Leaked OS for the BlackBerry Z10 and Q10

By Adam Zeis on 24 Jul 2013 11:39 am EDT

Another day, another leak.

Lots of you have probably just installed a fresh leak on your Z10 or Q10, but today we have a brand new one to take for a ride. OS has leaked in the forums and is available for the Z10 models STL-100 2/3/4 and Q10 models SQN100-1/2/3/4/5. If you have one of these devices and want to give it a whirl, head to the forums to grab the files.

As usual you'll need a Windows PC to run the autoloader and be sure to do a full backup first - just in case. The installtion process has been going pretty well for most users, but if anything goes bad don't blame us.

If you do install this one, be sure to hit up the forums thread below with any findings!

Download OS for the Z10 and Q10

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Leaked OS for the BlackBerry Z10 and Q10


Bahahhaaha! My best friend is Indian, so I know exactly what that says too. Too funny.

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Now 4633 is kind of "official" for some carriers. Will wait and see what this leak does.

Installing leak is tiring. All my game progress is lost.

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I love these "will this work on..." gags.
Wait, I got one;
"Will it work on my PlayBook"

...too soon?

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Will be a good post when the Android/iOS BBM apps are released... ask us PlayBook owners then. You'll get a good response.

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I am going to post a new adjective every time a new leak comes out...I think if I started this since I bought my z10 which was on the first day I might run out of words..... this whole "leak" business is .....absurd....

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Agreed. And all for what? Unless your carrier has the original 10.1 software package these leaks are just annoying.

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bored with 10.1 leak.. hope next leak is 10.2 for all models..

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I wi wait for the next leak with 5K at the end. :) to much work with the Sideloads and restore the backup needs sooooo much time "."

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What is the difference between the Models of the BlackBerry Q10 - SQN100 1,2.....5??

Is it hardware or software or...?

Thanks in advance for whoever answers my question :)

Have a great day!

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You guys make it sound like leaks are owed to you. The people providing leaks are doing a voluntary service for those who want leaks. If you don't appreciate their efforts, keep quiet. Don't ruin it for those who appreciate the effort.

Agreed. This is a great effort done by the person who source and post this leaks.
Those who wants to do it or not, it is up to individuals. No force or arms twisting that compels you to upload these leaks.
Just a thought.

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Downloaded Z10STL100-4/ last week and it has been a big improvement. I finally got tired of waiting on VZ and my battery life was pretty bad. Side loaded apps couldn't connect except when on wifi, and couldn't download half the new apps that were coming out. Other big issue is that I could never back it up with Link so I lost some things in the process. It backed up with no problems once I was running the leak so I should be in good shape from here on out. All that to say that the leaks are a good thing for those of us on VZ.

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I need to know where I can get that wallpaper that is on that phone.
It's a kind of black dimpled texture

Any one know?


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Glad it works for those of you in the US.

But for those of us that happen to have gotten fed up w/PC.. and work/play on a Mac, it kinda sucks to not be able to try one of these "leaks" out.

Ah well, such is life. Good thing is, my MacBook is the only pce of Apple in the whole house...

DilBit Powered Q10... 10.2 where ya 2 bye??

This sounds super lazy, but I miss the "Discuss More In The CrackBerry Forums" link under the Download link in the article, so we could click right to the forum to read about this leak..

Did you take your leak ON your phone... that is most important (not to do)

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Appreciate that lot's of leaks are coming, but since my is working fine, and it is a hassle doing the whole process numerous times for minimal changes I am going to wait it out for stable leak, or official, 10.2.

Well some of the change logs ppl are reporting and quite impressive; cooler battery, faster loading, smoother transitions between screens/apps, added features, bug fixes, etc...

They only way BlackBerry can make better OS updates is by us being the beta testers. Yes it might take a while and be lengthy, but sometimes hard work and patience pays off=) I've done 3 leak downloads and if worse comes to worse, restore...

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blackberry link is crap and it fails to do back up every single time running the latest version on a windows 7 x64 pro computer ... oh wait fails on TWO computers every single time so when is blackberry going to fix this issue !!!

I hope that is not true. Micro USB should be micro USB including cable and not some altered micro USB.

My T-Mobile wifi calling doesn't work either. I left a comment just a little further down in the thread, but basically it sounds like (according to a T-Mobile rep and close friend) the IMS servers are apparently market specific, and that they're not activated or configured in all of the markets. When I was on vacation in MD early this month, I installed an earlier leak, and it connected to IMS, but not when I got home to NM.

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Downloaded and installed. After not getting wifi calling to work after HOURS of troubleshooting and messing with settings on my router, I called a friend at TMo, who contacted tech support for me and found out that the IMS servers for my market haven't been configured yet. At least I know it's not an issue with this OS. Otherwise, running smooth.

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Guys it's my first time downloading a leaked os I have the zip file on my pc

Can anybody kindly tell me what I do from there to get on my q10 please?

Greatly appreciated

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Pretty easy.

1) make a full backup using BlackBerry Link.

2) Close Link and disconnect phone.

3) extract the zip file and run the .exe

4) DOS-type Window opens and says "Connecting to Bootrom:"

5) plug phone into USB.

6) when the install finishes, that Window will close and device will reboot.

7) do security wipe (optional). I don't always do this, but a lot of folks recommend it as it can remove unwanted leftover bits from old OS.

8) restore from your backup made in step 1. (a lot of folks recommend doing it in two steps: apps and media, then settings. Never had any issue personally doing it all at once.)

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*Note: you WILL have to do the tutorials and initial setup after installing the leak, before you can restore from your backup.

Anything else I missed guys?

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The only thing I could add is the expected time to do the entire process (two and a half hours), write down your Blackberry ID and password in advance you will need it when the phone comes back on (my password is in password keeper and I had to go online to retrieve it) and the need for WinZip to open the zipped file.

I decided to do the optional "security wipe" and it took at least 45 minutes for that alone. Of course, because the unit shuts down after the wipe, the actual time I am not certain of. I believe during the security wipe there was a green LED and then at some point it changed to a fluttering red/amber. It was during this time I wasn't sure what to do, but after checking the forums, I decided to turn the phone on. I might add, this was the first time I have ever loaded a leaked OS or attempted to "side load" anything ever. I am currently on Verizon's network, STL100-4 (formerly OS 10.0). Thank you for the detailed instruction. I realize that others have posted similar instruction in the forums, but it was yours that I followed today. Thank you Derlitz!

So far, my overall experience with the new OS is positive. I'm not certain the battery life is any better though. The phone is definitely more responsive and the typing experience is enhanced. Somehow the letters are spaced better on the keyboard. Alas, I can send emails from one of my POP email addresses, which was my biggest motivator for the upgrade. Imagine having a new "smart" phone that you pre-ordered to receive at the earliest possible date after anticipating its release for months; receive it after the stores were already had them in stores; and then learn you could only receive email and neither send or reply for four months following. I am truly grateful to have that function above all! Now, that I have this upgrade behind me, I will probably never wait for a carrier OS release again.

Other observations of the new OS thus far:
1. I lost my favorites in my contact list
2. I found several duplicates within my contact list
3. I lost all of my text history
4. When using the native GPS/map function, the battery still gets pretty warm. It seems as though it is not as hot as before and that the battery may not drain quite as fast. I tried it out for about 35 minutes and it took about 1/8th my battery bar. In the past, it seemed to drain faster. Sorry, I have no means to quantify all this.
5. Of course, you have to setup all your emails as if it were a new phone.

You know what I'd like to see is since various carriers aren't keen on releasing os updates all that often .... that Blackberry would release an official update every so often. I'm not comfortable playing with the leaked versions.

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Jahmal, these leaks are a waste of people's time and a distractor from the obvious problem here. U want to install them, go ahead, I could care less for them besides the fact that it's proof that there is a major issue here that has not been fixed. Have fun installing 10 leaks a month. My time is more valuable than that.

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Actually, it is pretty tame compared to ROM hacks on android...lol. I am enjoying it, and actually have the ability to resist flashing them all.

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you COULDN'T care less....if you COULD care less, then it means you still care and have yet to reach the level where your ability to care is zero, whereupon you could NOT care less

Running A leaked 10.2. On my Z10 no complaints has been very solid. A toast to the toast notifications:)!

IROC-Z10 but more often then not she rocks me!

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Just finished loading the new version. It might be my imagination but I've noticed that it takes longer to sideload Andriod apps. Candy Crush Saga v1.13.1, for example.

Anyone noticed anything similar?

Downloaded and installed everything work smooth, big thanks to those people for their effort to made these leak. Who care how many leaks in a month, better than sit and wait for carrier update. No pain no gain.

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I think I'm an os leak ho! Oh my!! Again, installed flawlessly on my Z10 STL100-3 (at&t) while enjoying a nice cigar & scotch (apx 2.5 hours). That's gonna be my new os routine from here on out...till the A10 steps in...then it's gonna be a new routine cuz that device will be new!!! Long live BlackBerry & CrackBerry!!! Somebody please help my addiction!!!

So far, the build is stable. Nice battery life, BB runs way cooler, snappy good! Had a busy work day this day in Los Angeles. The BBZ10 didn't let me down once. Swapped out the battery after 8 hours (I carry 3 additional batteries). I know it's been less than 24 hours since the leaked os install, but so far, this leak be good on the device. Backed up the data prior to the install and all data came back-rockin' the STL100-3 on the at&t side. Only actions I had to do after the install was reset my email, social media passwords, et al. Awesome!!!

i really don't know what it's been keeping updating for? the display's issue of message contact have not been solved all the way since 2xxx.

Is the ***** Contacts improved? I plug USB cable to connect my Z10 to Blakberry Link and all contacts disappear after I unplug. They appear just only after restating the device.

I upgrade from. 2009

I've noticed :

The password screens for accounts is different.

My side loaded apps (words with friends specifically) that had been extremely clunky are running noticeably smoother.

Battery life seems a little improved.

Restore worked flawlessly.

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Just announced a new FB version in Beta Zone. Hopefully, it's not far off from becoming an official release. :)

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To any and all T-Mobile US customers having trouble getting the wifi calling feature to work: I found out that there has to be a "feature" on your line for the permission for your phone to connect to the IMS service. It is a free feature. I would recommend going to your nearest store and having a rep add it. (if you call the customer care number, they'll likely not add it for you, as the OS you're using is not approved on their system. Whereas the sales reps, will probably have less questions and won't even know that your phone "isn't supposed" to do it.)

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Just loaded this today coming from .2354....4687 has got some EXCELLENT battery time....even better than .2354
Haha....*middle finger* that's for you VZW....and in another month (with an autoloader and fewer of these crazy hybrids) I'll load up 10.2
Never loading an official OS again

STL3 on AT&T
Was on 10.1.2354 w 1917 radio
Just upgraded today and.....WOW, this version feels polished and almost feels like a new phone. Everything seems smoother and flawless so far!

Can't help but feel this is what the phone should have been like on day one!

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Not sure its a bug or feature

Swiping with two figures on upward direction brings keypad with no use on any wall screen.

Any one?

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