Leaked: Native Evernote app for BlackBerry 10

By Bla1ze on 2 Jul 2013 04:07 pm EDT

If you've been using BlackBerry 10 for a while now, then you likely know that it has Evernote integration through the Remember app and you likely also know that as of right now there is no native app for Evernote available in BlackBerry World. That looks to be changing though, as in a recent build of BlackBerry 10.2 ( a fully native and working standalone Evernote app has been been discovered.

It's been extracted from the OS and if you're looking to give it a go, you can grab it via the download link. Keep in mind, you'll need to sideload it and well, it may not work on all OS' depending on which you have installed. Having tested it out though, it seems to be working on all current 10.1 builds. As for other builds, your mileage may vary. Best to check in the CrackBerry forums and see if your OS has been tested.

Download the leaked native Evernote app

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Leaked: Native Evernote app for BlackBerry 10


Don't use it, but cool nonetheless. On a side note, sometimes the cb app will not load stories when I click on them. Just a blank page.

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Happy with Remember app :) :p but for people who want this its a happy day I suppose

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hhmmm.. Does it need 10.2?
The way OS updates are rolled out (or not depending on your carrier and phase of the moon) it could be next year before it's usable in a lot places.

"Having tested it out though, it seems to be working on all current 10.1 builds. As for other builds, your mileage may vary."

It does not work on STL100-1 though... Not working on mine anyhow... I have sideloaded a lot of apps and this does not work on mine. Build:

One of the most critical apps for me for actual business use, and our firm's IT policy actually forbids "sideloads" and the devices are set to block them.

We appear to be closer, but not there yet.

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If it's included with the OS, then BlackBerry must be helping to build the app. So why the f*** doesn't BlackBerry build some of the actual services themselves?!

I use Gmail, Google Maps and Google Drive all the time and I hate that I constantly feel this tug to Android if I want a good mobile experience with such products. Instead of begging for apps to come to BB for such major services these days, why the heck doesn't BlackBerry build competing services? Why not make web based services, get people using it, and when those people want the best mobile experience... they'll need a BlackBerry device to get it.

BlackBerry for a long time has said they want to be the pipe that other service's data flows through(their automotive plans today is essentially the same thing), and I've disagreed with this since the day I first heard them say it. It's great in the beginning, but once those 3rd party services get big enough, they eventually build their own pipes... leaving BlackBerry with empty pipes and no services to sell.

Seriously, BlackBerry... Quit being lazy and build your own services!

/ end rant


Because they have to focus on advancing the os, fixing bugs, and building devices. They can't be responsible for biking all these services especially when Google has the money to build it's apps, and not take a loss, BlackBerry on the other had doesn't have that luxury.

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Sorry, I've heard that argument before and I completely disagree. I don't believe that devices and an OS are gonna make BlackBerry a winner. Those 2 things allow people to do 1 main thing... access services. A user may know nothing about iOS, but if they have a mac and they use itunes etc... they'll likely pick and Apple device. A user may know nothing about Android, but if they use Gmail, G-Maps, G-Drive etc... they'll likely get a Google(Android) phone. Same goes for Windows/MS Office -> Windows Phone.

Yet there is nothing to drive people to BlackBerry. With BlackBerry you get a great OS... and then spend lots of time praying that the services you use will one day be accessible from it.

An OS and hardware is not an ecosystem. BlackBerry is completely ignoring the glue that keeps people attached to a platform.... services.

Anyone who has spent time on Android would know that the Google Drive and GMAIL apps are far from an optimal experience.

The Dropbox app on BB10 works far better than the Google Drive app for Android, and Gmail is normally in a completely different app than the normal e-mail client. The Hub gives us a universal inbox and a superior means of communication.

However, I do understand your point about brand loyalty. BlackBerry needs to do a better job of making these features known.

Frankly, I wish they'd develop more direct partnerships with companies not yet tied down to a specific mobile platform--Yahoo, Evernote, Zoho, etc.

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BlackBerry could offer some services, for things they're normally good at. BES in the cloud is coming and hopefully more of the same will follow, but they shouldn't try to compete where they can't. They don't have the resources to build a better Maps than Google's.

BlackBerry should fight for security and privacy for all.

I think BlackBerry began down the path of building a propriety cloud services solution to compete at least in part with the Microsoft, Google and Apple solutions, but I'm not sure Thor loved the idea. They bought an Irish company for 100 million, nearly as much as their investment in QNX, but Thor turned around and sold the cloud infrastructure a few months later at a loss. I think Mike L. was more temperamentally inclined to build it himself, whereas Thor is more inclined towards forming mutually beneficial partnerships that acknowledge other's strengths. Both strategies have their risks and benefits. I think the real question is which strategy was better given the context of where BlackBerry is in terms of its market position, finances, and other assets. I just wish that Microsoft hadn't married Nokia, because a partnership with BlackBerry courting enterprise with Office 365 and best - in - class Windows 8 integration would have benefited both companies.

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Evernote has worked for me as part of Remember so far, but it's great to have the option to have a great native standalone version as well.

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Yes yes yes!!! I HATE the android version, so slow, and I use evernote that much. Do glad to see it will be full and native because I hate remember too.

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A BlackBerry rep told one of my BBM friends yesterday that a Native Evernote app was on the way.

For once I am ahead. Didn't last long :P

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Why don't they just add the functionality within the remember app? I'd much rather have it in one app instead of needing two :(

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I use it on my Playbook and PC and used it on my Torch. I'll use it on my Z10 -- though i can't begin to imagine how long it will be until AT&T releases 10.2.

Make sure out of the 3 permissions 'Device Identifying Information' is turned on. This permission needs to be on for you to be able to sign in. If you turn it off you will get the 'user or password error' message, the other two permissions 'Location' and 'GPS Location' can be left off if you choose.

Great news! BTW a little birdie told me that 10.2 will be coming with the android instagram port that runs smooth like butter thanks to android 4.2.2.

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Well, so far, apps don't run smoother because of 4.2.2. They really need to implement hardware acceleration before we can see any changes. Using an app on Android or BB10 is night and day in terms of performance.

We need more secure options to backup notes... since it may take a while for 3rd parties to come to the platform, why wouldn't BlackBerry offer their own solution?

Make sure out of the 3 permissions 'Device Identifying Information' is turned on. This permission needs to be on for you to be able to sign in. If you turn it off you will get the 'user or password error' message, the other two permissions 'Location' and 'GPS Location' can be left off if you choose.

Although the Remember app works great for me, because most of my notes are plain text, getting native apps like this can only help the popularity of BB10.

Thank you for replying. That's disappointing news because I'm a big Evernote user and I'm reluctant to install an unofficial, leaked OS because of past bad experiences. Still, I'm grateful for the warning. You saved me some time.

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stopped using Evernote after they'd hacked. I reckon future is on mega which would be great having official mega app

Anyone have it mirrored elsewhere? I can't get that URL to work from the Z10 browser

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Disappointed I couldn't get it workings since my Notebooks and Tags sync ok but no synchronization of notes. Has anyone else come across the issue? Running solely on a wifi connection. Could this be possibly the problem?

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This is great news but DO NOT USE TO EDIT your notes. This version is very BUGGY.

I like the interface and look forward to when it is done. Right now, you can't search or select folders and when you create or edit, you may not be able to save or accidentally lose your changes. So, I wouldn't recommend for creating content. Maybe just for viewing content.

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UPDATE: as a long time BlackBerry nerd and Evernote power user, this app is buggy as hell and not ready for prime time. Stick to the 5.1 Android port sideload. Sign in to the PC app and you'll see what I mean. Duplicates over and over of one edited note. Plus, today it wouldn't sync any notes at all. Completely blank with spinning circle. A step in the right direction, but otherwise a turd.