Leaked OS for the BlackBerry Z10 and BlackBerry Q10

By Bla1ze on 5 Jul 2013 04:37 pm EDT

Following up on the round of leaks for the BlackBerry Z10 and the BlackBerry Q10 yesterday, a new OS has now popped up in the CrackBerry Forums once again for both devices. A special treat this time around though as all variants can get in on the action. STL100-1,2,3,4 as well as SQN100-1,2,3,4,5. The OS itself is labeled as being which is slightly higher than yesterdays OS but it's up to you all to figure out what has been changed. 

Standard you can't blame us disclaimer - use caution when installing a leaked OS like this and remember if you break your phone it's not our fault. Also, a good idea to make a backup because you're essentially performing a factory restore on your device. If you don't want to lose data, a backup is needed. You'll need a Windows PC to install these files and If it goes downhill, remember you can always wipe and restore your device.

Grab the download links in the CrackBerry Forums

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Leaked OS for the BlackBerry Z10 and BlackBerry Q10


Mhm, and with installing the last leak this afternoon I thought it was up to date... Guess not..

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Heh, I just updated my Z10 today, and I'm currently restoring files/settings on my wife's Z10 after updating hers too with the 4537 update. I will wait to see how 4537 does before considering updating my Z10 so soon.

Dammit! I just installed a leak yesterday and now I'm being forced to install another one! You know I can't help it and you're driving me crazy on purpose! Aaaarrrrggghhh!

Via Zeppelin 10

Hmmm... same thing happened to me when I was installing the 10.1 leaks... turned out the official version was released the next day :D

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Probably not. You'll just end up realizing how buggy it is in its current state and end up downgrading anyway.

I have a question, could BlackBerry modify the os so that android apps can be downloaded and installed directly from a website instead of having to side load them?

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Maybe this new one has settings in cascades.

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I'm on AT&T should I try 4537 or 4543? Or should I try some other leak? I'm not clear on how to decide what leak is proper for AT&T or if it even matters what carrier I have when trying a leak.

I'm running a
SLT 100-3

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If you know what your doing you will not look back! I have att and have been downloading leaks and it's only been getting better

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I got the 4537 version yesterday. I did a security wipe and only restored the apps without the settings and media. So far, running great. I saved all media and pics to the micro sd card.

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Lol. Before there were no updates and people complained. Now there are too many and ...yup, people are still complaining. Lol. Yes blackberry! Bombard dem with updates, till they want no more :D

*recieves one stick of cigarette, light it, squeeze it into your left eye*!!! *throwing pack of cigarette on your squirming body* if u don't have anything nice to say, smoke your cigarette's.

Hahaha... okay? You do realize I was joking off of what you said about "bombarding dem" right?

Anyway, your stupidity aside, and to be clear, I'm personally a fan of these leaks. Keep them coming! Thank you to lbfe, kris, and the rest of the gang! Thanks again!!

You're just an old moron looking for someone to pick on. And I'll deal with u appropriately, thats if kris simundson doesn't do that before me. Nw with no respect at all, I'm asking u to get the f**k off my post, and go tell jokes to your mother...if you have one.

I'm gonna have to try this tonight as I updated to 4537 yesterday and can't send or receive sms since. Really happy with the simple password option and the carriage return ability in sms and bbm.

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Having problem when I try to restore my data after upgraded to this version , I found that many user having the same problem also, now I lost all my important notes, damn!

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Hey guys! I'm having problem updating my dp on bbm, sometimes I can update my picture and sometimes I can't. I would really love it if anyone could offer me any support.

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Hey guys, I'm fairly new to this. How do I download the leak to my q10? Is this the leak from yesterday with the new notification bar?

Posted from Jessica's BlackBerry Q10

1)You download the leak from the links above.. get the right one for your phone.
2) backup your phone! Leaked os is installed by completely wiping your phone. When it restarts, it'll take you to the setup you had when you first bought it. - do this through your BlackBerry Link
3) double click the file you downloaded (leaked os). It will run through the process, phone will restart, etc.
4) when that's done and you're sure it's working fine, pull out the usb plug, open BlackBerry Link, and reconnect the usb
5) restore the backup you did
6) you may need to login to your Accounts and stuff (like type the passwords) but that's about it.

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I just can't do it. I'm still waiting on AT&T to upgrade us from 10.0 but I can't deal with the hassle of a leak and having to restore all of my settings and apps. I'll just be patient and wait on AT&T. Last time I installed a leak on AT&T no one could hear me on the phone. I could hear but they couldn't hear me.

via CB10 on my AT&T Z10

I'm gonna hold off as well, downloaded this leak and I sounded like I was calling from underwater, did a restore and still had the same issue. Just got back from doing a hardware exchange with my carrier. I'm not saying that it was the leaks fault probably was just a bad mic, but I'm not gonna take the chance to gain a few minor tweaks to the os ill deal.

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got it!!! works a little bit smoother than the prvious leak. but not perfect. i felt 10.0 was way smoother.

Tempted... the current leak I'm on has my bluetooth jacked up. Guess I'll wait and see what the forums say about this version in the coming days.

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It is not quite as smooth as my was. The simple password works great, but other than that I do not notice much difference. I have yesterday's leak...... btw.

Rockin a New Z10



BlackBerry has a superior device and technology that nobody knows about and that is being intentionally crippled by two of the largest US cell companies who are not releasing software updates that resolve the known issues and add critical features.
They either kick those firms in the balls, right here and now and in public or they may as well close their offices and go home.

I speak specifically of Verizon, although AT&T is responsible for this as well.

BlackBerry restricts software updates to carrier-endorsed things. Contrast this with Apple, which refuses to allow carriers to "approve" their IOS updates (and thus everyone gets them at once) or Samsung, which has the carriers push OTA updates but makes manual updates available over KIES on a PC if you want them.

But Verizon, in particular, still (as of this morning) shows 10.0.9.xx firmware as "official" for the BlackBerry Z10. This is an outrage -- 10.0.9 was outdated on the day of the launch, with T-Mobile and AT&T both shipping 10.0.10. AT&T for its part has refused to release a 10.1.x firmware version -- of the major US carriers only ))) T-Mobile has done so. (((

Why does this matter? Because 10.0.9 was very nearly an engineering prototype version and was (and is) full of bugs. 10.0.10 had problems too, but less-severe ones. 10.1 is stable and contains a number of additional features, including remote file access, but 90% of the US market has no official support or availability for it. The entirety of Canada has it as does nearly all of Europe!

Turn OFF "Allow Gestures when Locked", then it locks just on the button on top. Very quick indeed.

Are there any users that have installed the version 4543? I can't wait to see the changes, and help me determine if I update my z10

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I have downloaded the autoloader but I can't open it for some reason... it opens and closes directly. anybody know why. Hasn't happened with previous leaks... not using the same pc though...please help

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You may try running the Autoloader in compatibility mode if you are on win 7 or 8

Posted via Z10 (STL100-1) OS

Turn off BlackBerry link, make sure no two bb10 devices are connected at the same time, try to change usb slot

Posted via SQN100-3 CB10 on Telkomsel ID

You suckers! Lots of us have and it runs smooth and bunch of new features. Never waiting for stupid carriers like VZW for an update.

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+1...prior leak kept the battery burning! I understand 4543>4537 but I'm curious as so how much better can it be given the low increment.

Can someone on this build post the HTML5Test score for this leak since we have a webkit update?

I am running 4537 which scores 485 with 11 bonus points.

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Downloaded file. Checked for the correct file. Extracted and ran. Updated software.

All my phone does is blink. Three blinks, two blinks, and then one blink and then that pattern repeats. Can't turn it on. Took out the battery and put it back in. Same blinking. Ran BB Link to reload software. Oh well, guess I'll just wait until the official release.

Give it some time. BBOS takes awhile to show all the information. When I reinstalled my software it took a few minutes for the info in the SMS to show the names.

Many people have the same question, the name in my address book can't show in the sms, but when I make a phone call the name can show successfully. I don't know why.

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On tmobile. Wifi calling should have a settings menu but nothing happens when you select Open from the notification message.

Can't really get a clear understanding? I'm running right now! Whats the difference with this new leak? And the links restore never worked! LoL! Links don't support 10.1 os! Copy your contacts and notes And a list of your apps cause you will have to install all the ones you got from blackberry world! Without repaying for them which is cool! But truly what's the difference?

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Just installed 4543 and the system seems smooth. Haven't had time to check battery usage yet. I will wait a few days for this. One thing that's strange, is blue tooth won't connect. The refresh is grayed out. Anyone experience this? What can done to get blue tooth up and running


My Z10 has a flow

Just updated DevAlpha-B and Z10.
DA was on (official) but BBLink refuses to restore the backup.

Had the same problem with my Z10 just the other day when I installed

Seems to be some change to backup format between and 4537/4543.

The 4537 backup restored just fine on 4543 though...

Anyhow - just my two cents worth...

Powered by DevAlpha-B on via DTAC 3G

Just installed this from 2062 and so far so good. Just haven't rested the battery yet because it's been plugged in all night. I wasn't getting any dropped calls with 2062, so we'll see how this does.

Running it on an STL100-4, VZW.

Small issue that I'm sure is something I've done but I have no BBM channels since updating to this OS.

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anyone on Verizon have tried to see if the tether features work through the escreen setting

BBM CHANNEL C000EF854 < bbry stocks*C0004ABC9

Hi everyone, I downloaded leaked link for BlackBerry Z10 using Google Chrome, my question is how to transfer to the blackberry, I am a newbie and need some help plz.

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Exit/close your BlackBerry link (AFTER you backup ALL your device data first, since the leak will wipe out your device), open the autoloader, when connecting to bootrom plug your phone at powered off state and turn it on, wait till everything is done. And restore.

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probably different groups of developers working on different specific applications. For instance wifi calling in this leak is new, once it's completed, moving it into the 10.2 development cycle won't take much work. But if they were working inside of the 10.2 environment to begin with they might run into obstacles associated with how new 10.2 is.

updated to 4543, and got "caller Id" issue, which didnt exist before.
now i cant see names for numbers stored in international +xx_xxxx format.
can it be due to the new version?
smb else have it?

OK more on WiFi calling. So far I've seen that the setting menu doesn't exist for it yet. Also, when calling while connected to wifi, you don't hear a ring tone. It's silent until the call connects.

Got my z offline from phones 4u in UK, model stl 100 -2 but using it in a region where model number is stl 100 -1, Nigeria. Not been able to update os with carrier, MTN, but z10s bought out here, stl 100 -1, have been able to update with same carrier to 10.1.xxx, anyone have any ideas why this may be? What's the current version supported in UK?

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Just installed yesterday... smooth and i think the battery management is better. still need more time to get a conclusion

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Ok so I did this today.. had pictures moved to sd media card and now my q10 won't read the pictures... anyone else have this problem?

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This is sad. The last thing BlackBerry needs to be doing is focusing on the past. Move forward and put 100 % of your efforts into the future of your business. Which isn't the past ( Os 7)


Z10 it's not reading the names stored in my phone, when someone is calling me I see only phone# .

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Ok it's been a few days since I installed the leaks.. from 10.1.2xxx... for the first time I faced abit of problem.. or maybe it's a bug.. i did a backup and installed 4537.. restored and for some reason my text messages didn't load.. was completely wiped.. for some reason.. then 1-2 days later I installed this latest leak.. i notice that in this leak.. the contacts don't load up properly.. it needs at least about 5-10 minutes after your first restore to see your full contacts if u have a lot.. don't know and never came across this problem in past or maybe I didn't check.. im using stl-1

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4537 has a few annoying bugs, I went to 4543...good so far...only been a few hrs. 4537 bug in BBM, a few conversations got jumbled, one statement on top of another. Looked funny.

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One bug i've noticed so far...for incoming calls the contact pics do not show..it just shows the blank place holder..it only shows up after you've been in the call for a while..

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So far so good I haven't experienced some of the related issues experienced by other users I like the delay in app world download multiple apps install them after I was able to queue up all my apps all downloaded and they installed after like the simple lock screen and I personally find if is better than the 2312...so far so good.

STL100-3 awesomeeee

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So far for me the best out there is which was putted OTA

Never get warm and battery is outstanding. I'm going back to 270

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Based on my experience with this new update, I have not found anything significant to report. However, in my opinion, .4543 seems to have removed some bugs from .4537, some of which I may not be able to comment on. I heard that some BBM users had picture display problems with .4537 but I can't comment one way or the other since I don't use BBM often enough. What I can say is that there are still a few BBM requests (not welcomed) that I need to block, although not as frequent as in the earlier .2354 OS.

My Z10 battery's performance is definitely much better, although, the battery became quite warm immediately after this current update. However, so far the battery is operating normally and I can only assume that the initial warmth may have been due to some type of calibrating feature in .4543 designed to improve performance. Since then, I have noticed about a 25% increase in battery performance. Under OS .2354 and .4537, battery power dropped to about 50% after a normal day's use. Presently, my battery lasts much longer with about the same 50% remaining after a day and a half usage.

Under OS .4537, I had noticed a small block arrow symbol to the right of the battery and Bluetooth symbols (as you swipe down to display the Settings menu). This symbol (I suspect this was a bug because it served no obvious function) is gone since updating to OS .4543.

However, since .4543 I have noticed that (in Settings, About, OS) there is No information available under Software Release. Not a big issue for users, though, but an observation for the BlackBerry 10 OS team to address.

Finally, I'm quite happy with the general performance of OS .4543 but the BlackBerry OS team still has not addressed many issues reported by me and other users. BlackBerry needs to urgently address those issues as well as some of their own other enterprise issues if they are to emerge from the doldrums currently facing the industry.

Do you run exchange push email? On my handset exchange email freezes and the battery drains quickly. Then after a while, things start working and the drain drops. This happens several times a day.

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I don't run exchange push email so I can't give you much advice on this one, but I will research it for you. However, you should make sure that your exchange server is working properly.

I installed .4537 on Friday, and it was buggy, to say the least. But, I finally had Wifi calling (IMS) support, which is great since I only have cell reception in about 10% of my house, near windows and the like. I upgraded to this leak earlier today, and while it seems less laggy, more responsive, and the battery seems to be lasting longer, I cannot for the life of me get the IMS to activate. I'm on the same Wifi connection as I was with the previous release, but it's just hating on me.

Also, when I did get IMS on the previous release, a message popped up that said, and I'm paraphrasing, "calls and messages will now be sent over wifi". I thought "cool", disabled my cell radio, placed a call and success. Tried sending a message, denied! It would just keep throwing up the clock symbol next to the message and would only send when on my cellular network.

Anyone have any idea a) how to "trick" it to connecting to the IMS system, and b) whether sms/mms is even possible over IMS?

Just because I know it's coming, I'm on T-Mobile US, and Z10 STL100-3

Posted via CB10

Also, the constant "Connect to wifi networks to make calls over wifi" notification is REALLY annoying! Any way to disable it? I've looked all over the device, searched in Help, and cant find anything.

Posted via CB10

Hi Derlitz,
IMS-based "WiFi calling" does _not_ support SMS, per T-Mobile 2nd level Support and confirmed by my own experience using IMS-based WiFi calling on a Torch 9810 on OS 7.1 since April 2012. I would guess that IMS also doesn't support MMS, but have never tried it. This is different from the original true UMA on the Bold 9780, 9700, Pearl Flip 8220, etc., which did support SMS over WiFi, even while traveling internationally.
I suspect there is a mis-statement in the message, and it should only say "calls will now be sent over WiFi".

Thanks for your clear write-up! I may yet try .4537 and will avoid .4543.

Is .4537 usable enough despite the bugs you mention?

I've been using UMA and then WiFi calling at home for 6 years now since early UMA days on the Nokia 6086, but also have had a T-Mobile CelFi 3G/4G signal booster since I bought my Torch 9810 in Feb 2012. Its original OS 7.0 release lacked WiFi calling. The booster has helped keep calls working if the WiFi calling glitches on my 9810, which sometimes happens. You might look into that. T-Mobile Support might provide you one to provide you usable service, since the timing of the "official" WiFi calling release is not yet public and could still be a few months away, and even then it will not support SMS. If there is even a little HSPA+ reception near your house, the booster could bring it up to the point that you could use SMS at your home and make calls without IMS. Good luck with all!

.4537, in my experience was "usable" but there was a definite lag when opening a text conversation, sliding to close said convo, and then there's the issue of it not identifying callers from your contacts when incoming over wifi... I wouldn't suggest it by any means.

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I miss UMA. It was the best thing ever! Especially, in such a poor coverage area, as I could not only send and receive calls, but sms and mms as well.

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I'm sick of all these leaked updates. BlackBerry needs to get on the ball and allow official updates through BlackBerry Link if the carriers are not going to help them pass along.

Posted via CB10

And yes I am an AT&T Z10 owner and believe it's BS BlackBerry allows its company and customers to be manhandled in this manner by the carrier.

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I've had this leak since yesterday. It's really heating up my Z10.. anyone else experiencing the same ?
I used to be on 2342 and it worked great. I love the new features but can't stand the heat...

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i am having majer issues since i upgradded to the new with the actual phone (belive it or not its still supposed to be a simple phone also) a. i have lots of calls that dosent even ring on my phone and then i see a missed call. i tested it multiple times and i t doesnt show any sign on the phone that there is an incoming call and then i get a missed call alert B. the names of my contacts doesnt show up on incoming calls (whenever they do ring) it will only sync the number wth the contact later on not real life when the call rings

When you send sms, it doesn't show 'D' when it's delivered, just check.. which I think it's very important.. you have to know if the message is sent or not.

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after running this for a while, i've decided that the wifi calling, at least on t-mobile, isn't ready. It doesn't ring, it doesn't let calls go through all of the time, and the settings menu for it doesn't exist yet. Going to go back to t-mobile stock when i have time.

Nice features like forever emails, but as a bonus you get bugs. Sorry but I went back to 2354/1881 on Verizon. Lexulous became faster but buggy, BBM Got wierd sticking one sentence on my screen that I had to read around. Rotation seemed to have a mind of its own. Keyboard too.

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I just installed the Leaked OS for BlackBerry Z10 and my android .bar apps and games especially( my candy crush) have dissappeared... and every attempt to reinstall them has not worked..

Been using this leak for a couple of hours and my z10 - 1 is faster and more responsive than previous leak. I wish other people are having same results :)

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I had similar issues with the leak when I installed it. I ran with it for 1 day and had battery issues and the phone being hot.

After 24hrs and thinking about installing the official ATT OS again, I rebooted my Z10 and it has been running great since. No heat or battery power consumption issues at all since the reboot. Very happy with this OS. Battery at 50% after a work day which it never was able to before usually had to recharge in the afternoon before going home.

So I highly recommend you try a simple reboot before going through the hassle of installing yet another OS. It can't hurt.

I am troubled by the bug regression showing up in these updated firmware versions. That suggests deep internal problems in the design, architecture and development process at BlackBerry. This could bring an early end to BlackBerry if not corrected SOON.

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I'm reading everyone's issues with the last OS leak and I did it myself. It made my battery heat up at first and my sound settings didn't work. But after charging it to 100% and pulling the battery and restarting it, everything has been 100% flawless. The battery has been great and actually my best so far. The battery is at 27% at 12:42 am after being used a lot through the day since taking it off of the charger around 10:00am and using a lot through the day. Best battery life so far and I hate reading about the issues. I also agree with the posts about blackberry needing to release this independently from carriers. It would make things so much better for BlackBerry users. I love my Z10 and wish you all had better luck who has had to rely on leaks as much as I have. Is there anyone else that has had better turnouts after rebooting and/or battery pulls?

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Found a bug unless numbers are not stored with its country / area code it doesn't display the name when the call is incoming

BB10..Sinnaz0790 {STL100-3}

I did it and couldn't be happier. Ez as pie. Ive never done it before. Didn't wipe device. All I had to do is download all apps at once. Quick. Ez. Runs great. All contacts and calender synced automatically with active sync from Microsoft. No link reload required. All pics saved to pc already. No waiting for Verizon update of an outdated 10.1 any longer. I highly recommend.

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Deezer not working with this version... Also the Calendar is white... please bring back the black calendar...Forte.fm not working...

I downloaded this leak and it was working until I tried to connect to Blackberry Link. Link says it can't communicate with the device; I tried rebooting, unplugging/replugging, pressing reconnect button and with no results, I chose the reload button (to restore factory defaults). However, the device reboots, the light goes green for awhile, the phone reboots back to this leak OS, and then I'm back to the same screen on Link which says Link can't communicate with the device. How can I go back to the original Verizon 10.0.?.422 or somehow get Link to communicate with the Z10?

Just did an upgrade from 10.1.2345 to this one...and it messed up my phone book, some contacts are missing and when i make phone calls or receive them, the contact name won't show up on the display...anybody else with the same problem?

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from the previous leaked, .4543 everything was great... new font installed and simple password gesture. but the problem im facing is, receiving signal from my carier. sometimes i had to restart the phone for me to receive data from internet and to make call.... i dont have any problem liked this before with the official 10.1, but this is my first time installed leaked os and it affecting my carrier signal. :(