Leaked: Even More Slides and Info... BlackBerry Apex, WiFi Niagra, Storm Positioning Details and More!

BlackBerry Product Positioning and More!
By Kevin Michaluk on 4 Oct 2008 07:49 pm EDT

[ Update from Kevin - OK.. so apparently BGR and BBNews got their hands on the same information... as I was blogging this post from BG, Bla1ze was blogging it from BBNews.  Since we're all BlackBerry Crazy and it's the weekend, we'll just leave both posts up. Sorry for the confusion! At least you know CrackBerry.com has got you covered no matter where the information originates!]

When it rains it pours... as promised, BGR has followed up their BlackBerry Storm Presentation post with a ton of information coming out of some leaked RIM internal documents. The info is a bit on the old side (it calls for a September targeted launch of the Thunder), but does get into some awesome details on RIM's product positioning both internally and against the competition. There are also some new bits of info that us CrackBerry Addicts haven't heard yet... enter the BlackBerry Apex (codename), which is a CDMA version of the Pearl flip phone. Also, word has it that the CDMA Niagra (next-generation Curve) will feature WiFi.

There's seriously a ton of information in here... so go take a read and report back with your findings and comments! 

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Leaked: Even More Slides and Info... BlackBerry Apex, WiFi Niagra, Storm Positioning Details and More!


surprising to see the bold at the top of the tree.....with all the hype surrounding rim's first touch device, I would have thought the storm would have taken top spot. whatever happened to ''niagra''?

Based on this scale the Bold will have more features and will be more expensive than the Storm? Am I missing something?

I don't think you missed anything, some of this stuff is old and several things have changed, so RIM might have switched the roles around, because after that leaked information of the storm, it just beat the bold in my opinion, and the bold is a beautiful machine.

damn....now I might have to wait for that 2009 release of the niagra on vzdub instead of buying the thunder....decisions

Meteor may be seen as an alternative product to Thunder in some markets. Although the Thunder product will focus more on the Consumer, the comparisons will be drawn by the industry and analysts covering RIM. In the U.S. market the two will be competitive offerings between Verizon and AT&T, and each may be positioned as the flagship BlackBerry offering – blurring differentiation between the two products. In the markets where Vodafone operates, Meteor will be seen as an alternative 3G product. Vodafone will carry the Meteor product and focus it as more of an Enterprise focused device. Vodafone will be the only carrier globally to offer the full range of 3G HSDPA products carried by RIM. In those markets where both Meteor and Thunder are offered, the consumer versus enterprise and leading edge versus luxury will be the key characteristics that will distinguish the Thunder from Meteor product. Features that may lead them towards a Thunder purchase include the tactile screen, larger display and higher resolution camera, along with its more understated styling."

Sounds like the Storm will not be on at&t.

a Bold on CDMA? GOD I LOVE RIM!! and I Love Crackberry!! I was just about to turn in and decided to check out the "Storm" slideshow, and instead I get treated to this... I.M.P.R.E.S.S.E.D!!

blackberry is soaring high these days. they not only provide greater access on the technology but they are also into fashion. there phones have cool design and very light. I love Blackberry!

After seeing some of the slides i have determined this:

The blackberry 8830 is priced at $199.00. Seeing as the Thunder/Storm falls half a phone above the 8830 on the pricing chart, I think the price will probably be somewhere in the $249.00 Range.

It makes sense to see the Bold on top. After all, it offers 3G, WiFi, and GPS. The Storm offers EVDO (CDMA 3G) and GPS, but no Wifi. I would say even when the GSM version of the Storm hits the market, it probably won't have WiFi.

With the Niagra looking to be the replacement for the 8830WE, I wonder if it will have dual radios like the 8830 does? Hopefully, even with the addition of WiFi, I hope it keeps GPS as well.

Am I the only one noticing this? Exactly what features does the 8800 series offer that the Curve and Pearl do not offer???? Makes me wonder about the validity of this chart from the standpoint of features and price...