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Leaked internal marketing video containing BlackBerry 10 L & N series phones appears online... first look at BB10 w/ keyboard!

By Michelle Haag on 27 Sep 2012 03:45 pm EDT

Update: Video removed. 

We've all been waiting to see it, and today a video surfaced online which gives us a pretty proper look at both BlackBerry L Series and N series devices. The L Series is the full touchscreen which we already have a pretty good understanding of (see this hot video render). As for the N series, this is the first time we've been able to get a good visual of what the long-awaited BlackBerry 10 phone with a full qwerty keyboard will look like.

As we saw when CrackBerry leaked the first photo of a BlackBerry 10 phone in January, it looks like this video is coming from creative that was produced for internal use only (marketing agency pitches). There's a lot of photo chopped looking stuff in here, but it's looking pretty legit based on other leaks we have seen to date.

As for the source of the video, it's looking like this may be the dumbest leak of all time. It appears the video was posted online to vimeo by a guy named Rob Jury, who appears to be the guy who edited the video. Ouch.

We've pulled a few screen caps from the video which you see below. Be sure to check out the video and photos, drool, and sound off in the comments!


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This video must be pretty old. The notifications don't work like that anymore. No notifications in the top bar in BB10....


Why is everyone so hung up on the HARDWARE? You want to know why that other "fruity" company has handed our asses to us over the last five years? The user experience....the software.
The iPhone is one of the ugliest damn things I've ever seen....yet it continues to sell like mad. Why? User experience through software


Which is astonishing because iOS is awful.


It isn't awful to anyone who isn't really interested in technology.
The iPhone is hugely successful because it makes its owners think that they are somehow hip with the IT revolution, even though they're not. It really is a marketing triumph. If any other model of phone had come out with the antenna defect, the manufacturer would have dropped it quietly. If any other manufacturer had come out with the fragile glass back, they would have also dropped it quietly as the returns flooded in.

I really like the look of the N type. It looks like it will do everything I actually need with more pixels than my current 800 by 480 screen. It will sell to the IT business market. But the hip user won't have the patience to get the best out of it.


WOW. this campain will be a massive success. think outside of the box. that'S totally what is going on here


Dont know if its been said yet but the pass the phone on to the next person every 24 hours idea was taking from the Fox tv series TOUCH. And I think BB is the only phone that could really pull this off successfully.But I hope the battery life can keep up with 24 hours of whatever.


A wonderful campaign concept. RIM is firing on all cylinders. I'm so looking forward to the new BB10 phones. I hope everyone at Waterloo and RIM locations around the world are feeling all the good vibes the Blackbery community is sending them.

Now don't let up, keep polishing until all the little bugs are gone. RIM might knock Apple or Android off the block, but I really believe that will regain their place as the go to device for serious business people and other GSD communicators.


Video is available on youtube


Harry Tyrangiel


Not a word about Skype! I will not buy another blackberry unless I can use Skype. Any infos about that?


You'll never see Skype on BB10 IMO unless Skype releases the browser version that's in development now. BB10 will have its Skype alternative called TRU.


I've never heard this before ... will TRU have versions for other platforms and computers? Can you or someone else say more?

And this browser version of skype ... where can we read more about it?


It's an old article but it gives a glimpse of what Microsoft is doing with Skype.


Goodbye. Who needs Skype anyway. Everyone I want to contact has Blackberrys. So I have lots of options and BBM Video will be sweet.

Harry Tyrangiel

if you travel worldwide SKYPE is a must: You can make phone calls from any wifi connection to other SKYPE users for free and to other phones for almost free. So SKYPE is the best way to avoid horrendous roaming charges.

I am sick and tired of proprietary systems which only work on one system. Almost no one I know still uses BBM, whereas most of my contacts are on Whatsapp. Most people I am in contact with have left BBs for Androids or iPhones. And they will never come back.

So RIM: Do not get carried away by your own developments. As smart as they may be, if they do not guarantee seamless communications with users of other ecosystems, you will fail in the world market. SKYPE is such an established ecosystem. If it is not included in BB 10 at launch, you can count me OUT.

Include SKYPE, a good and functioning Mapping system, and all the other goodies revealed so far! Then, hopefully, RIM has a chance to make it. Otherwise my prediction is that in 5 years time, blackberries will only be sold in the fruit shelves of supermarkets.


No one travels only with a cellphone. Don't need Skype as you will have it on laptop. If you video phone on the go in public then you are an a-hole.


Common sense. If any android or windows phone has skype, netflix, and other popular applications, BlackBerry must have them too, at least under the Personal App World.

RIM should not give reasons to the critics to bash them again.


I don't do full touch screens, so when you give one away I'll take an N series please.


I so. Like hard keyboards,but. That touchscreen is sweet, that's my next phone.


Same keyboard from 2008 bold 9000. Were fucked.


If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

If it's the best, stick with it.

BB Bold 9000/9900 keyboards are the best that ever was, perhaps the best there ever will be.

RIM did the right thing, fix what was bad (the OS) and keep what works. Thier keyboards. To change the latter would be the dumbest move since dumping Coke for New Coke.


The worldwide sales of the 9900 would indicate that yes,it is broken. No matter how well you or i feel it performs. Sales would be the only objective way to measure this, not "well it types amazing though, and everyone on crackberry agrees".


I get what you are trying to say but the logic is faulty. What you are suggesting is that the sales of the 9900 are low because of the keyboard. I'd suggest that sales of the 9900 are low is mostly due to the fact that it runs OS7, which isn't turning heads, and hardcore users are skipping OS7 for BB10.

The logic you present is effectively like saying, "The Ford Pinto had poor sales and the Ford Pinto had seat belts. Therefore, the seat belts are faulty because the Ford Pinto sold poorly." I'm sure most users would agree that the keyboard is not the sole cause of the sales performance.


When the average consumer goes into the local cell phone store to choose their new device the look of this qwerty phone will unfortunately cause it to be associated with the blackberry OS and problems of old. I think a device that caused people to ask "what the hell is that??" would have faired better. Really, my point is that the device needed a cosmetic makeover to change the mind of the consumer no matter how effective the current 9900 keyboard is or how well bb10 performs. Please note that i have a 9900, and i love the keyboard.


As I said, I get what you are trying to say, but it's just not presented in a clear way. If I can paraphrase, what you mean is that the keyboard, vis-a-vis other keyboards, is good, but the fact that RIM is still using keyboards in their designs in the problem. It's not that the keyboard is actually broken, but that the idea of using a physical keyboard makes the device look outdated.

If that's your point, many people, including my gf who is a hardcore BB user, would agree. She looked at the 9900 side by side to a SGS3 and said the 9900 looked outdated already.


Sacrificing functionality in the name of style is exactly why I won't ever use an iPhone as anything other than an iPod and a method to play Yahtzee, Uno, Scrabble, and Monopoly by myself


I cannot wait to get my hands on one of these... I think RIM is headed in the right direction... Things are looking up for RIM based on the news about RIM's business performance. I am excited... Go RIM....


Love the form factor, but really wish it had the trackpad. Nothing like a trackpad to selectively enter the cursor, and to click buttons.


So what u want is a 9900 with qnx


Um if this had a trackpad it would have the same screen size as the 9900 "..."


i do LOVE the look of the keyboard one but i do think i would prefer a torch style slider model w/ a touch screen OS


wait, where are the home buttons and the mouse? I need that mouse


Anyone who managed to save that video?



Not sure if you’re restricted from commenting by RIM, but I’d like to hear your thoughts on the straight-row keyboard form-factor (functionally/aesthetically). And with the new BB10 gesture-based OS, did they really have a choice -- I guess you couldn’t have that little curved sliver of dead screen space at the bottom, right?

Kevin Michaluk

I'm going to comment on that in an upcoming post! Stay tuned.


Great. Look forward to reading it, Kevin.

Fwiw, my first impression was that I thought it looked just like one of those cheap Nokia straight-keyboard phones. From my 8830, Tour 9630, to my current 9930, I’ve loved the classic curved-row BB keyboard, functionally and aesthetically. But as I thought about it, and as I just mentioned, I guess you couldn’t have that little curved sliver of dead screen space -- it might affect the opening gesture, just like the Dev Alpha B’s extra hardware seemed to affect Vivek’s and even your use of the device. And maybe it’s even easier to type on with the straight rows, like we wouldn’t want the all-touch BB to have a “curved” on-screen keyboard!

But, still, it seems RIM is dropping its iconic design which makes BBs so unique. But, hey, I guess looking at where RIM is now, it really doesn’t matter -- time to move forward.

But the more I look at it, the more it's growing on me :)


Hope this is close to the real deal. It just keeps getting better.


Is it just me, or do I not see a front facing camera on the N series? I just see the LED indicator.

Android Market for QNX

lookin' good! I like the new redesign. It looks like the screen has been made much more square in shape and taller while the keyboard is shrinked. The smaller bezel is much better for maximized viewing area.


anybody got a size of this compared to the 9900? bigger smaller wider thinner?


Real or not...with keyboard we need BIGGER SCREEN!!! even 9900 is being old fashioned in front of new smartphones!!


Somehow the N series reminds me of Motorola fire...


There's no way RIM is ditching their Trackpad , and the keyboard should have a curved Wave to it like the Bold 9900,9700 has.


Calm down about the keyboard!!!

The 9981 has a straight keyboard and its even more of a dream to type on than the 9900 is.

Can't Wait!!!! BlackBerry For Life!!!


Was the 9981 a test run for the new design, I wonder?


Really hope thats not the final product!


Phones looked cool, but I was interested in the netbook/notebook at the end of the video. Is that an existing make/model that I simply don't recognize or is RIM's 10 inch tablet going to be a netbook?


I like it but it is nothing innovative as far as design. I would at least expect an elongated screen so we can watch videos in landscape or pics in landscape. I'm tired of the small screen on my 9900.


Elongated on which model? Elongated how? If you're talking about the hard keyboard N series, it's already been discussed to death how an overly large screen would throw ergonomics and device balance way off. It's also been established as fact that the screen on the upcoming N series will be a completely square 720 X 720 resolution. You must've missed the memo, moron!


I'm hoping for a cool looking slider so I can have the query when and IF i want it and still have all that screen real state.


If this is the N series, I'm not thrilled. I don't think having the keyboard go to the edge of the phone is a great idea, and when will they switch the "$" with a dedicated "."?? Also, please have a way to stop the double space = "." thing. It is the biggest hindrance to my productivity!


I'm not convinced that this is authentic.but it sure gets the imagination fired up!
Either way, I'll take one of each! :)


The Bold design is fugly. It looks as if it was designed by someone with no Photoshop skills...really hope RIM will change the design before launch. The full screen one is no gem either ; it looks like a DROID from 3 years ago...really no thought put into the design of these devices. I know RIM wanted to have devices that are instantly recognized but I was hoping it wouldn't be because they're so ugly!


Background Music: The Temper Trap - Sweet Disposition



9900 with a bigger screen. How revolutionary.


I hope they make the screen bigger on N series. It needs to be bigger. And 5% wider on physical keys and have to be wider style.




That looks like the microphone symbol... Must be for voice dialing or Voice search...


Perhaps Rim has a siri like service coming


Is kevin going to be that unknown "special blackberry person"?


I am waiting for the new upcoming model.May it recover all the anomalies in the previous one.



I want a phone at least the size of the L series, with a hardware keyboard - similar to the concept drawing that can be found on the Web (link below). I currently have a Torch 9810 (upgraded from a 9800), but the screen is too small, the phone is too thick and the battery life is abysmal (mine doesn't last a full day if I do some light web surfing and make a few calls). Also, the 4G on AT&T is pure, solid s%$t - but that might not be RIMs fault, although my friends iPhone 5 seems much faster when in the same room also on AT&T .

I hate touchscreen keyboards (that's why I will never own an Apple product, among many other reasons) and the L series screen is too small, and that form factor became uncool when the first iPhone came out (maybe even before that).

RIM needs to take a close look at this: - because that's a phone that I would stand in line for and that will make all the Apple and Android fan-boys shut up. Obviously, having sexy hardware sells phones, I don't want a rehash of my 9000 and look like I got stuck in the last decade.

If the two phones pictured above are all we can expect from RIM, my next phone will be an Android device that offers a bigger screen and a physical keyboard - there are plenty of choices out there.

My employer used to be exclusively Blackberry, now IT supports Apple and Android as well. There is no reason for me to stick with RIM if they don't offer something more sexy than what I can get somewhere else.

Be a leader to win back some customers, don't make a clone of every touchscreen phone out there and a rehash of the 10+ year old 5810 available as the only two choices. Have something sexy that people will drool over, and they'll come back to buying Blackberry phones.


The video seems to be an advertising company RIM. Whether or not the items are photoshopped or not is beyond by capabilities, but I sure was fired up to see that people are thinking outside the box and pushing for something unique for the campaign. Lets all get really busy for the next 4 months, so that we turn around, and before we know it we are at launch day evening....(sometime in mid February? :-) )


the keyboard bb looks like the 9900.


Guys! It really feels amazing to see new BB10 phones both touch & keyboard phones next to each other. Thanks to its creator.

For a BB fans like us any leaks on the upcoming BB10 phones makes us drool for whole day or a week!

As far as this ad campaign or leaked video is concerned, this is a good work of some guy/s (may be some Indian origin) and I’m sure that this is not even close to what RIM is going to produce for BB10 launch/release.

First, the L series phone has a volume rocker on the upper right corner of the video (Rendered part) and during the other shots of the videos why should they use Dev Alpha?
See the picture below (circled person). He is a south Indian actor, “no way” connected with RIM’s ad campaign so far in India and I don’t think RIM is going to rope this guy for its biggest & most anticipated (also life saving for RIM) product.

Next, the guy shown as a developer from India. This guy, is again a bollywood actor. RIM might take this guy onboard for its ad campaign. “BUT” why would RIM take a picture of this guy from a movie clip?

It is not a “leak” but a neat compilation of clips by some BB fan like us!

Everything apart, this video has created some ripples in our mind and heart. Hope to feel and touch BB10 as soon as possible.


You can't imagine how much I hope ur right!

That design for the physical keyboard does not make any sense at all, its a step back from the 9900! And when I saw this video, I was very disappointed and seriously considered upgrading to the 9900! (I need a physical keyboard!)
It is the most beautiful and classy phone out there! Why change it? Put the new OS in it and I'm happy.

Meanwhile, I cannot wait to see the real N-series.


I noticed pinstack has the leaked video.


I have previously said I would wait a few months after the BB10 is released to purchase one myself. But by looking at these leaked images, I think I may be purchasing on the day of release. Overly impressed with the look of both full touch, and QWERTY :-) I have hope for RIM.


We need to have a BBM Group Funeral for the Trackpad. R.I.P.


The Qwerty phone looks good, but no track pad? looks like I will keep my 9900 until it dies or blackberry brings out a BB10 with a touch pad or equivalent (I could live with a soft touchpad on the bottom edge of the touch pad). Touch screen on any device is like using crayon, while the touchpad is like using an extrafine pen. Anything on the screen I can see. I can select, that is not even close to being true with a touchscreen.

Any of the so called "cool new features", if I need them (so far i've not seen anything that i would use more than once simply to say "cool' and then never ever need it after all) , I will use via my playbook with OS10 on it.

In my opinion, the 9900 is the peak of handheld device features and useability. Give me 9900 with a taller screen and OS10 I would be in heaven. But ask me to step backwards to a less usefull device, forget it.

I also notice that there is no convenience key, I could live with that as I would turn my volume keys into convenience keys

I want buttons. My 9900 should last at least 3 or 4 years as it is an well engineered device.

If my phone is destroyed, the new BB10 kwerty phone looks like the best replacement, it's still miles ahead of any other smartphone ive used and I work on all of them.


Bold Qwerty is great design,perfect fit
for one handed use (climbing tower with one
hand and checking lightning report with the other)
Change the OS ,phone design is okay
(curved keys look better than straight)


hasn't Kevin tried the new qwerty keyboard bb? he seemed to live these new phones. unit sure i can share the same enthusiasm as he does. the os i do but a straight keyboard? where's the smiles. straight keyboards haven't really geeky that great on mobile phones. at least they got the the removable battery. UK think I'll Miss the track pad for a bit


If that's the new bold version with a keyboard, i don't want it. That screen still looks really small especially if they're implementing swipes on bb10. I'll take my chances on the L series then.


as many have said I don't think that's the N that they are working on now, I think its changed. Doesn't seem to have angular keyboard either (idk if they are actually incorporating that or not though). Regardless with BB10 OS on it, it will be amazing


Thank you for the picture of my next phone. That keyboard on the bottom and BB10 running up top. Very Nice. Bridged to PB (also running BB10) when I need maximum real estate.

CAN NOT WAIT. But I will!


/Device agnosticism or bust!


I like both of the devices,...but RIM needs to lose some of that "Black Area" above the screen, they can increase the freak'n screen.

Also, these new BB 10 devices had better NOT COME WITH WHIMPY ASS BATTERIES!

Please give us the best that Duracell,...Eveready or Energizer has to offer! We want/would like/need a minimum of 24 solid hours of continuous juice! The battery capacity should double anything that RIM has ever done in the past. So should the RAM,..and Processors!

RIM,...if you want your mojo back, have to have a mindset of TAKING IT BACK and that starts with releasing first class devices that slay the competition! The new Blackberry devices must be better on all levels of technology!

The ball is in your court, deliver!

....and I approve of this message!


The square screen is a ....bold...decision but I think a good one. It means that there is only one way to hold the N version. Assuming it is about 55mm across, that's a 77mm (just over 3 inch) diagonal which is as usable as a 4 inch screen with a virtual keyboard on it.
If I watch videos at work it's on my 27 inch monitor, thank you. At home it's on a PB or the TV. I suspect that most adults, once the initial novelty wears off, rapidly get dissatisfied with video on phone screens.

I've surprised myself slightly, but I really like the N design.


Couldn't agree more ive been saying that all along with regards to the full touch screen and the 1800 mah battery it would be shameful to release such a great phone and screw up on battery they already screwed up with their FLAGSHIP bold 9900 worse battery life every what were they thinking??? and plz don't say you can walk with an extra battery i shouldn't have to walk with a spear battery but like everything else i have a feeling that battery life isn't going to be that impressive .you know i can't recall KEVIN asking or commenting on BATTERY LIFE he is always talking to rim peeps and has insider info would be nice to know something about battery life


The N series basically delivered what everybody was expecting, a BB10 in a 9900 form factor. But somehow, just seeing it next to the L series makes it look out of place. I can't say exactly what it is, but it's making the L series look better. I understand why RIM wants to launch the L series first.

I'm now sure I'm going to get the L series (or whatever the all touchscreen model will be called) once I qualify for my hardware upgrade (stupid Rogers changing their upgrade policy).


Well seeing the N series has made me cement my choice of the L series when i ditch my 9900. Unless this is somehow fake. I do not believe it is fake though because kevin made a comment on here yesterday that he was writing a article about the straight style keyboard. He wouldn't be doing that if this was fake. Its been a good run with the 9900. I bought it the minute came out on august 11, 2011. I have brought it to other countries and it has faithfully taken other exotic sim cards in places like malaysia and indonesia.


What a waste of space on the keyboard phone. If you put the BB logo on the bottom, there is room for another 1/2 in of usable screen space. That would have been huge. I guess it's the touch screen that will draw my interest 1st. Maybe wait on that Torch slider in June/July.


I expanded the picture on my computer screen and the BB10-9900 was the same form factor as my current model and the screen size was the 3.1 inches that I have heard about. I presume that the reason for the screen size chosen was that they wanted to keep the same width. I presume they tested the form factor with users. I think they screwed up. I wanted a bigger screen. This is especially so since they got rid of the track ball. With the PUNY screen you need that track ball. So basically I am not impressed and would probably not replace my 9900 with the BB10 version. If I was still in business and used the phone for a lot of e-mails and texts I would have been OK with the new model but I now I browse a lot more than I text. Would I get a BB10 - L over a iPhone ? Maybe ... just because I am Canadian but only if the Apps come with it. I have 1.75 years left on my contract , so I presume that RIM will have either survived as a success or be dead by that time anyway.


I should add that it seems to me that the BB10 - 9900 will just keep the base. It seems to me that new smartphone users can type just as fast on the screen. The key for BB will be offer great deals for businesses to upgrade to BB10 because I think there will be benefits of retaining BB for the business users out there. My kids work for companies that use BB and I am sure that they would be happy with the new BB10 -L model.


wow. I wish I never saw that video.

something tells me that I'll be holding on to my 9900 for a while longer now.

WTF BB!! Get your s#!t together...


i find the inconsistency strange. the placement and size of the logo, the squared off touch vs overly rounded qwerty... the design cues are totally different. something just doesnt smell right.


the two new BB10 phones should look like they are from the same RIM designers, not from distant RIM "multiple departments" (not unlike past RIM misjudgements)


i first i was thinking of getting the full touch, but now that i see what it (or probably will) look like i don't like it at all, i don't want something too flashy, but thats just to plain. i think ill go with the keyboard if it will actualy come out looking like that



The sexiest QWERTY phone ever! Period!

Tempted to buy not just one but two or three of them. Just because this BB 10 N looks so great!

but this video looks pretty fake to me.


All of the above just goes to reinforce the old adage "You can't please all of the people..." However, being a QWERTY person, I am pleased to see the keyboard version of the BB10, but unless something really significant happens, like no more OS upgrades, I'll be sticking with my Bold 9900 for a while!


Dear Santa,
I would like the new BB N with Skype and map data that can be loaded on the SD card, so that I can use it without roaming data. I would like it to be able to connect to the Cisco IP phone system that our corp overlords use and have a butt kicking display.
I would like my BB N to feel as solid as my Torch, and previous 99's. It should have the quality feel of my Mont Blanc fountain pen and make me happy every time I pick it up.
I would like it to be able to survive a 6m fall onto a cement floor in it's pouch without any damage like my Torch did.
I know it's not being released until '13, but Santa see what you can do :-)


Sorta wish the keyboard one was bigger for the big screen, but then it might be hard to hold. Damn excited though!


Horizontally & Vertically, 3inch screen on bold style should be to have enough space for thumbs to play around on gestures. really.!!! I love my bold 9930 but the screen is small that it makes it so outdated compare to others..


Stoked for this phone! Love my 9930 but this is gonna ROCK! RIM has been hinting at a possible white release too....SWEET!!
BlackBerry NATION!


Guys. i've watched this video on youtube and imho it's fake.


Not thrilled about the missing trackpad. Any idea on if they'll eventually release a non-touchscreen curve or some other model with a trackpad? Otherwise it's going to be an uncomfortable transition for me.


Wow... that "alltouch" looks like a PoS... I have the 9860 and love the sleek design of it, plus the ability to use the trackpad and the 4 of the reasons I switched over to all touch because the 9860 was so nice looking...... now gone... ughhhh.....i hope those aren't final...


BlackBerry10 , nuff said!


Not sure why I'm supposed to be excited.

The keyboard version looks like my lovely 9930, except it's not "smiling" at me and doesn't have those helpful buttons: tracker, menu, etc.

The other one looks like almost every other touchscreen-only phone. (Fortunately it's not the size of a dinner plate like that ridiculous Samsung creation.)

The exciting stuff is going to be in the innards: what it does not what it looks like. (Maybe it's not too late to put my tracker button back?)

"There is no shame in being a poor man . . . but it is confounded inconvenient." -Canon Sydney Smith


Only 4 fingers? Looks like someone didn't pay their rendering bill.


What an awesome phone. Just what I am waiting for.


Ya know, Im just not buying that these are the actual phones. After all the delays, and secrecy, and leap forward talk, the two phones in the video would show a complete lack of creativity inside RIM. I don't think this to be the case. I think RIM will release a truly amazing BB10 software along with amazing hardware.

BlackBerry by choice!


it's gonna feel wierd not having the physical talk and end buttons there


The QWERTY version kind of looks like that Motorola Droid Pro or whatever it's called. Not bad, but hopefully typing doesn't feel unbalanced with the "top-heavy" screen-to-keyboard ratio. And while I'll remain open-minded, I can't help but feel I'll miss physical buttons, particularly the trackpad, which makes scrolling through anything--emails, Twitter, the browser--so much more efficient.


i just found an interesting set of videos that look as if they are the instructional help videos for the new devices. They are posted on n4bb so they should be fairly legit, let us know what you think.

p.s. sorry if this is old news, just found it while surfing the net.


Looks sexy!! i know what i'm using my upgrade on

Bold 9900 - Playbook 32GB - Lumia 800


I love my 9930 but i think to experience all what BB10 has to offer im gonna go full touch screen. unless they make the keyboard one a bit longer and wider than the current bold


From an article on (

"RIM will release two phones with BlackBerry 10 at launch, one that is entirely touchscreen and one with a physical QWERTY keyboard and a large screen."

I thought the popular line of thought was that the touchscreen was going to be released first, with the keyboard version to follow. Don't know if ABC News got it wrong... or knows something we don't.


BB 10 full touch on 9860 style phone would have been good for me!



After watching that video yesterday, I actually woke up from a dream today, owning the BlackBerry N. Man I can't wait for these to hit the market!!! :D


Did anyone notice the laptop over and over during the last 5 seconds??!!??!!!!

It showed all of the BB10 line up - n series, l series, playbook and a LAPTOP!?!?!??!!??

BB By Choice!


they leaked the video so that we could be stoked and then removed the video like it was a big deal. like they did not know the vid would start reappearing. watch?v=V0tr_o1dQzs


My Long awaited Moment. My thoughts. Thumbs up... Well done RIM, we'll done. I like over the qwerty phone but miss my berry key, that's what makes the bb along with the keyboard, I don't need the trackpad but need my sd card and berry key... GOOO RIM...good job guys good job... Thanks crackberry for the pics


I believe the QWERTY "N" phone shown here is a paste and photoshop sample.
The phone layout and detailing doesnt make sense and doubt RIM would bet their future with this "rendering".
Also doubt RIM would launch the new BB10 QWERTY with same BOLD 9900 rounded (now dated looking) shape.
Square screen dimensions are probably correct.


agreed, the renderings are not winners


To be quite honest I wasn't 110% excited about BB 10 *UNTIL* I saw these photos. The N obviously is a BB 10 version of the 9900, bigger screen. It is gorgeous and yes now I will be there on day 1 to buy it.


I'm in the same boat and I am sure I will be buying one, but I wonder whether, a couple of days later, I will be staring at my then dead 9900 and think, "why did I do this?"

The operation of a Blackberry as embodied in OS7 takes some learning, but is just dead simple and effective for everything I do. I hope RIM doesn't screw that up. Honestly, the straight keyboard looks to me to be a step in the wrong direction. The 1500Mah battery, another step in the wrong direction. But, I've been wrong before... in fact, several times while typing this post. Hope I am wrong here.

As an aside, the N series is the way to go, I think. I have had lots of different screen keyboard devices (apple and android), used them for months exclusively (to give the typing method a fair chance), have tried the latest, best keyboard (including PAYING for them, which is anathema) and they are simply frustrating to use for serious communication. I use them less. I pick up a Blackberry 9900 after not having used one for months and my typing speed doubles,and accuracy is infinitely better. I have read good things about the L series keyboard, but my money will be in something mechanical.


i agree, these phone renders are not world class.
hope its not the "finals"


Is RIM really trying to loose all of their customers? Everyone is coming out with new phone b4 Christmas and RIM want to wait to the first QTR of next year!!!! WTF!!!!


Still no 'tab' button :(


The Qwerty one looks boring, you guys had a artist rendering of a qwerty bb10 device a few months back that looked hype it looks like somebody just stretched a 9900.

One thing blackberry has over samsung HTC and apple is the ability to develop some of the sexiest looking smart phones out there, you cant rest on your laurels now chief, the keyboard version is always gonna be the premiere luxury blackberry, make it look like i should give up my paycheque for it.

My phone and my texas instruments calculator cant be looking the same, these are fashion items as much as they are smartphones, unlock its swag potential.

Back to the drawing board with ya.


oh yeah and if it doesnt have flash im not buying.


The map shown on the QWERTY device looks to be the same substandard map that Apple went with! The device looks good but they need to screen shot it with google maps instead of what they are showing.


I love BlackBerry having used it exclusively in the last 6 years. Admittedly, the last 2 years has been painful as I noticed a huge decline in quality of the handsets being produced - both in design and actual build quality and materials used. (the designers seem to be stuck in plastic piano black land)

My excitement with BBX is mainly focused on how they redeem themselves with the new generation models. I am very impressed with what i've seen with the OS so far. But in saying that, I am now very concerned with the form factor they are using/planning to use as it does the excellent OS no justice!

It's 2013 technology trapped in a 2008ish Form Factor. The Blackberry story continues...A Great Company with a Questionable Hardware Design Team. These guys should hang out more in the design concepts section of Crackberry! There are more talented people there who can do the job for less $$.

These are one of those few times when they can actually make a difference and redeem themselves with a ground breaking design. Ok, if that's asking too much then at least something that can look good in the phone store shelves when placed side by side with it's modern rivals.

In my personal opinion, hardware, design ,and form factor have been the weakest links in the BB models in the last couple of years. If it actually led to their eventual decline, i could not say for sure but you can't deny the fact that it probably played a big role in people switching to sexier devices with better cameras, etc.

I am now surprised they are allowing the same design team make those mistakes all over again. I am very hopeful that RIM will rise again with BBX but just in case they don't, my blame goes to whoever is responsible for designing their phones.

All these months of planning and preps and all they could come up with are refined replicas of the 2009 Pam Pixi and the 2011 Lumia 900???

Dear RIM, please take some tips from KIA and HYUNDAI and listen to how changing their design team has turned their company around.


This better have some decent specs (dual core processor, at least 1GB of RAM, high capacity 1500mAh (or bigger) battery, 8MP AUTOFOCUS camera in the back, 2MP camera for video conferencing). If not, I'm jumping on the iPhone5 bandwagon. Been with Bb too long and they've been very slow with the innovations. Getting tired of waiting. :(


Will there be BB10 for PlayBook?


I want a phone at least the size of the L series, with a hardware keyboard - similar to the concept drawing that can be found on the Web (link below). I currently have a Torch 9810 (upgraded from a 9800), but the screen is too small, the phone is too thick and the battery life is abysmal (mine doesn't last a full day if I do some light web surfing and make a few calls). Also, the 4G on AT&T is pure, solid s%$t - but that might not be RIMs fault, although my friends iPhone 5 seems much faster when in the same room also on AT&T .

I hate touchscreen keyboards (that's why I will never own an Apple product, among many other reasons) and the L series screen is too small, and that form factor became uncool when the first iPhone came out (maybe even before that).

RIM needs to take a close look at this: - because that's a phone that I would stand in line for and that will make all the Apple and Android fan-boys shut up. Obviously, having sexy hardware sells phones, I don't want a rehash of my 9000 and look like I got stuck in the last decade.

If the two phones pictured above are all we can expect from RIM, my next phone will be an Android device that offers a bigger screen and a physical keyboard - there are plenty of choices out there.

My employer used to be exclusively Blackberry, now IT supports Apple and Android as well. There is no reason for me to stick with RIM if they don't offer something more sexy than what I can get somewhere else.

Be a leader to win back some customers, don't make a clone of every touchscreen phone out there and a rehash of the 10+ year old 5810 available as the only two choices. Have something sexy that people will drool over, and they'll come back to buying Blackberry phones.


Great comments, but having used Android as my main phone for some time now, I caution you against switching. The Android setup will make you feel like you are sitting in front of a computer: several clicks to do just about anything. The only thing better about Android over Blackberry is the availability of apps and, if you are so inclined, applying custom ROMs and features.

I share your dislike of on screen keyboards, and Io use one every day (Samsung Galaxy Skyrocket, with my BB 9900). I have had an on screen keyboard since the DAY the iPhone 4 came out (had one... hated it) through today, and there is really no compare with a hardware keyboard. Further, in using any phone, they keyboard is almost always in use when I am using the phone, meaning that physical keyboard phones don't give up much, if any, screen real estate to the magic window. I guess if I liked to sit like a chimp, dumbly watching videos or playing games, I would be screwed. Maybe my eyesight would just get better. Dunno.

I wish Crackberry and other bloggers would devote more attention to the N-Series (or whichever has a physical keyboard) since that's going to be my buy as soon as they hit the shelves, if I can resist the bling of the full screen version and it's fancy flicky keyboard (50/50--I am an impulse buyer).


It really does look like the screen could have gone higher, making it larger. :(