Leaked OS for the BlackBerry Z10

By Adam Zeis on 1 May 2013 03:02 pm EDT

Q10 what?! Another leaked OS for the BlackBerry Z10 has surfaced in the forums today, again courtesy of lbfe. This one is for the Z10 model STL100-1 / STL100-2 / STL100-3 only (sorry Verizon users).

Most of the 10.1 leaks seem to be fairing pretty well for most users so far, so if you haven't given it a go yet you may want to take the plunge.

Once again, you'll need a Windows PC to fire up the autoloader to get this installed. Also be sure to perform a full backup first and don't blame us if anything goes south.

Hit up the forums at the link below to download and for instructions.

Download Leaked OS for the BlackBerry Z10 

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Leaked OS for the BlackBerry Z10


Quick ques (sorry, sure it's been asked before somewhere), but if i load the leaked version, will i need to set Balance/etc up again (ie will i have to deal with my IT dept), or will it be seemless?

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Does anyone know what version of 10.1 the Q is on? I know it's different but still would like to know.

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It's getting MIGHTY tempting! Theses leaks are corrupting my resolve!
just gotta hold on, aaargh..

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I know exactly what you mean. I have been trying so hard to stick with the carrier updates but there is just so many leaks.

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Du sagst es.... Ich frage mich nur immer, was an den leaks fehlt, dass es kein offizielles wird oder ist.

What he said! But what is missing in the leak versions, they are not released as an official???


The last leak, #2, had issues where the phone dialer crapped out, along with the CAPSLOCK key when enabled, would freeze the app and you couldn't minimize nor peek/flow to the home screen or other menu's until the 3rd attempt.

Downloading ... but will wait a few day's before installation. I no longer have a PC and need to install Parallels with Win7 on my Mac to update.

I would not want that! It shows me casual acquaintances as favorites and real people I want to connect with can't be assigned in the stand alone version. I just want my hub imap mail accounts to work reliably!

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I gotta say, I NEVER trust leaks. I'd much rather wait for the official release. Which begs the question: WHERE ARE THE OFFICIAL UPDATES?... All these leaks, you'd think they'd have on official OS update by now. I love the Q10 and I'm excited for it, but BB's gotta see that they also need the Z10 to perform well too. And having 10.1 available at launch with Skype and all the goodies that people want, will only HELP the Z10's sales more. There's a special niche of people that will gravitate to the Q10 but the Z10 is the best of both worlds. They cant lose focus on that.

I've been installing leaks for YEARS! But I haven't tried it on my 2 week old Z10 yet (no time!!). Most leaks that I've tried were eventually released by carriers...eventually. For me, installing the leak is about getting access to the latest and greatest as soon as possible, and without having to wait for the slow a$$ carriers to decided to release it. I get especially annoyed & impatient when there's significant new functionality in the new release.

IDK, for me, its ballzy to try that. Even on my 9900, i was heavily tempted to download the update for T-Mobile. It ended up finally ended up being released a week before i got rid if it for the Z10. With BlackBerry stating it'll come in May, I'll wait out the few weeks. Though, I can understand others being impatient

My guess is that each progressive leaked update is intended to fix the bugs early adopters have suffered through in earlier leaks. The fact that the official updates have not come out indicates to me that most of us don't want it yet. It's fun to be privvy to new features and be the one to tell people what's coming. I prefer a smartphone that continues to work.

The Q10 does not release in the US until the end of May according to Heins, so I would imagine it will be mid-to late June before 10.1 becomes available for the Z10.

Nothing wrong with a moaner btween the sheets though! beats a whiner any day ;p

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Dang, I'm away on business will have to wait until I get home to load this leak. 1483 is working very well for me. The only thing that doesn't work is the type and go email won't use the default email account to send emails. All other type and go features seem to work fine.

I hope this fixes that.

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Telus official software update schedule has nothing coming in the near future... Although, it hasnt been updated since the end of March, so hopefully 10.1 isn't far off.

I do not understand why you would install a "leaked" version of any software to your phone. When the official version comes out you will then install that. So why not just wait for the official version. That is just me

The thrill of exploring new territory. The joy of restoring a bricked device. The ecstasy of having the latest and greatest. Why not?

For me it is all about all those things plus just because I am able to do so. That is just me.

Leaps and bounds better. I moved from the version you are running and the difference is noticeable at first go.

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You may need a Windows partition or a PC with Windows installed to get this to work. Leaks are different than an official release.

Ah resistance is futile
Trying desperately to hold off for the official release. Hopefully Orange UK will be a bit quicker this time

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I am so tempted to load this.

Bell / Virgin took way way too long to release their carrier approved update. Weeks after everyone else.

Leak runs great. All my contacts were x2 in my contact list though. Took 30 mind to delete the doubles.

Never happened when I was running 10.0.

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Running new leak. Runs good. Got the whatsapp in the hub. How do I attach pic to my posts?

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Here's a quick guide

Back up phone
Disconnect phone from pc
Run autoloader(black screen pops up when ready)
Turn off link
Plug phone in
Autoloader takes care of the rest
Restore settings

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Downloading both updates - got two devices to update... BBLink is seeing plenty of action these days! Two thumbs up!

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The only downside is that it takes ages to restore and get all back from activesync with all my accounts and contacts and apps etc...

yeah, as much as i'm soooooo tempted and as much as i've read sooo many positive comments in the forum, i've decided to wait for the official release. i believe the carriers are on their paths to release the OS. besides, everytime i force load the OS my contacts are always messed up so i need to link them up 1 by 1, that's such a pain!!!

keep moving, BB 10.1!!!

Been using leak #2 ( over a week now and loving it very much. Bugs with WhatsApp and BBTravel have all been resolved. I am getting the odd device reboot, but they're few and far between. Overall, my Z10 has been purring beautifully. I'll probably install the latest leak since each has gotten progressively better, to me personally at least.

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Just installed the last one yesterday, well the process was simpler than with legacy os (without delete vendor.xml in two places, needing 3rd party prog like bbsak)

Gonna give the last one (.1609) a spin for couple of days to break-in, unless this one many more updates.

Then I'm gonna attempt it again!

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I think it's time for the official release.
Please hurry up.
Time is money.
We are money.
Money talks.
Talk is cheap.
Don't talk.

Ps: I have no idea what I just wrote, but please hurry up.

Love, a anxious BlackBerry Z10 User. :)

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Installed and configured, I think. I probably missed something along the way. So far, I'm really enjoying the things that come up the most (text selector and spell checker.) I don't think I've sent a message or left a comment that made me sound "special", yet...

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Will I be able to download the new version when it's available without any trouble? Meaning the official OS release.

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If you Download from Mega, you have to use Chrome otherwise it keeps failing to download

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Please give us back the full BlackBerry bridge functions for BlackBerry PlayBook!!!!!!!!!!!! On any leak

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I'm also waiting for the official release...but these leaks are essential, IMHO. Leaks are like beta tests. Keep the leaks coming & drop the official OS when it's ready!!!!!

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Looking forward to installing this one. Hopefully it has fixes to the Facebook notification issue and the random volume control being uncontrollably too loud on notifications. So far that was the only probs I had with 1483 leak. Thanks for making these leaks available!! :)

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Yes it did but the update also corrected the notification issue on the holiest leak!

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Works like a dream first time installing new os, just went BB Link backed up, ran the EXE installed very quickly boom done 10.1 seems to be very very smooth. No skype integration but has whatsapp so its a start, not sure what the new camera feature does.

Can I install this on my STL 100-2 z10 bought from dubai and using in india??

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The download stops always at 68%. Any ideas how to solve it?

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I'm a little bit disappointed I ve lost my whole side loaded apps :/ and I still have the advisory on my app page even after few restart ! " new app are on the left "

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i have downloaded , really good , BBM increase the run-time for android apps and look like battery backup much batter ,

come guys . ... whats up

The HUB works faster and it is much less delay when deleting previous conversations

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Arun Nambiar : Can you list the bugs that you've observed on this leak version?

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Z10STL100-2/ just rocking the leaked OS, here's what I have noticed:

-first boot up didn't wait 100percent for the BlackBerry logo to load.

-better speed or should I say much faster compared to the previous leaked os.

-it fixes the "backspace" when the capslock is active.

Whatelse, battery performance still need to be observed.

Whom I need to thank for this leak os? THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.

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Installed the last leak and this one and this seems to be a lot better. It fixes the issues I had with Blackberry Work Drives and Adobe upgrade. Works great with the BES backend and is very quick and easy to install. What is there not to like?!

Guys, stupid question from someone going to install his first leaked OS. Do I need to install Link on a Windows pc to do it or just the OS is enough? Will have to get a friends laptop to do it and didn't want to put more stuff than necessary there.

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I backup my Z10 to my Mac using BlackBerry LInk, plug it into Windows to run the updater, and then restore my BlackBerry using BBLink for Mac. This has worked for both the last leaked version and this one.

Thanks, man. Less hassle like this. But for sure we could have a OSX version of the autoloader as well. Would save lots of time and trouble.

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No problem. Another related comment I should make is that I have tried to use the updater on 3 different Windows VMs and could never get it to work. I had to use my Windows gaming box. My guess is that Boot Camp would work just as well.

I've notice that stability is much improved in this leaked version over the version. Another important point I noticed was that Adobe Reader's latest update refused to install on the previous LV but installed no problem on this one. I haven't noticed substantial performance gains but with noticeable stability improvements I'm happy.

APN settings still can not be edited when you put in some SIM cards on unlocked phones.
This is not good for traveling and switching SIM if you want data.

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(BUGS) This leak also does not recognize BlackBerry's Automobile Charger and APN still not accessible!

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when you want to edit text now the round tool is much better to handle to edit words/characters or so.

WhatsApp in the hub. But I am not able to disable it to show up in the upper hub box.

Can't get into the keyboard and language settings anymore

More help/instructions when starting the os for the first time. You have to follow the instructions or you won't get rid of them.

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I got a stl100-2 unlocked device and CAN edit my apn...

Somebody else got some troubles with wifi? Wifi connections aren't stable since I got this leak

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No problem with my wife connection, it's stable sideliading took 1 minutes for 9 apps

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Installed this on STL100-2 and STL100-1 (DevAlpha B) and working perfectly on both devices.

Seems APN edit is based on SIM card as mine are editable and have always been editable (DTAC Thailand)

So far, so good. Your mileage may vary.

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Battery life is under observation. Last leak (1609) had terrible battery life for some reason.

Initial view looks like this leak has much improved standby performance (DevAlpha) is still showing three quarters charge after 24 hours on standby.

Will be putting my main device to the test today.

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Just finished installing my phone is pretty warm at the moment but everything seem to be fine and I love my new hub.. still observing

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well done ,BBM Z10 team , really awesome improvement in OS,

i am in love with BBM .. Z10

best OS i ever use

tks guys

While restoring from backup, it just gets stuck at 0%. Kept the phone connected for a while to the laptop, before removing it. Fortunately my contacts, text messages and remember entries were restored but none of my apps and phone settings. Had to re download all my apps. tried to restore from backup a couple of times with same result

My contact information is blank from the call log option. I have all the contacts in the address book but call log contact is blank. Other than that everything is working perfect.

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I'm Stephen Chai, Malaysian BlackBerry loyalty BB users.

Tested 24 hours already, everything looks fine!

My current BlackBerry Z10 version Z10STL100-1/

Everything seems fine but the pin to pin services still not working.

Hopefully the official OS 10.1 will update very in major mobile network operators and BlackBerry distributors (because Malaysian have the rubber time and full of excuse)

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Pin to pin working for me, I made a test with my old 9800, by sending and replying and it works well !

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Wow!!! Works like magic, loving this new OS after restoring my settings I side loaded Skype and Google maps which all work perfectly. Once again wow!!!

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The update before this for stl 01 is much better than this obe. This update will eAt you batt like cray. Won't recommend it.

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Sayit stopped working, dictionary app is in permanent zoom , my Fido app uses only half the screen, WhatsApp icon next to whatsapp messages in Hub...

ForcePosted using the Z10

nothing wrong with leaked OS as long you do the right steps. as far as I know, installing a leaked os on Z10 is pretty easy, compared to installing custom rom on an android phone.

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After 12.5hours my battery on my main phone is showing a sliver of power remaining - I haven't let it drain completely though (charging while I am sat on the bus)

DevAlpha still has 50% power remaining and looks good for making it through to two days on standby.

Top bombing BlackBerry!

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Payment Options is not available for me in this leak. It sais: unable to complete update, please try again later. Unable to connect to payment service.

Does anyone know how to fix this?

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Hello any one have problems with blackberry messenger ??? I can not transfert my BBM account since I install this leaked versions it's say everytime "server error, try later"...and cannot accès yo the payement options same error message it's a server pb or this come frome the leaked ???

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I've noticed I have a twitter notification that constantly reappears in the hub. I've tried to disable twitter in the hub. No go. I also deleted the native app (not sure if they're even connected), and reset the hub. No luck. Anymore suggestions?? Anyone else experiencing this?

My dictionary app is also max zoomed in, but at least with this leak it's (semi)functional.

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BlackBerry Messenger active frame not working as it just stays on the page where you closed it. Rather than give details like before

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Installed. Looks nice and is nice. Butttttt....reboots, has issues with notification - silent does not work. Audible alerts continue. Only option is to set all alerts off.

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Installed this one two days ago. Pretty good with No debilitating issues. some lockups in the browser that either forced or initiated a reboot.

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We just have to be patient for the official release. BlackBerry need to test this properly so that there are minimal live issues. The OS is still embryonic and will take a couple of years to mature. In the meantime BlackBerry need to get their development and release priorities right, otherwise they will out big time.

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Am using an unlocked version z10 on Airtel network. Am stuck on Os How do I upgrade my os cos some apps don't work bcos the os is below their requirements.

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