Leaked OS for the BlackBerry Z10, Q10 and Q5

By Adam Zeis on 18 Jul 2013 02:30 pm EDT

Here we go - another new OS leak across the board. This one is good for the BlackBerry Z10, Q10 and Q5. You know the drill at this point so we won't stretch it out too much. 

The leak is OS so if you're running something lower you may want to give it a go. As always you'll need a Windows PC to run the autoloader. Be sure to perform a full backup before you get started and don't hold us accountable should something go haywire.

If you haven't installed a leaked OS on your BB10 device yet, be sure to do some reading beforehand so you know what you're getting into. 

Ready? Head to the forums link below to download.

Download OS for the BlackBerry Z10, Q10 and Q5



Hope this is proving they can update all devices without affecting carrier signal algorithms....


They already can but the carriers don't care.



Oil sands Fueled


I agree. Updating needs to be number one priority for people with such interest in our phones.

Oil sands Fueled


Hah, just upgraded to .4633 last night!


Me too

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Me three....

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Me four

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Nice...just what d doctor ordered for my Q5

Patrick Scully

I just uploaded. 4633 the other day, what does this add???

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Go to the forums and you'll likely see 80 pages about how to install it, autoloaders, what radios to use, lists of bars, and maybe a lengthy discussion about pins, but if you ask what's new about it or what has changed, the answer is "go try it yourself."

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Is this 10.1 the maintenance released?

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As stated, it's a leak.



Lol you got that right. I read thru the entire forum, said screw it and just installed the leak didn't bother with the one with the pin block removed.

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Yikes... not again... I can't keep up :-). Wonder when one of these is going to be made official...

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Another leak. Maybe I wait for a couple of days for another leak.

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And new 10.2?? Who cares about 10.1

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10.2 is what I'm waiting for

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I agree. Waiting for official 10.2 leak. I'm running a 10.1 leak and running smooth. No need to change at this point.

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"Official" and "leak" don't seem to go well together. :)

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Need a solid one, I'll wait 10.2


I'm running 10.2 leaked with 633 android runtime with every stable and low battery usage except there is pin overlay, but the cpu etc monitor is good from these dev editions.

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You guys talk about 10.1 and 10.2 but I'm still on 10.0 with Verizon SMFH. I Upgraded to 10.1 in the past but my contacts got all screwed up, so I decided to wait for the official upgrade. Who knew that it would take forever. I feel like the last of the Mohecans!

Loving my awesome Z10 baby!


I would try again with this leak, my contacts haven't screwed up and the phone is SO much better with 10.1

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No problems so far, even doing a full restore.

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I don't understand, why it's 10.1
How it works? One day we get 10.2 another 10.1.....

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These are full builds

10.2 aren't even in beta stage yet I think

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And according to some of the leakers, the PIN will be super imposed on the 10.2 leaks from now on. Probably a measure to stop us from installing them.

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I've had it with all these leaks on this site, no more sneaking around to download

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Has anyone found signal strength to be better with any of the leaks? I'm finding my signal isn't as strong in some areas like my 9800 was. I'm running .273

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Frustrated with the q10 version 10.1... buggy.... Z10 was much more consistent... wishing my bold 9900 was not stolen 6 months ago!! grrrrrr

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viobb1, this brought better battery (+30%)life to my Z10
Lost the frequently used / suggested contacts when composing an email. Peace!


As I've said before these posts have no point without some commentary on them. You can find them if you looking for them in the forums easily enough.


Hey guys, I'm new to BlackBerry and I am surprised about all the pleasant anticipation. Is this 'the thing to do', to install unofficial leaks?

What am I missing out on or how long does it usually take for BB to make an official release from a beta firmware?


I am on Verizon, so I enjoy the hybrid/leaked OS when the official is lacking. Don't be afraid to get your feet wet with one of the hybrid/leaked OS. Just read up on one and make an informed decision. I certainly don't jump on each one, and I haven't made the jump to 10.2.xxx yet.


Can anyone tell me what this update contains and will do? Thanks

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These leaks are so close in versions I can't help but wonder if anyone would ever really notice a difference. Unless there is a major fix to something in a previous incremental release. Either way, I love seeing these leaks. Keeps me coming back to CrackBerry.com.


This is one leaky faucet.

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Installed the last leak twice. Kept rolling me back to. 4181?

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Lol it's a never ending job so enjoy loading the leaks and try rather every day waiting from providers

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What's the record number of leaked OS's in s month? This is almost comical....can't believe I own shares in this company...

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This leak is smooth, quick and responsive. Just got to do a few days on the battery and see how it goes.

I've just come from. 228 radio and 483 10.2 which was running fantastic!!...but the habit of installing new leaks couldn't stop me from trying this!!!

If the battery is good I'm gna try the radio from here with. 483 10.2 but I have a sneaky suspicion that it won't work!

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I just downgraded to .4633 last night from because my battery was draining like crazy. So i think i'll take a rest from downloading leaks for awhile :-)

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Pam Pam Naraidoo

I am running and happy I am going to wait for a 10.2 leaked to install. Every other day there's a new os with no significant update. 10.2 sounds like an os with upgrades to the os that I want


Same here. Received "update available" text and installed OTA. Still smoother, and I'll wait for 2.0.

pol pot

I'm looking for Google Docs for this leak!

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Can BlackBerry Link be trusted when installing leaks? I personally haven't installed any leaks as people have said that they lost everything after upgrading

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I hadn't heard of that happening before, but it did happen to me. I'm running leak .4537 and it wiped out ALL of my pictures, videos and documents! I was heartbroken because I had pix and vids that are irreplaceable. Much to my chagrin and disappointment, that data isn't backed up by Link. :'( What's so odd about it is that I had been running the leak for a few weeks and then out of nowhere everything got wiped one day. The BlackBerry folder was just randomly deleted from my media card.


Still no vvm :(

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A BB10 Torch slider device would be awesome!

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Pravin1; I've been saying the same thing forever, except i want it to be landscape and not portrait.

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Ohh that would be interesting, something like the Nokia E7.

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Pravin 1 that should've been the 4th BB10 device! A "T10"(torch version of BB10) that would definitely be a top seller!

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Agree! I can't wait to get my hands on it if it actually does get released!

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I'll wait for an offivial release no matter how long it will take

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I will install every leak as long as it's keeps leaking :)))

On a serious note, this is CrackBerry! This what we do. Keeping the community alive and helping each other :)

So, please leak away so we can have a better BlackBerry experience every day! :)

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Oh yeah, Amen to that!!! :)


yeah.. that is so right!! please keep on leaking through the crack... ;)


Brilliant. Thanks!

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Keeps getting better and better... phone is cold as ice, no battery hot at all. battery life is great.

Very stable

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Hey I have BlackBerry Q10 my phone software is when I check for update from my Q10 it keep talking me that I have the latest software. Help me plz

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Your software is official (officially approved and released by your mobile carrier). These are "leaks" or test versions installed with a degree of risk not backed by your mobile carrier.

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Thank u for ur help.

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This leak have no different all the same till the 10.2 come out official



Thank you.

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Thank the user community for the updates and instructions. Once I saw that it had to be launched from my PC then it was simple and actually pretty fast.

I am a huge BlackBerry fan and now I am getting better with my device.

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I think the battery life of the latest z10 10.1 update for Verizon sucks. Anyone agree.? I have to have display on 50 percent brightness or less. I don't use Facebook or Twitter. I turn off auto rotate. I hardly use phone and it just slowly drains down. Blue tooth off nfc off everything off but radio and wifi. I have two emails Gmail and live
I don't get lots of emails but it is on push. I'm considering getting the q10 just because of the battery life. I like the physical keyboard but I also love my z10. I just don't have any clue how you so called heavy users use your phone all day with a z10. No idea. Why in he'll can't they just make a phone that runs off a big as he'll battery. Or two smaller ones. Why could the q10 use a bigger one but they couldn't adapt same one for z10. ? I don't make calls all the time, I have few friends. I've been doing the latest leaks cause Verizon sucks. I will always have a BlackBerry because I'm a loyal BlackBerry user and I have an utter disgust for apple.



Hi..This is the worst ever leak i have seen...it drains your battery in just 3 hours...and the HUB keeps hanging...
I loaded the leak on on Z10 STL 1-100


Just installed this leaked OS last night and to me,it is better performance in terms of battery, responsiveness and overall experience for the past 16 hour.
After installing the leaked OS I did not used blackberry link to reload my data. Instead I installed from scratch all my apps including side load. So far no issues with the apps I have tested.
Will update if any problems occurred
My thanks to the person responsible for this leak through the cracks

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+1 here!!!

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Update after more than one day.
No problems so far..
To me batt life seems long lasting.
No over heating of battery. Temperature seem constant at 32 deg celsius when idle. Temperature went up to 39 when playing game. (modern combat).
Overall this is a good leak that I have installed with no problems
Z10 STL-2 with singtel

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It's working like a charm. The battery if was hot for like an hour, but after that, all it's good and seems very responsive and smooth on Z10STL100-1/ Thanks for the leak!!

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except battery life every things are smooth


When the hell are all these leaks going to actually come out to the masses?!

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Battery life has no problems, no over heating, no random restarts, all contacts and photos work as they should = awesome

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Don't suggest to your less-than-tech-savvy friends that they install leaked OS versions. The instability may sour them to the BlackBerry experience and prompt them to abandon ship to a competing platform. These are internal builds, with features turned off and on, and not intended for day-to-day use in the wild.


Haha! Right! Ask my fellow Verizon users how much more stable the "Official" software release is... lol


This one is a keeper. Battery life is off the charts. It did not have to settle long. It took only a few hours. Back is not warm at all.

I am on AT&T STL3

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I installed the .4633 last night again and for the moment it seems good, though I have had some dropped calls... Maybe it was a network issue then. I am still in the testing mode... will wait for the phone to stabilize.


Who knows why the contact photos are in so bad quality, in calling mode???!!!

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I'm givin' this leaked os a shot. Installed flawlessly...will give this time to calm on my Z10 STL100-3 at&t.


Installed this yesterday and side loaded the t-mobile Wifi calling app ( Ringer on incoming calls doesn't work after one call and the "pull down" to answer calls froze this morning. Any thoughts? On Z10 100-3 t-mobile.