Leaked OS for the BlackBerry Z10

By Bla1ze on 20 Apr 2013 07:44 pm EDT

Earlier this week, we saw OS roll out to developers. Many non-developers loaded on their device only to discover that it wasn't exactly a full OS. Now though, lbfe from the CrackBerry Forums has either found (or put together) a full version of OS for several of the BlackBerry Z10 variations out there. In any case, we're going to treat this as a leaked version and give the regular warnings and disclaimers that go along with that.

Right then, as always - use caution when installing a leaked OS like this and remember if you break your phone it's not our fault. Also, a good idea to make a backup because you're essentially performing a factory restore on your device. If you don't want to lose data, a backup is needed. You'll need a Windows PC to install these files and If it goes downhill, remember you can always wipe and restore your device. 

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Leaked OS for the BlackBerry Z10



Ive been a BlackBerry faithful for years
Ive owned 8530,9780,9900 i also own a PlayBook. My Z10 is a STL 100-1 model and im in the Dominican Republic. Its sad to see that BlackBerry would treat there faithful this way abroad. If I'm unable to download any fast gameloft games do too the chip my z10 has im going to Iphone5. Im appalled.

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Don't blame blackberry for this. IF you even took the time to read the article, this was a leak PUT TOGETHER BY THE COMMUNITY that was parcially from blackberry. You installed it and YOU messed up (broke) your phone. It is YOUR FAULT.

For those of you blaming BlackBerry for the version of device you have, perhaps you should ask your carrier why they use the network that they do and stop blaming BlackBerry for conforming to their network.

Wish people would read the comments before asking about STL - 1. Just wait until your carrier lets you know an update is available. If you don't know what you're doing simply ignore this blog post.


Ok maybe I'm not in the loop but I would live to know what does a carrier have to do with a phones internal hardware.?

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Unless we want to start another conspiracy theory that BlackBerry is deliberately slighting some of their markets there must be a technical reason for different versions of the phone.

On another note, there are lots of people here, self included, that have the patience to not load this unofficial OS on our phones so maybe the STL-1 folks could be patient as well.

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Got it, d/l'ed and installed (STL-3). So far so good little complaints. Finding BB Bridge not working properly and link up with my BB via Bluetooth. Outside of that. Liking it.

just noticed.. lost a few contacts between the backup and the restore.. i wish they address the contacts managing issue on the 10s soon..

I use stl 100-1. My OS version is with software release of everything works fine except the poor battery life.

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Ahh i forgot that this is just a leaked software updates, im just gonna wait for the official one, stl 100-1 is also a qualcom the difference with other series were just they are faster, smoother i think, and 4G support which we ( stl100-1) dont have.. but that's just because our country cant support it yet :)

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well once software is approved and released from the manufacturer (BBrry), it can take 30-60 for each carrier to individually approve the OS update.

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Has anyone tried the new leaked OS for the BlackBerry Z10 STL-100-2 on the DEV Alpha A Pro-100-2? I have a previous STL-100-2 OS working well on my PRO-100-2, and I am not as adventurous to try this new STL-100-2 on it. I do have issues with being unable to attach images via MSM on T-Mobile text messages, otherwise OS works like a charm. Apparently the Dev Alpha A was designed to work best with AT&T SIM cards.

Thanks lbfe smooth install, now settling in to enjoy the upgrade on my vzw z10

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This is the best OS I have tried. I was thinking of rolling back to my backup device BlackBerry 9900 before trying this new BlackBerry 10.1 :) well done RIM

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Oh, how I do miss loading up my legacy BlackBerry devices with leaked OSs, it was like getting a new phone every time complete with that butterfly feeling in your gut as you watch the load screen in anticipation so you can dig in to the OS and find all the new subtle differences or new features to play with. But, I am a bit leary to do that with my Z10, as I have no real issues with it, not to mention I'm on the equipment finance plan with T-Mobile and haven't even started the payments yet lol an official update should be out soon. I waited 2 years for the phone, its the best phone I've ever owned, im happy just to be holding it in my hands :)

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This is a keeper for me, no issues so far..

Installed about 8 hours ago, and I can say this is the best OS to his the SLT100-2 with out a doubt...

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Installed it this afternoon. So far so good. Many things - text editing, for example -seem to work better. Some extra prompt help on the UI and changes to the setup wizard. Also, can't yet add my second of two corporate accounts which I had configured previously - now get a message similar to "accounts for domain xxxx.com are managed by the administrator". We are on BES, and I can see where this might be desired as a default in a BES environment, but if this gets baked in I will have to figure out how to work around as we have several users with multiple corporate accounts .

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i notice a bug on the camera... when you take a pic and you open the picture folder directly from the camera it would look like a blurry display... but if you open the picture folder you will see the picture normal... also instagram is working terrible.. i cant even type almost the keys are all messed up.. i think im gonna reset the phone and wait.

Can you let me know how to reset the phone? I am having trouble updating any app from appworld. Got an update for adobe and whatsapp and both failed to update on the device. How can I reset it back to the previous OS?

update for twitter(,adobe reader(10.0.6 build 26) and blackberry newsstand.
I have "error installing application" for adobe.

Radio Player + does not work. I reinstalled, I did reboot, but still no go.
It connects to BBM, after which white page.

When receiving a call, the caller's name do not appear and no picture, although the picture is associated number.
It's like when I had 10.0.9

Doesn't seem as though Adobe Reader is signed for . This os version as of yet.

One thing I have noticed is PIN to PIN messaging doesn't come in as Red text or Red banner. If there is one things BlackBerry should not have changed from the legacy device, it's this. Especially now that pin messages are jumbled into the hub with so many other accounts and social feeds and notifications. Just my thought.

Overall loving my z1 even more.

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Working ok. I'm on T-Mobile UK but having problems with ebay loading?? Anyone else experience the same??

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Just tried, Z10STL100-3/ Telus Mobility Canada, ebay loaded no problems whatsoever.

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dont think so mate. the main carrier in my country is carrying 1 but mine is unlocked 2 bought online. just loaded today works perfectly fine.

Sussed out that restoring from backup some apps don't work. Twitter , ebay for example. Deleted and reinstalled them, all ok they work again.
Might be worth trying on apps that don't work.

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Non of the leaked Os working in my device as my model is STL100-1 is there any update on that Or a way to do it?

Great to see that you can forward again with other account!

It is great. No 30 days limit on mails but cannot chose 90 days for example. Only choice is below 30 days or for always and latter took time to load with several accounts.

Also possible to see files on pc is cool but limited to standard my documents folder.

No pin lock screen yet.

After a day all runs smoothly.

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Need help! Have installed this version and it works well, however just in case... how do I downgrade back to version Thx? Stl-02 version here

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I installed it and it went smoothly for the most part. I am missing the delete option from my Hub for alerts I receive for e-mails and such. Anyone else experience this? I have to go into the alert now to delete it. I do not see anywhere else to do so.

Man... why does it seem BB10 is just not as simple to install leaks as previous OS... i can't find where to start to install this leak os?? the file downloaded isn't a .exe file ? urgh, oh well.. thank god i like BlackBerry regardless...

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Hello does anyone have the file saved to their pc that can email me the file, the links do not work. I need the STL100-3. Thank you.

Why is the gesture to swipe the delete button so much harder to do in this newer version?

Also anyone else missing the keyboard sound when your typing as i am?

Well, I did it and I have to say big improvements for me. First and most important Battery life Is much better for me. Editing is easier. And something I was really hoping for and is now in it is it displays evernote information properly. It used to jumble it all together. Now formatting and HTML appear to be in place removing the need for a separate app

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It's working well so far on my Verizon z10 a lot of improvement. But did not fix my biggest gripe. Still can't set custom tone for individual contact's sms.

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Hey guys. I'm with Rogers in BC. I used the software update button and it is showing that is available for update. No one else has reported this so im uneasy clicking update but i'm downloading now...

Well it seems on this OS whenever an App is updated in BlackBerry world it fails to update on the device. Fore example just got an update for Adobe Reader and Whatsapp, tried to download them but the update failed. Anyone having the same issue when updating to

Can anyone tell him how to revert to the orginial OS? I am on a T-Mobile Z10 STL-003

New hybrid OS down and installed.... easy, easy to do!
Use Chrome to download, as firefox will just hang at 18%-22%.
Now.... backup your phone in link
close link
unzip the RAR
with your phone still plugged in run the exe file it will do it's job
just that easy.
Faster... no more scrambled emails... thank you1