Leaked OS for the BlackBerry Z10

By Bla1ze on 22 May 2013 11:36 pm EDT

If you're among those who enjoy loading a leaked OS onto your device, it's once again time to grab your BlackBerry Z10, USB cable and settle in for a night of testing. Another OS leak for the BlackBerry Z10 (STL100-2, STL100-3) has turned up in the CrackBerry forums. This time around, you'll be putting OS to the test if you dare to load it. I've not had much time with the file myself but it I did load it up on my spare Z10 and all seems to of have gone well thus far.

Right then, as always - use caution when installing a leaked OS like this and remember if you break your phone it's not our fault. Also, a good idea to make a backup because you're essentially performing a factory restore on your device. If you don't want to lose data, a backup is needed. You'll need a Windows PC to install these files and If it goes downhill, remember you can always wipe and restore your device. If you're curious, the file itself was signed as of May 16th so there's no doubt later versions out there already but for now, this is what we have. You know, in case you want to wait for a later version.

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Leaked OS for the BlackBerry Z10


I don't even have the official 10.1 update yet. Come on AT&T. Do you like to see the world suffer?

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It's not BlackBerry. The OS has been out for some time now, unfortunately it's your carriers, they have to release it to you guys. The down side is that the Americans seem to be getting the short end of the stick.

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Same thing in Scandinavia. Just get on with it and fetch the bloody leak. The official is hardly any more stable than the last leak.

Once again we STL 100-1 users are left out. I'm definitely going to sell it off and get an STL 100-2. So annoying.

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It's just leaks. Can't really justify complaining about not getting any leaks for your device version. But yea, if I were you I'd defo replace the 100-1.

I am still amazed at the 10.1 update
The maps now I can touch a point on the map and bring up that point and navigate to it

Keep then updates coming

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Most likely improvement. Hopefully. Maybe there coming up with newer and better things to do with the QNX platform that the update keep coming

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If you're not using Google Chrome, try using that browser. It seems to work better with Mega downloads than Firefox or Internet Explorer, but users have reported success with IE as well.

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Tell me more, what did you find wrong with it? 1880 is brilliant for me - it didn't fix my "reboot-while-charging-over-night" issue though. But to me it's more snappy and fluid, and pretty much flawless.

1880 has a major bug in the active sync protocol. My setup uses EAS to connect to a Z-Push server (it uses EAS) to get our corporate email. Every hour or so, the sync stops working and the battery gets very hot. It drains the battery very quickly. When this is happening, you cannot delete or mark any emails as read. I had to go back to the previous leak and everything is fine.

I hope this newer leak has EAS fixed.

I wonder if it fixes the slow startup (35 secs) times I've seen with Eclipse/PhoneGap android apps since the last official 10.1 release? Apparently the speed problem also affects some apps written with Cascades.

The slow android problem only occurs the first time an android app is loaded after the phone us powered up.

BlackBerry are aware of this problem.

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I don't understand, I'm running officially, what's this about a leak?

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Your running Software Version but your OS Version is and the last leaked was this leak is if you wait less than a week the next leak will be out probably like

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Does the flash get a bump on this OS version can't watch my Nba league pass anymore the live stream freezes after 5 seconds :/

From my Z10 A.K.A knight Rider.

I just installed os
APN is not locked on my device.
vodafone netherlands.

this version works great!

I thought I read somewhere that this is a carrier issue. Why do you keep looking for a BBRY solution to resolve it?

Yep, Data works for me. Only problem I'm having right now is I was doing a restore and it stopped at 30% so I need to restart.

I updated to the official 10.1 release and now battery life is ridiculous. The battery drains 50% in just 2 hours off the charger EVEN when the phone is not being used.

I read in some forums about some 'learning time' or 're indexing' needed after the update (which personally makes no sense to me as justification for such massive battery drain). But the update happened more than a week ago and things are still as bad.

Does anyone else face this issue and is there a fix?

I love the Z10, but it has become impossible to use it now.

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Sometimes it is not the OS or Software whatever you want to call it. It’s the way you use it. Like letting it charge all night more hours than it should. Etc

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You have to expect battery life to be bad after an update. Remember all accounts need to sync and the phone needs to settle. However, I agree the battery life on official 10.1 is worse than 10.0. Last leak brings it back to pre 10.1 state, so all is good.

ya battery sucks since I have been on 10.1 this I believe my fourth version. might have to put back to official carrier version bcz I'm a passing this on. need q10 asap dam BlackBerry taking too long

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I'm having battery issues too after updating to 10.1 though not as bad as yours. My battery would last me the entire day before the update and now I need to charge it again by evening. Hopefully, the new leak addresses this issue.

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I see b1aze killed the poor sod who said First hahah. So guess it's nice too see so many upgrades coming out. Wonder what's new

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I can understand that some want to test these new leaked versions but backups and restores are too long with BlackBerry Link, and official versions really work well! The best so far is I don't understand why in 2013 we can not even have the leaked OS (.Dmg) for Mac OS !! :O

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From what Kris has explained to me ... has come right down to the code within the package of the OS itself ... something based on DOS and not what is used in OSX.

Yes I offered that BlackBerry, since RIM days has been using and supporting OSX for about 4yrs now minimum ... but the code is something completely different. Try searching back about 2/3wks of my posts and you'll see the convo that Kris and I had with him fully detailing what the dealio is.

PS: I'm with you ... but still an uphill battle; still in 2013.

PSS: If you've gotten this to work within Fusion 5 I'd love to hear from you via PM on what you did to get it working. For now ... I have to resort to installing BootCamp.

A lot of improvements in performance. Almost no lags at all except when have more than 3 active frames then peak gets Lil clunky but definitely a big improvement from. 1880 :)

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I can't even connect to it now, can't restore. The phone is connected to the PC fine but I keep getting a "cannot communicate with device" error.

Are those leaks trust worthy in the first place?
Maybe the uploader put a backdoor in it or malware who knows

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Y'know, Bla1ze, it's when you casually mention your 'spare Z10' that I get so envious of your position, it makes it very hard for me to like you! But I do, don't worry ;-)

Should've checked CB before I started putting 1880 on my baby an hour ago. By the way, does the restore on everybody's Z10 also take like an hour to perform? The backup weighs in at 8.7Gb, but still...

Moral of that story: always check CB before you do, well, anything in life!

I did install this new leak nothing significant yet but what do you mean your link isn't working anymore, did it just stop because I am having to reinstall my link every time I want to use it I can just open link, leave it idle and it will tell me it has stopped working has been like this for a week now

Downloading now! Great to have a choice of which OS works best on your Z10, so keep those leaks coming. 10.2 just round the corner too! Yahoo! : )

I have used leaked OS 10.1..... and so far they have all worked like a dream. Battery, fonts, speed - stability - just great. Currently I am on, have spent some hard earned money on in game stuff and when upgrading this seems to be wiped. Anyways, will update soon. Live in Norway and no carriers has launched 10.1...... yet. Not discovered any issues so far.

Anyone try this version on verizon -4, i installed 1880 on it and have had network and poor battery performance?

Okay I got the first update from AT&T when they first put it out!! And these leaks do sound tempting!!! But i ain't crazy!! Hahaha install at your own risk!!

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Installed the last leak, and lost my BBM chats, even though I did a full backup? IMHO, the old BB Desktop Manager had more robust backup and restore functionality. I have the Save Chat History enabled for BBM on the Z10. Is there something else that I need to do?

No comments on the huge file size increase in the leak?!?! I'm flashing it to my Verizon STL100-4 right now.

installed and did backup from leak. running very smooth for 5 hours. Usually I would get a random reboot in the first few hours with the 10.1 leaks, so far no random reboots.

[edit] after 24 hours no random reboots

Currently installed. Runs smoother it seems but maybe due to it settling in. 1880 leak ran the best for me so far.

Can't seem to see what the new features are but I'm guessing it's more system updates as opposed to features...

...anyone else found anything?

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Btw...I've installed this clean with no restore so it's a fresh os.

Seems to run well. My main concern with all the updates has been heating up of the battery and battery drain...will report back soon!

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Installed and restored all data nd apps + Sideloaded my ported apps.
Reactivated all my email account, contacts and calendar...
All things works well!!! No issue
Really awesome!!!
I will report later about the battery, since it is syncing all my works emails.

Need to use it for 48 hours before saying anything !!!!

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ok, no good for me.

1. I got that UNREMOVABLE voicemail icon (mine had 255 messages) that was quite annoying in the hub. Reloaded the OS, removed battery, restored a previous backup.....no luck.

2. I noticed in the initial setup, just before it checks for Software updates, it did something called Region Zone Setting or something like that, but mine was never able to set it, just kept the spinning circle, if I swiped to the next page (software update) it would continue on fine.

Oh well, back to 1880 for me! :)

I haven't have any updates i try the leak it won't.run either I'm getting frustrated with t mobile

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Works good for me. No problems. Love the leaks. By leaks I mean urinating. By urinating I mean on all the crackberry users:). Golden showers.

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Im staying with .1483 with the leaks after. I had an issue with not showing the name of the caller wheb i receive a call because i save the number with country code and i get the call without country code. Only 1483 is not giving that issue. Ill give it a try tomorrow.

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Man 1916 is soo awesome and slick. Operates very smoothly and has no glitches. I advise you to go for it. Don't hold it out anymore.

Any difference\improvement comparing it to the previous leak? The 1880 its pretty stable and smooth. I think that is not noticeable improvement in this one I'll pass.... ehhh ...well just in case I'll download it anyway :D

I upgrade my using the previous one
Z10STL100-2/ .

While I love it more compared to the previous 10.0, I just noticed that I can no longer use my Z10 as Mobile Hotspot for my Bold 9900 and my laptop. My officemate normally connect with my Z10 using his HTC, but now he just can't.

Should I restore to previous version?

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That happens to me sometimes and I have been able to recover by rebooting my phone. Have you tried that?

I always reboot my Z10 every time I replace battery. My laptop and other phones still can't connect to the mobile hotspot.

I'm on T-Mobile and my HotSpot was working fine on the 1880 leak. I just updated to the 1916 leak and it's working fine with that OS as well. Other than the occasional reboot when HotSpot won't connect in 1880 as previously noted, I'm not sure if 1916 has that issue or not.

I am planning to revert to the previous version 10.0. But I can try 1916 later tonight. Thank you for your reply!


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Downloading this leak twice and stuck at 87%....
Internet connection just fine, I checked several times...

Poor me....

Having difficulty connecting to my yahoo account after updating. Been trying to contact for 24 hours now. Using IMAP by the way. Is there another connection method?

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I was able to re-connect to my Yahoo, Gmail, ActiveSync, NetworkSolution and Live accounts fine. Of course I had to put my password again and with Gmail it's with two stage authentification turned on.

1916 is far beyond all other leaked versions for me. Lightning fast, no OS memory leaks causing the Z10 to become unusable after a few minutes anymore. Calendar, contacts, and email push actually work now. Battery behavior is also much improved. I see a 2009 leak now but will wait before trying it on my spare Z10 as I'm on the road now. I'm so impressed with 1916 I may skip 2009.

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Only snag with doing OS upgrades via leaks is that I have now lost the film I bought from Blackberry world as after all the upgrades I had to re download the film. After doing this five times its maxed out and won't let me redowload again to play it as according to BlackBerry World I downloaded it to five different units, but in reality only one; my own Z10.

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