Leaked images of the BlackBerry 9720 hit the web

By James Richardson on 8 Jul 2013 07:38 am EDT

We've previously posted about the rumored new BlackBerry 7 device (the 9720) that is due to go on sale at some point this year and it looks like somebody has had their lucky hands on one.

Whether you think another BB7 device is a good thing or not now that we have BlackBerry 10, design wise the 9720 looks to me like a mixture of the BlackBerry Bold 9790 but with a keyboard very similar to the one on the BlackBerry Q5. In traditional BB7 style we still get the dedicated BBM key that we saw on the last few Curve devices released and the battery cover looks to be a new design - with almost a ribbed affect.

I'm pretty confident that if this one does go on sale it will be restricted to certain markets where BlackBerry 7 is still going strong. The only question I have - and I'm sure many of you will agree - is why?

With all the BlackBerry 10 hype would it not just make sense to make a QWERTY BB10 handset that's even cheaper than the Q5? Let us have your thoughts in the comments?

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Leaked images of the BlackBerry 9720 hit the web



My thoughts exactly. It's almost the ugly version of the BlackBerry Q5.

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Worse idea I've seen so far. . .
Who ever decided to build this needs to leave the company asap!
what a waste of money!
They've better spent that on bringing BB10 to the playbook. . .this wont create any $$$$

not replying you, But this is boring!!!!!!! who cares about the BlackBerry OS if the future is the BlackBerry 10 OS?! I don't care about the reason they are bringing this out for, but these B*tches better start and keep moving with the BB10 OS. Excuse my French.

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I absolutely agree with you this makes no sense just lower the price on the Q5 move on from BlackBerry OS and move forward with BlackBerry 10 and keep advancing it

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I know right???!!! What company creates something entirely new, tries to market it to regain a qualifying position in the technology world, then puts out a new model of their OLD PLATFORM that people felt was becoming outdated/obsolete???? WTF BlackBerry???

This is by far the worst idea that I've heard. Why not just bring a really cheap ($0 - $40 price range, subsidized, of course) bb10 phone to market in stead? This would help bb10 gain the traction it so desperately. Why waste $$ on a legacy OS that you are trying to ditch?? Why? WHY??? WHYY????????

Ridiculous!!! I thought BB10 was suppose to enable BB to "keep moving" FORWARD and replace the need for this! Something seems definitely amiss with BB's business model..this sounds like classic "keep moving" BACKWARDS!!!

Totally agree. Let's move backwards BlackBerry! This will not help with people trying to learn about BB10. People are already clueless about BB10 this will only make it worse. What a waste of time, resources, and money. Throw it in the garbage BlackBerry. It looks ugly too!

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Totally! those 4 M people who bought BB7 devices last quarter are F-n idiots. Don't they know, they aren't the future??? they should be summarily cut off from BB altogether! BB should send them a $5 off coupon for a new BB10 device! F-n morons - don't they know that it is a totally dumb idea to buy a BB7 device??? Those +-70 M existing BB7 subscribers are also F-n morons. They should upgrade YESTERDAY to BB10 or face the consequences - Blackberry should IMMEDIATELY stop supporting BBOS altogether! just pull the G-D plug on the whole BBOS server! If every one of those Fn 70M+ BB7 using morons had upgrade last quarter, why, i bet i wouldn't have got burned on my stock on earnings day!

So, they're supporting a legacy system that still provides them over 4 new units sold per quarter, not to mention ongoing BIS subscription income. OTOH, BB10 on the PlayBook had pretty close to ZERO business case. Sure, that would have made a lot more sense.

..not only that, but there are still BB users out there that are fairly hardcore (to the Bold line for example) and are a bit leary of moving on to BB10...maybe they don't pick up on big change well...perhaps BB is using this as a final (as it is launched after BB10) transitional device (maybe some BB10 like features in this OS release or updates?) to let them have the familiarity of the legacy hardware and software, but with some good new bits of BB10 baked in to help ease them over, and keep them on BB instead of them going to the 'other guys' later on when they have no choice to upgrade...the step up then to BB10 will be easier...I'm just guessing, but if I were to release a legacy device during a rebirth, that would be exactly who I would aim it at...

Maybe so, but I thought the Q5 was the ugliest phone ever. Look at this thing ... My guess is they made it this hideous so people opt for the 2nd ugliest phone in stead.

They will make money by SELLING a NEW PHONE....... how will they make money by wasting a bunch making an amazing OS crappy for a slow device that we already have.....(i have a PB too)

They need to make a new tablet a "Super Tablet"


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They have three new phones that they are selling, and according to their "6 new products this year" schedule there's two more to go.

Tablets aren't making money for anyone but Apple right now; going back to that market is financial suicide.

Face reality.

What you don't get is, as a struggling company, you do not waste resources on developing, manufacturing and marketing a NEW device with an old platform, it sends a very confusing mixed signals.
"well, they still have millions of people that are interested in bb7"
Well, they can keep buying the Bolds and the Curves. You can refresh those cosmetically and LOWER the price to compete in developing countries. So, if you are in a developed country and want to stick with the old OS you buy an OLD styled phone.
I'm sorry, you are not Apple, you can't afford to toy around with a dead-end OS. Pick a lane and execute.
Gosh, it is like groundhog day. We have all seen this before. Some people will say it is a great idea. Next quarter the reports will come out. They would have lost more subscribers. They will then scramble to come out with a BB10 killer phone..... that will be 10 months too late.

The ONLY company that might be interested in this device might be US Cellular ... they are about the only ones selling the legacy devices and this one might fit right in with their 9360 and the 9860 torch. WHY would you release a NEW device, then come out with another version of a legacy device? What's next ... the release of the 8130 AGAIN? This makes about as much sense as Ford putting the 1970s Pinto back on the lot and screaming "Hey, look what we are selling again!" to which most people will reply "BFD!"

Really a "New Tablet", what are you nuts, after the way they just $hat on all the PB owners out there. They might as well just through the money out the door as the tablet market is now dead for BB.
The one thing about this new phone is at least the Bridge function will work properly unlike the BB10 units.

What you mean the ugly version of the Q5 the Q5 is just as ugly. I am happy with my 9900 so will stick with that untill I can afford a new one.

Agreed. If both phones were off, but for the legacy buttons and trackpad, I wouldn't be able to tell the difference between that and the Q5. And it's not like the Q10 looks much better, either, with its stubby little self. I think they're building this device because the Curve is a wildly popular device (I see more Curves than any other BB device) and current Curve users might not want BB10 but do want updated hardware.

This is definitely a bad idea, but not for the reason you are saying... No offense, but I don't get how it looks is the first reason you can think of why this is a bad idea... A little superficial? How about BB diverting resources from promoting and improving their new product in order to develop a product in a line they are trying to replace?

How are they supposed to push the new platform if they give legacy users another legacy device to cling on to? I couldn't care less how ugly it is or not, that matters just about 0% when it comes to why this is just a bad idea in my opinion...

Interesting that you take that stance on it. For your very same reasons, it doesn't make sense that BB continues to produce legacy physical keyboards when the industry has long sense moved on. That's resources that could be diverted to creating an "iPhone killer" and developing "killer apps" in-house for BB10; where are BlackBerry Travel and BlackBerry Protect for BB10? (Not that those are killer apps, but they are excellent apps that aren't even available on the new OS.)

How are they supposed to "Keep Moving" and regain lost market share if they give keyboard clutchers a device to cling on to? I couldn't care less about there being a physical keyboard when so much screen real estate is sacrificed for it, and that the smartphone market has overwhelmingly spoken and said it doesn't care about physical keyboards. Smartphones today are more about data consumption (videos, gaming, etc.) than data production (writing emails, editing documents, etc.)

LMAO, again, you are somehow confused that superficial looks are somehow at the same level as a functional feature like a physical keyboard versus a full touchscreen, lol. Keep making those comparisons, please...

I think you've replied to the wrong person/post. What part of my post had anything to do with comparing looks with performance??

Considering you are replying to my comment to twig where he's saying this is a bad idea because it's ugly, I just figured you agreed with that since you immediately jumped on that reply. Either way, poor analogy since they never intended to dump the keyboard market with their so-called new strategy and new OS. I don't get how objecting to them going backward in OS is the same as objecting to an entire form factor that some don't consider "cool." One makes sense, the other doesn't.

Sorry to tell u son, but, the Q10 is a very desirable phone if u like having a keyboard like me. I see ppl with BlackBerry clones all the time. The samsungs and other dumbphones that emulate the design of BlackBerry. So my thing would be to make the Q5 like $99 with a 2yr contract since tmo offers the Q10 for $99 /wac. Unlike the Q10 though it should be $99 regardless of credit. It would be the lowest priced and newest smartphone out and it will have the newest OS available too. Every up and comer wanting to get in on the smartphone game couldn't help but take the Q5 into consideration with those 3 bonuses! Plus #4, It has a BlackBerry fuckin keyboard!!! This country is fucked up. We're an emerging market too! Trillions in debt to other ppl!!! They make billions a quarter and can't see simple real world logic for what it is and capitalize on it. Questionable marketing to say the least!!!

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I meant to say BlackBerry Traffic, not Travel; a Freudian slip. Although, the new BlackBerry Maps is worlds better than the outgoing version and is way more responsive and accurate than before, so I suppose BlackBerry Traffic would be superfluous.

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You do realize that BlackBerry Protect is baked into the OS & BlackBerry Travel has been available since day one (or so) as an app now don't you?

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I don't think you know BlackBerry Protect for BB10 is far less functional than BB7 device, which you can back up your data to. BlackBerry travel was not available in day one of BB10 available, though it's available now.


Yup, I didn't think it was possible to make the Q5 attractive, but compared to this, the Q5 looks smokin' hot. Excuse me....I just threw up in my mouth a 'lil.

Exactly, and on certain networks, you're lucky if you get 3G and you're mostly on EDGE. On those networks, a legacy BB with data compression will work better and more efficient than one of the newer phones.

And why can't BBRY make an even more affordable BB10 device that doesn't utilize 4G? If anything, I see this as a way to possibly liquidate inventory from legacy hardware, but I'm no expert. On the whole, I think it prolongs the view that BBRY's are underperformers like all the other BBOS devices they used to put out. BGR is already hiting out that BBRY can't capitalize on BB10 and is back-tracking. My overall impression is that it doesn't look like a "Keep Movin" campaign to me.

First, BGR has never been a site to report unbiased news towards BBRY. Second, they do have such a device and it's called the Q5. I find it funny that some people think the Q5 is too expensive.... yet the Q5 has better specs than the iPhone and is less expensive. If anything is expensive, it's the iPhone.

I think BB know what they're doing. If there wasn't demand for this they wouldn't do this. And I also believe that the frustration of people in the comments are because of BB10 not coming to Playbook.

Nah. It's because OS10 cannot perform some of the most basic smartphone functions and it's frustrating to see resources diverted from OS10 development to support a legacy system.

Although you do raise an interesting point: PlayBook. If BlackBerry just diverted resources from OS10 to this new phone I guess the strategy isn't too too sound... this group is not exactly renowned for executing worth a damn.

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You do realise that the QNX OS team and the BBOS team are not the same, right? The people who work on each project know different programming languages and they have nothing in common. Further, I don't agree with your comment that OS10 can't perform some basic functions. I'm a tech guy and I can say that it outperforms the legacy OS by a longshot.

Can't turn itself on when the morning alarm goes off. Instead... this device needs to be turned on/plugged in...all night.

That's one.

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Don't think BlackBerry knows what it's doing. If they do they should know it's strength and how to maintain it. PRODUCTIVITY! Easy access to functions and information. Why track pad is removed? Why bridge is removed? Why protection is shrieked (cloud function is removed) why pushing email is removed? Why phone call and hanging up removed?


Wouldn't it be a novel idea if BlackBerry asked everyone (yes, everyone) why they left BlackBerry and why they are/were disappointed?

I have a feeling your questions would be answered... but BlackBerry doesn't seem to be paying attention.

Honestly.... WHY?!... With the 9900 now on sale for a very good price and all the bugs on that phone and battery life issues finally addressed, why would you what seems like a 9900?Q5 hybrid?... What would've been an acceptable design would be a BB10 phone with a the trackpad and buttons; Since their are still some people out there who favored that design. STOP MAKING BB7 PHONES AND FOCUS ON THE FUTURE!!!!!! BB10!!!. To think, I came here today to see some good news.


They need to stay relevant in the lower cost phones. Makes sense to me. But wish they were able to make a low cost bb10.

No wonder they are tanking, why would you create a great BB!0 and still push 7....someone hit me int he head so I can understand why!

yes they are . One more BB7 phone would be Okay if make a 9900+ bigger battery and better camera. North the ugly cheap looking one. Also cheap does not necessarily be ugly. Do a little search and we can find so many attractive BlackBerry fan designed phone. None of them is SO ugly.


A new 9900+ model is what would be really stupid, this one will replace the 9320 at the low end, whereas a new 9900 would be competing with their own devices which would be insane.

I think what everyone is overlooking is it may be released in certain markets where BBM and data compression are still a must. BB10 devices will not support this so many people in these particular markets are not going to upgrade to a BB10 device, so why not give them a new device to upgrade to? Keeps the customers happy having a new device, keeps data compression and costs down and keeps service revenue coming in. What's the problem??

Emerging markets could stay with OS7 devices previously released. Why would any leading manufacturer actually make significant advances in technology and software, but release technology several years old in current market conditions?

Some emerging markets can stick with the older OS. The whole thing is about moving forward, not going backward.

This BIS/compression requirement is plausible. If this is the case, releasing a new bbos7 phone could be a cost-down (higher margin! ) version. I that not have been possible to drive the cost down enough with existing designs.

If data compression is a requirement, isn't there a way that BlackBerry could do this under bb10? If not, I imagine more bbos7/BIS compatible devices can be expected for years to come. At least until developing world cell networks are able to economically support higher data rates.

Frankly, I wish BlackBerry would explain this decision better since it seems contradictory in light of starters regarding the future with bb10.

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Maybe it's better if they focus on building bb10 devices may it be low end or high end devices. To promote bb10. Just my thought

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I would be willing to buy an improved Bold 9900, but with bigger battery, and better camera.
4G lte would be a bonus!

Couldn't existing BB7 devices be used for cheap alternatives? There is no way that this will be cheaper than existing BB7 Curves.

I imagine this will be an expensive device geared towards those that want a new premium BlackBerry, but also still want a true BlackBerry experience - BIS.

I think the BlackBerry is going to soon find that there are many markets where BB7 is going to remain very popular, and in those markets customers will either buy an older BB7 device (new or used) that will allow them to use cheaper special BlackBerry data plans.

Nope, this is clearly a decent upgrade for the 9320 end of the market which is the only one that is not yet covered by a bb10 device.

I think most people on here (myself included) have no idea about the African or Asian markets. There is obviously demand for cheap(er) phones there.

It baffles me a bit, but based on last Q's results, OS7 devices are still in-demand. I claim ignorance on the matter.

Actually, if last QTR results showed us anything it was that the shift of BB10 is happening. A few more QTRs and BB10 will overtake OS7.

You agree with whom? Me or Plazmic Flame?
40% of all sales being BB10 is surprising to me. There is still a LOT of pent-up demand for BBOS out there. Problem is, of course, that it doesn't seem to produce any profits. Hopefully this new fella can generate some profits as well.

People are still buying it, as Q1 indicated. These are BlackBerry customers, and BlackBerry is tending to them. Makes sense. Plus their transition didn't go as smooth as planned, so they need their legacy devices to give them a little extra life.

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BlackBerry has really lost the plot. I really like Thorsten but he's got no idea what he's doing..

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Ummmh don't fall into the same trap that get you in this mess to begin with??

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Don't waste money on producing this phone and fragmenting your product line up at a time when you have to push BB10 for your company's survival?

Here in Italy the q10 phone is often getting less shelf space than the os7 phones. Figure this out! My organisation is issuing new phones base on a switch of carrier and they are os7 phones. To me BlackBerry is really fragmented, gasping for short term, failing to show direction.

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BlackBerry 10 does appear to have little direction at the moment doesn't it? It seems as though BlackBerry is going through the motions but not really finding it's own identity.

give them a better BB7 phone to replace their current phones to keep them with Blackberry then flood them with Q5 / Q10 phones also BES10 adoption for business takes time in these markets !

I concur, but the back looks sort of cool. I am not sure why they don't just take the apple approach and make legacy devices cheaper, but there is still a demand for OS7. My last device was a Bold 9930, and I'm my opinion it was the best BlackBerry ever made. The idea of mixing the old 9000 design with a touch screen was a great choice. I love my Z10, and I'm not switching back, but OS7 is a great OS and I'm glad they are still showing support for it.

BlackBerry Z10 | Verizon |

I loved OS7 and loved using my 9850. I knew the ins-and-outs of moving through the UI like the back of my hand; not to mention tons of great apps for it. I've had my Z10 for just about 3 months now and love it, too, but I still can't get through stuff or get stuff done as quickly as I could on my 9850. Cutomization apps are practically non-existant on BB10 and there are much fewer productivity apps. Some activities (going through settings screens, in particular) just seem superfluous in BB10. For instance, accessing WiFi from the home screen pull-down; when you're done, it backs you out through the System Settings menu instead of just exiting. The same thing occurs when acting on account notifications; it backs you all the way out through the Accounts then System
Settings menus instead of just exiting when you're done. When I press "Back," I keep expecting to go "back" to the point I entered, not back out through settings screens. (Yes, I know I can just swipe up and close it, but the logic flow is just off currently.)

Until for Z10/Q10/Q5 no RSA(Securid), PGP and Lync apps are available the OS10 devices are of no interest for many companys. I already think about giving up on my Z10 again as I don't want to carry around my RSA SecurID card anymore.

Not sure why they would do this, but if OS7 is still going strong and in high demand what's there too lose. I feel in love with a phone on this format and I don't see why no one else would. Just seems like they are expanding and giving costumers CHOICES!!

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I'd say it's because of enterprise, not consumer market. Don't fix what ain't broken. More so when shareholders of these companies want profit and couldn't care less for what is new or "cool", without direct relation between the new and potential rise in profit. Not talking about the cost of transition.

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People forget that this is not a flagship phone, neither it is a Whoa! phone. This is purely to support existing customer base, which is more than 80% on BBOS by the way, and a large margin in countries where the average citizen can't afford a Q5.

Since they can't make the Q5 price go down yet without losing money, the designed a new BBOS phone with today's hardware focused on being cheaper to manufacture. Even if it looks like pretty much the same (except the straight keyboard maybe) than any other Curve, I could bet it costs less to manufacture than a 9360 or a 9220. Hence a larger profit margin, and more money for BlackBerry. It is often like that in the electronic industry.

They know pretty much how to design a regular BBOS phone by now, and can do it quite fast and without major ressources, so don't take this as a sign that they are not fully committed to BB10.

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it does show they aren't fully committed to BB10. Every sale of this phone is a potential loss of a sale of a Q5. The Q5 should be enough to attract anyone who might be interested in this phone. If it's not, well that's a problem of a different nature that BlackBerry should be putting every single resource at their disposal towards fixing. BlackBerry 10 losing allot of what made BlackBerry great is why the Platform isn't catching on yet and they should fix that instead of just pumping out more OS 7.1 phones

Did you read what I've written before the last paragraph? Q5 is not a cheap phone, it sells for 400$ or more, which is enough for most emerging country average guy to look for a cheaper phone. BlackBerry Curve 9320 is 150$, maybe less in some countries. I disagree that putting down more than twice the money is to be considered if the phone does what you want. Now if this phone could have a price fork around there, that would be good.

But in the end only shareholders (and countries affected) should really care about this phone, because most people here will not even see it at the store. And their language: money, whatever people say about it. If it sells, good.

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Yes it benefits BlackBerry's immediate income, but every OS 7 device sold is one less potential OS10 device sold. That's one less user to grow user base, app stores, etc. they should have licensed 10 to someone who could pop out a cheap device for emerging markets. BlackBerry is choosing immediate cash over future growth with this "placeholder".

If a BlackBerry 10 device drops in an emerging market and no one buys it anyway, does it still make a sound?


In all seriousness, I've been made under the impression that BBM is the number one reason for BlackBerry sales in emerging markets. OS10 out BBMs every BBMing BBMer out there.

Unli BBM is $2/month in my country and with a Z10 you need to get the $23/month unli data.

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Thanks, I did not know that. This kind of information helps explain the need for an OS7 device. I wonder why this is, though. Is it a BIS issue?

Yes. With BIS, carriers in my country can offer different BB OS specific plans like unli BBM ($2/month), unli social ($7/month), unli messaging (BBM/email for $7/month), or unli BB data ($13/month compared to a normal unli data of ($23/month).

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So, is the real question here whether BB should be diverting resources to OS7 devices, or whether BB should be investing in bringing BIS as an option to BB10 - this marrying of the new platform and old market/usage specific advantage would seem the best solution for all concerned (especially BB and brand unification)...

The fact that this phone exists at all is sad. BlackBerry can't manufacture a cheap BB10 device. This 9720 will compete against better featured Android phones (which will soon have BBM). To me, this means that the bulk of BB's subscribers in places like Indonesia or Latin America will soon be gone and using Android phones. Devices like this will do nothing to keep those customers.

Is because like in South Africa the Q5 is about 40 $ us on contract for 24 months with 200 mb data and no bis. And the 9320 is about 18$us with bis on 24 months. Unlimited slow internet is worth a lot more than fast 200mb

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Although it's a bit old the 9900 is a much nicer looking phone. I'm not sure I understand the point of releasing an uglier looking OS7 device. What's the incentive to buy it?

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Why? Probably because 95% of BB users are still on legacy devices and they are pretty happy with those handsets. The BB10 phones are extremely overpriced, so why the customers should pay more? And the BB10 OS is not polished yet. And people love those 5 phisical buttons -- specially the trackpad.

I think if that device will be intelligent priced and with big, REMOVABLE battery -- it will be the hit of the season for BB users in the emerging countries.

BlackBerry, this is another chance for you -- don't f**k it. Good Luck!!!

By your logic tesla should dump their e-engine and start selling gas engines then? I mean there's a limited market for that too..

Bottom line is you move forward not backward. GM didn't re-release the 1985 cavalier which sold like crazy when nobody wanted their cars a few years back!

This abomination is probably the dumbest idea yet and will get eaten alive in reviews. How can they stand behind their new OS and then show this off at the same time? I understand there are different markets, but there's something to be said for low end bb10 devices in lieu of this embarrassment. I would rather they eat some of the costs on the phone and push out bb10 than this- these low end markets are the ones they should be running to with bb10.

What's next- bringing back the trackball and 2.5 inch screen?

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Your Tesla reference was quite bad, they are a dedicated electric car maker and was created for this, it wouldn't exist otherwise. Even Elon Musk said it started more from a philosophical view of things than a business view.

BlackBerry's decision to make another BBOS phone will bring more money in their vault because it will sell. Not here, obviously, no carriers here want a new BBOS phone and they wouldn't buy it anyway. So I disagree, reviews will not speak badly of this phone because nobody here will hear about it, except to talk trash about BlackBerry even if they don't know a thing about having a profit margin on items you actually SELL, and that this phone was not made for them.

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You're missing the point..

They will lose any credibility they have, not to mention confidence in BB10 if they turn back the tape and launch a device on an OS they themselves sentenced to death 2 years ago. Don't believe me? Look back at the OS7 reviews on tech sites that weren't crackberry. Tech sites and the media want feature rich devices on current platforms that can perform. This device is neither current in hardware, nor in app selection (realistically is anyone even actively developing for OS7 anymore?). The day's where people will get excited and buy a plastic phone with a 480x360 display and dedicated BBM button are long gone. Like it or not, it will be bad press (look, they stepped back 2 years in time), bad review (let's do a side by side with any low end Android or Nokia which are in those markets), and overpriced (every single BB low end device is priced above comparable or even better other devices from other manufacturers- what makes you think this will be any different?

Now, will this phone sell in some markets? Sure, maybe it will, but I very much doubt it will be a success as you claim it will be. Energy wasted on not pushing bb10.


The 9700 and the 9900 were the only properly good looking BB devices ever made. I'm sad they didn't take the time to make the Z10 a truly unique and beautiful product.

The os7 phones are really important in afrika or other places.
This because of the really cheap data plans they get with it.
So why wouldn't BlackBerry make this customers happy

Because they should be pushing their new OS not trying to beat a dead one back to life. Low end hardware with a subsidies cost will mean more users, more app usage, more recognition for the new OS.

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BlackBerry should just move on, seriously.

There is just Jo need for new bb7 devices. Lots out there.

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Sorry, it's ugly and no point of releasing this. we have 9230 curve it only confused the market, they should point out Q5 as the entry level. BBOS7? I just don't know what's in their mind Sorry Blackberry.

Yes its frustrating to see them make this phone...but honestly if you are running a business and you could manufacture x widget, regardless of how dumb it looked or was percieved...that would make you money. . .wouldnt you do it?

I know it definitely effects the image of the brand which is a valid criticism but at this point why not squeeze what they can out of bb7

BBRY has got to be mad, again just padding their bottom line. They know the Q10, Z10 phones aren't selling. Q5 is going to be expensive. Probably had this phone for awhile and just wanted an excuse to sell it.

What a complete waste of time. This is equivalent to Microsoft selling Windows XP, ya know because it still works and emerging markets are still using it. What crap.

This is an upgrade to the 9320, that's all and as far as XP, MS were (are?) selling it for quite some time because it suited some people and businesses a lot better than Vista.

Nope XP was available only through volume licensing and NOT through retail shelf systems or boxed copies. Microsoft realized their errors and released windows 7.

Completely lost my faith in BB! I am trying my best to support this company but recently they have been plain stupid!

concur completely. I have yet to upgrade due to contractual obligations. I already have a 9360 at my disposal and an old Tour. I believe its time to start looking at other devices rather than a rehash of yesterdays memories with a 2025 price tag. This move reaffirms my belief that BlackBerry really has lost touch with its customer base and is grasping for the "developing country's straws" (IMO)

BlackBerry said this was for enterprise (and emerging markets).
Sorry, but those people who think that they shouldn't release this on the grounds that it is ugly need to rethink.
When I run my business, I actually don't give a damn about how 'nice looking' the equipment I provide them is. I really don't give an actual damn. As long as they get the work done. If they don't, well, they won't be employed by me any longer.

My Tech-Fleet: Q10; Z10; PlayBook; Surface Pro; Xbox 360; HP TouchPad; iPod Touch 5

If u dont care how it looks, does not mean they should actually go out of their way to make it look uglier than anything else out there.

Question: Why not give it icons similar to that of BB10? Obviously I don't mean the surrounding grey boxes, but giving it BB10 esque icons would help establish uniformity in the brand, and to an extent (however small) promote BB10.

Transitioning a business from old to new is hard. You have to balance so many things from what makes you money to where you want to go where you perhaps are not yet established. If you are in financial duress, then that makes it even harder.

What would have been best, would have been of bb10 could backwards integrate bb7. Not being a developer, it is clear that they could not pull this off.

On the one hand, I glad they are upgrading the products that are making them money. On the other hand, I am worried they do not have the resources to focus on their future - which is clearly bb10.

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Good point. I also think it's a good idea mainly because businesses will benefit from a cheaper phone. It could cost tens of thousands to bring in all new bb10 devices. On top of that, they'd have to spend a lot of time converting everything over. I know I had a hell of a time bringing my 9900 data to the z10...... gl bb. just stay alive and make my zed even better :). Maybe in a couple years, I can run into other blackberry owners. Hhahah

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It is simple really. BlackBerry has stated they are not releasing any low-end (dirt-cheap) devices. BB7 devices are already considered relics by many so it's better to let those devices fill the dirt-cheap spectrum of the market without tarnishing BB10 as a premium OS.

Exactly I think it's a good way to keep bb10 very premium and if pol still want the basic messaging stuff they can buy this, if u think about it, it's the right move

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Like others have pointed out there is still a demand for BB7 in some markets. By the look of this new phone it will borrow heavily on the Q5 for hardware - that will make this much cheaper to produce than continuing to build older models.

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Well, although I disagree with a new BB 7 device being released, I have to say I really like the look of this one.

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Don't really understand the thinking behind this move from a strategic point of view - this being said, markets such as Africa and South America could prove extremely lucrative so perhaps it does make sense.

It could be a relatively cheap way of getting new customers on board and turning a quick profit before introducing BB10.

I actually feel that this perhaps was in the works pre bb10 and if all the development has been done then might as well put that to good use?

All speculative but I have faith in Blackberry.

Perhaps you should think about what this device offers a bit more then, it is a decent upgrade to the 9320 and they cannot yet hit that price point with bb10 so it makes sense for them to offer something a bit better at that lower end as competition from android increases.

Honestly it looks like this phone came out in 2006. We love BlackBerry but we expect more. I understand they are trying to appeal to the lower end of the smartphone users and to developing countries but they should be putting more effort into BB10 and new hardware for now and push the company forward. They can't cater to everyone just yet, not until their top spending customers are happy and not till they convince the middle and higher tier customer base that they have something worthy.

Stay the bb10 path. It is the only way forward. If this device was truly needed for BES clients on BBOS servers, why advertise the fact?

Build it & shut up already.

Btw, nice to see some bill-board type adverts on baseball games over the weekend but nothing on TV at all.??

DilBit Powered Q10... 10.2 where ya 2 bye??

Sometimes a company may sell a product for a loss because the product absorbs costs which eventually gives them a higher net income than if they were to stop producing it. This can be a reason

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Some people's comments are foolish, and it's good they don't run a business. When you still sell over 4 million of something over a quarter, you don't stop making it, no matter what. If you do, they'll lose more customers who aren't going to buy bb10.

All money's good money's.

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Because BIS is affordable in emerging markets, data plans not so much. Yes BBM doesn't use as much data, but majority of the people in these markets don't care to use data for anything apart from email and BBM. Neither are there contracts to subsidize the price of the phone.

What would you do to the Q5 to make it any cheaper? You can't reduce the RAM or the screen resolution, which are where budget phones usually pinch pennies.

Says who?

I assumed that BB10 for Playbook development was serving the dual purpose of developing a low cost BB10 phone. Cheap Omap processor. 1024 X 600 screen. 1 Gb of RAM.

This is EXACTLY how I would make a low cost BB10 phone: a little PlayBook.

Hmmm... That idea is interesting, I wonder if they would put more time to adapt BB10 to lower specs like the Playbook of they had a budget BB10 phone with the same specs also? Maybe the answer is no because we haven't seen it, or they already did but it wasn't functional enough, hence what Thorsten said.

I'm not sure I like the idea of two versions of BB10: standard and light. Would make an artificial feel of being less important for the light one.

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There are reasons that a budget phone is a budget phone. Specs and features could be cut. I still don't get why BlackBerry is not trying to make a cheap BB10 phone and instead makes another BB7 phone.

They are probably a year away from being able to get close to the 9320 pricepoint with bb10, so in the meantime they use their limited bbos resources to produce something that is an upgrade to the 9320.

The Dev Alpha (one of them at least) runs the same specs as the playbook and can handle BB10. Someone posted this in the forums recently.

Then why not reuse the machinery, parts, EVERYTHING from the 9900, the best legacy device ever made? Then you're reducing R&D, OS optimization, molds, assembly, training, and you still have stock.

And your point about not stopping making something NO MATTER WHAT screams short term success.

Most of the parts in a 9900 are simply not conducive to ending up in a cheap model, this device is basically a reboxed 9790 so far better suited to ending up in a low end model.

Why waste time on this , focus on BB10 and getting some more basic apps ( sky sports, Netflix, audible, sky news, etc)

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I understand that BB7 is still very important for BlackBerry. The question is: what is the different between this and all existing BB7 Curves/Bolds/Torch's? Does it have some unique featueres? better processor (if even needed)? I thought the existing BB7 models are enough. There are several curves, bolds and torch's, so where is the place for the new 9720?

Exactly my point .. theres is enough OS7 at all price points below the Q5 .. there is no way this device can be justified.

My guess is in the ability to use some common parts with Q5 an 10 in order to reduce costs and make money when they sell it.

From my sweet BB10 Neutrino powered Z10 :D

I personally believe that going from a 9900 with OS 7 to a 9720 OS 7 is a step in the wrong direction. Maybe if it had a different name, people wouldn't be so harsh to see a new OS7 phone come out. They should rename it to "blackberry bold fantasy " or something.

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By the looks of the keys, I think this is not "Bold" phone. Rather, a "Curve" phone.

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This will probably never see the light of day in Canada and the US. This phone is for people in third world countries thay want the social plans their carriers offer for BlackBerry. They don't want the latest iPhone, Galaxy, nor BB10 device. They want an acceptable device that can keep them connected to Facebook, Twitter, and BBM. That's exactly what this device was meant for. And then when current BB10 phones become cheaper.. BlackBerry will transition those customers to BB10.

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People in developing countries already have 9220 up to 9900 with OS7 at all price points. They don't need this

If this device sees an updated version of BBOS 7.1 in comparison to the 9900/9930, I demand to have that update happen across ALL current OS 7.1 devices. What is the point of introducing updated software (assuming it will be updated) if not everyone will take advantage of it?

Hi James,

that's easy to answer, because first of all, many countries around the world don't have a 3G or 4G Network which would be needed or very useful because of the network capacity it would need. Especially some of those Asian countries charge way more on the data use, than some of the European or North American countries. Therefore parsing and compression make perfect sense to me.
Once the majority can afford the network usage, one might think of introducing the more data consuming BB10 OS devices.

Low end. Everyone is doing it. Commodity smart phones.

Nokia=Asha. Samsung=Tizen. BlackBerry=OS7.

Nokia = known for symbian and windows - symbian is dead, Asha will never be a discussion point.
Samsung = known for android (at all price points, actually), no one knows or cares about Tizen outside the internet

You buy the lower OS knowing full well what you just bought, Blackberry might have a harder time with people "knowing" that it's their low end OS.
BlackBerry = known for BBOS7, a lot of people don't know that BB10 is a scracth built OS and not just another version of BBOS. Now a new BBOS7 device.......
I get your point, and can see why it makes sense, but I think it is too risky with brand recognition right now.

Yeah...I don't understand this one. I understand there are markets that will still buy BB7, but why not delight your customers and at least release a bare-bones BB10 handset of some sort. Not to mention I can't envision a more boring looking BlackBerry than this.

Time to let BB7 die.

Why? I dont understand! If you are going to launch the Q5 and already entry level device with blackberry 10 why you launch another entry level device but with blackberry 7 it just doesnt make sense! Even if it helps on sales, the transition is going forward and expand blackberry 10 not the other way around! WTF are you thinking thorsten!!??

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As for why not making a cheaper QWERTY BB10 than the Q5, don't think that would be possible due to the specs needed to run BB10 smoothly. The PlayBook isn't getting it and that's running a dual-core 1GHz processor and 1GB of RAM so BB10 needs more than that to run smoothly and the Q5 price point is as cheap as they can probably make it so that's why a cheaper BB7 to fit the low price point.

Is that a front facing camera? but regardless and why bring this out now? Shouldn't we be moving forward with BlackBerry10 instead of bringing out a BlackBerry7 phone. They should have spent the time and money on bringing BlackBerry10 to the PlayBook.

The simple answer is that not everyone wants to upgrade to BES10.
There are also people who prefer the old UI.

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It's quite simple actually. Where. I work only the bosses have bolds, everyone else gets curves. I agree this is not as nice as the 9900 but bosses don't care if their employees think there phone is pretty.

Windows didn't cut support for xp when vista came out, most businesses haven't upgraded to bes 10 yet and it is still not fully ready. In today's economy in sure there are not too much companies running to spend more money upgrading phones if they don't need too.

This doesn't create new fragmentation there are already millions of bbos out there, this just keeps it there longer.

If they make money who cares.

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Too many people here worrying too much about this, and without reason.
There are many regions where cheap BIS data plans are in demand. Those customers need a new device when what they have craps out. BB10 devices don't fulfill that gap and you're not going to force a Z10/Q10/Q5 down the throat of someone looking for cheap compressed data and BBM.
Please stop thinking that BB has to cater to your exact needs... whether you see it or not, cheap keyboard legacy BIS devices still serve a purpose for others and the development of this device probably had a negligible affect on the resources in Waterloo and likely no impact on when you get 10.2 on your shiny BB10 device.

The design team (or a 3rd grader with crayons) was tasked with designing the ugliest phone imaginable by humans and they delivered!!
I think they have really hit the mark here !!
They've got exactly what they were looking for !!!

Is it really impossible to make a BB10 device in a 9790/8900 shell with a 1:1 screen and dual HD cams ?? and price it at @ $250 ?

Hey thorsten any chance of re releasing trackball or the side scroller phones? Lol maybe OS5 so some people can afford BlackBerry phones.. sell it for 10 bucks

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They couldn't understand how to fit a Next Generation Playbook Tablet into the Blackberry Device portfolio,
They know how to make sense of a 9720, in the presence of 9220, 9320, 9360, 9380, 9790, 9860, and 9900 which are all OS7 devices and all are cheaper than a Q5

again B R A V O

My guess is its about being able to use parts common to Q5 and 10 in the build of this phone so it can be manufactured inexpensively. It's not about creating a 15 th shade of beige!

From my sweet BB10 Neutrino powered Z10 :D

Let's hope this is the last of these BB7 devices they release since they're only bringing one out.

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relax folks, its just a low cost handset for markets that can't spend like we do here ...don't like it, don't buy it.

I would like to see a low cost Z10 thou ...perhaps a Z5?

From a business perspective, I see a real opportunity for a low cost device that I can issue employees. All I want is to give them mobile email without all the baggage that comes with giving them a toy or putting our data on their toy. So, that's where this might fit. Now, how big of a market that is, I don't know.

The other side of that is... that's what the Q5 is for. But, the Q5 isn't available in the U.S. But then again, I don't know if this 9720 will be either. Also from a business perspective, I'd rather have the Q5 then a BB7 device so I can retire my BES5 that much sooner.

So, I get it... but, not really...

I think it's not so much about the OS 7.1 or 10.1 if your not happy with the Q10 because of a lack of the Call/End, BlackBerry, and back buttons and no track pad. If I didn't have the Z10 before the Q10 I would have missed it too.

I think BlackBerry keeping everyone a Lil happy is the best move right now.

They upset PlayBook owners. Let's keep the legacy device owners happy.

Posted via CB10 on my Rogers LTE MAX Q10 and LTE Z10 in Toronto

"Why" is simple. Customers want it. People still like OS7 features that were dropped from the Z10. Smart businesses sell the customers what they want to buy instead of trying to tell them to want something else.

Nope, the why is that they can provide an upgrade option at the 9320 end of the market using the limited bbos resources they will need to keep around right now for ongoing support of legacy devices.

This should have been a phone that got ignored. Just put in sell through. Even talking about in forums is a slap in the face and looks bad.

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I don't like this move at all. If people are holding off buying BB10 products because they are afraid they are losing existing functionality, the BB10 devices won't work as good as the old BBOS on the networks due to data consumption, or there is a cost barrier then there are issues BB needs to address. They need to ensure all the BB goodness of the BBOS is avaliable in the BB10 devices. They need to offer consumers the option of still having something like a consumer BES that compresses data, gives us access to dual workspaces etc. They then need to either make a BB10 device that is close in price to the BBOS devices or show people why it is worth them paying a little more for the BB10 experience vs BBOS and their competitors.

CB community is making such a big deal about this phone meanwhile it's not even for (the majority of) us. We aren't the only customers of BB, and this phone will be released mostly under the radar since we aren't the target market. If BlackBerry can sell these phones where they might not otherwise sell a BB10 phone then they are representing Keep Moving true to form.

BBOS is being phased out. Not genocidally exterminated. If it's going to be supported for the next few years, makes sense to give ppl a newer option. Old legacy phones may break, organizations might have new adopters, and ppl have varying budgets for something new. All reasons for this.

My opinion.

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Is bozo the clown running BlackBerry now? Am I missing something? Bbry seems just as confused about their products as the old ceo's were. Doesn't look good for the company at all. I'm posing faith in the management of BBRY more and more everyday.

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The idea behind a new 07 device is simple, and the earnings report confirm it, bb7 is still popular among consumers, almost doubling bb10 devices, regardless which os and hardware you consider superior, blackberry can't afford to force it down your throat that bb10 is better, they have to go where the money is

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I have no words to express how dumb I think this decision was. It just blows me away!! Can't help but to think of my two playbooks that a purchased, they should spend a little money on updating the software for it, doesnt have to be bb10 on it, just improve what's there already.

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This device is still good for a country, like mine, where the minimum wage is around $150-$250 per MONTH. Unli data (normal) is around $23/month and unli BB data is around $13/month. BB OS devices also has options for unli BBM = $2/month, unli Social = $7/month. Other devices don't have those and can only subscribe to the normal unli data.

So, there you go first world citizens.

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Perfect example. BB10 phones, even Q5, are not competitive in some countries, yet. Just give it time. For now, they are right to continue to sell phones at cheaper prices.

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