Leaked OS for the BlackBerry Z10

By Bla1ze on 4 Jul 2013 09:56 am EDT

If you're among those who enjoy loading a leaked OS onto your device, it's once again time to grab your BlackBerry Z10, USB cable and settle in for bit. Another OS leak for the BlackBerry Z10 (STL100-1, STL100-2, STL100-3 and STL100-4) has turned up in the CrackBerry forums. This time around, you'll be putting OS to the test if you dare to load it. Quite a few people have already gave it a run, so be sure to check out the CrackBerry Forums to see what's new and which devices have been tested. So far, we're seeing simple password working, T-Mobile Wi-Fi calling and more.

As always - use caution when installing a leaked OS like this and remember if you break your phone it's not our fault. Also, a good idea to make a backup because you're essentially performing a factory restore on your device. If you don't want to lose data, a backup is needed. You'll need a Windows PC to install these files and If it goes downhill, remember you can always wipe and restore your device.

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Leaked OS for the BlackBerry Z10


10.2 leak when most US residents have yet to download an official 10.1. Nice.

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I am in the US and for the last, at least, two weeks I have been rocking 10.2.. So I guess when it comes leaks it is not rejoin based..

Ya, I can't wait for 10.2 leaks to start advancing. They look promising. However we can all appreciate these 10.1 versions for now!

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Why are Blackberry so slow at getting killer updates out?

At this stage in OS10's evolution they should be releasing amazing updates that keep taking the phone to whole new levels and get people talking.

As it is, we're getting a trickle (barely even that) of updates that do nothing but fix a few bugs.

I was talking with a couple of iPhone users and their impression of Blackberry 10 was that it offered nothing exciting and no true killer features. I hate to say it, but I have to agree. There's some great features in BB10, but nothing that makes people go "WOW OMG!!!!!!". Blackberry need that if they are to succeed.

I'd hoped that after the initial bedding in of BB10 there would be a steady stream of awesomeness. Alas, there's none at all. No OMG moments.

I really like my Blackberry 10 and wouldn't swap it for any other phone, but I want to see it succeed, and the rate Blackberry are going I honestly can't see that happening.

I've had mine for a few weeks now, and in still having OMG moments! Love this phone!!

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and 2 of my friends just switched from their iPhone to Z10 and Q10... OMG!!!

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OK, I'm gonna finally take the plunge and download a leaked OS update... I've waited patiently for the 10.1 update with AT&T and it hasn't yet happened so I'm going to see what a leaked one can do to improve my Z10 user experience. I'll let you all know how things go!

Oh trust me, 10.1 does improve on a lot of things. Installed it awhile back on my AT&T Z10, never looked back

Please do... I think I'm finally going to do it this weekend. Anyone tell me how long it takes start to finish? I'm inpatient when I do things like this and will spend the entire time thinking I've just ruined my phone.

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I installed the Z10STL100-3 leak last Sunday. I'm very happy with it. It is rock solid stable (100 hrs with no random reboots!). Plus it fixes several of the nits I've had with my Z10. Minor changes to text edit tools and some peek sensitivity reduction has made a world of difference for me. Not so sure I will try another leak until 10.2 is stable. That is if it has any compelling features (like headless apps!).

PS: The install went smoothly, and the result is excellent. But the whole backup, download, install and restore process took me several hours. So plan accordingly.

PPS: I am now very confused as to why AT&T is dragging their feet on pushing BlackBerry updates out. Especially this one. I think BlackBerry should seriously consider a different update model. I don't think the carriers are really helping them at all.

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I ran into such difficulty trying to install it that I gave up, so I'm STILL at OS 10.1... I just can't seem to understand the steps to install it, I cannot find an EXE, etc so I'm at the mercy of AT&T.
I'm just not too tech savy I guess :(

No appears to be a few fixed or missing features & tweaks.

The Forums thread has screenshots...

This is how you CB10, son!

I am NOT running this, but I believe:

-Carriage return for BBM & Texts (Shift+Enter skips a line)
-Forever email sync (no idea if only for certain email types)
-Simple device password option
-fixed CalDav options for iCloud accounts
-some new BB World features, like Recently Viewed in My World

Guessing there's more too...

This is how you CB10, son!

Kris recently changed his statement to "probably is". Not that I am, or ever would, speak for the man. He is a hero around these parts.

BlackBerry Z10 | Verizon |

I need Wow omg feature from BlackBerry, if they want to survive. I don't know why it's so difficult to come with feature like never existed same as when BBM came.

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The build date is newer than the 10.2 leaks currently available. It was built June 29 in fact, according to the autoloader..

BlackBerry Z10 | Verizon |

I have T Mobile (Austria) and I'm very lucky that I get my updates as soon as there are available... but sadly that's not the case in the USA at for example at AT&T... why is that so?¿

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I mean they should have started at least with what were there with the legacy os
The led Google maps.
Option to post from fb reminder birthdays. Or delete comment. BlackBerry Protect all contact back up
I love bb. But this is really hitting me
And no option to search remote mails.

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Dear Almighty God: please let Rogers put out an official 10.1 update to address the frickin' reboot issue!



Posted via CB10 on my Zed10.

Not here either and this is the first I've ever heard about this. Never had a reboot even with the 1st release on Rogers.

Rogers has put out 2 updates for 10.1 so far, iirc.

Have you not updated from 10.0.10?

This is how you CB10, son!

Newer how? And "newer" than which version of 10.2.

So far it sounds like all 10.2 versions we've seen leaked are beta or dev versions, not Release Candidates.

This is how you CB10, son!

For those who are still on OS 10.0.
Just update your phone to 10.1 and you will love your phone ones again.
Don't be scared just do it.

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Have decided to take the plunge and download this leak since ATT just refuses to give us any love.

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Great so far, still the first day though, all leaked OSs need a chance to settle for 24-48 hours

BlackBerry Z10 | Verizon |

Allows simple numeric device lock password.

If you look in the Forums thread quoted, there's screenshots within first few pages.

This is how you CB10, son!

No, T-Mobile USA has always had Wi-Fi calling available (to any number so doesn't use your daytime minutes), but wasn't enabled with BB10 yet.

This is how you CB10, son!

I'm really sick of this minor updates...!
make bbm available for android or ios and I'm gonna ditch this useless device asap or make more usefull and fun apps for bb10 and also fix the battery life and this Z will be the greatest phone I've ever had..

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Yeah, I totally hate bug fixes and feature additions too. I'm going to Android, when a software update is as likely as a pay raise at Foxconn. </sarcasm>

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My issue with leaked OS's is that I am never able to restore my Android ported apps. I always have to reinstall them. Does any one else have this issue? Is that how it’s supposed to happen? It's not a deal breaker, but I would think that they should be included in the restore. I've also lost Facebook notifications in the Hub. Anyone else see this?

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Nobody knows that yet, or if they do they're not telling!

Certainly seems to contain the features we heard rumoured to be included in the summer 10.1 MR.

This is how you CB10, son!

It's been almost 2 months we got the 10.1 update. We are all waiting for 10.2 now. Please no more 10.1 :)

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Does the version number matter that much?

This version brings several discernible fixes and new features.

And then there's yet more coming with 10.2 also...

This is how you CB10, son!

I'm running and started to notice dropped calls much more often then ever in my 9 year BB history. I'm hoping this update will be better.

According to the leak masters in the forums, 2342 was a failed build, and was fixed with 2354. I am using this on a VZW Z10, and I am loving it so far.

BlackBerry Z10 | Verizon |

I have to laugh that some people say they're excited about 10.2.

10.2 will be nothing more than incremental upgrade with some bug fixes and a few minor new features. Nothing mindblowing.

When was the last time Blackberry released ANYTHING when people went Wow! I loved my 9900, but I still new it lacked a lot of the core functionality that other phones were offering at that time. I love my Z10, but alas, I'm only too aware that it wasn't the earth-shattering new OS that was going to rock the world.

I'd be happy for a minor tremor. Just a few gasps of delight would be good. I don't need a full blown multiple orgasm (although that would be pretty cool). It would just be nice to be thrilled for a change rather than find things being taken away from us like Bridge and Protect (seriously dumbed down). Even the email on the Z10 doesn't have the flexibility of OS6.

And why, oh why, do I have to make several swipes and screen presses just to do something as simple as switch off the phone connection (i.e. 3g) or turn the hotspot on. I can switch wifi off with a swipe and a press. Why couldn't they include other communication settings on that same drop down.

And what's with the 3 icons at the bottom. Why not 5? Why not have Phone, Browser, Search, Contacts, and Camera. Why leave two blank spaces? Or is that for the killer features that are going to be in 10.2 :-)

Protect is a shame but Bridge is just not that relevant to most, and especially if you're talking about users of other platforms.

There's room for improvement on which shortcuts, global Settings, etc, you can reach from home screens, for sure.

Here's a workaround for getting to Network Connections faster:
Open Search, type network, select Network Connections. Now you'll have a shortcut icon to it in Search for next time.

If you have real opinions, and sounds like you do, you should really join BB Beta Zone where our can give real feedback to BBRY.

This is how you CB10, son!

That search tip is a terrific idea. Why didn't I think to do that. Durrr!

Thanks for letting me know about that. I just set it up for 'Mobile Network' so it goes straight there. Awesome!

Great idea. Thanks. I'm roaming in Europe with my ATT Z10, and am always starting and stopping the mobile network to conserve data.

No problems on leaked OS so far.

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Oh what did you mean about email not having flexibility of OS6?

I'm loving the formatting options they've added.
I do think they need to show them as a dropdown tab above message body though, not hidden under keyboard.

This is how you CB10, son!

I think it is things like the shortcut text (or whatever the called it) and things like using third party tools to spam filter or autoreply to messages containing certain text. I suppose after all these years of using Blackberry I was just so used to the speed at which I could handle email on those old devices, and those awesome 'right-click' menus that contained every option under the sun :-) Loved it!

Anyone know of a free. Rar program that I can temporarily install on my work computer to open the leak with?


Rockin a New Z10

I have a question, I have a z10 on att, if I unlock my z10 is there a way I can get an update even if my carrier hasn't released it yet?

Yes, I have Z10 from AT&T and unlocked it from AT&T. I still get all updates. I can also use it in different countries with a local SIM.

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Thanks, but what I meant is, if I could update my phone with the latest updates, let's say, will I get 10.1 without having to rely on my carrier pushing it out

BlackBerry needs to control the updates more than the carriers a.t&t and Verizon are behind T-Mobile when it comes to updating........ the company seriously needs to listen to the customers

BlackBerry z10

I have been having the reboot issue with my Telus z-10. Had it 4 weeks and phone has probably rebooted 70-80 times. Anyone know of a fix for this?

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For those who are whining about wanting "Wow"on their BlackBerry 10 I think you need to step back and think.

Put down your BlackBerry 10 phone (like I did) and pick up an iPhone or Android. See how inefficient you are... no peek, hub flow or gestures. You will notice how futile the "home" button really is.

I'm in agreement that we need new, in demand apps, I get it. But when it comes to BB10 OS I'm sorry this is amazing and from the looks of it other OS's haven't evolved. Just look at how iOS 7 is trying to mimic BlackBerry 10...

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I agree, but it isn't getting on anyone else's radar. Alas, it definitely ISN'T the phone everyone is talking about. Indeed, 90% of the smart phone using population are oblivious to it and that's what counts if Blackberry are to stay in this market.

We all know how nice it is to use, but that won't boost the userbase. What WILL boost the userbase are some killer features that iPhone and Android users just can't live without.

I don't know what ... maybe 20 hours of free music a month and 5 free movie rentals. Maybe a camera that had a zoom lens that came out of the back of the phone.

Or the ability to plug any monitor and keyboard into the phone using a $10 adapter and you have yourself a full blown computer.

How about making the Playbook into a dumb terminal and using the power of the Z10 to do the processing, or even better how about making iPads into dumb terminals that use the Z10 or Q10 for the processing power, ie. they just become a screen.

I'm just blueskying here, but I'm sure you can't my point.

Just doing what is already, but doing it marginally better isn't really enough in this market.

iPhone changed the game in 2007 and Blackberry needs to change the game in 2013/14 and not just play me-too.

Just finished loading 4537 on my Verizon STL100-4 Z10. It's 1:24 pm on July 4th. Charging battery now till full. Then I'll do some heavy using. Games, Email, camera stuff. I'll let you all know...

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Bradu1, Backup-half hour, download leak-half hour, install leak-5 minutes, restart -5-10 minutes, security wipe -20 minutes, restore-4.30GB took 45 minutes....oh, set aside 3 hours and a pot of coffee

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I am running on this leak os right now and everything works really good. Too soon to say anything about the battery life but it's been good for the past 4 hours. My mms wasn't working before on the last leak but it works fine now. The simple password is Awesome and I set that up right away. It is very smooth and the update went through nicely. Tested all the apps on my phone and No problems with any apps yet. So far so good so loving this os. Can't wait for 10.2 tho.

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I have STL100-3 and I didn't try wifi calling yet, I didn't even know there was that option

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Just installed this leak, the phone app is not working when I place a call or I select from my contacts it gets grayed out for 2 seconds and nothing happens, plus I'm not getting incoming calls VZW STL100-4, any one with the same issue?

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Installed! Now Pootermobile wallpaper app doesn't work. It doesn't load up any wallpapers.

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hi im having a problem with my restore. i took a backup and updated my software last night but when i go to restore my backup it starts and just fails a 0% for no apparent reason. Also installed the latest version of bb link and faced same outcome. Phone kept restarting when the restore failed and i unplugged it from my laptop. Phone looks to be ok but i need my data.. please help

Quote Originally Posted by Alooi Divona View Post
For everyone who's facing issues restoring via link try this method..

1. Install the leaked os
2. Run through setup but don't login your BBID when it asks
3. Restore through link, it will say the device is not associated with the BBID
4. Hit cancel
5. In you mobile go to setting and login to your BBID
5. Restore using link and it will succeed

Note. If restoring stuck on 100% reboot the device by holding the power button for 10 second

Note 2. If you already logged in BBID you will have to do a security wipe and start from step 2

Note 3. Didn't try this method on this leak but worked for me when I get back from 10.2 to 10.1

Note 4. And the finally do it at your own risk xD

Great to see that dates have been added to reviews in BBW!!

And the simple password is so much better!

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why cant there be little add-on files for tiny feature upgrades instead of the whole OS update ? It wud save loads of time and goin thru the backup restore routine... Only in case of major changes thr shd be OS updates...

About ppl commenting on No-WOW-features yet... i wud say only one thing... This is already a WOW phone but the question here is of company's survival. Without the Company, this might actually be left as a USB stick in our hands... So to survive, they have to increase USER BASE, and for that they need to attract ppl with something BBM-like in those days.

And ya pls get the HIT-ENTER-GO-TO-NEXT-LINE thing. Its a must. Its like by prompting this we are spoon feeding Blackberry. Come on !

Also to be understood is that Mobile Phone Technology is reaching its maturity. Already a point has come where most of what companies are inventing is meaningless features, like Samsung came up with finger gestures and all. Useful invention looks like a thing of the past where smart phones are concerned.

Even where app technology is concerned, there is not much left. Anything new will just be candy floss that will attract you. Smart Phone Technology companies are now unable to come up with some meaningful technology in ur exisiting lifestyle so they try to change your lifestyle instead by setting new cultures, like Facebook once did (though it bridged the relationship gaps for those living far apart, which was a plus) and spoil us.

Blackberry has tried to make a comeback at a time when most of the things in smartphones is already there. All it can do differently is offer more convenient ways of doing it.

After one night I think everything is running fine (apps, restores, calls, etc.). Wanna go through the day for more testing on battery life department. I just realize that the only problem this leak may have is that the night reboots are back. I was too sleepy when I took the phone. I'll check that tomorrow. Btw, I'm using 100-3.

Leaked and unlocked Z10 STL100 - 3

Just did the download, surprised to see all my 400+ sms gone after restore of back up done :( :( don't know how much more surprises are to come.
Someone help me.

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Why restored when you can rebuild everything in 30 minutes.

Works for me as I don't need messages once they are delivered and replied to.

Emails and contacts are online anyway.

From STL100-1

What do you mean rebuild? U mean to say u forget ur sms's every time u upgrade?

Sms are of gr8 importance how can it be wiped :( can some techno geek help me? Except to reloading earlier os :(

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So far it's way better than the previous leak 4352 which was a battery drainer & use to make my Z10 extremely hot to the point where I needed to go back to that initially came with the handset.

The only problem is when restoring, the old Gmail account it does not work at all & can't be deleted. The only way to make it work is clean out the device (wipe) and install everything from scratch because the new native Gmail account requires a web permission to work.

Also I detected there is a new screen password unlock keyboard which is a cool feature.

Other than the Gmail bug the OS is stable, good battery so far and butter smooth.

Thanks for this upgrade.

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I found a little glitch. I am charging the phone right now, in the about/hardware section, said battery %100 but, restarted the phone and now the battery is only %54 charged. Anyone else notice?

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Just installed the leak last night. The only noticeable feature would be the most improved voice command. Amazing! It can finally understand me! I sent a bunch of text messages this morning using this feature. Still have to play around and see what else it can do for me. Overall I'm happy.

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I've had this one since it appeared but noticed last night that, when ignoring a call (sending it to vm), you have the option to send an auto-message. On which version did that first appear?

I have had lots of issues with this release. I am going back to 2354.

Issues I had included:
fast battery drain
ringer profiles were not 'seperated' (if i changed a phone ring tone on one profile it changed it on all)
phone not ringing (would all of the sudden have a voicemail)
screen intermittently not accepting input (only a reboot would fix it)

I'm currently on is this a good upgrade to go to? Right now all my text and FB and email messages are getting stuck as if they haven't been read. And my text only work if I open up the profile and begin reading from the oldest message you sent up until the new message!