Leaked OS for the BlackBerry Z10 STL100-2 & 3

By Michelle Haag on 17 May 2013 09:18 pm EDT

If you're feeling the blues now that BlackBerry Live is over and looking for a bit of excitement for the weekend, you can check out this freshly leaked BlackBerry Z10 OS from lbfe!

Please note, this leak is not for all devices. This time it's just the STL100-2 & 3 getting some love so if you don't have one of those then you'll want to move along. This leak bumps the OS version up to, and some people are already reporting improved performance and battery life. If you install this please be sure to share your findings in the comments below or in the forums.

Just like every other time - be sure to read over the instructions before you get going. You'll need a Windows PC to run the autoloader and you'll want to perform a full backup of your device first. If anything goes bad - don't blame us. Remember you can always reload your Z10 OS if something gets borked. 

Grab the OS for your device at the link below then head into the forums for more help and discussion.

Download OS for the STL100-2 / STL100-3

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Leaked OS for the BlackBerry Z10 STL100-2 & 3



Leroy - it's super easy to load. Connect your Z10 to your Windows PC with a USB cable and run the installer.

However - you should really have installed BlackBerry Link and done a complete backup of your device, first, because the "leak" updates wipe the device back to factory fresh.

If you're patient then you'll wait a few months for your carrier to let this one out of the bag and that way it WON'T wipe your Z10... but then you'll still be a few months behind the rest of us boneheads that DID update...

It is super easy to reload an OS, but kinda painful to do the 'restore' thing, especially when you're not restoring via Link, also to re-sideload all the apps. It's worth the hassle thou..

Posted via my Awesome Zed10

When downloading it need someone to have a faster internet so that you do it better if not that you fail to download

How can someone figure out what the battery life is going to be like without having a couple of days with the OS?

Posted via CB10

If i install the leaked version now, do I have to delete it when 10.1 officially gets released in my country?

Posted via CB10

If the leaked version that you have is the same way the version that your carrier releases, no need to change. In fact, you don't ever have to be on the official version if you don't want to be.

Posted via CB10 on Z10

You will not have to delete it or downgrade, Pravin1.
When it finally gets posted in your country or carrier the "Check for Updates" screen on your Z10 will tell you if yours is newer than anything being pushed your way.

If this release is newer then you won't have to update when the rest of your country gets the update. If your carrier releases something even fresher - you'll get the update they gave you.

Changelog: feels snappier, better memory, better battery life, browser loads faster... yadda yadda yadda...

OK, this truly made me laugh out loud. My wife was like "what's going on".

Can't wait try the leak :)

Posted via CB10

Well, while LOLing, my wife asked "what's going on" and i had to explain original story and then comments and then comments on comments... This is weird, like " Inception" all over again!

Lmao I had to laugh my girlfriend was looking at me weirdly
I can't explain to her she won't understand anyway

Send from a z10

^ lol, shabbs!

how is the behaviour of copy and pasting the browser URL, does it still Jump Up & Down like its trying to avoid you? (I'm being serious here - this is something that's been around since launch of Z10 and its driving me batty!)

Good on the leaks ... not ready to upgrade to this one just yet.

I couldn't find one but I just followed the step by step directions someone posted. It's less then 10 steps. I will say that when you start up the OS loader a Dos screen will show. That's when you plug in your zed. Be patient. Do you remember Die Hard 4.0? When the evil doers initiate their program into the utility system the tech says, "it's not loading!" and the master evil doer says, "Wait for it." same with the os upgrade. Wait for it. Lol

My cousine who's also a new on loading leaks has done it very easily by following the step by step.
You won't mess up!

Posted via CB10

Awesome. I was about to downgrade to the official release due to some nagging bugs in 1627 but I will give this a whirl asap.

Posted via CB10

Change log: feels snappier, feels happier, less crapier, faster everything than the previous version. It not only improve your phone it improves you!!!!!

Posted via CB10

LOL. I am on TM US and have not even had the OTA upgrade before the last available upgrade :)
I have leaked; the required re-setting my email PW's and side loaded Android Apps. was too time consuming. So, I will pass on 1880.

Already noticed the opening and minimizing of apps is smooth. No stutter...yet. lol. Thanks for these Friday leaks! Would love weekly ones. Lol

Posted via CB10

Hi I'm on the official 10.1 and it has broken my icloud calender sync. Can someone check if this update fixes that!

I need that feature.


Posted via CB10

I know this update is not for Verizon phones but I find it so frustrating that people not even working for Verizon or blackberry can get decent updates ready yet big red just can't seem to find out how

Posted via CB10

Will this work on STL100-4? Or does anyone have a link for the for the STL100-4. The mega cloud link is broken.

Posted via CB10

ooklah says

Just loaded it on my Verizon stl100-4.
So far it is running fine. MMS actually works, too.

Cheadley1 just install Z10STL100-4/ no problems so far, LTE is locking stronger (in my area anyway) I've installed every leak that has been out. Haven't had an issue. You wait for VZW and the Z2010 will be out

Posted via CB10

If, after installing this OS leak, you experience an erection lasting longer that 4 hours, contact your doctor immediately.

Battery life finally coming back to earth on .1762. But I cannot help myself. Stop me before I upgrade again.

And then they wonder why this site is called CrackBerry....

I'm getting good at the backup-LEAK-restore tango.

Still running Z10STL100-4/

Eh, where is the official OS 10.1 @ ?

Posted via CB10 from my BlackBerry Z10 smartphone on the Verizon Wireless 4G LTE network.

I SERIOSULY hope that I can use my contact list on this version... -_-

I have the 1720 on my DAC but I can't add people to contact list without it somehow merging two completely different people !!! SO ANNOYING, anyone else have this problem?

So, your phone is working like a social/dating site...Embrace it bro, and sell the idea to Fbk and LIn ;-0.

on the serious note, while running all official/leaked version i could get my hands on, no issues with the contacts so far... Maybe you need to enter full names, rather than just nicknames (?)

I'm just upgrading now to this leak, so will comment back in a few hours/days/months if successful...

I entered FULL information for every contact... I tried entering everyone's name myself again but by the time I reached 5th contact, it started linking two together.... -_-

Windows only I'm afraid. I believe you will have to use a vm of windows to even attempt it. If you do this a lot it might pay you to get a second hand netbook with windows on just for the windows only stuff.

Posted via CB10

The new blackberry phones have only recently come out so of course windows phone will take market share. After a while BlackBerry will get it back.

Is this guy a f*cking moron. Skype is out for the z10 you dipshit. You need to be running 10.1. Jesus f*ucking christ. If you hate your f*ucking blackberry so much put the f*ucking thing on craigslist and go buy a f*ucking shitty iphone you f*cking piece of ff*ucking shit. Your mom's a troll. We f*cked her.

Posted via CB10

Obviously, you didn't read his comment throughly. He said you need to be running on the 10.1 OS to get skype on your phone. Learn how to read, kid.

Posted via CB10

I just heard from Torstein Heins.....he says......Nokia........who.....but seriously.....how do you know Nokia overtook BlackBerry in 'Landed sales'.......BBRY hasn't released it's official sales fiqures for sales in March-April-May yet......!

Dude stop swearing. Try to do a little research. It was in crackberry highlight that 10.1 can install skype.

Posted via CB10

IDC Data is useless for comparing the new BBRY OS10 device sales fiqures to Nokia...or anyone else at this stage. People slowed down in buying the old model BBRY phones when the Z10 was only a couple months away from launch. Need this quarter sales fiqures....and the next to be fair on the sales of Q10 and Q5 in order to give BBRY a fighting chance to prove itself and see if the company is out of the woods. I own iPhone5, Galaxy Note2 and S2....and now the BBRY Z10....with OS 10.1.....getting Q10. I am loooooooong BBRY

I like how this homo hates the z10 but he's using it. Get rid of the phone. Give it to your ogre mom or something and buy a new phone. This guy is pretty ESL so he must be a FOB from a foreign country. #wefckedhismom #bb10inchesInsideher

Posted via CB10

Maybe u are right. The fact that we have the BB10 doesnt mean BB isnt dying. People dont know how to Sideload an app on BB10 because thats not the point; it shouldnt be like that and nowadays Smartphones are computers for lots of users. I dont know whats the point with BlackBerry. Hope it lasts more than i expect.

Dude! Slow down! Why all the hostility toward BlackBerry? Is someone forcing you to use it or something? I have Skype on my Z10. Carriers in several countries have already rolled out OS 10.1 to Z10 users. If you're one of those lucky owners, you can download Skype. If you're in the US (like I am), you'll need to install a leaked 10.1 to get Skype, which I've done. If you chose to remain on 10.0, which isn't everyone, you get the "coming soon" message. Do a bit of research before you spaz out in public forums! BB has been posting links, demos, etc. about Skype on the Z10 for over a month!

Regarding your other negative comments, I take them as your opinion. I, along w/probably thousands of CB.com users, are happy with our Z10 and Q10's. If you're not, un-install CB10 and get the heck off of CrackBerry.com! If you go to the site, look at the top of the page, you'll find both an Android and and iPhone/iPad blog that you can happily join. They probably even have an app equivalent to CB10 that will allow you to post wonderful praise directly from your device!

Have a nice life! You're welcome for the advice.

It is true that BB has still some work, but it improved each time and to be honest I am quite pleased.

It looks like for your BB mind is not set, so buy other phone.

BB has many positive things, the first one is that it is not a Iphone!

For professionel people this is a good phone with extra features that other phones haven't.

Why do people whinge on battery life. Use a s4 and then come back and say how bad the z10 is.
At least BlackBerry are working on improving it and I'll take that any day rather than wait for some crappy android release

Posted via CB10

Does remote file sharing work? That would also be nice. I got it working for 20 min or so after an hour of messing with it. Then it stopped working and I gave up.

Posted via CB10

keep link minimized, lock your laptop when not using instead of putting to sleep. i use it even on lte and it works. Also at free hotspots.

To me it seems to be a lot smoother, compare to the last leak which for some reason, there will be sometimes a little lag not much but enough to notice.

Posted via CB10

I'm originally coming from the official update. This will be my first try at a leak.

Posted via Z10 at&t

I wish I could help you. I'm going to try the leaked version and see what happens. I use to have the rebooting problems but after I un installed WhatsApp, it stopped. I spoke with a rep at my service provider and she told me that this app was causing other customers problems. I've only had one reboot so far and that's after I got BBM Channels through beta.

Posted via Z10 at&t

I installed whatsapp and doesn't have reboot problem. Maybe it's not whatsapp that causing the problem

Posted via CB10

I'm tempted..........if I do a back up and installed the leak version, do all my files, apps, email accounts,. Etc. Etc. Etc. get deleted?

PS-I have never done this so I want to be cautious before I do it.

Posted via Z10 at&t

Nope if u do back up via BlackBerry link, for email u just need to key in the password to activate the accounts

Posted via CB10

Goodluck it is very easy to do it. If u are having problem with restoring backup. Try to restore one by one.

Posted via CB10

I just uploaded the leak and everything seems to be fine except I cannot get my Yahoo Account to reconnect. It tells me to open a browser and connect, which I've done, and still it won't accept the password and connect. All the other email accounts connected fine. Any thoughts? Anyone else having issues?

That's what I was hoping to see/read. Good looking out. I will keep in touch with you and share the experience.

Posted via Z10 at&t

Why does it always happen like this, I download a leak and in next 2 days a newer pops up.. meh its so tempting though.. :D

Posted via CB10

I have received update in Italy. But this is only 350 mb. How so compared to .1880 which is 950 mb. Any clues.

AT&T putting in work. We might be last to get the update but I feel is worth it.

Posted via Z10 at&t

Hahha I know. This guy is making me laugh. Would love to see him in person. I'd bet on myself. 1 minute KO.

Posted via CB10

No need to make fun of India, I'm sure if he saw you he wouldn't actually hit you. People tend to look down on child abuse

Posted via CB10

Here's an idea pull your lips overs your head swallow
Remember this is a forum for everybody. So the Indian comment. . Not to nice. And if you don't want to own a Blackberry then sell it go buy whatever toy you want. Then remove yourself from this medium. So everyone else can enjoy it without your negative impact on what this place is about. It's full of people who should not need to listen to bickering about a leaked OS.

Posted via CB10

See then sell your Z10 to someone who wants it and move on from this medium. Bye bye... if I am not mistaken there's articles on here with actual numbers and facts. Do a search. Sure you can't manage that much.

Posted via CB10

Good for them. Don't care love my phone and please learn to speak for someone who owns a Blackberry it isn't that hand to type. I would expect grammatical errors from inferior devices not a Blackberry.

Posted via CB10

i think steelers80 is Steve Jobs' illegitimate child....hahahahahahahhahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhaha

The trick to having the latest leak is to accept the work involved to have the latest. All the recovery etc. Becomes second nature. I actually feel on better control of. The phone rather than at the mercy of it.

Posted via CB10

I think BlackBerry is smart enough to leak out updated OSs, it benefits US users given US carriers suck on updates. So thank you, BlackBerry!

Posted via CB10

Did I see someone say they installed this leak on a Verizon phone I though this was for 1-3 has anyone else tried installing on a 4 and reporting this works before I go and brick my phone.

Posted via CB10

Thank you lbfe for your relentless leaks...

Keep them comming and we'll test them for BB and then whinge a little, cry a little, waste our Saturdays and Sundays to get them loaded and our toys reconfigured.... Fun all around!

When i backup my phone and then install the leaked...how will the phone get back all the apps ?? includin sideload apps.????? Can someone explain this pls :)

Applications do not get backed up with BlackBerry Link. The data associated with the applications might be backed up but the general reliability of BlackBerry Link cannot be guaranteed.

Posted via CB10 from the BlackBerry Z10

Thx! that sucks :( !... thats why people are leaving BlackBerry. Tiny mistakes that they dont see. :)

Hi, when you do a full backup and then restore, sideloaded apps will not be restored, but data for them will. You got to get the newest BlackBerry Link, though.

Side loading is not part if the backup process and therefore no restore...

Posted via CB10

You can restore to anything just make sure you have the loader first though. As you cannot roll back to previous OS.

OK OK Nokia has taken over the world and Apple is the best in this universe and 10 neighboring universes as well. Now get the f**k out of hear. You are so retarded and dumb that you cant even feel that you are 'Personna non Gretta' here. Do you even know something called self respect? I have not seen a respect less troll on any forum like you. Your poor English proves that mentally you have not grown up and you are a minor.
You are trying to tell us non existing facts but don't know the fact that no one over here care about you. 99% are ignoring your childish and foolish comments. You need to learn your basic ethics. Go finish your home work and go to bed like good boys. Not every site is for kids. Does Kevin need to mention that this site is for grown ups?
I know you are going to start spitting rubbish in response, but be warned you will be treated same way regardless of your age.

Fnen90 . .if you watch closely ,my reply is not to you it is directed to a kid 'Steerlers80'. I have great respect for you and i did not meant to reply on your comment. i think its a misunderstanding. Respect and peace. Have a wonderful weekend.

Steeler80 . . Your mental state is pathetic and laughable. I have no doubt we have a kid amongst us. Following is a wise and one time free advice for you . .
Take Google, Nokia, IDC, Marketshare and their Sales into your Fu**en ass and get lost from here until you grow up.

Nokia builds great hardware... but they are not able to build an OS by themselves from the pike... and they managed to top their ignorance by choosing msft...

And, to express it in your shitty slang: C'mon dude, instead of making yourself ridiculous, why don't you "steeal" yourself out of this site and visit yuopron.com to get some sad sad satisfaction all alone by yourself...

Posted via CB10

For one quarter you petulant little child! Maybe after next quarter when BlackBerry takes the number three spot back I will stomp over to windows phone central and post this fact in an unrelated thread and swear at anybody who doesn't like it.

Oh wait, no I wont. I'm older than 6 and I don't have an inferiority complex!

Posted via CB10

This guy is a total douche. CB should ban him because he's incompetent, ignorant, and his mom has #BB10inchesInsideher

Posted via CB10

So we can expect the next official release sometime in October 2013?

Posted via CB10 from the BlackBerry Z10

Release of what? Which Year? Official what? Did I miss something?

Dude, 10.2 is set to release in June.. Read. Embrace. Believe.

Posted via CB10

Hi, just have great time with my RED ZED... while installing new leak, BlackBerry Link asked to update as well... so I did, did full back up, new leak loaded and when restored settings for my side loaded android applications have settings remembered...was this just a freak accident or new 'feature'?

Otherwise this leak have some punch, feels smooth and ok... bakery life is ok (I'm playing with the phone for over 30 minutes and battery still last... \:)

Posted via CB10

Has anybody seen if this upgrade fixes the random reboot problem? I have one every few hours since upgrading to

Dose anyone find a strange issue? Once you recover the backup file the boot time in about - hardware is showing " no information available. "

Posted via CB10

I would love to see the leaks do updates the same way that the carrier pushes them so I don't keep having to set up my email accounts every time.

My IT guy is starting to get pissed with me every time he has to unlock me to connect to BES.

I think I may pass on this one.

Posted via CB10

I don't think that will happend. Remember this is only leak. Not everyone want to update their phone to leaked version.

This is quite a buggy release, my contacts are all messed up, some that were previously linked are now separate so I had to re-link them again! Clicking on the letter column on the right hand side of the contacts to skim through doesn't work most of the time. When certain people call me, it comes up with their number instead of their name even though it's linked to their contact entry! The previous release I had was way better. I'm downgrading ASAP!

It takes some time for the contacts to merge etc. again. Mine took 3 hours on fast wifi to load everything etc.

When you want to change your BBM pic, this OS sends you to the editor from blackberry.. which I think is a bad editor which makes it difficult.. lol.. think I will be downgrading too

Posted via CB10

I'm with Actionjax, I have to get IT to reset my BES account to allow Enterprise activation every time I do an upgrade. which has been 3 times in 2 weeks. May have to pass on this, as much as I would love the improved battery life.

I'm hesitant to install. The last clear wreaked havoc on my phone. Caused major problems with my text messaging. Random messages, message from one person but it showed from another. And when I replied, it went to someone completely different. I think for the time being I'll stick with the official. Also, really don't feel like spending 45 minutes re-linking all my contacts...

Posted via CB10

For the record I have never experienced any problem with this version or 1762 regarding phone operation..
But on 1762 my phone battery did get hot when I used it heavily... maybe I will keep 1880 for awhile to test the battery life.. I really don't like the way 1880 change BBM pic though.. if you gonna make us use the editor why not give us the ability to zoom in and out.. on the old OS we can put non square pics by zooming in and out.. I think that is great and I miss that on OS 10

Posted via CB10

Only issue I have seen is the Facebook integration into the Hub kept telling me there was a new update when there wasn't.

Uninstalling a d reinstalling Facebook fixed that issue.

I think Link still has some issues that need to be addressed.

1880 does seem more snappy.

Posted via CB10

Installed and testing now for about a few hours. I've noticed two things with this leak.

1. APN is still lock, this is important for me to be able to edit as I'm constantly roaming and I find that in some countries the default apn doesn't work set by my carrier. I have to use an alternative apn that my provider has. My carrier is rogers. There's a leak that I have that the apn setting is editable, so I'll be going back to that before my next trip.

2. I've noticed a bit of lag in the hub or when switching apps.

I'll keep testing it for a couple of more days.

Cheers guys.

Posted via CB10

aint good on my z10. is suddenly had issue in the message inbox. messages that come in from someone I expect appear under someone else's name or number. how can i fix it? I did a security wipe, hoping to fix the problem. the wipe went on smoothly, except for turning the power on manually which should have rebooted automatically. I restored the back-up data after. can someone help me fix this.

I had the same problem with the last leak. No matter if I wiped or reloaded the os, i kept having the issue. The only fix was to downgrade to factory os and then upgrade to official from my carrier through link.

Posted via CB10

there is a lag in the message box. when tapping on a new message it takes around 3-5 seconds for the message to appear along with the other threads.

Anyone on tmo usa tried this leak? Is wifi calling in this one? I read that with the official os from tmo wifi calling will be there. Haven't tried any leaks but getting tired on waiting for the official.

Posted via CB10

It will not allow me to setup my yahoo email account. Every leak I have tried had this issue. Why?

Posted via CB10

I haven't had any problems setting up mine on any of the OSes, leak or official. Are you using IMAP?

I am interested in hearing from anybody with an AT&T STL100-3 who has the daily reboot problem prior to the install.

Please post to let us know if this leak gets you past the 48 hour mark. (That is the longest I have gone without a random hang and reboot event. )

I am keeping my fingers crossed.

Posted via CB10

I thought that this was funny as!!! I live in Nz and our telcos dont even sell the Z10 yet. MEGA is the new cloud site from Kim Dotcom, formally MEGA-UPLOAD. I uploaded 10.1 to my imported Z10 last night. Works fine and BBRY LINK updated too. Nice!! Good to see camera has HDR now.

The "frustrating" this about these leaks is not knowing what has changed from one leak to the next so one can know if it is worth installing. I installed the last leak a couple weeks ago and am tempted to install this one but don't really know if it is worth the time and effort ;) Maybe I'll just wait a couple of weeks for the next leak.

It would be nice if blackberry adds which phone you are talking to in the phone app next to contact's name (home, work, etc)

Posted via CB10

I'm trying to download this program but on my computer I get a blank page and tells me pregrama choose to run the software but do not help me I have window which is 8 ....

Posted via CB10

Use Chrome as your web browser, and import the file first rather than download :)

Posted via CB10

Loaded it last night. All went well. The flow is quicker and snappy. Had no problems with programs, email, etc. Update was faster and better than doing a leak on my 9900. Will keep testing in days to come. But so far so good. Enjoy

I had no issues with the previous leak except the battery temperature that tends to rise when heavy used. I still have a problem with international number format (any number saved in the form of +40xxxxxxxxx doesn't get associated with its contact when the Z10). I'll report back on this leak.

Posted via CB10

I changed my settings on my browser
I went to the (three dots >settings>display and actions)
Now I can't use my browser unless I open the browser from a app than it works but if I try to go to change the settings it goes than once I click the display and actions it freezes

Posted via CB10

Another? oh boy... are all saturday mornings going to be this fun!? Hope this leak solve the heating battery issue that the last one have. Downloading and doing a backup in the meantime :)

BBM doesn't work,Random crashes and restart, lag everywhere (even in the home gesture), random unresponsiveness (tapping on an app does nothing), over all the phone became too slow, wiped and downgraded. that's only MY experience with it

Works good so far. Loaded it last night. Laggy at first but like always a few reboots fixes that.

Posted via CB10

Why is it that some apps that require the camera or speaker don't work. Most important is Pandora sidelaod. It's been like that since 1488. Anyone else having this issue

Posted via CB10

I'm going to stay put on this one. I'll give it one more week before AT&T releases the update.

Posted via Z10 at&t

I hope it helps with the battery life! Ever since the latest update my phones been really bad in the battery life compartment.... plus I notice that the swipe up isn't that responsive... especially in the texting window...

Posted via CB10

Works fine on my STL100-4 VZW. Was a bit laggy after the inital boot, but have seems to stablize. All features are functional no issues, even the side loaded apps. Being an BES tech, I reaticavted my device remotely then synced my accounts needing only the credentials. So far the battery seems to be a significant than the previous leaks, and LTE coverage is stronger. I figured I'd try this leak since the versions released are based on the same hardware as after STL100-1.


Kill Confirmed via CB10

It just rebooted on me in the middle of Sudoku united game. It lost all I had entered.

I have been reading a Kindle book after the update about 6 hours before.

Thus is the third reboot in the 6 weeks I have had this Z10. Had nine on the previous leak.

Posted via CB10

Ok restore went fine and everything looks fine on my STB100-4. No problems with contacts or BBM as others have mention before. It do feels smoother.

This update suck ass!!!!!!! Laggy. And messed my my contacts when I restored them. Dont bother until the official update. Waste of my time!

Posted via CB10

I don't know if it is something specific to this leak but the moment I installed it I started getting texts with the wrong sender. It never happened on any of the other leaks and it's been happening for a few hours now after install. Going to revert to the one before this one and see if it continues to happen.

can anybody tell me... if anybody did a backup and restored.. with out your text message going crazy? crazy like receving txt with different people name from your contacts..