Leaked OS for the BlackBerry Z10, BlackBerry Q5 and BlackBerry Q10

By Bla1ze on 17 Aug 2013 04:41 pm EDT

Fancy testing out a new leak this weekend? If so, you can now grab OS for most BlackBerry 10 devices with the exception of the STL100-1 variation of the BlackBerry Z10. As always, you have to keep in mind that this is a leak and not all things may work as expected. If you're not cool with that, then likely best you pass on this. If you're fine with that, read the disclaimer below and dive on in.

Standard you can't blame us disclaimer - use caution when installing a leaked OS like this and remember if you break your phone it's not our fault. Also, a good idea to make a backup because you're essentially performing a factory restore on your device. If you don't want to lose data, a backup is needed. You'll need a Windows PC to install these files and If it goes downhill, remember you can always wipe and restore your device.

PS: Before you ask, what's new? What's changed? How's the battery life? Is it any good? Should I load this? Why do I wanna load this? Be sure to read the forum thread, it has a known issues list. :)

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Leaked OS for the BlackBerry Z10, BlackBerry Q5 and BlackBerry Q10


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To show you that all of you guys throwing tantrums are the actual 12 year olds. Get a grip already and act your supposed age.

you will never be first again. I am going to make it my mission to beat you to the punch every time. cause yknow I'm 12 and all riiiight.

naw i'd expect mid september. after all isnt the next BlackBerry jam in asia on august 30th or something? if i were in canada i'd expect early september, and in us probably october.

ps. iam with rogers in toronto and still no 10.1mr update?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

as a canadian BlackBerry fan, i demand justice!!!

Posted via CB10

Have you trying going into settings and checking for the software update manually? I find it hard to believe that you're in the same city as me on the same carrier and you haven't been able to get the MR yet.

If it doesn't automatically tell you there's an update it should find it if you search for it manually.

If it doesn't, that is extremely ridiculous.


And Rogers Wireless keeps telling me there is a 6 MB update despite being installed repeatedly. I even pulled the battery after the third notification to no avail.

Posted via CB10 from the BlackBerry Z10

Download intouch app ( BBW ) its also cross platform. BlackBerry Protect, BlackBerry Link, and your BlackBerry ID should cover it all.

How can ı backup my fıles? Im gonna use leak versıon fırst tıme. I dont wanna regret for that :)

Posted via CB10

Just be sure to decrypt your media card (should it be encrypted) before installing the leak.

I made that mistake and lost it all. Thankfully it was nothing I will miss terribly.


I have no problem with that, just would like the runtime to identify a game and the bar come down for gameplay kind of like it comes down for movie watching in netflix.

Posted via CB10

Unfortunately the way I'm thinking that could be done would be on the developer's part, and the developers asked for it to be there so it's just one of those really odd situations, we will see if "BlackBerry listens" and finds a suitable way to keep developers and users content...

It's not really an "odd situation" if you know what's actually going on with it all..

BlackBerry added the bar there by default for Android 10.2 because users were getting confused as to how to access the back button when it was visible sometimes within an app, and other times not within the same app.

If the developer actually ports their app/game over, then they control if there is no bar there, or if there is one there, it's a simple toggle. The issue is, everyone is sideloading apps and games and they for some reason think that BlackBerry is expecting us to be doing this. When you're running off of a sideloaded app/game, this was not intended to happen for the general public, sideloading was meant for devs only.

So when you are frustrated that a game/app has a bar there when it's not necessary, it's because the app was not ported over by the developer (hence why it had to be sideloaded).. or the developer purposly wanted it there.

Not to mention, the android runtime 4.2.2 is not even supposed to be publicly out yet, so how do you expect developers to have ported their apps over to work nicely with it yet..?

Posted via CB10

Okay so you clearly missed out on some info, if you want to discuss this in forums and catch up, we can do that... But I'm not going to discuss it here...

There's no option to hide the bottom bar within android apps. Very annoying, especially for gaming or instagram

Posted via CB10

I agree... However, if Apple has proven anything, it's that devices need to basically be idiot proof to succeed in today's market. Just a sad truth

It is pretty annoying on the Q10 and Q5 since screen size is already pretty small. I dont mind it on my Z10 at all, but it would be nice if we could hide it.

Apple products are far from idiot proof ... Have you seen how long the line-ups are at the AppleStore Genius Bar ?

i agree you are reply dicking in every comment... please refrain from doing anymore damage or i will have to report you for verbal abuse.

Posted via CB10

Been that the first leak of 10:2. Is so buggy can't see this been any different.

Posted by Zmain

1047 and 1323 are vastly different, I myself didn't use any of the prior 10.2 leaks on my primary device, but these two have been solid...

You will only if the version released OTA is higher than the whatever you are running at the time...

Oh, I can guarantee it, the only problem is this: 1). It will be sometime before they release a version higher than the leaks, and 2). You'll probably have to perform a security wipe after an OTA installation. More issues can be expected, or potential for issues I should say...

Why r u such a dick? Calm down, if you don't want to answer a question ignore it, you're being a complete douche


Posted via Z10

one thing that gets me ticked off is that BlackBerry made many versions of the same device. stl-1. :(

yes the worst idea. If I buy a z10 in asia, and travel to US so I should throw away my Asian z10 and buy an American one to use 4g? where are their brains?

Yes; BlackBerry should get all cell carriers on the planet to use one radio technology going forward -- that's how open markets work!

true story: gfs uncle got a white Z10 from his carrier (exclusive on claro), told me had some issues, looked at his model number, it was stl-2, told him to go make a switch and make sure he's on our region. Somehow his carrier (claro) told him they couldn't make the change so the gave him the samsung 4.

And none of them are perfect
STL100-1 With better radio chipset, slightly slower processor

STL100-2/3/4 with old radio chipset and faster processor

Posted via CB10

I think I will wait a bit and see what is new to see if it's worth updating. Previous 10.2 leak running fine.

Posted via CB10

To be honest there isn't much incredibly "new" definitely not 10.1 to 10.2 for the first time, but there's somethings...

Sadly I have a STL 1. Anyway can we get a forum thread with some change logs? I have so hope there's newer stuff in this!!

Posted via CB10

Meh... they put back the old loading icon.. i prefered the one on the previous versions... look soo much better!

Posted via CB10

Seriously? You think we can do that? BlackBerry has spoken, if they change their mind which I doubt they will, that's up to them...

If I can deign to assume, I think samvel was directing his/her request at BB, not at the user community.

Any input with respect to what improvements are on this OS compared to 1047.

Posted via the best Keyboard in Existence my Mo Fo Z10

That's what I want to know. I know that Verizon is supposed to hut no mention of att

Posted via CB10

I don't really care. 1047 works well on my stl -1. Oddly enough, I see a lot of people with the snapdragon complaining about lag on some apps where my phone runs them perfectly.

Hate on...

Posted via CB10

I don't think a lot of our hardcore games are considered "simple".

The TI processor has its limitations but it's not as bad as people like u make it out to be.

Posted via CB10

At the end of the day "bad" is not an absolute term. It's entirely fine, compared to Qualcomm chipsets though it's bad. It is all relative.

Radio chipsets on STL100-2/3/4 are older than the one on STL100-1. However it can't effect on gaming experience.

Posted via CB10

By two months? Who cares? The OMAP has 45nm technology the Qualcomm has 28nm, and on and on. I'd rather have the one that came out two months earlier with better specs... I could label a Pentium 233 MHz with a production date of tomorrow, would you like that over the Intel 4930MX I just put in my laptop?! Didn't think so...

Was contemplating about loading. 1047 or waiting for the next leak. No STL-1 love (not really surprised :P), so. 1047 it shall be!

Keep up the leaking Berry Leaks!

Posted via CB10

Make sure you let the team know if something isn't clear or if you need more info. A lot of work was put into preparing this leak.

I would say carriers shouldn't b other with s/w updates no more ....we get and load them from CB anyway...

...forever BlackBerry...

I had the same problem last leak. Are you using BBM beta with channels? If so, reload the beta (downloaded from beta Web site).

Posted via CB10

Because BlackBerry has to build them well in advance... This stuff is always being worked on months and sometimes years before it makes its way to you OTA...

I had that for almost a week now and I tried everything I could find online. I then contacted RIM and my service provider and I am still waiting as they investigate it. The sad part is I had to create a new BlackBerry account email to fix it. This new leak looks good to me the only thing I don't like is I lost my big button lock screen.

Posted via CB10

DO NOT CONTACT your carrier or BlackBerry when running a leaked OS... Your loading of the leaked OS indicates that you understand that...

One last thing I just came across, the side loader app (DDPD) for Android won't recognize my ip. Any clues on how to fix this?

Posted via CB10

This happened to me last time with the 1041. Since then, I have been using Chrome with the sideloading plugin. Might work for you.

Posted via CB10

Thanks again for being out of the game for buying a second-class BlackBerry Z10. Thus, being a second-class customer, prisoner number STL100-1

Posted via CB10

Not sure if this has been asked. I have and it's smooth as bitter right now. My question is should you remove your side loaded apps before doing a backup. This is my first-time with side loaded apps. If I perform a backup with them, will a restore allow th to continue working. Maybe I should delete them, do a restore, then reload them. What is the most effective way for this procedure? Just wanted to know before I start my backup which takes about 40 minutes.

Posted via CB10

No leave them there. Sideload them before you restore and most of your settings and such for them will restore as well... PeterDR1 wrong about what a backup will restore, you just have to do it in the correct order. Please visit us in forums if you need further assistance.

You will need to sideload ur bar files again. The leak install formats your phone and restoring the backup gives u only ur BlackBerry apps back.

No need to delete ur android apps beforehand. They will be deleted anyway.

Posted via CB10

So can someone kindly write a list for the new improvements and new added stuff on here please

Posted via CB10

Yes, in the thread that everyone is discussing it in on the forums, come join us... Link is in the article...

Ya, I'd like to know what's been done 1047 is running pretty smooth

Posted via the best Keyboard in Existence my Mo Fo Z10

Then you can come read the thread where all that has been posted... Link is in the article.... No one is going to spoon feed you too, you can come participate like everyone else...

Please come to the appropriate forum thread for assistance I will no longer be giving assistance here in this manner... Because it would only benefit you and not the community...

I recently have been on of those unfortunate BlackBerry Q10 users who does not receive text message notification. Would leaks fix this problem?

Posted via CB10

It *might* depending upon your particular issue, most likely it will, but no one can answer 100% for you...

Well I hope 10.2 comes out soon since the last MR has really done a job on my previously flawless phone. Apps that I can't close, zoom in and no way to zoom back out again, text squashed. No longer real happy

Posted via CB10

Good. Haha. I found that Text input has some changes there. Good job for keep updating the os. Long live BlackBerry.

Posted via CB10

I'm up and running. I skipped uploading the hybrid, and went straight to this build. Backup and Restore went well. The hub is defaulting to include Phone calls, I will take them out. Setup was much cleaner and faster as well. Lets give it 24 hours and see how it performs and battery life as well.

Who ever is running the new leak can u give up the goodies please..would love to know since my stl100-1 doesn't support it

From my Z10 A.K.A knight Rider.

Why like this???? Always have exception for STL-100-1. Why you make this model if always excepted for a new OS. Why?????:(

Posted via CB10

Just can't choose weather install this leak, 1042 or wait for official. Any suggestions?

Powered by BlackBerry Z10 (STL100-2/

I'm running 1047 and I have to say it's one of the nicest leaks ever...load it, then sit back and let others test drive this new one before giving it a go...I'm gonna stick with 1047 for a bit longer

Posted via CB10

STL001 may have different radio files.. it's standard z10 here in Indonesia. Thats why i got mine from Singapore =)) =)) =))

Posted via CB10

How does twitter / Facebook work in the be new leak Better? Same? Worse?

Also any other things different to last leak

Posted via CB10

Rupert, Do some research. STL 100-1 has different hardware. Different processor for one thing...different cpu takes different software sometimes.

Posted via CB10

Hey guys, a wee question.
I'm running 1047, first leak I've done and loving it, but what happens when the official update comes out? Does it still install? Does it revert back to a lower runtime or what?

Posted via CB10

Sorry guys I have to wipe this first of all I use my notes everyday and now it does not work and just found out that when my wife tries to call me via BlackBerry video she says it rings out. When I try to call her it says she needs to be a BBM friend but she already is.

Posted via CB10

Stl100-2 work great.
Compared to early version:
Hotspot. Ok
Foursquare. Ok
Skype with 3g. Ok only wifi on early
Contact edit. Ok

Posted via CB10

As new to z10 on o's 10.1 can anyone record way the hype is for 10.2
And can android apps run on my z10?

Posted via CB10

If this fixes the bug I'm seeing in .1047 where the wifi turns off after every reboot, it'll be worth the gamble.

As a previous owner of a android phone can android apps be installed in BlackBerry z10

Posted via CB10

Well, it's weekend black buster..I am currently Using Os 10.2.01407 which has best performance...

What changes in new OS. Is androids apps work fine.. where is android runtime..

Posted via CB10

So far, so good for me. I performed the upgrade last night, and completed in time to still add Corporate mail and a few apps. I miss the animated "thinking" icon, or whatever it's called. I'm traveling in Iowa with horrible mobile signal, so I can't wait to get back to Saint Louis where I can try Mobile Hotspot and Tethering features.

Gonna give this a whirl later tonight. The first 10.2 is fine, but I've had issues with FB no longer showing in the hub, and not letting me check-in. Also had calendar issues with duplicate entries. I'm going to do a security wipe after installing the latest leak. Apparently it s advisable...

The Human Torch was denied a bank loan

Well good news, last night after wiping my z10 of 10.2 and then loading it up again from a previous back up, everything is working perfect. Thanks guys I can say I am a very happy z10 owner again, not to mention the battery life kiss ass now.

Posted via CB10

I just installed the OS . Seems smother and snappier then. 1047 . The only problems for me are to Skype and Evernote (not able to open) .


Posted via CB10

I know, but face it. By the time we reach the 10.2 MR it has gotten so much 'snappier' overtime that it actually surpasses the speed of light ;-)

seems better then 1047. andriod bar still there. snap chat still messed up but can function. instagram works with 2 loaded.

Anyone having trouble with the new leak os eating up battery life? Installed it last night,and use very little this morning because I was at church and when I got out half my battery life was gone! Not To Good!!!!!!

Posted via CB10

Give it time for the new OS to 'run itself in'. Do a full discharge and recharge of the battery, and you might find that battery life goes back to normal :)

Posted via Q10

This leak DID NOT work out well for me. Reverting to 1047 now. Issues faced

1. Could not restore from backup. Big boo for me
2. Whatsapp couldnt register through SMS, tried 5 times and it lucked out by chance to work. I sent SMS to test the carrier service it was fine, but no incoming Whatsapp notification.
3. After 4 hours of running 2 email acconts only, GMail disappeared by itself and had to re-add.

After the 3 issues decided to restore 1047.

Everything fine except for Facebook notifications in the hub. Can't activate in account settings... anyone have an idea ?

Posted via CB10

On ST100-4 (Verizon) Build
Facebook Check-in is working!
Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync Works! Was Hit and mIss on previous build. Corporate email added sucessfully!
Skype(preview) Call Testing Service Works!
Alarm Clocks Work! Had issue with alarms defaulting to "off" on reboot
Voice control is amazing over the last build (althougjh a little laggy - but acceptable).
Wifi remains "on" thru reboot

I miss that psychedelic scrolling thing - I would like it back.

Can't add icloud email (but i hate that account anyway)

Evernote loads and says there's an update. In bbworld "Unavailable for this device"

All I hope for now is to have Blackberry Protect listed under Parental Control.

I want to see temple run 2 subway surfers and despicable me 2 minion rush available to download in BlackBerry World

Posted via BlackBerry Fan

I didn't do the back up this time. I just saved my contacts and downloaded the apps again. Everything is running smooth. I'm wondering if something with the back up may be causing these issues? My Facebook wouldn't work in the hub on 1047 but with this latest one everything is back to normal.

Posted via CB10

Just found one problem. Some of the Android apps can't be played while worked good on the previous os.

Posted via CB10

1st time for me to use a leak. No issues for me and installed it on my Rogers Z10. I can confirm that battery life is much better and it is fast and smooth.

I purchased "Contact X" ($3) and made a backup just because I don't have much faith in Link. I ended up with duplicate contacts that this sw was able to merge nicely. So I was up and running relatively quickly. And that is a big + for me.

Thanks BlackBerry, this OS is a huge step forward!!!

Posted via CB10

Ok, I never side loaded operating system. As many of you I rely on my BlackBerry every moment of the day. I love my Z10! (Still bit of Love/Hate with this keyboard though. I have had every BlackBerry that was made and very attached to keyboard)

I DO however feel my batteries just zap empty with this Z10 and it annoys me a lot. I carry even two extra batteries with me!

Many write that with this leaked 10.2 version battery life is so much better so my question is if in should load 10.2 for that reason alone...? Thanks!

Posted via CB10

Whats wrong with STL100-1?? Why always it is behind? -.- if only I knew this before getting one....

Posted via CB10

My first post and my first leak (.1323) coming from the official 10.1 for T-Mobile. My z10 works 100% fine. Batter life is amazing, instagram works fine after the second time I opened it and ran the app. I can now add videos. Wi-Fi is fine, smooth OS and no complaints.

Posted via CB10

If battery dies fast, you should go to Settings -> Application Management and stop processes that eat app the battery.

Posted via CB10

Hi everyone!

I'm running 1047. on my Z10 stl - 002 and its the best update so far that I've witness. However the only way I'll upgrade to 1323. If my Instagram 4.1.2 is going to accept my videos up loads direct or from liberary! If so I'll gladly update with no hesitation.

What I noticed on.1047 my phone showed my car info as an icon while connected, that has gone away with .1323 seems fine otherwise.

just installed this leak, so far so good. As others have commented, I needed to delete and add in my email accounts but no biggie, love the ability of the app manager.

This OS is Awesome. My contacts issue with Gmail folk has been fixed. We shall see what else I find here. Verizon 100-4 .

I have a Q10 - SQN100-1. I love this upgrade but i'm getting some data connectivity issues! I have E but no blackberry logo so none of the blackberry apps works, no bbm, bb world, etc. If i'm on wifi I'm good but if not... blows!

Am still have hotpot issue on this leak, hotpot disconnect every 15mins. Is there any way to fix this issue?

Posted via CB10

Whats the difference then with the with this new os. On mIne I had put the. 810 android 4.2.2 runtime over the. 149 runtime

Posted via CB10

How's the battery life on the Q10 for this leak? Does the phone still randomly heat up? Any input would be great before I load it!