Leaked OS for the BlackBerry Z10

By Bla1ze on 24 May 2013 11:14 pm EDT

While I'm sure most of you out there who installed OS onto your BlackBerry Z10, have not even yet settled into it, another leaked OS is now available for download. Like the BlackBerry Q10, this one is sitting at OS thanks to forums member lbfe and is a full autoloader package for BlackBerry Z10 Models STL100-2, 3 and 4. If you're looking to know what's fixed, updated and still buggy, you'll need to hit the forums in order to comb through the info.

Right then, as always - use caution when installing a leaked OS like this and remember if you break your phone it's not our fault. Also, a good idea to make a backup because you're essentially performing a factory restore on your device. If you don't want to lose data, a backup is needed. You'll need a Windows PC to install these files and If it goes downhill, remember you can always wipe and restore your device. 

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Leaked OS for the BlackBerry Z10



I wonder if the LED colors will be updated next? I don't want to have to download an app to do that for now. Guess we shall see.

Me too, because of the backup/reload procedure.

I'm starting to get tempted though, because of issues I'm having with official 10.1 and the contacts app. It doesn't seem to be saving changes I make to contacts names and pictures.

Does anyone know if these leaks will ever get to the point where they can be installed similar to the official updates, where it doesn't wipe your device?

you need to download blackberrylink, back up all your settings /data/
load your new leaked os of choice [ eg 2342] , restore all your settings , then reput your passwords for email accounts/twitter and all is good. is this the answer you were expecting? it is not different than os 7

I feel ill. At least I can use the same backup I made a few hours ago...

Downloading now... #GluttonForPunishment

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Yeah I got my Z10 from a store in MBK long before it was officially released. It's now officially available at the same price I paid (20,900) at JayMart and IT City. I have a UK spec STL100-2 though. Not sure which models are available officially here.

Why update the leaked OS version ? Official work perfectly! There is too much OS!! & the backup are too long with BlackBerry Link ! :( this why I stopped to updated...
Good luck & great weekend all ;)

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It depends on which official you're using. If you're on Verizon like I am there is a night and day difference as they haven't updated anything since release.

Thanks to the "leak team" for making our phones better!!

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I'm on Verizon and I got a small update, not 10.1 but it did include my battery. I'd rather wait for a really solid release of 10.1 rather than the newest.


I like the leaked OS, but this is not serious. Can we get some change log for those updates? This going to be my 4th update in a week.

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The hint is in your question, these are leaks, so you will never see a changelog for one when BB doesn't even do anything more than a generic message for the official ones.

Realistically though, this will have some minor changes to issues that weren't affecting all networks anyway and probably zero new functionality since they have already released a 10.1 bundle and the focus for new functionality rather than fixes will have shifted over to 10.2 by now.

This leaks are getting a bit silly now considering there are no change logs. The human rush to have the latest and shiniest thing.

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The .2009 was on 90% when I saw this post. I'm using my brother's pc cause I got a mac and I told him to cancel and download this one he was like "listen man you would have to stop this shit" lmfao he was pissed xD

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Tks kris! Hybrid is fine.. At least u show some love for stl-1
Much appreciated! Tq.

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What is hybrid? And why are you ok with it? *Sorry for not understanding English. It is not my language*

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@Jeandry - a Hybrid is a combination of elements from more than one operating system. In the case of -1 devices it would be to take all the program files from a higher revision version (say from the -3/4 models) and combine it with the radio elements unique to the -1 version.

It's not "official" but it will certainly work and as it's a combination of things it is a hybrid.

Sort of like a Toyota Prius is part electric part petrol so is labeled a hybrid ;-)

Hey bro....wanted to let you know your hard work is appreciated. you always go out of your way to make sure everyone is happy with their phones.

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I believe the stl100-1 is the only model not running the Qualcomm Snapdragon processor. The drivers for the TI OMAP processor are pulled from a previous revision and added to a new leak to make it work on the -1 model.

You could not have said it better. But I would add that those leaks have become "floods" with their frequency. It may be a good thing that my Z10 is the STL100-1 model for which the latest leak is I am just hoping that the next major leak would be 10.2 and that BlackBerry would have addressed issues such as the missing time setting in the Remember app.

@Benny4u_06 - it MAY be because the -1 is so stable and working well already. With so many variations of LTE radio bands to contend with (and CDMA in the case of Verizon and Sprint) the North American devices simply need more attention. There is probably a good reason that the -1 models never reboot and nobody ever complains about them.

Would be nice to know what's been improved....but nonetheless will install this latest leak. Must be something of value since it's up to release .2342 !!

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You probably shouldn't read too much into build numbers, they may have had some reason to jump up in the numbering e.g. having multiple 10.1 branches to support a particular device and/or carrier.

From my inside BB source, everything 19xx and up is internal fixes, however he did note that 2342 may break long distance calling, i've yet to test that. He explained 2354 fixes that

1880 (100-3) appears to have fixed my reboot issues. Leaks give us "Guinea Pigs" a chance to improve our Zs while reporting favorable or unfavorable results back to programmers. Symbiosis...? Leaks keep us going toward BB perfection.

Why is STL100 always the poorer cousin? We have paid the same price as others. All updates are generally for STL 200 and so on... you're telling me they've sold me a diaper?

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I install .2009, restore my backup, open up CB10 and read this. I should learn to wait a day before installing leaks.

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I feel a little relieved about downloading 2009 and NOT installing til tomorrow, now. See, procrastination can be a good thing!

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Haha haha. I just spent the past couple of hours loading. 2009 after I loaded. 1916 yesterday.


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Hahaha! Hialrious! I have no leaks installed, but it's pretty funny how fast they are coming now. Someone said this best on this site somewhere: somebody call a plumber, the leaks are outta control!

Anyone who installs a 10.2 leak that early would have to be an idiot, as a shift to a new branch and new functionality is likely to lead to new issues.

I know, but that is the when we will be getting the leaks, the time that developers begins to work on them.

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Umm. Yes beautifully.

There's a few extra steps though. You need to swap the motherboard + connected components. New battery and you should get a new case / housing and misc internals.

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Awesome. I was used os7 up til now....and all the new was only 10.3 and you say 10.4 wow I'm stoked. and it must be true cause I read it on the Internet........:) and I'm the stoner lol

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I think it is very close. So far no issues of the sort on the latest leaks. Still quite early in the game, however. We shall see how that plays out.

I don't remember when was the first time if there was one before. I loaded up 2009 yesterday afternoon. I guess I'll be busy tomorrow again installing this new leak.

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Performance improvements but still studders when there's more than an active frame :/ and why is so hard to get the settings menu smoother :/

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I went from 10.0 to Developer 10.1 to 17xx to 2009. I'm waiting for the next one. Got a solid pace going on here haha

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Kris have you found or used a leak yet that allows for a return key in text/bbm?
Again thanks for all the work you put in as well as lbfe

Hide the keyboard by swiping down with two fingers, or swipe to the right above the keyboard.

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Yes and yes. OS version and software version are two different things with similar structure. If you type "myver" and then hit space you'll see your version Q10SQN100-1/

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the download file shows SLT100_2-3, but Blaze says it also for the SLT100-4. Has anyone loaded on the SLT-4 yet?

Just finished installing 2009 came up to bed opened CrackBerry and I see this.... back down to the computer I go.

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Maybe, from now on, I'll respect a 24hr cooling down period before installing a leak. It's like crossing a railroad track: watch out, there could be another one coming very soon!
Thanks ibfe, you are extremely cool (Kris too, of course).

Just finished installation of 2342 (on Rogers network, STL100-3) and backup restored. Things are smooth, UI looks more responsive and fast.
Few changes I noticed (apology if these were already there, I just noticed now) picture app set as option has now black accent and option to set pictures to multiple accounts as FB, LinkedIn Etc.
When configuring hub after initial setup it has various icons being high lighting instead of blue wait circle.
Settings menu shows up way faster.
The first glitch I am experiencing is that keyboard doesn't show lower case, even though you can type in lowercase but it does not convert keys from Caps to Lower case. Any body else notice this?
Just my two cents. .

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Keyboard has never shown (displayed) lowercase... it always displays the keys in caps (sort of like your desktop/laptop keyboard) so that's not new. I agree, displaying in lower case makes sense though. Anyhow, it's not a 'bug' in the version.

Please allow me to disagree, i was able to switch Lowercase/Upper case keyboard just before installing 2342. i had official 10.1.1782 before. It was always displayed on screen like Playbook does.

I don't recall the keyboard ever having lower and upper case changes. Has always been upper case for me

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Back up again... I need a break from all this updating! Thankfully managed to take my mind off things by watching The Hobbit...

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Correct me if I'm wrong guy and girls but arnt these just baby steps until the official release of 10.2 come out

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This 10.1 nothing really to do with 10.2 when 10.2 is ready to come out it will say 10.2.0.!)?+!-:-; and this we will begin to receive in June to July on my guess since that is the time they will be getting the Dev Kitt to work with.

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Seriously?!? I just finished downloading a while ago and haven't installed yet. This is cool. Hahaha!

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I don't get it... I'm already using OS 10.0273.. or isn't that available in your country?

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My friend. There is a difference between the Software Version and the OS Version. That’s the software version. To get your OS Version you need to type "myver" then hit space button. You will be getting something like this >> Z10STL100-1/

Woohoo! Downloaded and installed. At this rate I'll be doing this once a day now! ; )

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Daily I see leaks being release only for STL100-2/3/4.... Seems like people have forgotton that STL100-1 is also in existence or they just want STL100-1s to be backdated and not upgraded to latest OS levels???? When are we getting the for the STL100-1 Z10???? x-(

This leak is worth doing, even if you just finished loading yesterday's one... feels much more responsive and lively. If nothing else, you will be very quick for the other leaks in the near future - we all get better with practice!

This is how I do this weekend excersise:
Start download of the leak...
Disable all my accounts (delete)
Remove SD card
Full backup via Link
Leak download finished, start flashing..
Complete Initial setup
Full restore
Side load all Android BARs (they are all neatly stored in the same folder)
Configure accounts (add all needed- I never add Evernote, it will eat your battery and come back for more...)
Leave phone alone for a while ( have dinner, talk face to face with people, take a shower...)
Restart and done

I always notice higher battery depletion in the first day or so of usage, but I do occasional manual reboot and when it settles, it last for the whole day. And I use phone for work (email, calls, social)...I occasionally need to 'top-up' while driving home, just to have enough juice to last before sleep time...

I hope you guys have fun with this as much as I do!

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Not sure if I will try this version. Been on a good working .1880 now. Anyway Thank You LBFE! :)

Sorry I just can not resist to ask: Have we already rumors when the first 10.2 OS BETA leak could come out?

Greetings from Germany and have a wonderful weekend

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I thought BlackBerrys were to help me get things done. With this leak schedule all I'm getting done is installing leaks. Just Sayin'!

Anyway, Thank You for the leaks, I have seen an improvement with most of them.

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Here we go again with the six steps... download, backup, install, restore, sideload and setting up all things again... lol

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Why can't those idiots at BlackBerry:

1 - Fix Desktop Manager so that it will work with BB10, sync with Outlook etc
2 - Bin BB Link which is the lamest software I've used in years
3 - Finish BB10 for PlayBook so that we can actually use the Bridge again with a BB10 device

(all of which should have been done prior to launch). All I hear is "its coming". Lame.

Senior execs at BB don't answer emails from devs, and they clearly don't listen to either devs or consumers. They are beyond stupid from a consumer strategic perspective.....

I'll "feel better" when RIM get their asses into gear and release things which work, first time, right out of the gate, instead of a half-assed attempt which runs properly six months later after a series of patches/updates.


This may sound like a stupid question; the leak file is in an ".RAR" format so how would I install it to my Z10 model number STL-100-3? via Playbook App Manager on Google Chrome browser (which isn't working for me) just like the way I sideload Android .BAR files?

Wow so you think people shouldn't learn how to install leaks? I have never installed any leaks file before but I know to back up everything before anything silly might occur so you don't have to worry about me losing my files - your reply is VERY helpful and thanks...

Thanks to the first 2 replies to my comment; I have used WinZip to open the RAR file and after that it's open and I gave it permission to "run" the program but nothing happens so I don't know If I did anything wrong.

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turn your phone off. run the program on your computer and when is says loading boot rom plug your phone into computer via usb and it will then install on your phone.

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Be careful with that ego TripNFry. No one knows everything the idea is to share the knowledge with the world for the common well of humanity. I hate to find people like you with the "look at me, I know it all and you don't " attitude.

Seriously... it's like she/he thinks that if we don't know how to do something then we shouldn't try it at all?

Thanks guys! I was stuck on that "boot rom" screen and wasn't sure what to do.
Now I've learned something. Ever since I've gotten my Z10, I've become more tech savy every day - I now know how to sideload android apps and now I've learned to install leak updates. Just 3 months ago I always freaked out whenever I cam across such situations lol. Next thing to learn is going to be some basic programming ;)

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I just did it.. no issue so far with all the apps I tested. For yahoo email I need to delete it, log in to account via my computer then set up account on Z10.
At this rate of leak we are having, I wonder when will the leak break the dam.
Btw this is getting better on my device.

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I know someone will make hybrid for 100-1...a hybrid...same hybrid methode with bb5,6 and 7...been there before bro...well hopely hybrid will be better than native os...Kris,bring it on please...

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Knew I shud have waited for the -02 version to go on sale by my career, didn't realise the models would require different OS versions. Dam my impatience, just had to get one at launch.

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I had just built up my courage to install 2009. Now I have to start all over and build up my courage to install 2342.

If I install a leak, will I still get a software update notification Kris? Or will I always have to install leaks? Where is a link to the exact instructions for installing these leaks. I'm still on with Verizon!! I think I'm going to jump on this if it still allows software update notifications and OTA updates. Thanks for any response.

Yes, if OTA version is greater than leaked. If not and you want to go "official", you'll have to rollback (or self-brick) first.

A leak is by nature "unofficial" and will never come OTA. Only "official" (means supported by BB/ your carrier) will be available OTA. If the leak you're installing is newer (build) than an available "official" OTA release, the "official" won't show up on your device. You'll have to roll-back to previous "official" or brick your phone to be able to install it.
Hope it's clearer ;) if not, can a native English help me here ?!? :D

Thanks, I just want to be sure to get Official newer updates that get released in the future and notifications after installing this leak. Know what I'm saying?? Thanks

To sum up : there's a high probability that if you install a leak you won't be notified as it will be a later version than the "official". So, you have to check on CB when this official release drops from your carrier and then rollback prior to be able to install it OTA.

Is anybody install it on CTL 1? What is the difference between CTL versions? Does it work on BlackBerry z10 CTL-1

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No major update.. i think this is going to be the last leak i install before 10.2 - if this solve the hot battery problem i have with 1762 and 1880.
Still dont like the way i change bbm pic.. well bb in house photo editing sucks.. til now i havent found decent photography app on bb10.. would like to see something like snapseed or 360 on OS 10

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just loaded 2009 leak yesterday on AT&T stl100-3 and is working much better for me than previous 1880 leak.

Any comments on what has changed or improved on this leak? I have downloaded but yet to install.

BTW - when I loaded the 2009 leak I lost the tunein app, yet it was showing as installed in app world. It would not let me delete or uninstall even after reboots. Credit to another thread that suggested downloading tunein on pc which sent a signal to the phone to reinstall.

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hi there i believe the reason of the random reboots are that the previous owners of BB are charging there devices also whith there previous chargers , check it out

Mine installed!!!! I backed mine up just in case, but no bugs so far. I HOPE the reboot issue is resolved with this one. So far I haven't noticed the updates, so I hope a list will pop up soon. The only thing I notice immediately is that SKYPE is available now.

Went well and super fast. I don't know if anyone else has this problem but BlackBerry Link is not backing up my Z. I have the latest software and am logged into BlackBerry ID. Grrrrh

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Instagram comments still don't work. The special characters can't be typed and space doesn't work either. I hope someone can have a new version to be sideloaded where the typing is resolved since it is very annoying. This issue with instagram is on all releases at the moment, I think it's the app itself that needs update not BB10

Installed this a few hours ago. Not enough time yet to check all things but one strange behaviour i found:
After the First Start it didnt find my Carrier [Vodafone Germany]. So i did the Restore, the Phone boots automatically after that and everythings went fine so far. Cant check LTE Function as i have no InDoor Coverage here. Trying this next week.

This is cool but I may have to ignore this one as Instagram does not work on 2009 and may not work on this one either.

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This one finally fixed a problem when BBM was not found in the HUB or HUB settings, and, hence, no notifications. BBM works just fine now. But I had some problems with Twitter direct messages. They simply would not work.

I am running 2009 on my -4 on VZW...should I jump on this one...or just wait it out....
any recommendations...thanks all

I have been waiting for something to happen. I have 2009 too and I am happy with it. I am hesitating this time because some apps stopped working after the last leak. It took me a while to get them back. I wonder, what if my apps are not updating with the leaks? I will stop the b.s.inside my head and get on to the next leak WTF.

Hahaha. I love it. Just installed .2009 and a few minutes later I see this. Lol

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Is anybody having issues with sending a picture text? Mine gives me a red X and says "general problems"

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Installed the update about 4 hours ago, unlike the 1990, the battery still cool, doesn't reboot. New issues, doesn't support t-mobile app and unable to see the low caps in the screen.

Installed this latest leak and seems to be working fine so far. Install was pretty fast, usual slowness restoring. FB notifications only work with sync messages on as well which seems the be the case for all 10.1 Leaks.. Used to work with just Enable Notifications on official 10.0. Re sideloaded my apps and working great. Now need to watch for notifications volume level. Seems to be with these leaked 10.1 versions, the notification level doesn't adhere to volume settings (too loud).

Okk everyone loves a leaked os here and there, but does anyone else find it disconcerting that our beloved blackberry is leaking these OS' like this so consistently? Bunch of pissed off co-op students on the beta testing teams or something? Or maybe Blackberry doesn't care and tacitly approves of this, by letting hordes of early adopter nerds be a large, unofficial, beta team....

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Finished 2342 is installed. Don't see much difference with the 2009 yet. I am learning a whole lot and I am getting to know my z10 more and more. I do not know about you but I am ready for 10.2. Darn, if I was this good with females!!! Ha.

I am installing the new leak now, but to be honest...........> Would really like to see 2-way Outlook Syncing and "Bridge" feature with Playbook updated to what it is with the OS7.

So I guess I should just go to 2342 instead of evaluating1880.

Anyone notice that text notifications setup for a contact and turned to "off" still alerted like other texts? Is this fixed in 2342?

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Hey there, I thought this might be for the Q10 but then I reread it. This is only for the Z10 this leak? What is the newest leak for the Q10 right now and can I get a walkthrough link please? Thank you!

Anyone of you here experiencing bad handset quality after installing leakes os? Mine is real bad. The audio sounds is too low even if i already set the volume to max.

If i go loud speaker, the call is fine. And so as headset. Handset speaker (the one on top) really pissing me off.

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