Leaked OS for BlackBerry 10 devices

By Adam Zeis on 19 Aug 2013 11:16 am EDT

Another week starting off with another leak! We saw the latest OS 10.2 leak land over the weekend, but for those of you that aren't bold enough to jump that far ahead, OS has leaked today for BlackBerry 10 devices. This one is a good step up from the last so it should be a worthy update for OS 10.1. It's hot off the press so no reports of what's good, bad or ugly just yet so be sure to swing by the forums with your findings if you do install it.

As usual, use caution when installing any leaks. Be sure to do a full backup first and don't blame us if something gets fried.

Be sure to check out our full tutorial on how to install a leaked OS on BlackBerry 10 for more help.

Download OS for all devices
How to install a leaked OS on BlackBerry 10




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Hahaha go eat a poutine it will calm you down bro

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piko 72

S, T

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Section ThirtyOne

The new 10.2 builds are so stable now, i'm not sure why one would load 10.1 anymore...

Kris Simundson

Some people prefer the tried and tested 10.1 (I'll keep to my super awesome 10.2 builds though)

D gray

Good Morning from L.A. Kris, I just wanted to ask you, which build are you currently running?

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I'm hesitant to jump on 10.2 because the last 10.2 leak caused Whatsapp to lag when adding an emoticon and Whatsapp would not recognise any of my contacts that were also linked to Facebook. So I moved back down to 10.1.


This continues on Z10STL100-3/

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Whatapps works perfectly on my z10 on os Just reinstall all apps.

Z10 on


Not all apps are 10.2 ready yet. There may be only a small percentage of apps that aren't compatible, but if that small percentage includes one that you use, then 10.1 is still a necessity.


Cause these are not commercial builds and missing a whole lot of files.Aint no body got time for installing runtimes and that nonsense.Give us stuff that works its only a month wait till official release.Well next year for yanks lol.


I can't use .2 because i need the mobile hotspot on AT&T


Some apps do not work in 10.2 SafeDrive being one of them.


i think everybody still talking 10.2 ... any update log ?


Wow, all this leaks are awesome. I'm on 10.2 right now so I will probably not downgrade but it's great to see all the leaks.

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Red what version of 10.2 do you have? This is an upgrade to 10.2 not a downgrade

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I believe what red is saying is correct. this leak is 10.1 so it cannot be an upgrade from whatever 10.2 he has installed on his device.

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For real? A complement for 10.2?

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Just downloaded the last one .1323 yesterday so I think I might skip this one. I mean will it be a major difference anyway?

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Oh misread the topic, enjoy the leak. I'm loving 10.2.1323 leak more and more everyday

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The leaked 1323 sucked for me. Wifi still didn't work and I couldn't receive or send pics :( just downgraded to this new 10.1 leak.

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Same thing for me

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It works just as fine for me, BB maps working, Mobile hotspot working, whatsapp working, android apps working.

Just a question, did you make a security wipe after installing the leak? That might be the issue

Klaus Giesselmann

Hi.Has anyone tried to run VIBER on this 1323 ?


Sorry misread leak version in anticipation of further 10.2 leaks. Sticking with .1047 of 10.2

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If I upgrade to 10.2, I need to have it fully functional and reliable like the 10.1 version I have now, too close of a leak to install this one but might download it anyways. AT&T Q10SQN100-1/

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rizztazz torch

Z10STL100-2/ FTW, so I the 10.1 variants, jump on board

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I downloaded the10.2.1323 leak yesterday and the whole process took like 1hour even with backing up my device. It was super easy and I must say this build is awesome. Battery is lasting 1.5x longer and all the new features are great! The only issue I had was when I first side loaded some android apps (kijiji, Netflix, Imdb, ect). they came up with a no wifi error. Once I restarted my z10 issue was solved. I love to toast notifications!

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Why ate they working on both 10.1 and 10.2?
Surely they should focus on getting 10.2 out!

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Ate = are

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Kris Simundson

US carriers still don't have a official MR update, and the last MR update destroyed alot of peoples SMS (granted they should've backed up data first)


I backed up, but of the couple hundred SMS messages I had, only one was restored.

Q10 and Canadian all the way!


Some of 'em did have backups, didn't help them any if the restore process itself is borked.;)


Hong Kong carrier also still don't have 10.1MR yet



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LeroyP09 still running well and didn't install 810 radio either. Solid build

Zed 10 - In your face VZW


Lol, I think OS 10.2 better than 10.1 on my Q5...

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Just bring us the leak from 3 ago...get bored of reading and waiting for these.

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I'm skipping 10.2 and moving on to OS11. And the next generation of 8 core, 8 gig ram, dual screen, solar powered BlackBerry phones! Just joking. I wonder if BlackBerry will surprise us with a major voice upgrade to become similar to Siri or better yet Google talk.... Wink wink nudge nudge...

Lazer etched post via my Z-10 super duper BlackBerry mobile device!


I installed this last night. Took all of maybe 5 minutes to install not counting the time it took to download the .rar file. So far, the only two glitches seem to be 1) I can't reliably swipe back to the Hub when I'm in a text stream. I have to up-swipe, tap Text Messages, and tap the Hub button. 2) The password to activate Bluetooth discoverable mode seems to have been reset to something I don't know. 0000, 1234, 9999, my unlock device password, and my usual PIN all fail. I need Bluetooth so if this doesn't have a fix I'll need to revert to Verizon OS v 10.0 (puke) or maybe try a 10.2 leak...


Leaked! Leaked!leaked....there and everywhere..make it official...!

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Anyone here who had been with os

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Hy thanks everyone

I'm wondering if BBM updated in OS ? Because in OS10.1.0.4633 i have a small problem like a dinosaur with BBM it gets some lag & doesn't showing some BC and sometime closed

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Hi guys, I jumped from the official Tmobile 2006 to this leak and have a problem with a wifi calling notification appearing every five minutes whether or not I have wifi connection. Does anybody know how to get rid of it and turn it off? Thanks..


Decided to go to 10.2 and the last leak actually works great. I have no issues with any of my applications..

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What is more better 10.2 or the new 10.1? Thanks!!

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