Leaked OS for the BlackBerry Z10 STL100-1

By Bla1ze on 29 Apr 2013 09:01 pm EDT

Although there has been plenty of leaks for several of the the BlackBerry Z10 variations, non of them have really targeted the STL100-1 versions out there. That appears to of have changed now though as a new release is making its rounds. OS has now appeared online and is ready for testing. At this point, we don't have an STL100-1 to test it on, so you really are flying on your own with this should you decide to give it a go.

You'll again need a Windows PC to run the autoloader for your device, and of course this isn't an official OS and thus has no BlackBerry support behind it - so use caution when installing and don't complain if it breaks anything. We do recommend performing a full backup of your device before you fire it up ... just in case.  If you don't know your Z10 model number you can find it by going to Settings > About. Plus, you can always hit up the forums for help.

Download OS for the STL100-1

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Leaked OS for the BlackBerry Z10 STL100-1


What i dont get is, why are there any leak OS now? Shouldn't it be official? is blackberry playing with us? I dont get why there are leak OS's and why we have the ability to test it. Cuz this is very risky. And if we need to wait for official releases, then why is it taking so long? Do i need to test it just to get a glimbs? Cuz This is taking to long now. When is the OS getting steady then? Not every app works as flawless. I work at a phone store and i get lots of complaints. Some work and some don't, Why is it so? Damn, I love The Z10 but your irritating people.

Can't speak as to "why" the official is taking so long...but, all of the apps not working is less a BlackBerry problem and more of a developer problem. The apps need to be updated to work with the OS, NOT the other way around.

I understand what you are saying. But its still a blackberry problem not a iphone problem, not android problem, a blackberry problem. The apps i am referring to all depends on the OS. And if there's every time a leak OS and not an official OS for each phone, cuz we all know there are 4 kinds of Z10's, how do u think the app developers can work on their apps as best as possible if its not even official yet. Do u get what im saying. Blackberry needs to stay paralleled with the app developers, update and stabilize there OS quickly so that the developers know what they are doing.

I agree,...I had hoped that BB10 had put an end to the "leaked OS" game! BB needs to get control of this issue,...please plug the leaks?

Hmm u love the leaks, cuz your not aware of any problems. You arent aware of what is going on. the leaks arent good OS. It fucks up the phone dont u know that.

dear friend its keeping people like you happy, just to let u say: it shows progress. That is what they want u to think. Thats not progress, thats just showing you to shut your mouth for a while and be happy that were giving out leaks that could destroy your phone. I don't see any android leaks, I dont see any windows leaks. do u? Well i hope your 600$ phone don't break. Cuz you paid hard working money for it friend. For a working phone, not an almost waiting to be great working phone.

Your writing didn't seem sarcastic to me. It seemed very matter of fact.
Windows phones has leaks and android, heck people build custom roms.

Ya, I get what you're saying, but I can't really blame anyone for an app that doesn't work on a NON-official OS.

The official will come in due time, until then we are at the mercy of our respective carriers.

What do u mean u cant blame anyone for an app that doesn't work on a OS. Do u hear what u are saying? U are saying that u most def are happy that the apps arent working with an non official OS and your not complaining. Listen dude, we are in 2013 right now. Android and Iphone are way ahead of us. And u are saying u cant blame no one? If u dont say nothin dude, that means u dont want change and ur happy that blackberry is taking so god damn long. If the OS is stable so will the apps to. Cuz they will work dedicated to make the apps better, but now u have OS that doesnt work properly and u are happy that the apps dont work quite as wel? damn dude. Blackberry needs us to stay in business. And if everybody is leaving blackberry we will to, do to no customers. And if u are happy then blackberry is happy with what u get. but in 2013? We need to get of our asses and wake up my dear friend. I love the Z10 but the race isnt getting any slower.

I think you missed his point. You keep saying "OS" but this is an UNOFFICIAL OS. Meaning, not supported by BlackBerry for public use. So its just a use at your own risk type of thing. Not a "Hurry install!! Wait... some of my apps don't work?!? BlackBerry sucks!" type of thing.

Also, if you have a problem with how quickly updates are being pushed to your device you should really take that up with your carrier. They decide when to push the update BlackBerry gives them. And for the record, the same is true of Android so not sure where you get off saying Android doesn't have that problem because they certainly do even more so than BlackBerry. I kinda think you've never had an Android device before.

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hmmm did u read my lasts comments dude? I work at a phone shop.. I am also an ICT support officer and i know what i am talking about.
im not talking about my phone. im talking about phones. as in more then one phone. And my country has 2 carriers. If you follow youtube and all the Z10 problems are similar to all the app problems out there. Some work and some dont. Now tell me how is that? Should the carrier now be a blackberry experd just to carry it out or should blackerry do it? you tell me. I can explain it to u but its all into bits and bites. but yeah, i see some here are happy with their Z10 and dont complain. so. i get it now.

This guy is a ICT officer? Your country must allow the dumbest people to get those jobs..... No offense.

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This Naziem is a moron. He's expecting all apps to work on a non official Os which may not even be a complete Os. Naziem you are an idiot and should just shut up. This is him . pretty much saying "Hey guys I got a iphone and Os that's not complete but a apps should be supported on it." dumb @ss

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hey other moron. im not talking about the non official OS at first. i was refering to the phones that are having problems. Why are there then so many Z10 with problems still??? exactly why is the OS then taking so long? And why are the apps still waiting for the OS to lounge?? Im expecting the OS to be stable and the developers can work on an App to make it workable. Not expact the app to work on an unstable OS. moron. How are developers gonna work on a app if the OS still isnt released yet? Use your mind. You cant expect an app to work on an unofficial OS.

Hi I am developer/ programmer and what I can tell you is that linked unofficial OS are for testing "Only", they aren't made for end users, some developers when get these OSs decide to share it. Anyway it's always you who decide to use it or not.

I have a question. If I download this leaked OS, when the official OS comes out will I be able to download it?

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You all that are saying: "now the 001 can stop complaining", People, This is not official. This is risky because it can damage your phone.!!!!!

Your making fun if it all, but your not getting the picture. We are waiting to long for official OS to be released and so that the app developers can work potentially on the apps. Now u have apps that work on some and some that doesn't. Im a Z10 lover but i think blackberry is playing to much push pull games with us and the developers. the OS u are reffering to can damage your phone. And if they install it and it destroys their phone, belief me your going to get more complaints then it already is.

Anyone tried this yet? I'm running an unofficial OS atm and all is working fine. Just do a full backup before installing.

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Now we can hear the end of it! Also it's a higher build so good stuff for them

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"Leak OS"... and we are supposedly rejoicing since there is an OS update (it doesn't matter if it is unofficial) with this "disclaimer" thing telling you that there is no "liability" from the part of BlackBerry if it will damage your phone... and you have no "rights" to complaint for any "bugs" or "lags" because it is "unofficial"...

What's happening to BlackBerry?

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BlackBerry didn't release this...
CrackBerry is giving that disclaimer because it's not an official release so you download it at your own risk. Someone that works for or with BlackBerry leaked this without BlackBerry's permission.

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This isn't an official OS from Blackberry.
it was leaked by a developer who wants to share.

download at your own risk.

Already download nk install it in my z10,sp far its camera,HDR camera so good,I discover sweep up while we at sms dun work,we need at least 2 sweep..

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I'm guessing it is difficult for BlackBerry to offer beta OS releases officially since many would need carrier approval first.

Plus the infrastructure needed to provide support would add a further strain.

By 'leaking' OS releases and monitoring the forums they can guage how updates are being received by us "early adopters" in an unofficial way.

Yeah it is risky but we are all clearly risk takers - we all got our Z10 devices as soon as we could didn't we? It is also fairly difficult to actually brick your phone - factory restore from BlackBerry link seems to recover even the seemingly unbootable - believe me, I have done this...

Finally I will be installing this on my other Z10 when I get home later... See if I can see 10.1 running on a dev-alpha heh heh heh!

Oh nearly forgot - PlayBook - I don't care if BlackBerry updates the OS to BB10 or makes a brand new tablet - just tell us one way or the other!

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Ha i see people are downloading the leaked OS like crazy, Dont u know it wil damage your phone. You paid 600$ for a phone or somewhat. What is happening to blackberry? It needs to be official not un-official. Thats why app developers are having problems with the apps. They need to constantly make new apps for unofficial OS's.

Don't you know it's pretty hard to actually brick our devices? I think you should calm down a little. It's a phone. Not a space shuttle.

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Dude, are u aware that the phone cost money??? Are u aware that the phone isn't a brick? grammar nazi? I work at a phone shop and to much people complain.. Im the one speaking out for them. Whiile u have the time of your life to wait for a unofficial OS.

Are you aware of what a "Brick" refers to when spoken of in tech? Mister, "I work at a cell phone shop so therefore know everything there is to know about cell phones"? I wasn't referring to a literal brick lol.

Don't take this the wrong way, I'm genuinely curious, what is your first language?

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Brick? What the hell is a brick then? What do mean by brick in your language? i speak dutch. Well that makes us 2 cell phone store workers while im certified ICT support officer/ ITIL V3 certified/ not gonna brag any more of my skills anymore cuz thats not the point.

Now dont take this the wrong way, but what type of dialect are u speaking? Cuz i dont recognize brick from any jargon language either then hard stone square type of thingy.
anyhoo, while you're bragging about your title as a phone store worker my point was clear. The phone is to expansive. While im not having problems with mine, cuz as u already know. i know what to do to solve the problem. but some common folks dont.
im done trying to explain that its taking to long. Cuz if this year BB10 is releasing there 3th and or maybe 4th phones they're damn as well need to pick up the pace.

aaahw now i know what your tech/jargon language is meant by "brick". u mean useless. Phone is as good as dead. I use other terms in dutch so, excuse moi..

First of all this guy needs to shut up. Yeah you naziem. I'm running has it ruined my phone? No. Has it made it better? Yes. Like me I have money (unlike u) and don't give a sh!t if my phone gets bricked (which it won't anyway) but if it does I'll go buy a new one. What's a couple hundred, nothing. So surprised a IT company hired you. "Not going to brag about my skills.". Get some English lessons first.

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Hey rich dumb fuck. I dont have problems with my phone, But other people have the problem idiot. I know what to do with my phone. Im talking about those that can't. Cuz when they have problems they run to the shop Ego Fuck face. The OS isnt stable yet morron. If my phone does something its should'nt do i know what to do with mine. while the illiterate dont know what to do!!!!!! My english is fine Ego maniac, u need to listen.

Sigh. I don't work for a cell phone store. I was playfully mocking you, who, continues to feel the need to remind us that you work at a "Cell phone Store" which is why I used quotes. I feel like too much is being lost in translation. You're not understanding what I, or anyone else here are saying. I'm not trying to argue with you.

Your use of excessive punctuation is unnecessary. Can't we have a normal, adult conversation? You are an adult right?

How come you don't use the CB app? (again I'm just curious, also Dutch, that's pretty sweet!)

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Ok maybe im not understanding it right, you are saying that we need to wait till the OS is officially out?

Im just saying that this is moving to slow. Don't get me wrong I love Z10. but I see moving to slowly. Maybe its my problem that i want to see blackberry to move faster and leave android and iphone behind, but right now we are behind. I know the blackberry is hard to brick, cuz right now no Z10 gave up on me. But im talking about the OS that maybe wil after updates. The OS needs to stabilize so that the apps can work properly. I see Z10 freezes, i see Z10 baterie goes down just within half a day of running time and some more. But no Z10 went Brick on me. Yet.

I dont use CB app. Dont need it.

Hopefully this will keep em quite for some time. Their wining was becoming intolerable...phew

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Wow some ppl need to chill.... lol

I think you'd have to try hard or be very unlucky to actually brick your phone ... will give the leaked os a try...

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Thank you! Some people just like to go crazy ranting pretending like they know when they really just make a fool of themselves.

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You are in IT. For an OS that about 2 months old what is your time frame for an OS update?

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No I expect that The OS is fine and stable. And the st100-1 phones are still waiting for there 10.1 update while the other versions already got them except the leaked version. Slow progress.

Now I think you are TOTALLY missing the point. Nothing has been leaked by blackberry to deceive, fool or pacify anyone. SLOW? Are you kidding me? This is gonna be the second update to a brand new OS in about 2 months. And from what I've seen already, about 85% of the issues i had have already been addressed! What you are referring to as "leaks" are pre-releases of the OS meant for DEVELOPERS to give them a heads up so they can test and fix those apps you keep complaining about. Whether we choose to load it on our Z10's is our business and yes we know the risk. Blackberry nor anyone else has instructed you or anyone else to load the so called "leaks" on your phone. Did you expect them to just dump out the official OS without any testing? It should be ready with the Q10 release so right now I think you should calm down and be patient!

I don't understand why there's an STL-01 vs STL-02,3 and 4 mentality. We bought the Z10 cos most likely we wanted BlackBerry to succeed. We're supposed to be on the same side.

I can understand how the STL-01 owners feel. Without 10.1, remote access is unusable. Yes it's not official but I'm sure just like the rest of the STL-02, 3 and 4 owners, the STL-01 owners would love to have an access to the 'preview' of the official releases.

Had the situation been reversed and STL-01 are the ones who get leaks first, would the situation had been any different?

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Ok downloaded it ---- few improvements but I still can't change my frikkin APN ----- wat a fuckin disaster

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Yay! Finally! Dancing the electric buggie! Can some people take a chill pill? Now, who has installed this and what's the verdict? Yes? No? Maybe? Battery life? Camera? Keyboard? CB, can you review? Whatever! Installing this as soon as I get on wifi to download. Hahaha!

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Man I got a failure 2lights pause 3 red lights , i am currently trying to do a restore.....don't know why it did not work for my stl100-1 :(

No thanks, d last leaked update for STL-100 got my browser unstable... won't die waiting for the official release.
Very funny fight btw Naziem13 and Kat0908 btw

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Omg, thank god work calls kept coming in just before I was about to statt the process....(and i would have missed my courier delivery)

Z10 Flavour since 12.2.13

Okay guys happy to report after 5 re-installs i am up and running the new update ....my heart was literally beating.......last leak i installl....sigh

I updates today 8 hours back, works like a fire, all good and great.

needs 3-4 restarts to settle
all works great and fine.
battery as of yet is performing well for me

Woohoo stl2 here congratulating all yall stl1 for this love that is finally been given. Happy loading and stay Crack!

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Not that anyone cares at blackberry or will see this post but the Z10 was suppose to be the phone that EVERY DIE HARD BB USER would feel most proud of and share the same sentiments and views and flash it to other BB haters as ONE but thanks to this silly segregation that they could have alleviated some BB users feel like they aint shit because their respected countries don't offer LTE its not their faults and yet there could have been an alternate route...I haven't bought my Z10 because i am waiting for a ST002 to come down to south africa, this is just bull shit i LOVE BB but this is just shit

Finally finished my work and time to go to home and download that Sexy OS

Coming back with the features and information later

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Ive been using custom firmware on most of my devices for the better part of a decade, be it a BBRY device, sony or a pc. I have done it all and you know what, I love it. Leaks are great, unofficial os are great and custom firmware is great. Life would be boring without risks.

Finally, SCORE. I just might test this on my STL 100. Wooo. BlackBerry all the way man. Dayum

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Looks like the leak is no longer available anyway! If only BB would give a firm release date, the wait might be easier

For those of you who have "braved" the update, can someone let me know if the ability to create contact groups is now available? Thankx

Installation was a breeze, restore was a bit hairy, OS is lovely, battery/phone ran hot for a while, back to normal now. Monitoring battery performance. But overall, no worries. Have to re-sideload Ubersocial and Instagram though. :-).

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The install was a breeeeeeeeze ... i was surprised how quickly it finished. My machine is a beast though :). Up and running fine no issues. Reloaded all the android apps and now i'm restoring my apps and data. Android runtime seems fast and stable and one thing i noticed that i LOVE!!!!! When you select the camera in an android app, it brings up the native camera!!! NO MORE UGLY ANDROID CAMERA INTERFACE!!!

HDR is sweet. Camera seems to take better shots. OS seems stable and everything working so far. Will check the browser and APN settings after restore. Will also check the battery in a few hours to see how far it has drained. So far, so GREAT!!

I'd rather wait for the official OS. Im happy with my bbm, sideloaded Skype, flipboard and Ubersocial apps for now.

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Installed during the day yesterday and must say I'm loving this leak. Dialer works fine - mine didn't work on the first leak. APN settings are editable, android apps working again - they and other ported BlackBerry World apps stopped working when I restored to 10.0..99. now WhatsApp notifications on the hub and lock screen use own icon, plus all the other official improvements.

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Loading the os went very smooth. Overall its fast, smooth,no battery issues, dont have a problem with any of the appplications or the browser. Faster than def. Worth it