search function just sits and spins. Tried complete reload of the OS but got the same result. Also, if you allow the app to use location services, it identifies a neighboring city and inserts it and again will not allow a search for a new city. Anybody know how to fix this. The previous OS build did not have this bud.

I used to kind of not want to install the latest leaks, mostly when they come out in quick succession. I would lose my predictive text dictionary and have to start over. The last leak didn't do that. I wonder is there a way to know if the saved dictionary is going to be overwritten or not?

Well usually some somewhat bad news comes out after a leak.I'll be watching off to forums check out any goodies.

The ugly duck STL100-1 was left behind.. again.
Luckily, mine is running perfectly with, so I won't complain.. well, not too much.

I tried to find an answer for this, sorry if it's been covered........

Do I need to sideload the .810 runtime?

Anyone wondering about the Tmobile WIFI calling. I extracted the new apps and loaded over with '811 radio and it works great. Did a reboot after side loading to see if Instagram and other side loaded apps would work but had to revert to the 810 runtime.

Posted via CB10

Only thing really wish is for hotspot to work on 1047, other than that it is fine, of course more leaks would be great for STL100-1, which has now been phased out by my carrier

Posted via CB10 from my Z10

Installed beautifully, restored all apps properly, don't think I've got anything (that I use) non functional. This release is slick :D

Posted via Z10... a white one ;)

Oh. Just tested wifi hot-spot with two different tablets. Works fine for me.

Posted via Z10... a white one ;)

Another nice smooth transition cuz I'm a leak ho! The installation seemed faster though I was cooking up a batch of spicy Jambalaya! Thanks again BerryLeaks. So far smooth, everything restored from the back up! Follow the install instructions then rock your BlackBerry OS 10 device and change the world right!

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I for the first time actually loaded a leaked OS and this latest one seems to work for all the apps and things i use on my z10 even side loaded a few android apps and they seem to load way quicker, multiple alarms is great and the message popup while in any app is a great thing!!!! Now is we could just downloads android apps directly life would be grand!!! Does anyone know of a good leaked BB10 version that works on the playbook??

Since loading the new leak BBM has stop won't log in? Has it happened to anyone else?

Posted via CB10

Many comments here saying this. Go to BlackBerry beta zone. Sign up. Load bbm channels. Then bbm will be just fine.

Posted via CB10

Not sure if my question is stupid or not, but where are the bugs coming from? Is it cause of the incompleteness of the OS? Or is it simply because it's leaked causing to have bugs?

Posted via Z10 STL100-3 using CB10. Fido, Toronto.

Its like you cooking some pie! everybody wants it - but PIE is not DONE yet...and somebody steals piese of pie from the microvave...so theres a little bugs... closer to finish - less bugs!

Leaked OS builds are essentially beta. Only when an OS goes into "gold" build, and even then only after approval from the carrier you use, will you see it in its final form. Until that time you can expect bugs and errors.

Posted via CB10

I am experiencing a frozen hub every so often. Can't change views and won't refresh. Can view and reply to messages, however.

Reboot resolves the issue, or, if you are patient, it seems to resolve itself when a new push from an email server comes through.

Posted via CB10

Whenever I open Wallpaper Changer HD it crashes running on on the Z10. Even with the appropriate permissions enabled. Is there anything else that can be done to fix this? I use this app every day and I would hate to lose it. I probably will have to go back to 1323.

How could they do this us stl-100. Users. Sigh. I'm waiting for a new is leak. I think my phone is heating up quickly. ND I'm not doing anything sometimes

Posted via CB10

Hello CB world! I came all the way from Android 1.6 until I sold my Note 2 running custom JB 4.2, then recently to iOS 6.1.3. Was shopping for an iPhone 5 a week ago when I saw the Z10 in the store. Long story short, I'm now a BlackBerry fan. And I mean it, the flow is ridiculously efficient and smart.

Anyway, today I installed this leak without backing up (can't get past the first setup page of Link on my PC) and it is awesome. Everything (I use) works great: mobile Internet, Hotspot, BBM, I don't know if I'm missing anything. Just dropped by to say Thanks CrackBerry!

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Running it for a couple of hours and everything I side loaded (Paypal, Evernote and instagram) works BUT Candy Crush..........
OH Noooooooooo!!!!!!!!

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I had to reenter my email passwords yesterday. Today I am getting the dreaded rim.iamp.yahoo.com server is unavailable.

Not good

Posted via CB10

Just signed up for a Yahoo account today. (They emailed me and said the Yahoo ID I reserved is finally available)
Is Yahoo really THIS SLOW at receiving emails? How come Outlook and Gmail come faster? Isn't Yahoo on the same push protocol as those other webmail providers? I remember the AT&T Yahoo being super fast at pushing mail to my inbox on all of my older BlackBerry devices (9900, 9800, 9700, 8320, 8310, 8300, 8800, 8700c).
I miss BIS.

Was hoping the battery drain bug was gone, woke up this morning and battery was down to 30% from a full complete charge just a few hours before. May do a fresh install and see if it still happens.

Posted via CB10

Looks like the cpu and memory usage since I took it off charge have been running at 50%. That's where the drains coming from. That's wile I had it idle no apps running or anything purely system usage.

Posted via CB10

I've been wondering about the battery drain!
I hope it's just for the first few days, because seriously, I will so step away for a while from BlackBerry until the next official update if it doesn't work out.

I'm the only one having problems I'm the hub with the SMS? The names of the people that send me a SMS don't appear in the hub, I only see the mobile number

Posted via CB10

Since i have my Z10, I have never downloaded any Leak.
Why? Because every week, a new one is released and I have something else to do than backing up my life, wait an hour for the leak to load in, and restore.

Posted via CB10 on my BlackBerry Z10.

Yeah, installing might be fast. The backup and restore part takes HOURS, especially when you have loads of data and apps on the device. Don't forget the sideloading part too, which disappears upon upgrade.
So no. I don't think he was lied to.

No, no, NO!!!
Why have they changed the load icon back to a circle!??
Where is the track pad homage!?
NOT happy!

CB10 on my Z10

(this one will not work on the STL-1) my z10 is stl-1. So i can not upgrade my ios. Is time to change my gadget :(

Have you ever done them successfully? It can depend on the app, the runtime, the method you use to sideload. I have loaded plenty on 10.1 and 10.2 various leaks. I always have success with many, fails with some.

I loaded OS, restored, added my previous slide loaded apps which work as they did on 10.1 & I do miss being able to reply to cell phone calls I cannot answer immediately.

Z10 of Texas

Thanks for the leak.
On my Z10 (STL100-2, Telenor DK, G4) I experience a serious battery drain. From fully charged to read in 6 hrs.
Did not experience this on leak or 1047, so keep em comming.

Posted via CB10

The only reason why I went to install this leak was because i installed a 10.1 update and my texting stopped working. so far, my texting still does not work. not sure why. other than that it seems to be okay. just got it up and running an hour ago.

the download from Google docs failed, but I used the torrent link and got the leak. Upgrade worked without any issues.

The data restore from backup failed twice, and then I decided to just do a manual addition of all accounts and synced with my pc for media.

Another issue noticed was that the ever note app didn't work. I had t just use the integrated remember version insead.....

Other than these niggles, the rest of it worked like a charm. I'm really beginning to like the 10.2 flavor...

Posted via CB10

I'm trying to upgrade the newest version of 10.2. I have an STL-1003 Z10 from at&t. I'm using windows 7. I've downloaded the file from Mega, unzipped it saved the extracted file to my comp. When I double-click the .exe file to run it. It runs but the autoloader (command screen) pops up for 2 seconds then goes away. I've tried it with my phone on, off, disconnected, connected and it still does the same thing. Can someone help me with this please?

Well CrackBerries, I'm "putting the needle to my arm" for my next hit of the Leak Luck drug. Z10 is plugged in and the magic is happening... Giggity!

Theres 3 step of load, the first try until the 8 try only load 2 and my phone blinking red, i though i'm F... up my Z10 bricked, and last try after 8 hours of frustration finally the autoloader load the third one and my life saved, the leak sucefully installed

Stupid question maybe ,but do you need to download the previous leaks first or only the ones that I feel would work best ??

Was hesitant and finally made the plunge. Very stable with a few minor bugs. Very happy with the new features and improvement to the Android runtime. Looking forward to seeing apps getting updates based in 10.2 API.

Posted via CB10

Upgraded to this OS ( on the weekend. I'm a new Z10'er, so I can't comment too much about the differences from previous leaked versions or 10.1. The install went very smoothly and I've experienced no bugs yet as far as I can tell. Additionally, added the "unlocked" Android Runtime Player which is also working great. I couldn't get Instagram to work before going to 10.2 - now it's like butter. Also got Netflix (slowish but working), Shazam, Words With Friends and Google Maps (World Nav Edition) all up and running very efficiently. Yes - it was a busy weekend with my new Z10!

I feel like my battery dies faster with
Also, it takes MUCH longer to charge when turned on. It wasn't like this on 10.1, which charged pretty quickly through my high capacity Playbook charger. Actually, I had the or whatever it was and it was bad with the charging times too. Turning the device off actually makes the charging time faster. Idk if this is the OS misreporting the charge. Good thing I have two batteries lol but on 10.1, I never even had to use both of those batteries on the same day.
Other than that, I like the new Android runtime. Feels much smoother on instagram, and video works now!
Also, google maps 6.x is legit now. haha I almost prefer it over BlackBerry Maps.
At some point, I'll be at my breaking point with the battery and if this battery/charging issue doesn't get resolved on the next leak, I might either just downgrade to 10.1 or get a Nokia Lumia 520 ($99 on AT&T!!!) until the official AT&T release comes out. Or if that doesn't work out, I might just stick to the Lumia until I can upgrade and get a Q10 (or whatever high-end QWERTY they'll have in 2015), which everyone says has amazing battery life anyway, along with that sexy keyboard.

Also, will someone talk about how LONG it takes for the hub, address book, and calendar to load just after boot up? Seriously annoying. It's a BlackBerry. It should have loaded that junk during boot up. Yes, it got MUCH faster in this leak, but it's not fast enough to be comparable to other devices.
Lastly, I like how the circle loading icon came back. Very reassuring and modern. I didn't like that slow squarish thing spinning.

Hi I would really appreciate if anyone can help me get my facebook notifications running. Tried both the 1323 and 1371 leaks. Tried rebooting. The enable notifications button is disabled. Please help..

Oh man, just installed this leak late yesterday. Very nice, but it eats my battery like Rosie Odonnell eats donuts. Gonna jump backward.

Hey, about the runtime, I have installed Line in my previous OS 10.1 with debug method with no problem. but since I have upgraded the OS to this leak, I noticed that my Line working great and faster except for the notification, my Line has no sound notification. Any suggestion?

EDIT: I installed Line with debug method

I'm reading mixed feedback on the phone functionality on other sites. Is the phone not functional in 1371? I'm on T-Mobile and hoping the phone will still work if I do this upgrade..

Thanks for your response Owen (cool). I did a full back up first and decided to take a chance. During the update the blackberry displayed an error on screen with "www.bberror.com/bb10-0004". It seems to be trying over and over and getting hung up there.

When I type in the address shown on the BB screen, it says:
The device will not start up because incompatible device radio software has been loaded on the device.

I guess that confirms it? Guess I can't install 10.2. Bummed. Any suggestions anyone?