Leaked OS for the BlackBerry Dev Alpha C

Dev Alpha C
By Adam Zeis on 26 Apr 2013 06:18 pm EDT

One more for the road today courtesy of lbfe in the forums. Dev Alpha C owners can get in on the action as well with a fresh new leak of OS We saw this one drop for most Z10's already and it seems pretty smooth so far. 

As a friendly reminder, you can of course screw up your device when installing a leaked OS so use extreme caution. Always perform a full backup first and don't yell at us if you break anything. You'll also need a Windows PC to run the autoloader.

If you have a Dev C in hand and are ready to take the plunge, hit the link below to download then jump to the forums for all the details.

Download OS for the Dev Alpha C
Discuss more in the CrackBerry forums

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Leaked OS for the BlackBerry Dev Alpha C


& Milk

......btw does anyone notice any improvements/changes from the current OS? Or is this just performance enhancements?

Can somebody try this now, and share to us what ever you find new, (if you dont mind) and of course, thank you.

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I heartily second your cookies!! And then continuing to contribute is just good form. Although I do miss a good 'first' and the ensuing passion in the comments. Cackle.

The ongoing updates are awesome. Put 'em out BBRY. Wow me. And put them on the PlayBook fuck I've been patient.

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this will add more core functionality, like other account types (twitter, facebook, Evernote, etc) I hope. that's the only thing missing from my Dev Alpha C.

It's exactly what it does. Much better than 1429 which was a bit unstable and not compatible with all apps.

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Z10STL100-4/ I installed it yesterday hoping to get my Z10 to stop the random and annoying reboots, but no luck. This unit is going in for an exchange.

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Since installing this newest leaked os I cannot pin browser pages to my home screen. Anyone else experiencing this or know of a fix?

I have no problem saving shortcuts (if that's what you mean with pin) to my homescreen. I have installed The OS version dexcribed in this thread on my devAlphaC. And it is a european DAC, in case there are different version acros the globe.

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Installed, happy with it. Not much different to previous one. Battery still goes down pretty quick. Don't know what to do anymore. Battery only last for bloody 6 hours max. Keep charging it constantly all day long. Haven't check other improvement but finally got Skype on and did first test call. Perfect, no issues.

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