Leaked Developers briefing documents outline BlackBerry 6 APIs

Leaked Developers briefing documents outline BlackBerry 6 APIs
By Bla1ze on 2 Aug 2010 01:03 pm EDT

As we move forward, still waiting for BlackBerry 6 to arrive alot of focus has been placed on developers within the new OS. A ton of new APIs were built in order to allow a more robust BlackBerry experience  over all and until now things have been kind of quiet on the developer front. Research In Motion is just now gearing up the BlackBerry Developers Blog to start pushing some BlackBerry 6 information out but, over at BBCool we can now get a great look at what we can expect as soon as the developer tools arrive.

The documents posted today outline a ton of information about how developers can use the new APIs offered in BlackBerry 6 to better enhance the end user experience. Everything from the UI right down to how user input methods are used. Most stuff seen in the slides is pretty damn exciting and I'm sure developers out there are starting to get excited seeing the potential of what can now be done that wasn't available before.

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Leaked Developers briefing documents outline BlackBerry 6 APIs


The Curve 8520/8530 is pictured in these shots for OS 6? Could that mean devices lower than 512 will get OS 6 after all?

You have to take under consideration these were taken from developmental slides. At some point, RIM would have had to test BlackBerry 6 on different hardware to find out what worked and what didn't. It could just be the picture that they used...or it could just be indicitive of what they were testing at that time. Nothing official and nothing to say otherwise.

I can't wait for the announcements tomorrow. Blackberry 6 just looks amazing but still in the normal blackberry OS fashion. I still have my fingers crossed the 9700 will be supported!!

I seriously just sent an email to an iPhone developer that has no interest in Blackberry development, as the apps they make would port very nicely into some of the changes that OS6 is bringing!!

On BBleaks.com they have a bit more pictures on there and I swear its either a Storm 1 or Storm 2 runnin OS6. Fingaz are crossed and hopefully we all be some happy people out here.

I have an inside source that confirmed 6.0 is really DOS6 ported for a mobile device. It has a really snazzy text editor since everything will be based on user built .BAT files.

Now that was by-far the best picture of OS 6 that I've seen, because it goes into details about the underlying capabilities that are there that apps can take advantage of that aren't "ticklist features" of the visible part of the OS, per-se.

Looks like a lot of good work there. I still want more visually appealing versions of Calendar, phone log, etc. And I really really REALLY want a way to upgrade the OS without trashing all sorts of 3rd-party app data and registration info.

is is me or did i see the S2 in the website with the new pics i sure hope so X my fingers..............

One more day to find out what AT&T/RIM have up their sleeve for Aug-3!!! 9800 + OS6.... can't wait!!! Hoping they will have demo device in store to go and play with OS 6 first hand!

Let me know when RIM post a forum on Which phones will be receiving OS 6. Blackberry Bold 9700 most likely will.