Leaked OS for the BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha

BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha
By Adam Zeis on 12 Mar 2013 10:10 am EDT

We saw OS leak for the BlackBerry Z10 (STL100-3) not too long ago, and now the same OS has leaked for the BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha and STL100-1 models (if you don't know your model number, go to Settings > About). For Dev Alpha users, this update brings along some features and fixes that some Z10 owners have received through carrier updates. Keep in mind that you'll need to install this OS from a Windows PC and use extreme caution as it could screw up your device. That being said - make sure you do a full backup first and don't blame us if you break anything along the way. Hit the link below to download.

Download OS for the BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha

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Leaked OS for the BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha


Excuse my ignorance but what's the difference between STL100-001 and STL100-003?? Thanks

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Just a word of caution to users with BES accounts setup: full back up does not back up your BES connection. If you do this update, you will need to reactivate your work account. Not a big deal, but something I learned the hard way and thought others could benefit from.

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The differences between STL-100 1, 2 is the radio chipset and 3 comes with a different cpu used in the USA. The different radio chipset is to be compatible with your region.

If your cpu is the same but different radio chipset, then I don't think you will brick your device but you may not be able to connect on your network (or at least not on LTE)

However, I would clearly not install a version built and compiled for a different cpu, this could brick your phone I believe.

I would wait for official releases personally :)

Posted from my Z10 via CB10.

In legacy BB devices, you could never 'Brick' the device. It was always (barring a hardware failure) possible to re-connect, wipe and re-load an OS. So loading leaked OSes and even hybrids was never scary.

Sounds like BB10 devices can actually be 'Bricked' now?

You know we need a list showing all 4 versions of Z10 and their internal differences, including a list of carriers that they are designed to be compatable with and including carriers that although they are not designed for you could use on this carrier with some sort of restriction. ie: if you purchase a US version STL-3 and you travel to the UK could you just buy a SIM in the UK and use your phone.

How can it be when it was officially released by airtel in India. I am already running this.

Don't know how to paste the screen shot.

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Hey me too from India... !dea hasnt given the official update yet... I heard BSNL also has provided the official... As I'm using idea, I'm gonna do this..

So, I hear people talking about STL100-1, STL100-2 and STL100-3, but what about the PRO100-2, I always tought I was having a Dev Alpha, turned out to be...?

The 100-3 version works on the 100-2 Handset btw, I was trying to force the version
to install last week and used that as a base on my 100-2 in the uk

I've read that (you were talking about *2 as well) although it really made me wonder what the difference between SLT and PRO is. Something with US vs EMEA perhaps?

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I own a STL100-1 device and received the update through my carrier last week here in UAE. The OS version now reads and the Software release reads
I don't understand what is the difference between the software version and the OS Version

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Last leak (I think) I figured I'd wait for official and next official came. With 10.1 supposedly coming any day soon, I will again wait for that.

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I live in Nigeria nd I have the STL 100-1, I have tried all the techniques posted here on how to force upgrade the Z10 using the BlackBerry Link and the Web technique, but non worked for me. Thanks for the leak. Please keep them coming. Hope to see the leak of soon, which I believe is an upgrade to this build

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Hi @dustmalik, I'm in Naija too and was able to update mine just this morning. Simply download the link at the end of the article, connect your device to ur Pc, Unzip and install. REMEMBER TO BACKUP UR DEVICE USING BLACKBERRY LINK BEFORE INSTALLING!

This leak is for Dev Alpha and not the Z10 wonder why my naija peeps be trying to install a dev alpha leak on a z10.

Got me a dev alpha STL 100-2 anyone got this leak up and running on it?

Actually it's also for the Z10 STL 100-1. I have installed it and it's working great for me.

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Would you send a screenshot with the os info?
I have an Dev Alpha A running os PRO100-2
And i can't install os

Issue with on Dev Alpha B (STL100-1) with Vodafone NL network: won't do 3G, switches back to 2G all the time.

I'm using an unlocked Z10 STL 100-1 / 10.0.10 261 with an ATT sim in the USA, this is a factory unlocked device. I did a backup, installed the software from the link above using a windows pc and restore and everything seems to be working fine. Now I'm up to STL 100-1 / and was able to successfully install whatsapp and so far all looks good.

Waiting for more apps such as groupme, skype etc.