Leaked Native BlackBerry IM apps extracted from latest OS

By Adam Zeis on 12 May 2011 04:14 pm EDT

Native IM apps

If you using the native IM clients on your device you'll be happy to know you can snag a few updates thanks to the latest Torch OS. Roy let us know that Yahoo!, Windows Live Messenger, Google Talk and AIM have all been updated in the latest OS and you can grab them OTA for your device from the links below. The apps are all OS 6 only, so don't go nuts if you have an OS 5 device. As always use caution when installing leaked software. Head to the forums for more.

Download leaked AIM v2.5.78
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Download leaked GTalk v2.5.81
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Download leaked Yahoo! v2.5.81
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Download leaked Windows Live Messenger v2.5.81
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They didn't really do much... the typing area is larger and there's a Smiley button for putting emotions... it looks like they basicly copied the one from the BBM 6.0 leak


Where the heck are the 3.X versions of these apps we heard about well over 18-months ago. RIM is sooo late to market with everything.


What version are they on now?


2.5.XX for the last year.. at least.

BlackBerry Brian

I can't seem to make them work on OS5, so no go for me :(


Did you even read the article? It's for OS 6 only...


Sad to say, there is still no native Skype. How is it that one American carrier can tie that up to the exclusion of everyone else. I live in Canada!


I still haven't jumped into the ocean of using leaked software on my blackberry,its a big ocean and a shark could bite me anytime if i jump in,so i will play it safe and walk in circles on this island


doesnt work and im on os6.says cant download


I wish they would update the OS5 versions for those of us still running it.


Native IM apps? Puleeze!

All in one Trillian!

or even BeeJive maybe. Who needs the clutter?


Windows live messenger app is much better than before. Seeing minor visual changes, everything seems to be more "polished". Typing area is also much bigger and the emoticon button is VERY big aswell LOL.
Minor bug I noticed was when highlighted on a contact the email info that displays sometimes goes out of the screen and is not to scale.
Overall it is a great update and I would definately reccommend it.