Leaked OS for the BlackBerry Q10 and BlackBerry Q5

By Bla1ze on 13 Jul 2013 01:26 pm EDT

If your definition of a great weekend is loading up a freshly leaked OS on either your BlackBerry Q10 or BlackBerry Q5, well you're weekend just got great. OS has now arrived in the CrackBerry Forums and is ready for download. Not a lot of feedback on this one yet, but I'm sure you all will pick it to pieces and let us know what all has changed. In any case, we know it has a few updated apps so there's that.

Standard you can't blame us disclaimer - use caution when installing a leaked OS like this and remember if you break your phone it's not our fault. Also, a good idea to make a backup because you're essentially performing a factory restore on your device. If you don't want to lose data, a backup is needed. You'll need a Windows PC to install these files and If it goes downhill, remember you can always wipe and restore your device.

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No love for the Z10?

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Simple, flash a Z10 radio over top...


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z10 has had many leaked 10.1.x os's beyond and even a 10.2 leak . . so . . .


That's what I'm saying. Where's the love.

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You have to admit the Z has been getting quite a bit if love lately....but I guess there is always room for more!

BB10, Z10

Poirots Progeny

Not my idea of a great weekend lol

But thanks for the heads up!

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BB10 OS is so solid there's no need to install leaks. Without a strait forward new feature I wouldn't bother.

Unlike the legacy BBOS, where every month you needed a restore to feel smooth again. Which made the update process feel like it was accomplishing something lol

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Wise words! I'm with you on this one!

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Not really. And it depends on your carrier.

For example, Verizon STILL only supports their original 10.0.9 OS build on their Z10s. Their 10.1 release has been greatly delayed, and they never released a 10.0.10 build at all.

I would use up a lot of space here if I were to go ahead and list all the things that were fixed or improved by the recent OS leak I installed on my Verizon Z10... including some really nasty bugs.


How is the battery life? Can I install it on my 9900? If not, will it work on my PlayBook?

LOL... sorry, I couldn't resist. :-)

Drew Oswalt

Just installed it 2 minutes ago on my Pearl 8100. The battery goes about 33 hours before hitting 50%.

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You still rockin an 8100? I'm impressed.. LOL


Leak or Beta?

Marketing is everything


My idea of a weekend would be skyping with my family on the official release from verizon. I'm not trying to complain, but 10.2 has already been leaked for goodness sake.

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Waaaaaaa q10 and q5 only

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Dw like always a Z10 leak will show up

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Drew Oswalt

It also works on A10-2, 3, and 4. But not. A10-1.


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It's good?

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Battery tip: when the phone is not used, put it in bedside mode to shut it off.....saves battery for 3 days........open the clock icon and put to bedside mode....

Sexy White BlackBerry Z10


Great tip, thanks for sharing. :)


Won't that allow calls only though?

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Nobody wants to join the Squib Squad. :(

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Just a simple question..

When will the real OS come out and not leaks :(
We are facing so many issues with this OS and faults in applications that are quiet important!! (i.e. Contacts and calendar and etc)

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Can i just say that these threads are completely useless and a waste of time unless you talk a little hit about what is actually different about this leak and if it is at all reliable. Just saying that there is a new leave is non post worthy.

Even if it reduced the number of these posts a little bit of feedback on them would be greatly appreciated

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How about you click the link to the forum in the article instead of nagging around?

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I read at least the first two pages of the forums. All I gathered was the speed dial problem (there was a speed dial problem?) was fixed. STL this Z10 that hybrid blah blah blah.

There should really be change/patch notes somewhere. I know these aren't official releases but still. Perhaps unofficial patch notes should accompany these releases to serve as a more useful feedback mechanism for the community.

I think I'm asking for too much. Nevermind.

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I agree. I want to know what's different in this leak as compared with official launch OS versions.

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Really, you can't be bothered to read? There is a forums page for this leak,and information will always be coming in jerks and surges, as we are all trying to figure out what is new/broken/fixed/different. The link is IN THE ARTICLE!!!
You want cut an dried, wait for you carrier.


Discussion about z10 and 10.1 leaks are useless. One this is a q10 thread second 10.2 leak is out no point leaking backwards to another leak

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Does this works with Dev Alpha C?

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Just testing this out on my Coleco Vision game console. So far, so good.

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Tested it for about 1/2 a day and came across a media bug. Opened music song would start and stop about 3 seconds in. Slacker did't work anymore either. So back to 4543.

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.4633 seems to be on its way for all models today...

roshan abujam

I got a great....viber and tango works on it....you can side load apk files directly without converting them to bar files....love this new leak...so why go for a 10.1?????

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