Leaked internal marketing video containing BlackBerry 10 L & N series phones appears online... first look at BB10 w/ keyboard!

By Michelle Haag on 27 Sep 2012 03:45 pm EDT

Update: Video removed. 

We've all been waiting to see it, and today a video surfaced online which gives us a pretty proper look at both BlackBerry L Series and N series devices. The L Series is the full touchscreen which we already have a pretty good understanding of (see this hot video render). As for the N series, this is the first time we've been able to get a good visual of what the long-awaited BlackBerry 10 phone with a full qwerty keyboard will look like.

As we saw when CrackBerry leaked the first photo of a BlackBerry 10 phone in January, it looks like this video is coming from creative that was produced for internal use only (marketing agency pitches). There's a lot of photo chopped looking stuff in here, but it's looking pretty legit based on other leaks we have seen to date.

As for the source of the video, it's looking like this may be the dumbest leak of all time. It appears the video was posted online to vimeo by a guy named Rob Jury, who appears to be the guy who edited the video. Ouch.

We've pulled a few screen caps from the video which you see below. Be sure to check out the video and photos, drool, and sound off in the comments!


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Leaked internal marketing video containing BlackBerry 10 L & N series phones appears online... first look at BB10 w/ keyboard!



Looking at what BlackBerrys touchscreens hardware have come from, to what the BB10 touchscreen will be,the full touchscreen is "where its at" really...

I am lovin' my Bold9930, but just by looking at this leaked image(if it ends up beimg real), the only real difference is the OS

VERY Unlikely as Ti have just announced they are exiting the SoC business, and no OMAP 5 devices have got to market, or ever will now.

You see! This is the news we need to see more of on CrackBerry!! My crackberry fix is never satiated unless its about the OS, the hardware, or how the teams are managed!!

One of the questions Kevin should've asked, or been able to ask the COO was about partners of the supply chain!!!

I hope this isn't fake, but another thing is where it says 13:37 as the time there is a PM behind it (13:37PM). Military time doesn't use the AM or PM label since there is no 13:00 AM. I'm not sure RIM would screw up like that... Also, some of the keyboard icons are weird, like the underscore instead of the word "space" on the space bar, and the arrow with the x inside on the del key...

Are you ignorant ????? How can RIM put out BB 10 running on tthe same software as OS7 SMH!!!!! Did nt want to reply but I just had to, my word!!!!

Looks "okay" for now. Nothing really new in terms of the appearence of the cell. However, I thought it would look more like this .


Kind of wish they took this approach. Looks more sleek and appealing and thats what Blackberry needs plus better marketing. Just my 2 cents. I will wait for the QWARTY version. Torch was a good enough experience but i miss the keyboard.

You do realize that the fine print from that article tells you that the picture has nothing to do RIM.

It was a concept drawing from some no name independent design firm that is similar to other far fetched concept drawings like "mile high skyscrapers" or floating island size cruise ships or supersonic concept airplanes. It's just a drawing --- with zero ideas on how to actually make the drawing work in real life.

Yes it's a concept but the technology to produce something like that is available. They just need to produce it. Will it happen maybe not but I would definitely by it even after buying my BB10 in Jan/Feb next year..

We also know all the basic technologies on how to make a mile high skyscraper or a floating island cruise ship or a supersonic airliner.

The devil is in the details.

Can I make it that thin and still have a decent battery life? No.
Can I make it that thin and still have a removable battery door? No
Can I make it that thin and not affect the performance of the physical keyboard? No.
Can I make it that thin and still be able to be affordable enough for the carriers to sell it at $200? No.

Can I make it that thin and still have a decent battery life?
Possibly: QNX is real-time OS, cycling radio requirements until their needed along with data compression as needed.
1. Emails/BBM are compressed.
2. Browsing doesn't require LTE, nor does Emails/MMS/SMS/BBM/Corporate Sync'ing - no other OS is considerably faster (a second nothing more in random non-qualified/quantified test have proven this). Streaming will require LTE thus the chipset under QNX control will enable such a requirement.
3. Li-Polymer doesn't have to have batteries in a brick form they can be molded to suit some variable shapes as needed.
4. Chipsets and components are becoming more inclusive of secondary chips ... not to long from today Radio/cpu/gpu/DSP/etc will be ALL on the same die.

Can I make it that thin and still have a removable battery door?
YES! The Bold 9900 was able to do it. the SGSIII has been able to as well. The "battery door" doesn't have to be a brick either; just a secure latch of sorts.

Can I make it that thin and not affect the performance of the physical keyboard?
YES! Most definitely. RIM has already proven that with the latest Curve & 9900. Also take a look at Apple's full and laptop keyboards. The mechanisms to register a tactile feedback are remarkable against common industry norm's and the industry has accepted the changes. This will continue. A membrane may no longer be required vs a thin arc'd low height piece of metal/polymer.

an I make it that thin and still be able to be affordable enough for the carriers to sell it at $200?
YES! Subsidies along with economies of scale! cut-backs to carrier APN pricing for RIM's NOC. RIM has a lot of other things to use their NOC for to make huge profits on besides tablets and smartphones ... just wait and see.

For the initial Launch RIM can afford to release low end devices and break even on their margins vs costs JUST to maintain or increase their subscriber base. Its about survival initially, then thrive the next month with high end devices!!

Personally I just want RIM to succeed with, and ship BB10 devices, with BB10 upgrade OS to PlayBooks and to have my 9900 replacement with a non-chipping Black Metal Band around it! My iPhone 5 doesn't feel as bling as my old 9900! Yes I said it! It looks nicer, but doesn't FEEL nicer!

Corning Willow Glass makes the screen a reality. As for the curved shape of the smartphone body it is called moulded plastic since I doubt the smartphones will be made from metal with the exception of trim. The SoCs these days are rather small so fitting a rectangular SoC board inside the smartphone is not impossible, but even here customized moulded PCB board would do the trick. If they expect to charge premium prices for these devices make them compelling enough to the end-user to lay down their money.

Whether some bits of the design are possible or not, the idea that it is all in a position where such a device could be made cost-effectively and with appropriate levels of usability, performance and battery life are another.

If you look at that picture, it is the screen part which is the thicker of the two bits and as a result a phone like that would end up relatively being top heavy although that wouldn't really matter since the thickness of the device is that little that the battery would run out before you needed to use it anyway.

I'm with you! That concept phone is super sexy and hopefully they'll release something similar later in the year (suppose to be releasing a slider).

Me too! Super sexy styling there. That looks way better than the Dev Alpha slab, and the qwerty bigger screen Bold looking thing in screen caps above.

Sadly any hopes of Research In Motion delivering on the style of smartphone depicted at the referenced URL are fading. We will probably get boring recentagular slabs of plastic and glass. The "Blade" would be my smartphone of choice for BlackBerry 10; anything less and I will remain with my BlackBerry Bold 9780 and BBOS 6.x.

Really? That is a new phone built from the ground up. Bigger screen, front facing camera, lack of track pad and buttons. Plus, all the internal components will be new. The new N-series looks amazing. Go RIM!!

I agree if the BB10 keyboard phone is the one depicted in this video I am disappointed. RIM has had all this time to design a new BB10 keyboard phone and all they can come up with is a near copy of the 99xx?
Let's hope this isn't true.

Right, because the 9900 keyboard was quite inadequate...

Also, they did come up with a new BB10 keyboard. There's no other keyboard on the market that works like the one on the L series.

It's not 99x0 and here is why.

There is no track/touchpad for directional cursor movement. Tat seems to be stolen to add more screen.

There is no call answer/hangup buttons. that was stolen as well.

And the curvature of the 99x0 keyboard is also gone

There is too much wasted space with this design. Couldn't they have moved the BlackBerry logo to the bottom bezel and given us an extra half inch of screen at the top? I'm also going to miss hammering the exit button when the software hangs.

You forgot to notice there's no curves between the keys! ;) The phone is completely different!!!

These leaks need to stop. They are going to kill the release of BB10.

I know Crackberry needs to drive people to their site but if they are true fans of BlackBerry, they need to stop posting these leaks. You are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem!!!

Come December or January when the official announcement is made, its going to be just like the Apple event, boring and nothing new to show.

Come on team CrackBerry, be on team BlackBerry and help stop these leaks!!!

RIM announced a square screen ratio so the image looks consistent even though I'd love for it to be longer toward the top.
Another thing is that I don't know how the straight-row keyboard will stack up against the current curve-row keyboard.


I doubt that curve counts for much ergonomically, anyway.

This render shows a keyboard that's consistent with the look of the touchscreen's virtual keyboard, which I find kind of cool.

Yea that's what I was wondering too. I have tried the straight-row keyboards from the competition & they are never as good. Also a curve-row keyboard would give a bit more room (in the middle) for using the bottom bezzle

....Still RIM always makes great keyboards so if they have descided to go straight I guess they have found a way to make them work great....

RIM 3:16 - For Heinz so loved the world that he leaked his 2nd begotten product, that who so ever would believeth in it, would not perish but have everlasting nerdgasms!

looking at this video more closely, i think this may be to be a pitch put together by a marketing firm for RIM for a potential unveiling process for BB10. I have to say its Definitely intriguing.

YES, I AGREE!! Finally we see the Blackberry that makes Blackberry DIFFERENT from the rest of the sheep. I'm a little disappointed that it doesn't have a track-pad and the physical pick-up and hang-up buttons, but I guess they need to have the bigger screen in order to compete in today's media-centric market... Oh well. The keyboard is the most important part, so I'm happy we finally see something on it...

On the other hand, looking at the two side-by-side, I wonder why they don't make the keyboard version a little taller (since it's much shorter than the full-touch version already) so they can have the same size screen and still have the physical buttons between the screen and the keyboard like with the Bold 9900???

No physical buttons!
The main reason I use an old Palm Pre 3 rather than a 9810 for my personal phone is that going from on-screen to physical buttons is still rather disconcerting. It feels odd to have the optical trackpad, the physical buttons, the keyboard and the virtual buttons all in use at once. On webOS it's keyboard or virtual buttons only.
Mind you I would have liked to see the optical trackpad.

Physical buttons are 100% responsive. Touching something on the touchscreen for me is still hit or miss. Something as important as picking up the phone or hanging up, I'd much rather have the physical buttons so I KNOW I've done it on the first try every time. My friend has the problem you're talking about, always "touching" my physical buttons. But I don't have that problem, I can transition from one to the other just fine...

You're forgetting one important thing!

Hardware requires SOFTWARE in order for its action to actually take place. Without the software your physical buttons don't do jack! That is also why the End call button is another escape key not just hanging up calls. Why the Menu key also is used for task switching. Why the trackpad also brings up a contextual menu not just selecting since BB6.

I wish they have the track pad and the standard 4 keys! The keyboard version is shorter than the touch version. They can make both the same height and add the damn row of keys with the track pad and make us happier!

but, why all that wasted space above the screen on the Bold?

why not increase the screen size to take up that space, or bring back the trackpad and buttons and move the screen higher on the phone?

seems like wasted opportunity to me.

Yes! While it does look a little strange for it not to have the typical BB buttons, it's a move in the right direction. What's the screen size and ratio differences between this, the 99xx and 97xx Bolds?

I can't even lie. I was leaning towards the full-touch device, but this N-series makes me a bit more indecisive now..lol! Either way I'm BB10 come 2013!

Same, I was going to go full screen all the way but man that qwerty board is sweet. Let's face it, RIM is really starting to impress. Nice hardware, OS and UI that is innovative and state of the art. A few more selected Apps to fill out the App store and BB10 is going to take off. The iPhone simply looks frozen in time.

Same, I was going to go full screen all the way but man that qwerty board is sweet. Let's face it, RIM is really starting to impress. Nice hardware, OS and UI that is innovative and state of the art. A few more selected Apps to fill out the App store and BB10 is going to take off. The iPhone simply looks frozen in time.

Same, I was going to go full screen all the way but man that qwerty board is sweet. Let's face it, RIM is really starting to impress. Nice hardware, OS and UI that is innovative and state of the art. A few more selected Apps to fill out the App store and BB10 is going to take off. The iPhone simply looks frozen in time.

I've been without a working trackpad on my 9900 for almost a year and the transition wasn't that bad

Why did you also end up with RIM's world famous low quality hardware? I had to replace 2 9900s during the first month of use too. :)

Looks weird without the call/menu/trackpad/back/end call row, but other than me having to get used to it, it looks GREAT and I can't wait to get one.

Would love to see the back too

with flow, buttons will be a thing of the past.. Get a playbook and start practicing your swipes.. :D

I have a PlayBook and love the swipe gestures. I guess I'll have to try and stop using the trackpad and main 4 buttons now..make use of these last few months with BB7 and start practicing not having them.

I have a 9860 and I find myself trying to swipe up from the corner to bring up my keyboard.. Lol.. I almost never use the track pad but the buttons are a different story... BB10 here we come!

the gestures rim came up with are addictive... i find myself doing swipe up gesture on my windows phone and wondering why it doesn't do anything.

I have a playbook now and live with touching messages or browser as many times as necessary. Guess I will have to practice picking up the phone and not knowing it is answered or not based on the press of a real button. Guess it means hitting "answer" a few times until it is actuated.

I am hoping they at least include a psuedo on screen trackpad and buttons as an option in the OS. If executed right it may be close enough to the convenience of a real trackpad and buttons. Now leak the Torch replacement pics!

My thought exactly, especially at the bottom. Looks lyk that silver lining at the top of the keyboard will prevent u from comfortably swiping up from the bottom bezel, much like in the dev alpha B.

This looks photoshopped. The status bar at the top is from BB7 and it looks out of proportion or stretched or something.

Well only the image of the OS might be photoshoped to make it look like the device is on. Just to give the user a feel of what it may look like. :P

I cannot even begin to describe the height of the goose bumps!!!

I love my 9900 as is. This is what I was hoping for. My 9900 with a slightly bigger screen and PB functionality.


I'll take 2 pwease!

I think after seeing this I may go full touch. The keyboard is flat. Not smiley face. I used to use a flat one like that and it was a pain to type on.

I call foul. I don't think RIM would design the keyboard in such a linear pattern. Current BB keyboards are slightly curved upward (i.e. like a smile), which is part of its functionality. I can't imagine them dropping it and make the keyboard straight like that. Also, based on the keyboard patent RIM filed, this doesn't make much sense.

But I could always be wrong.

~I am BlackBerry by choice~

That's exactly the first thing that jumped out at me... Why the heck is the keyboard straight. I hope it's just temporary and will be more smile like later.
I just did an impromptu test on my 9000 keyboard and the thumb naturally arcs up as you move them from the middle of the keypad out. Kind of uncomfortable to try and reach steaight across

I hope that they keep the curved keyboard and that the whole phone is bigger overall. I love my 9930, but if the BB10 keyboard edition has the same footprint, I will be a little disappointed.

I agree. Haven't we already seen this failure of a keyboard design with the Droid Pro? Even Motorola knew it and redesigned the next model (the admiral) with the trademark BB curved keyboard.
The phone gets released looking like that picture and I won't be sticking around to see future iterations. I'll be well on my way to 'getting used to' full touch......and if I'm going full touch, there's no way in the WORLD I'd do it with a RIM product.

Hey, its a free country. You can always choose to settle for a D roid (rage follows) or step into an Apple store for the brief frontal lobe surgery required prior to becoming an iClone community member. But why would you want that? I will choose to buy the most powerful mobile computing device available by the end of January 2013, and I have a hunch that will be an all touch BB10 Bold. :O!
Hint: that will be a RIM product

Calm down about the keyboard!!!

The 9981 has a straight keyboard and its even more of a dream to type on than the 9900 is.

Can't Wait!!!! BlackBerry For Life!!!

I'm not sold on this one. One of the things that has always set BB hardware keyboards to far above the rest was the curved rows.

Those straight rows have me worried...

edit: I see others share my concerns...

Right now I'm less concerned about the phone as i am about the OS... From the looks of it they are well on the way tto knocking it out of the park... I've been imagining BB10 on my playbooks and I can hardly wait!

RIMPIRE and BB10 for the WIN!

Someone on the live-chat said the straight keyboards are better for one-hand typing. The curved keyboards are best for two-hand typing. Makes sense to me.

Thank you..dat jumped out at me immediately along with the str8 keypad..I'm like wth! Dat top space looks even more than is on d 99xx..I'm not too enthused about that keypad looking 'BB10'!

There is more to increasing screen size than just moving a logo, assuming that they don't go for the unsightly lump for a camera like too many companies do, then there is probably plenty of stuff in that top part that wouldn't really allow the screen to be stretched much higher.

Another thing to consider are the ergonomics of the device, the screen is one of the heavier parts of the device so moving it higher up the device would alter the overall balance of the device for the worse.

i will buy this in a heartbeat! but if you consider to make it as tall as its touch counterpart, that would be awesome, ohhh don't bother; motorola might sue as it resembles the motorola droid pro.

I love the look of this phone! absolutely what i had expected and was hoping for.

Interesting to see that the keys are completely straight across..I wonder if that is due to the push to drive one handed usability.

Can't wait to see if and how they have enabled the predictive text for this keyboard.

Edit: it seems the images are from an agency pitch video so who knows if its final spec. When i look at my 9900 keeping the curved keyboard would give enough Bezel space for peek when you remove the call/menu buttons and trackpad.

I love BlackBerry so much and I'm addicted to it. But I bet this is just a stretch version of Bold 9900?? Same like ishit4s/5!!

Will wait for the legit one with trapezoidal keyboard and front facing cam!! :(

If there aren't the standard talk/end/back/menu buttons I'm out. I dont care if they're physical or on screen - but they need to exist. It's what makes a blackberry so much easier/better to use and what makes a droid better than an iPhone

As far as I know crakcberry people have seen this QWERTY cellphone before. They can tell whether it's legit or not

you're right. Plus, Michelle is B1aze's wife.. I'm sure he's told her what the actual BB10 device looks like?

unless he knows it's NOT what the device looks like and didn't mind if she posted this anyways. Which would be a cruel yet hilarious joke hahaha I mean look at all these comments within MINUTES of Michelle's posting

I was hoping it would have been as tall as the London. I would have liked to have seen a larger screen on it. But...still pretty nice!

it looks great. but i dont think thats the real deal. the font looks squeezed in the screen, so im guessing its taken from the the other previews of the dev alpha with the body of the bold 9900.

not saying it looks bad. but im pretty sure the real deal is gonna look much better!

The trackpad and buttons are one of the main things for navigation when you also have a keyboard. Can't believe they aren't there!

The gestures etc. are so integral to bb10 that you would not be using them for navigation to the same extent so they have been removed and as an added bonus it is another reduction in the amount of potential points of mechanical failure on a device which has always been an area where a qwerty phone is liable to suffer in comparison to an all-touch device.

Being a 9810 user, I thought I would want the all touch BB10 since they scrapped the slider device as an option but seeing this device makes me think twice about going for the all touch device. The screen size looks large enough to be able to read things on it while still having the keyboard to use for typing. I wonder what the screen size is on this device??

this looks like a recycled 9900. as a 9900 owner and now an iPhone owner, I am not impressed. Sure the software is going to be great, but wow, if this is the real deal from RIM on a bb10 qwerty, then i'm glad I didn't wait for it.

i dont think it's real though... i just dont.

EDIT: for the record, proud proud blackberry owner for years, and I still follow their development and wish them the best when blackberry 10 comes out. i guess this is just a letdown in my opinion. the 9900 was a great device, but i'd want something different at launch next year for qwerty.

its enough for me. The 9900/30 is a SOLID phone. The BEST BB out right now. If I could install the BB10 OS on my 9930 I would! and I would be happy.

The 9900 has the BEST form factor. Now its gonna have a bigger screen. Im gonna miss the trackpad though, it makes editing text soooo much easier, but I think I could live with it.

You have a decent increase in screensize without making the phone unwieldy, you get much improved specs and a new os to take advantage of the spec increase while not totally abandoning a design that is popular with people for the simple reason that it works.

Hmm...gonna have to try this one in person before making a decision...which means waiting even longer.

screen needs to be longer or bigger. This is disappointing...I hope that isnt official towards the screen size. i rather have the touch due to the size...which is why i got the Torch which is better then the Bold. RIM needs to go big! make big moves...this small keyboard and screen type crap is hideous...i have bigger hands and fingers then average people. I need a bigger screen and keyboard man. this sucks. i expected way better. im praying RIM doesnt make this official . WTF is N-Series?

i am one who has loved my 9900 more than any device i have ever had due to the keyboard ... soooooo torn after seeing the type N now even less sure if i want touch vs kb version more than likely gonna have to buy both now

I'm a bit worried too, BUT RIM does have a good Rep for making GREAK KB's & Kev, Adam, & Bla1ze all played with the BB10 QWERTY & said the keyboard works great so I guess we will just have to trust them

I was thinking the same thing. It was almost like they were pitching ideas for the month before and after the BB10 launch.

But still, maybe RIM had provided them with images of the devices to use in their presentation, so it would look more authentic?

Then again, maybe RIM just made a rough mockup of what the devices will look like, just in case a leak like this happened?

Or maybe this is all a distraction from their earnings call today? These photos leaked EERILY close to the time of their earnings call.

I hope the QWERTY keyboard looks different than what I just saw. Like a lot of you mentioned, it looks exactly like the current Bold9900, and if that is in fact the final design of the QWERTY keyboard BB10, than I might not wait to go down with the ship.

To me having a keyboard with no trackpad or no basic function buttons on the front is pointless.. It doesn't even look right first of all and it takes away from the easy one handed mobile use.. and it's like the keyboard is just an accessory now .. like a playbook with a keyboard you can hook up to it... I have the opposite feeling about BB10 with these leaked looks.. The software looks nice, but the hardware doesn't..

Am I the only one who noticed this guy talking in the video says "BlackBurry" instead of BlackBerry? What the hell is a BlackBurry? Every time he said it it made me want to laugh and be like WTF at the same time.

Umm . . agreed that american english is not always proper, but regardless there is no "-ium" at the end of aluminum no matter which english it is.

Actually there is, it is mostly just americans that choose to spell aluminium without it ending in ium, which it does along with the vast majority of the periodic table everywhere else.

lol how can you make such an ignorant comment when if you actually spent 5 seconds googling you could have avoided sounding so dumb.

well I guess one can learn something new every day; guess it never dawned on me to google it because I didn't realize I was the ignorant one. J- You could have pointed out my error without calling me a dumb but I guess I deserved it. Sorry, never meant any harm. . . consider me humbled.

I googled it - he's right - the only place it has no 'i' is in the states (it's not America - we're all american ). It's like colour or favour, rumour, nite , flite, all misspelled down south.
Which is fine. Just don't tell the people who invented the language that they don't know how to speak it or spell it.
Nowhere else in the world would the name Favre be pronounced
**RANT OVER ** :)

I always spell it the US way on US websites, because I think that's only polite.
It was spelt aluminum by analogy with platinum, which is spelt that way everywhere. The "ium" suffix normally applies to more recently discovered elements, which is why we have platinum but rhodium. Because alumin(i)um was discovered quite late in the 19th century, the balance is probably in favor of aluminium. But it's just a convention.
So don't be too hard on yourself.

To be exact, the official name of the element as defined by the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC), to which the USA belongs, is aluminium, for the reason I gave above.

The number of people who think something doesn't count; what matters is who is right. (Otherwise RIM might as well shut up shop).

I posted a comment before but there was no video at that time but now im kinda convinced. sounds real marketing skills. very impressed!!!

The hardware looks nice. I'm also taking notice of some software shown. Is that a new BB Traffic application there, connected to BBM and showing other users in their cars?

How About saying "In Either Hand" implying the ease of use by right and left handed people.....who they are would then be evident by their familiarity. ;-). Or not......

Ohhh, love both! Do wish the screen was taller on the N Series and the current curved keyboard does look better, but I can't wait!

hmm. That can't be right. They seem to be renders to me, not real product. It's a 9900 for crying out loud without the row of buttons/track pad. Doesn't look right to me. And it has too much "head".

I agree. There's no way Rim is going to release a phone that looks identical to the 9900 only without buttons, a bigger screen, and a straight keyboard! If they did, I think it would be an epic fail because people would think it was the same old phone as the 9900 and not give it a second look.

*Edit* Actually, you can tell for sure this is photoshopped because the light is reflecting in the exact same spot on the top left of the screen in every photo, the only difference is what is shown on the screen.

Looks great. But maybe pshopped as the screen is supposed to be 720x720?!!?

Check out the microphone icon on the 0 key



BB 9780 white os 6

BB Playbook 32gb os


IF that IS an / the actual marketing campaign, it sucks.

GREAT IDEA, but not MARKETABLE to the public - Maybe to Enterprise...

BlackBerry NEEDS to BE BOLD.


Here's an idea for a commercial - have someone go to buy a new phone: asking the clerk what features the phone has. Make the clerk admit that the competitons phone "has an app for that", while BB is NATIVE. Have the clerk illustrate that you have to "go in and out" of other applications, NOT multi-tasking / pausing in the background - a feature only on BB.


Have the BB against the REAL iPhone 5, Samsung G3, Moto Razr, Windows/Nokia 920.
(each phone comparison is an actual commercial - iphone vs BB, Droid vs BB, etc...)

EFF it if it's a "legal" issue - run it until an injuction is invoked.

That's BEING BOLD - That's "Getting $h!T done" (even put some Frank's Red Hot on it) ;)

BTW - The Phones are looking SSSWWWEEETTT!!!

Plus up this Ish!!


IF this IS REAL - It's "leaked" WAYYY TOO EARLY

RIM NEEDS 1 wk time frames:

1 wk - Annouce, and start the commercials
2 wk - Available for sale.


It's really just basic Marketing. Observing what's happened over the last 3 yrs (or so), and what's worked for Apple / SamDroid.

Personally, this is how I'd like to see RIM "man up, and stick it to 'em".

I'm really pee'd at how every critic is saying it's not enough (BB10), while bending over for iRepeats, and Droidroids.

The more I think on this "straight keyboard therefore it isn't real", the more I think it is wrong. The new virtual keyboard in the L series isn't curved. The new one looks very much like that. I think we'll just have to get used to straight.... it isn't fatal. I think I'll go for screen real estate anyway.

Just one thing....the guy at 1:26 ...the Indian "developer" is a famous Indian actor Shahid Kapoor.
Wonder why they would have an actor in the video and call him a developer??

i was just about to type up an entire paragraph of something that essentially could've been summarized into what you typed. Well said. lol. :)


Sorry, but this is why I hate it when we see "Concepts" like what the Blade was. Those concept phone are so beautiful and get us so excited about having a device that will make people stop and look and say, "What is THAT?!?" The new QWERTY looks exactly the same as it always did, except that they took off some buttons that were there before. Non-BB people are going to look at that and go, "THAT'S the new Blackberry?? I thought it was supposed to be NEW! I've seen THAT before." It doesn't matter what the software is, the hardware on that look pretty much the same. While WE might all like it as Blackberry people, (I am a BB person, on my third device) I think that others will just find it to be same old, same old.

Now, where's my BB10 SLIDER??? Show me THAT.

It is easy for a concept design to be exciting to people because it can quite happily ignore such important considerations such as actual ergonomics or battery life or do you actually think it will be comfortable holding a device that is balanced in such a way it's natural tendency would be to tip up out of your hand?

Real or Fake who cares.

So much effort is being put into the new OS and devices by RIM that when they are up for release I want one of each. Bring on Q1 2013 people this stuff is looking amazing. For now I will continue to drool over the amazing videos and demo's that team Crackberry are providing.

Keep up the great work all involved.

Ok. I think lots of people agree with me, 9900 already is the best keyboard desing ever made, so there is no need to change it mostly. What they did is removing navigation and call buttons which fine, but maybe they may use upper end of the phone as more screen space.

I think for bold model screen will be like 3", which is fine, for typing people (like me, mailing whatsaping bbming like there is no tomorrow) it means more screen then 4" fulltouch.

Anyway, I hope qwerty model will be released as soon as possible.

I think I'm going for the full touch screen this time around... or maybe the keyboard? Who knows! One more quarter to go...

(Quietly sheds a tear at the sight of a qwerty BB without a trackpad and other top line buttons)

Things move on, at some point people were lamenting the loss of their trackwheel and then their trackball.

I think the keyboard bb10 is done with photoshop. I think this video is released just to lower expectations and ACTUAL phones will look much better. I like it what i see but some of the concepts i have seen on Crackberry were just so unique and beautiful. Phones like that would stand out much more.

I am a heavy blackberry user and want to see RIM succeed. I eagerly await the BB10 phones. But I do not understand RIM's strategy for getting people out of their iphones and Androids and back into Blackberrys. First, the appearance of the phones are familiar. The N model is the same look as the current Bold. And the L model is nothing distinctive over any current third party phone, and to me looks alot like the iphone 5.

Second, I do not understand RIM's marketing strategy which theme seems to be that people can only do things on a Blackberry. But from the video, there is nothing that the Blackberry will do that an Android or iphone can not do equally as well. Both have slick, intuitive operating systems and are happily used by a ton of professionals these days. But for the sake of argument, even if the new BB10 phones are a little slicker, is that really enough to get people out of their Androids or iphones? I just do not see that happening.

Idk, I really wanted RIM to make the screen bigger on the query BB. I'm tired of not being able to see some pictures right. They should elongate the screen to be able to view pics in landscape.

UMMMM did anyone catch the glimpseof the video chat in the multimtask active frame, Then upon bringing another app into the foreground, a thumbnail of the chat overlaps that window!! HOT HOT

Just noticed this!! didnt read all the comments so sorry if it has been said...but did anyone else notice the voice button on the "0" key on the qwerty device?! seems like a dedicated key to access voice dictation! THATS AWESOME! hopefully the full-touch has a simple way to access it!

Like others have mentiones, the straight keyboard looks wrong. Also there is no excuse for the lack of curve and the keys could be a little bigger after all there looks to be at least a half inch difference in height between the two devices.

If real, like the marketing campaign idea. Interesting and will cover people from several social áreas in which they will leave a testimony. Brilliant!


Now some simple math: marketing campaign starts 1st of Jan. X 10 people / one Day each => RIM will announce bb 10, on the 10 th of Jan 2013.


I'm pretty sure this is a marketing video that is a blend of concept and actual hardware/software.

Also, it's called a QWERTY keyboard, not QWARY or Query.

I hope that BB10 just rocks, because both of these phones are clunky and ugly compared to the competition. Look at the HTC One series, iPhones 4 & 5, Nokia Windows phones, etc. Is this really the best RIM could do with hardware!? Very disappointing to be frank. The earlier concept renders we all saw were so much more in line with 2013 handsets. These already look very dated and just ugly. I'm a RIM fan, but come on!

Loving the idea...celebrities and artists creating content and getting things done. Must still show media consumption and app usage though. The wolves would be baying otherwise.
Either the new CMO is a genius for leaking this video today, or he is EXTREMELY pissed that the video got leaked at all. BBFTW

Rooting for RIM, don't let me down, BlackBerry by choice.

With everyone being all shocked about the straight keyboard I thought we were already told that it was straight. We were also told that it was traditional blackberry and I think that's what the renderings accomplished. I'm satisfied.

i'm impressed with bb10, but i dont like the all touch device if this is the real deal.
Why the "huge" black frame around the screen? It is not really huge, but the galaxy s3 shows, that you can build a phone with a huge screen and just a. Tiny frame around that. If a mid 2012 smartphone can deliver that, then a smartphone in 2013 should aswell.

Please rim, bring a REAL highend flagship that is wort the wait. Bb10 will be awesome i'm sure, so dont let me down on the hardware

You should already know the reason for the frame around the display by the issues encountered during demos using the dev alpha b, the "frame" gives room for those gesture things that are what makes bb10 so different from other mobile os.

I've been rockin the qwerty keys of Blackberry since 2006. But I have my eye on Full touch screen.

...it's all about the Peek, Flow, and Hub.. baby

Except the earnings call was not a bad one really, they still made a loss, but cash reserves, earnings and subscribers all went up despite them being in this pre-bb10 limbo.

Anyone else notice the dedicated voice control button located on the 0 key of the N-series device?

More confirmation that the voice control we saw in the previous dev alpha build is coming along.

I think its hilarious they got some white paper on there with PDF on it. Ive been screaming for years about the poor support for PDFs on the Palm phones. That will be history soon. Somebody loves me at RIM!

Yeah, the good news though is that this leak was most likely legit, this was RIM's lawyers that had it pulled, and I don't think they would do that for anything fake.

The link to YouTube says that the video was removed due to a copyright claim by AVM BBDO. I guess that video hit a little too close to home..

I want my physical buttons and TRACKPAD.

Those are some of the most useful differentiating features of BlackBerry.

That's gonna be the biggest adjustment for us keyboard warriors... if they truly are gone, I may make the jump to the L-series to get that big gorgeous screen...

The phones look totes amazeballs!!! I really want the qwerty BB in white, I hope when they release it that u get a choice of colours, I don't want to have to wait months for the white version :/

The phones look totes amazeballs!!! I really want the qwerty BB in white, I hope when they release it that u get a choice of colours, I don't want to have to wait months for the white version :/

Damn people complained about the leaks of the L series saying it doesn't look BlackBerry enough, now the N series leaks and people are saying it looks too BlackBerry. RIM just can't seem to win or people just have to find a way to bring negativity into the comments.

This is obviously the work of "creatives" (either within RIM or outside), who are pitching a promotional project. Note the emphasis on creative stars, but there are no business people, almost no technical types, no sports figures. It's pretty hypothetical, too. I doubt that Lady GaGa, JK Rowling, and Ridley Scott would be available -- they need neither the money nor the publicity.

I truly doubt that the phone images give away much about the actual BB10 phone hardware. Would RIM be providing realistic images to outside ad agencies and the like?

It looks like RIM did generate the phone images, either to an internal team or to outside agencies. All of the "normal people" names (Krista Huner, Greg Hislop, Rose George, ..., Megan Ball) are drawn from a RIM-generated code sample named "Sample Emergency Contact List Application Demonstrating Push Technology in WebWorks." I bet some of the same coders were involved in generating these phone images.

I am so ready to toss my 9850...

I MUST have the BB10..

The most awesome thing about it is:

This is the UNFINISHED product... Some more polishing and this thing will blow IP5 and the other guys away...

Thor really applied the whip...