Leaked OS for the BlackBerry Q10

By Adam Zeis on 4 Jun 2013 12:41 pm EDT

As more and more users start getting their new BlackBerry Q10 - more and more will be in search of the latest OS. Luckily we have a hot new leak today that should make plenty of Q10 users very happy. Leaked OS Q10 is available now for anyone who is willing to give it a go. 

Again, this is an unofficial OS so install it at your own risk. You'll need a Windows PC to run the autoloader and be sure to do a full backup before you start - just in case. You shouldn't have any issues, but if you do, don't blame us.

You can download the autoloader file for the OS below or head into the forums for more discussion.

Download OS for the BlackBerry Q10

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Leaked OS for the BlackBerry Q10


I think you should mention "SQN100-3"? Or am I wrong?

Anyways I'm usin SQN100-3 so downloadin', thank you...

Yes! It does work for thé Dev Alpha C that's what I'm using right now. I did need to reinstall this leak twice since the first time failed on me when it came to the initial startup régional updates.

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Pretty sure this was it. If not, it's the closest I can find :) 


That's what I thought and that's also the main reason I'll be waiting to install the leak on my Q10. Unless there is something awesome in the update that I must have ;)

What a nice early Welcome To Owning A Q10 present. Downloading today, will install on my Q10 and my mom's Q10 tomorrow.

It would be nice if the OP of these types of threads with a new link went back and posted all the stuff that was found to be new or busted so you don't have to scroll through pages and pages of these posts to find out if it is worthwhile to scratch your current device and load.

No point most don't bring major updates anymore just keep with performance updates. So far all that's found in this is a updated FB app

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we can agree to desagree that there are far more than just maintenance with this leak its a show of force bros for the first time we can all see how you can run an android app on their on environement shows that we are close to run 2 platforms in one beat that i can use the android environment without been scared to pass on my phone to my mate

Could please someone who has installed the new leak if the search in Hub is fixed?
In version or older all read Facebook and Whatsapp messages are shown when searching for unread messages.

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+1, wish they gave us the option to use either colour, that would be awesome

*edit* seems idle memory is a little higher then in .273 sitting at about 980mb free, up from an avg of 855mb on .273

*edit 2* facebook has some minor UI tweaks as well as a slight speed increase, battery life is solid, no random reboots yet (though ive never had one happen), the few droid apps i use seem to all run a little smoother (Battle.net authenticator, steam, isntagram, pocket, flipboard).

BlackBerry stop all these leaks and just give us the official update, these leaks in my opinion are making us the consumer to test out your software but with the possibility of your phone not behaving as it once did. Give us the official update, it's due now.

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If you don't want to test it, simply don't. Some people like testing so BlackBerry gives them the option that makes the official release better as it is tested in the trenches.

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Best leak yet!!! Fast, stable and lots of improvements (FB, contacts etc.)

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Very good leak. I strongly recommand you to install it. The best by far: the battery life is awesome, android apps run faster and overall performance and stability is better.

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Pls I want know more features of this leaked OS. Pls improve on contact (phone book)and txt msg because its does not recognised country code and match txt msg with phone book

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I just bought my Q10 from T-Mobile today with OS and SQN100-5. Will this leak work on it? Please let me know

It's no longer available. What a train-wreck with the Q10. We pre-ordered 2 on day one it was available on Verizon. On June 6th we received the phones. I am not even going to go into the train-wreck of pros and cons now, but there were two different versions of OS on the two phones which arrived together. Mine still has a lower version even after it took one update. I am running, my husbands phone has But here's the problem, both phones have a HIGHER version than Verizon does and BB couldn't figure out how or why as they said they had not released those versions to Verizon. BB Link did prompt me to take yet another update, I decided to wait, now it's not even there or available anymore. The first update my phone took, it wiped out my phone, and it now does not work as good as it did before the update (all this happened day one). Now I cannot set up a payment option, even though I was able to before the update. So, we decided to keep the Q10s and added two lines of service and purchased 2 GS4s so we can conduct business and we use the Q10s for phone calls. :(

not sure if it's just me , but my sync of mail for Rogers Yahoo fails and it seems unfixable.. it might have been because I did a partial restore