Leaked OS for the BlackBerry Z10, Q10 and Q5

By Adam Zeis on 15 Jul 2013 10:18 am EDT

Happy Monday! Today is a good day as it marks the first time we've seen the same OS leak for the BlackBerry Z10, Q10 and Q5 all at once. OS has leaked in the CrackBerry forums and is available for all BlackBerry 10 models - the BlackBerry Z10 STL100-1/2/3/4, the BlackBerry Q10 and the BlackBerry Q5. It's no 10.2 but it's still looks to be a good update for those waiting on a newer build of OS 10.1. 

As always - this is a leaked OS so use your noggin, make sure you perform a full backup first and know what you're doing before you even get to it. The autoloader files will require a Windows PC to get going as well. Don't hold us responsible if anything goes downhill. 

Head to the forums for download links and for more discussion.

Download leaked OS for the Z10, Q10 and Q5

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Leaked OS for the BlackBerry Z10, Q10 and Q5


This is some bs. Anytime I post first mods delete it. They better delete this one to. What's with the bias?

via CB10 (BB Z10 : BLK : OS 10.1) [ Follow me @EHZAY for BB News & Tech Updates ]

Where did you download the 10.2 leaked os? + is there any major difference on the new one?

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The hybrid 10.2 overheats a bit, and drains too quickly, but other than that, it's amazing. All sorts of treats in there.

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Leak madness to all devices... That's interesting.
I think BlackBerry is doing beta testing with Crackberry as its official partner! :)

Posted via the awesome z10 using CB10

OMG! Now I'm getting pissed off and extremely happy at the same time. WTF?!? I can't ride this emotional roller coaster you guys are putting me on! Damn!

Downloading now........

Aw man! Just installed a newer leak on my Z10 (.4543) as I hadn't used the phone in a couple of months. Was using my Q10... Anything really new on this leak?

Tell me about it.. I can't do this every week since I reconfigure from scratch and it takes too long (don't trust BlackBerry link).

Unless I hear good things I think I will stick with the last leak for a while longer. Hopefully a good version of 10.2 isn't too far away.

Posted from my Z via CB10

No, you're not the only one. I think it looks far more modern and streamlined. I can't wait to get my 3rd BlackBerry 10 phone. Already got the Z10 on day 1, and I just got the Q10 today.

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I'm tired of seeing these leaked OS updates..... probably because I don't know how to get them.... Verizon step on getting that 10.1 out!

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Its really not that hard. Download and install BlackBerry Link from blackberry.com this will allow you to do a backup of the device if you so choose but more importantly it will install the USB drivers for your phone. Plug your phone into your computer abd wait for Windows to detect it and install drivers. Then download and install the leaked OS (I recommend running it as administrator). It will COMPLETELY WIPE YOUR DEVICE so back up whatever you want saved. Ive been running leaked builds on my Verizon Z10 since about 3 days after i got it. No issues.

Is there anyway to do this on mac?
Since switching over from windows I've regretted every minute

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I don't get it every day a few time's a day another leak what's it pertain to us regular customers we smelled an update yet from our carriers especially Verizon

Yep, the contacts really need to be fixed. Also the plague of the phone forgetting email passwords. Which they never solved on playbook.

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Hadn't heard that the phones sometimes forget email passwords, too. That has been driving me crazy on my PlayBook to the point that I just deleted my main account (don't really use it anymore anyway).

I really want the social network integration, though. I've had several times already where I didn't know a phone number or email but my Z10 grabbed it from their LinkedIn or Facebook. Plus my main problem is between my two email accounts, not directly with the social networks.

How do they know! It's freaking me out! I postponed installed until last night when I finally decided to do it. And what do I see this morning? 4633! I swear someone is watching me.

it not just someone, its more than one person...the us government...they can hear you now (and apparently know what OS you use, too!)

Any progress with updates is positive, but we all want to see direction from BlackBerry towards a world-wide push. Hoping this starts in 10.2.x.

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Does anyone know if it fixes the problem of just showing the number of a caller when they are actually in your contacts list? If not, then I may pass on this one.

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This issue isn't related to any one OS. When you upgrade and restore your phone to any new OS, for some reason many of your contacts "de-link" themselves (i.e. contacts for the same person from Facebook, LinkedIn, and your personal "local contact"). If that happens, you will only see the phone number come up when they call.

To fix this, you have to manually go in and re-link those contacts (this procedure is found around the forums) which is kind of a pain. I have about 250 contacts and each time I upgrade my OS with these leaks, about 25 of my contacts always "de-link". It's always the same ones and I can't seem to determine the pattern as to why they do. I think when the name is significantly different they always de-link. For example I have a friend who is "Tony XXX" in my local contact, but he uses "Anthony XXX" on LinkedIn. His contact always de-links. However I have a few where the names are identical and they de-link as well, so that's not the only reason.

I'm just glad all of them don't de-link because that would be a royal pain.

Can you at least point out what the leaked OS adds in the articles? I feel like this article is very template and you just adjust the version numbers and publish. Sure knowing that it's around is news, but having all the info in one place is rather convenient.

When writing the article it's all about spreading the word fast, to wait, install it, test it and look for changes would consume too much time!

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Hi guys I'm new on the crackberry Community, I installed the leaked 10.1 os last month everything was fine with the os but it killed my battery, so when my device reach the 30 % it turns off, do you guys know if this leaked os has the same issue? I have a z10 Stl100-1

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Mine device turned off when it got to 10% battery. I've decided to just go back to the factory OS. This leak is pretty good. I like the keyboard swiping. For me, this leak also kept notifying me of WiFi spots near by. Even after I turned off WiFi and the notifications. Oh well.

Seeing that it is released for all models I am lead to believe that this may seem to be a carrier update to be pushed soon

BB10..Sinnaz0790 {STL100-3}

Seriously? I just updated the leaked OS and I am not able to restore anything. I don't want to do it again.... and seems more bugs on .45xx

Posted via CB10 from Q5

I can not restore the previous backup, even backup from May. Totally mad at BlackBerry OS 10

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I'm tired of this. Came from Android world where I've seen weekly new custom roms. In the end it was way too tiring. This madness is now here, too :-/

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Coming from .4543 (which has been terrible for me) this is not very smooth and I am still having signal problems. Hopefully my battery life issues will be better with this one. I'll have to hold off on a final verdict for a few days for this.

I hope this brings back the dark theme calendar that the previous leak didn't contain.

Downloading this after work while I watch WWE Monday Night RAW!


Any one knows if there is an in call notification for incoming calls while on another call??

BB10..Sinnaz0790 {STL100-3}

This update is not compatible with my Z10 STL100-1. The installation failed at the image loading stage and appeared to have bricked my device (flashing red status LED) so I had to reload the previous OS Therefore, I am forced to abort this for now and wait for the next release.

I have finished this install in my z10 and can report that the mms problem of not being able to send or receive pics has been resolved with this build and i do not have the problem where my contacts were not showing up for the txt comps window or in BlackBerry hub

I am on a factory unlocked device from blackberry being used on the Rogers network in Toronto

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What a glorious pile of smartphone goodness. Impressive!!! Can't wait to get a Q5 and A10, then make a pile out of them.

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Loaded this... and I cant load my backups and almost all sideloads like instagram wont install!!!
rolling back to im just gonna wait for the official release what a royal waste of time.

Ok so in the call logs it's shown the tel number with name of the contact and the remember app has a search bar know....

Send with my BlackBerry Z10

Is there is a way to download the os directly to the phone? So I can transfer it to the computer by usb

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I like this one. Seems I may have lost a couple of phone numbers from contacts in translation. I like the simple password.

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yeah, i like this update, too! the battery life seems much better! but my contacts got messed up like you. i did loose a few numbers. and the import to/from SIM is not working properly.

For the first time, my Z10 STL100-1 can reach 1-2 % before dead.

Previous leaked os, my Z10 always died at 30, 20 or 10

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Finally the vibrate notifications work reliably for the past 3 days! First build I've had where it does

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