Leaked OS for the BlackBerry Z10

By Adam Zeis on 24 May 2013 11:45 am EDT

What fun would Friday be with a new BlackBerry Z10 leak? Here's one to play with before the long weekend (in the US at least). Filling in for lbfe, Kris dropped this leak in the forums earlier today.

This one is tricky as it's technically for the STL100-4 but has been tested and works on the STL100-2 and STL100-3 as well. Soooooo, once again - be careful - if you don't know what you're doing then just move along. 

You know the drill - check out the forums thread for full instructions on how to install the leak. Be sure to backup your device first in case anything goes south, and don't blame us is something gets borked. 

Have fun and be sure to drop a comment letting us know how it's working if you do choose to install it.

Download leaked OS for the BlackBerry Z10
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Leaked OS for the BlackBerry Z10


Ah, another leak. I am still waiting for the first official US TM OS10.1
Upgrading to the first 10.1 leak was worthwhile, but there were many problems to reload passwords and side loaded android apps. I am not sure if I will apply this leak.

I talked to TMobile support yesterday. 10.1 will be out around mid June. There will be another update around end of July for Wifi calling

I am on stl 100-2 , so i will wait untill some people instal it and confirm it works well.
Already on 1916.

Thanks lbfe and Kris. I'm going to sit on the sidelines for this one, unless this is the golden version that fixes the reboot problem..

It actually might be, Kris has suggested in the forums that this is the build that Verizon is planning to release next (whenever that is).

I haven't really had many reboots since the first leak I installed but I'll load this tonight and report my findings.

Posted via CB10 & loving it!

Unbelievable how quickly these have been leaking. I'd upgrade if I was able to do a selective restore of nothing but my contacts but Link won't let me. I dunno of any other way to conserve people's names, numbers, and email addresses.

Once the first part of the number matches (both and start with 10.1.0), the last part of the number then stands alone. In this case 2009 is definitely newer (or higher) than 282.

Thanks guys, it takes me about an hour to download leaks I'm only at 35% so I am going to be awhile

Working just fine on 100-3 ATT. Install was smooth as silk. Only a few minutes but so far the OS is fast and slick.

Posted via CB10

I let this one pass bye . stick on my 1720 happy with battery. My ICT guy get crazy if i ask again a password for the BES server :) next week maybe

Where is STL 100-1? 2 leaks in one week and nothing for us...

Posted Via Z10/Channel C0007CC97

Kris is already running on the -3 before he posted. These leaks have all improved the capability and ran very well on my -3. My download is half down!

1. cool.
2. why no love for stl100-1
3. why can't they just release a single version for all? its fair and we're all on the same page.

Yes processor because the HWID is different and we don't have a -1 device personally to grab the code needed to covert the autoloader for -1

Posted via CB10

Downloading now. Currently sitting at or Skipped a couple if leaks because of the dastardly task of restoring everything, especially .....well...everything, but if this will supposedly be the official release for VZW then it should be worth it. Not that VZW is worth a Damn but I'd like to try it and move on before they can find the time to actually roll it out. What a bunch of lame ducks these US providers are.

Posted via CB10

For some reason all restored this time. E-mail accounts needed a new login but all apps and settings restored without a hitch. Using Link on a Mac for backup and restore. Always have issues with Win8.

Posted via CB10

Salvation! I've not been able to get a clean un-RAR'ing download of the last STL-4 leak. Downloading at super speed now on the company fiber pipe (twice since I hit cancel on the save prompt due to excitement). :)

Posted via CB10 on my Z10

THIS is why I come back to CrackBerry time and again...to feed my leaked OS addiction...!

The good thing that comes from 10.1 is the HDR camera feature(its really impressive!).and the bad thing is the keyboard and the swipe-up gesture lag so much.I hope these two will be improved in 10.2...

Posted via CB10

I agree, HDR gives nice resolution for dim light portions of an other-wise bright image.

As far as several types of 'lags', I found that initially, too. Things improved when I did a few battery pulls.

It should settle down. Make sure all the apps are updated. After the first hour or so it was much smoother than the old OS.

CB10- BlackBerry Z10

have installed numerous leaks on my 100-3. Would i install this leak the same way or does it not work on the -3

Oh come on, .1916 has been installed for not even twelve hours. Oh well, no reason to make another backup.

Posted via CB10

I spent 2 hours yesterday, backing up / installing leak / restoring phone - and now a new one? I think I'm just going to bypass any backups and restores and just use my Q10 as the main phone and Z10 for these leaks, lololol. My own fault really. Hahaha, peace.

Posted via CB10

Damnit, just installed. 1916 last night. The backup process takes over 2 hours. I'll wait for the new leak Kris acquired that's higher than this one. I'll pass...

Posted via CB10

Can some tell me step by on how to install thus OS leak please... do I have to connect it to my laptop at all for this?

Posted via CB10

Instructions are at the top of the leak thread. A PC is necessary for download and install. Mac is OK for backup and restore. Follow the directions exactly and all should be easy.

Posted via CB10

Create a backup using BlackBerry Link (If you want to). Hook up your phone to your laptop via usb. Download the leak to your laptop. Once it's done downloading, unzip it with your phone still connected (You might need an unzip program like WinRAR). The leak will automatically download to your phone.

For me 1916 has been a stunning improvement from all previous leaks which I installed, many too much disappointment as they were riddled with problems for me. 1916 is the first build of 10.1 that reminds me of the stability of 10.0 where everything works lightning fast (or at all) with no reboots or memory leaks. I'm traveling and can't try 2009 on my spare, but will not be in a rush to leave 1916 as I am that impressed with it.

Posted via CB10

I think the majority of posts on some "leaked OS" downloads are in regards to a topic with which everybody MUST be familiar by now. Guess what? No -1 version available. I just figured I would over state the obvious and beat on the horse's dead body.

Posted via CB10 on a Q10 or a Z10, either way it's golden.

I had a tiny scratch on my all black Q10's outer ring of steel, went down to the silvery steel too. So, I grabbed a fine point black permanent marker and the scratch disappeared altogether, looks perfect again. I thought I'd post something just as relevent as "no love for -1 yet?"

Posted via CB10 on a Q10 or a Z10, either way it's golden.

Is this leak higher than the official update I had on yesterday form my carrier?
It looks like leaks and official updates have different numerology...
Can anyone confirm it?

The higher the number the newer it is. Think of it like 1 is the first one to roll out then a next update would be a 2 and so on.

Posted via CB10

I had downloaded and ready to go... Luckily BBLink didn't want to backup this morning so I didn't install!

Backup completed finally and now just waiting for download to finish. here I come!

Powered by Z10 via DTAC

So i'm in -3... I am trying to restore my phone and i'm stuck at 8%, Last night when i installed 1916, I was able to restore my phone easily... Today i just installed 2009 and it seems it won't let me restore... Anyone having this issue?

Also it is a full backup

Had the same issue on 1916 I took a risk and removed the battery at 90% percent since it hung there for about 20 minutes. Then I rebooted and it went super fast! If you are brave enough try it at your own risk :)

Posted via Z10 from T-Mobile

Still didn't work!!! I was able to upload applications and music... It seems I lost text messages only so it's not a big deal

Crackberry should sponsor these guys a -1. Hey crackberry people you got tons of Z10 lend them some -1!!

Posted using The Z10

It happened to me on 1916 and I had to remove the battery and reboot again. It rebooted very quickly, hope you have the guts like me to do it :)

Posted via Z10 from T-Mobile

Actually this was when i was downloading from MEGA. I haven't even gotten it yet to figure out how to load it on my Z10. I am very used to doing this on the old Legacy phones but have yet to do it on my Z10. I was looking for a tutorial but did not find one yet. I thought I remember seeing it in the forums but search did not bring it up. will keep looking. installed and running on STL100-2

BB Link is doing it's restore thing and seemingly making good progress - but then my backup file is "only" 1.3Gb, which reminds me, does anyone know if BBLink backs up the data on your SD card? If it does I'll have to try doing backup/restore with the SD card removed to see if that shrinks both the backup size and the speed of the backup/restore task...

I'm back. Installed on my VZW Z10 and so far so good. Just reloaded all my apps including the Android side loads. Can't see the difference between the previous leak but will report back if it takes care of the random rebooting.

Posted via CB10

Okay restore completed successfully - just need to go through and deal with all those passwords... Not now though - it's 2:20am... Will continue this tomorrow...
Night, night peeps

Powered by Z10 via DTAC

I live lakes and i think BlackBerry know that we love leakes. And because this they release OS upgrades over 3 edges to go me is something to play :)
When I think about other smartphones that have to wait month or years for OS upgrades.



Posted via CB10

STL100-3 AT&T running smooth for about 2 hours. Loaded and restored in about 10 minutes. Though I don't have any sideloads. Was having a few problems with 1880 and this seems to have fixed those issues which were stutter, a couple of random reboots which I had not had before on factory os or 1762 leak. Will report back if any issues arise.

For those who are concerned about leaks, you can always do a factory restore on BB Link.

aaaand done...just updating apps..and restoring... so far...so good...every thing worked great..will keep you guys posted...

People that want to test whether this build fixes the reboot issues should avoid any settings to their device and should instead start from scratch. Fresh load, fresh start.

Posted via CB10

How can people comment on improved battery life in 2 hours? Is that really enough time to have an informed opinion.

Posted via CB10

This was much slower in everyway for me than the last leak 1880? Hate this version really slow and not as responsive.

Me...I'm too much of a wussy to install leaks..lol

All you guys just go ahead and hack away! This is a great sign because it tells me that BlackBerry is working hard at improving BlackBerry 10!

You guys are the real guinea pigs!

Posted via CB10

In the Android Software Emulator, especially in Instagram, the spacebar doesn't work when commenting on a photo. When deleting text, it reappears when new text is entered.

I'm tempted to load this up but I'll wait it out since I already have Skype working.

Posted via CB10 - Channel Pin C00016D81

After dealing with the Verizon update schedule (non existing) I finally decided to load a leak. Since this one was supposed to be Verizons version, I thought why not. Boy I am loving this. The download went smoothly, and it has been running without issues for 4 hours plus. I did a backup but didn't use it. Just redid all my apps and such. Contacts are coming back and are mostly normal. The duplicates I had are no more. But not sure if they may return. Phone is not lagging at all. I'm in phone heaven right now.

Posted via CB10

What OS did you have prior? I'm on and my battery has been draining quickly. It was fine before this build...it would be great to get it resolved again.

Derek from my Z10!

Installed leak on my Verizon Z10 and re added my apps and accounts from scratch. So far, no issues at all! It runs much smoother than the previous stock OS.

Posted via CB10

I installed this leaked os a few hours ago. It is running smooth. Let's see if the reboot issue is fixed.

Posted via CB10

Done. I lost tune in radio app. The tune in website says that it does not recognize my browser be in a blackberry browser. I am working on it. I also lost my side loaded apps. I will install them again.

This is the first leak I've installed. This fixes the network unavailable error on my android ports and sideloads! Very happy I installed this. I'm on STL4 and VZW.

Link doesn't recognize the phone after you use this update (windows version) .

Posted via CB10

Z10STL100-2/ just already installing a couple time ago, my comment : this leak better and working well, smooth

Posted via CB10

Now up and running with 2009.

Slacker Radio and Bing applications now part of the install.

Problems I was having with Yahoo! accounts (unable to authenticate) has been resolved with this leak.

Powered by Z10 via DTAC

stl100-3 AT&T update: Several hours in and this leak is much smoother than1880 leak. All systems go at the moment.

no lag, stutter or any other issues at the moment.

Posted via CB10

Wow! Battery has been drastically improved. Went from only getting about 5 hrs with moderate use to having 62% left after 8+ hrs now and I have been heavily using the phone since the update. Loading apps, side loading, setting up the phone, and testing everything. Hope this is the norm.

Posted via CB10

My z10 has just auto updated it self officially with this os direct from RIM! Are you sure it's a leak?

Took the best part of five hours to download and install the decking thing though!

Posted via CB10

I've noticed that WhatsApp is now able to be installed from BBW.

Skype also installed and is running without issue. It feels moderately quicker, running on an STL100-2 (LE).

Posted via CB10