Leaked OS for the BlackBerry Z10

By Adam Zeis on 25 Apr 2013 03:09 pm EDT

As if you thought the day was almost over - another OS has popped up in the forums. lbfe is at it again and this time has OS for the Z10 models STL100-2/STL100-3/STL100-4 only, no STL100-1 love this time around. From what we've heard this is a pretty solid build so if you've been thinking about hopping on the 10.1 train this may be the time to do it. 

You'll again need a Windows PC to run the autoloader for your device, and of course this isn't an official OS and thus has no BlackBerry support behind it - so use caution when installing and don't complain if it breaks anything. We do recommend performing a full backup of your device before you fire it up ... just in case. 

If you don't know your Z10 model number you can find it by going to Settings > About.

Hit up the links below to download and the forums for more help and discussion. 

STL100-2 / STL100-3

Discuss more in the CrackBerry forums

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Leaked OS for the BlackBerry Z10


So if you just look at the "first" post and move on it would not be a big deal instead we have to wade thru 10 or 20 BS post about first. Ignore and stay calm!

some people don't understand the importance and the glory of the first post, the honor it brings to its messenger and the tradition which has to be carried on, as long as the internet (and whatever it might bear) will live. don't listen to those philistines!

Interesting to see if Skype will run on this. Or whether they have restricted it by device in BBW.

Posted via CB10 on my Commodore 64

It will when the final OS update is released. Right now these hacked together versions do not support the 100-1 because either the data isn't available to compile for the phone, or the person leaking the phone doesn't have access to one.

Keep them coming! Does anyone know when the official MIGHT be coming out, I know no one knows for sure.

Posted via CB10

^you and thousands of others who keep posting, the HARDWARE IS DIFFERENT!!!


From the Zed of Rockivy

^ you and thousands of others who haven't read their posts complaining about this!!!

The HARDWARE IS DIFFERENT ON THE ST-100-1. So the OS build is different!


From the Zed of Rockivy

Why is it that the hardware is different. Could someone please elaborate. Did I make a mistake by buying the 100-1?

Posted via CB10

This is like asking what is the difference between Audi and BMW, and which is better. Let's see if we can't get a more entertaining discussion going, shall we?

^At least if your going to complain about those who are using the hardware #'s get it right it's STL-100.

Posted via CB10

You're admitting you have nothing but "fun" to contribute to CrackBerry.com, and most people don't think it's fun, but you don't care. Fine.

Hmm, don't think I admitted that, Mr.Lorax . I did encourage someone to have fun, and enjoy life. Obviously you are much to serious for that. Strange coming from someone with a character name from a Dr. Seuss book. I just find if funny that all these people get bent out of shape of 'first' then the thread subject gets lost because of all the whiny posts over someone's grand faux paux. Next time, just ignore them perhaps and they will may get tired of it. Just as you could have ignored my lack of serious contribution here, and as I could have ignored yours. Good day Sir Lorax.

Because very many people are getting annoyed by it there is to many people posting stupid stuffs on the forums that we have to read 20 post and only 5 or 10 are actually related to the thread.

I hear you. However, every time I see first-bashing, that itself takes up more time and space that the guy who simply said 'first!'. I mean seriously, look above as an example... ok admittedly, the Philistine thing was genuinely funny, but still.
Aaaand the guy even apologizes and the bashing happens again. Like, really guys?
First-bashing is a complete waste of time. The end.

Correct... But if people ignored the firsts, there would be one or two comments each time... that's like going to a bar and complaining that people are drinking there.... i am not a fan but it honestly doesn't annoy me in the slightest... chill out and simply ignore it and you all could have saved over forty comments about it...

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Downloading ... I pray this allows Adobe Reader, WhatsApp, and a few other updates still pending in my BBWorld. Reader update is very useful due to some new features. Again this update is not supported but I also pray an auto detect of the official update from BlackBerry will work down the road.

But isn't this a lower version than the previously leaked! I still don't think it is worth it when the official update is 2 weeks away. I am guessing it won't allow the Skype version to work as well or updates to whatsapp and adobe. Why try it ....don't think it would be worth it

Ooops Sorry my bad :) well I am willing to upgrade if this version allows whatsapp and adobe update in addition to downloading the skype version. Otherwise I can wait

Does anyone know if any of these leaks fix the email issue when you get strange added characters to your out going email?

Posted via CB10

I'm running what's app 2.9.5773 on Verizon just got an update this week. Don't know what others have.

Posted via CB10

Seriously, you guys lol I'm trying really hard to not treat my Z10 like a lab rat for new OS leaks lol but this is like lighting up a cigarette in front of someone that's trying to quit smoking...c'mon man just one hit, I swear lol I must be strong, I've quit harder things than this haha just keep swimming just keep swimming...

Posted via CB10

I'm trusting that BB will also bring out the same update for the STL100-1 when it is officially launched. Here in South Africa BB has a huge market, largest supplier at the moment in the relevant category. Would be foolish of BB not to...

Posted via a BlackBerry 10 - iPhone killer device

They have in the past, so I can't see why they wouldn't for 10.1. Then, it's all up to your carrier to give it to you.

I hereby confirm that Skype does not install on my Z10 STL100-3 running OS Version (Software Release

Think I will wait for official release, people please try and understand the reason for different hardware releases, thus different software updates for certain hardware, there is only a bazillion post on it, and the questions are getting old

Posted from my amazing Z10

I know that.....I was trying to bring a bit of humor on a Thursday afternoon (like all of the people that ask if the latest OS 7.1 update would work on their 8300...). SMH

Warning, if you previously had installed the developer beta and did a backup from that, it will NOT restore to this version.

I could only hold out the first leak, can't help myself on the second one.

Be sure to backup your phone before unzipping the autoload file. Like its namesake, it really does automatically load. Here's to my 3/27 backup!

I hope there won't be a 100 posts of "downloading it now", "just downloaded it, backing up", "loading up almost done". If you're going to try it just post your results once it's loaded.

Sorry, it installed fine. Restored fine and haven't had any issues so far. I was also joking with the OP.

You as a developer choose what theme the app is going to have but the z10 defaults to bright and the Q10 defaults to dark

Posted via CB10

This version was made OTA last Friday for the early adopters beta users. Very stable

No issues for me(knock on wood)

Posted via CB10

I've been using the last leaked version and had great luck with it. There are a couple of glitches (Swiping back from a message in the hub is picky, and the swipe to delete a word flakes out.) I'm hoping this resolves those issues. Overall I've been real pleased with the update though. The Camera (HDR) feature alone is awesome. I like it flashing green across the corrected words now, it alerts me to if it corrected a word that way and I can review it before sending.

Can you tell me how to use the HDR feature? When I turn on the camera I just have the option to toggle between camera and video nothing indicating HDR mode. Thanks

In the Camera App, select the 3 ellipses, the shooting mode option (Typically "Normal" ), is the second option down from the top. Tap on it and you will see HDR at the bottom of the list.

Hope that helps, Good luck!

It is already possible my friend, if not try update it, I had trouble myself but it takes time to get used to it.

Posted via CB10

Cool extra feature to be able to see your files on your pc's in file manager using link to set up. As long as your pc is online.

Posted via CB10

What about the STL100-1 Model? Will it be available for us? When will the official OS release be available? & if you could make a good. BAR file for Skype on the Z10???? Pls Reply and confirm

Posted via CB10

Don't be sad of having the STL-001, it's the first Z10's after all. All the model comes after that are just enhanced. But for sure RIM will not forget about ya'll. It's better to be late than crashing your Z10's from all the bugs in all these leaks. I will wait for the official but thanks for the info pipz! Just can't wait to experienced it officially. #TeamBlackberry

Posted via CB10

Can someone elaborate on the different model numbers or point me to a place that does. I have Z10STL100-3/

Posted via CB10

thats it i need to see someone about my update problems , its affecting my relationship with the ones i love curse u crackberry , Now in a dark room updating my Z10

I'm on Verizon (white Z10), and I just installed 1483 leak about an hour ago. I previously updated to the 1429 leak as well. Found that to have a few glitches, where BB Bridge and Adobe Reader did not install at all and TuneIn Radio would install and show the load/splash screen but then nothing. No such problems on 1483.

Also, one of the reasons I loaded the 1429 leak was to see if my random reboots would go away. Before 1429, I had 1 reboot overnight while charging and 1 reboot during the day. On 1429, I had 2 total reboots that occurred overnight over 4 days, so an apparent improvement. Hoping 1483 gets rid of the random reboots entirely. So far, none, but way too early to tell. :-)

Finally, my battery life seemed to improve (about 10%-20% more at the end of the day) with 1429. Hoping to get the same or better battery life on this. From what I'm seeing in the forums about this leak, that's a fair expectation.

At the very least, OS seems snappier and ports and sideloaded apps seem smoother as well on 1483 compared to original Verizon OS and leaked 1429. Hope this helps.

FYI, I had the phone (Verizon STL100-4 - Black) about a week with the original OS on it, was randomly rebooting when recharging or even while not in use. Called VZ, told them about issue, exchanged for a new phone, downloaded OS version BB10_0_10.116.472185 (leaked) from crackberry and have not had any reboots since. Suggest you call VZ and request a hardware change. Hope this helps

Thanks for the suggestion. I'm actually already on my second Z10. The random reboots were just as frequent on the second one, which helped make it easier to take a chance on installing the leaks. Unfortunately, I had one random early this morning on this leak, so it hasn't gone away entirely...still better than the Verizon OS overall though.

Loaded it up on my Verizon Z10 and just testing now. So far so good. Seems slightly sluggish when closing applications but it's possible I'm being overly sensitive.

Can someone refresh my memory on how to install the leaked version. After downloading the file and then unzipping it.
I double click the .exe file and it says connecting to Bootrom:
I then connect my Z10 to the PC but nothing happens.

What Am I missing here?

connect your z10 before double clicking the .exe file, make sure you close bb link before starting (why i do not know)

Not sure if it makes a difference, but in addition to closing BB Link before double-clicking the exe file, I also turned off the Z10 and disconnected the USB cable. When I got the "connecting to Bootrom", I connected the USB and turned on the Z10. Within 15 seconds, the installation started. Hope that helps!

Ok I don't know if this weird or not, but after I updated the OS, I went to settings/About and the Software Release shows!?!?!?

I have my Z10 from T-Mobile STL100-3 with original software release of

Anyone had the same issue?

But is it the right version? I have no issues until now but the thread mentions and the previous one was! Now we are back to!

Okay I upgraded twitter from BlackBerry World and it is working now.

So far so good

Posted via CB10

Ibfe is BBRY agent in disguise.. they want free testers and get feedbacks. So they 'leaked' the OS.. old tricks :p

Posted via CB10

Just put it on my z10 and I'm loving it so far! I'm so glad they fixed the selection problem!!

Posted via CB10

Twitter is not working. Deleted the app and downloaded it again from blackberry world but still same issue. I'm on (although i got the OS from the link and it was supposed to be

Full of bugs... my facebook dosnt show new msgs... pho e heats ap..watsapp cant be upgraded n adobe too..so i hav restore my phone n its working absolutely fine..

Posted via CB10

I dont need this leak, never had a problem whatsoever (random restart, etc) , i'll wait for the official release instead *goodness comes for those who has patience...*

CB10 user Z10 abuser :D

It's working great on the stl4, I'm glad us Verizon customers at least get the best version haha no but seriously I think it's a vast improvement from the 10.1 leak prior to this

Posted via CB10

Installed for about an hour, feels a little sluggish thus far, but I assume the OS has to "settle in" first. All App updates from yesterday that wouldn't install now do, including Bridge, yay!!

Updated no issues battery doesn't drain like mad (never did) had a random restart on the old leak but none with the new leak everything works fine

Posted from...... the mighty Z/Zed10

Will wait for the official release as I am a total chicken... Thanks for the feedback though guys... all very interesting...

Posted via CB10

Does anyone know if you can change the APN settings in this firmware on a -3 model?

Posted via CB10

Under Network Setting->Mobile Connections there is an APN spot to select that will take you to a screen for adjusting the APN settings. I'm on the -3 model and using this leaked version.

On -2 Model I'm still getting the information but I cannot change it... still greyed. Actually now I have a worst problem, the APN address changed and now I got not data connection. Any help?

Anyone on stl2 backup on 1429 and restored it on this latest leak? Does it work okay?

Posted via CB10 on my Z10

Backed up 3am this morning on previous leak and no problems at all with reloading to current.

Posted via CB10

Backed up on previous leak (Stl100-2) and restored to this current version with no problems.

Posted via CB10

No STL100-1. COL (Crying out loud). Hope when the real stuff appears, they have not forgotten me and my kind. I did install it on my Playbook and 9900 though and it rocks! LMAO

Issues: after upgrade, trying to restore from previous backup, but stopped at 60%. Tried a couple of times. Same issue. Had to go back to the previous leaked. 1429 version.

Posted on Z10.

Stl-100-2 UK ee network all is working well but ebay won't run!!!! Anyone with the same problem

Posted via CB10

Well I said that I was going to wait for official releases but I took the plunge last night and updated the link software as well. Both are running quite well. Seem to be noticing a bit of lag in the Android runtime but other than that it was a smooth, seamless backup-wipe-restore.

Posted via CB10

It will lag for the first few times you run it and then it will go faster it seems to set things up also do a reboot.

Has anyone that have downloaded it confirm that the previous apps/games (Batman Spiderman, Pandora, etc) would work with this leak?

I have the latest leak installed, but SayIt is still not working. Bridge, Adobe updates now, 360 Panorama works now as well.

Has anyone got SayIt to work?

Posted via CB10

. The SayIt app will not work, however, the devs say it has been updated for this release and will be available "next month".

Posted via CB10, rocking my Z10!

I have updated succesfully, only issue I have is phone shows OS version as Is thought it was supposed to be .1483? Has it gone backwards?

Yeah I have the same issue. I am on T-mobile Z10 STL100-3 and the original OS before the update was I think. When I previously update to it showed in the settings but when I updated to it showed as

Should we be worried about that?

Working great for me.

Really fluid and stable.
Buttery smooth.
Battery life is great.

A few bugs but it's still worth it.

Posted via CB10

For those who think it is an issue for the OS to say version just use the drop down and select OS, you will see there.

One number is the OS level and the other is the APP level (I think).

Works more smoothly and feels more stable than the previous leaked version and no hiccups upon first use.

Posted via CB10

Anyone having an issue with the following?
#1 In the hub if i select text to show it somehow doesnt but lets say calls are its doing its own thing?
#2 I now have duplicate contacts and it wont show the caller id NAME when that contc(s) calls in?
Otherwise its better then the "hybrid" 10.1 os as All app world apps now install fine.

Very stable os, all reboot problem solved and my acrobat adobe update issues solve, i recommend this leaked seems like the battery lifetime is improve to...i want the official updates now.

ps : One thing about the z10 its, to save data, and charging the battery fully its take much time then on the 9900 bold, but for all others things are good, this blackberry is awesome, i love it !!!

I think I broke my phone, but I can't say no one warned me SMH! When I installed The leaked OS 10.1 it gave me issues with my text. So, I decided to wipe my phone and install the the original factory OS. The problem persist even after whipping my phone a couple of times and installing the factory OS, then a restore. Has anyone else had similar complications?

Posted via CB10

Downloaded and have been enjoying for the last day, battery life seems to have improved seeing as the phone is reset, and I know when I first got my phone or accidentally factory reset my device I died very quickly the first couple of days, as it learned everything. Sone apps don't load, it's very few, I think the only thing that I may use on a fairly regular basis would be sayit which doesn't work yet, I imagine they haven't issued an update yet to support 10.1 . I have noticed sone improvements in remember in the editing and adding, also I think that the new calculator is an improvement, I like the color and layout better, I would like to see it go to landscape. Overall the text selection is way better,Not sure why they chose green, I suppose it might stand out a bit better than blue.but i am loving the different ring tones for my email accounts. All around its a slick update, and the her and camera improvements work well. Thanks for the leak. I look forward to a official release as well!

Posted via CB10

Adobe reader issue fixed. So far so good. Can see no problems. All apps work, restore worked just fine.

Posted via CB10

Well all is working great except I am not able to use the side loaded Instagram even after doing the Facebook password reset trick.

Other than that, I like the deeper Facebook integration along with improved twitter app. Evernote is also available however I don't use it so I can't comment on it.

Lot more options for notifications as well. Battery life seems to have improved but not sure how much as I'm still on my first day of using this OS but will follow up after a few days of regular use.

Posted via CB10

Just installed on STL100-2.
WhatsApp is okay.
HTML5Test score is unchanged at 485 with 11 bonus points.
Text selector is *much* easier to use.
Twitter isn't loading - will investigate further...
BlackBerry link now has the ability to optionally download files over mobile network - will see what that's all about.
Will wait until tonight before trying the HDR camera out in anger...
Skype (side loaded version) is working.
All in all - not bad - got Skype lost twitter...

Posted via CB10 with my white Z10 :-)


Went to BlackBerry World and updated all the applications:
1) BlackBerry World,
2) CB10
3) Adobe Reader
4) Twitter
5) WhatsApp

There was one more but I can't remember...

Twitter is working again and I am (thus far) 100% happy.

Posted via CB10

Downloaded and installed STL100-4 for Verizon last evening and love it so far! Much better custom notifications that were lost with original BB10 OS release. Also like that you can now set option to use power button to turn display back on (after screen display timeout) and you don't have to swipe up anymore also. No app issues yet (although ESPN sportscenter took about 10 minutes to start up, but now fine). One bizarre problem is that all of my contacts seem fine in actual Contacts app, but many are missing when I go into contacts option within Phone??? Can't figure out the pattern of which ones are showing and which ones aren't, but definitely some bug there. Still no time (in addition to date field) in Remember app....

Stupid question for a beginner using first leaked OS. When the final version comes out from Verizon - does the leaked version get updated automatically via normal software update process? (And will all of my settings be saved - unlike when I installed the leaked OS where you had to restore everything from backup?) Thanks!

Hello World :)

Has anyone find a way to get rid of that pop up "Apps are to the right"? It's getting on my nerves. Is this enabled forever in 10.1? Or can we disable it in the official/final Version? Using the Z10 100-2.

The message shows every time I close an app or minimizing it.

Thanks and greetings from Germany

Posted via CB10

Not really concerned about the leaks not being available for the STL-100, more annoyed that BlackBerry shipped a device with components different than advertised.

I haven't seen any Z10 adverts saying it has a TI-OMAP processor. Anyway learnt my lesson, no early adoption or first day purchases of BlackBerry devices in my future.

Posted via CB10

Installed all things working well after update app like Twitter,CB ,BB World, Whatsapp... the only issue I have is Facebook notification in the Hub appearing only when I launch the app.

Anybody having the same issue here?

Posted via CB10