Leaked: OS for the BlackBerry Tour 9650

By Adam Zeis on 12 Mar 2010 12:39 pm EST
Tour 9650 OS leak

Whats this? Two Tour OS leaks in one day? Well, kind of. Ronen at Berryreview snagged OS for the yet to be released Tour (Bold?) 9650. Nothing much can really be done with this one at the moment, but I'm sure it will make for some good investigative work and maybe a nifty hybrid or two. If you're bored today and want to play around, hop on the link below to download.

Disclaimer: Whatever you do, don't try to install this on your Tour 9630 as is.

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Leaked: OS for the BlackBerry Tour 9650


I'm still waiting to see a 5.0 official release for the 9630 so this blasted Tour2/BOLD can finally be announced as available for purchase!!

Has anyone got any more news from the Verizon end of things about that??

Ok, just like saying BIH Fox anytie Fox cancels a good TV show, now it's time to say BIV!!!!

Of course, I like the stock OS enough to not mess with an official OS when it finally arrives. But we'll see.

I have been following the Tour leak reports. There has been word of another leak for 9630 Tour

dynamite reporting... if you'd check the crackberry.com beta OS forum, you'd see this was posted here before it was up on berryreview.com. You'd think you'd want to credit your own site with the scoop. =)

Should send stuff like that into the tips. I'm sure they don't catch everything that comes across the forums lots of times.

I know this post is about the OS but does anyone know where I can find that wallpaper for my 9700?! I've been looking all over for it... Thanks in advance!

Has anyone installed this on their phone? I installed the first leak earlier today and then this one came out right after i rebooted my phone. I was just wondering how it works and if there were any problems with this one.

I really wish RIM would launch more advanced touch screen smart phone. I was a long time BB phone user until I switched to the droid. Once a bad*** phone comes back to BB I'm coming back.

Take Care!

your posting a download link for a tour with a disclaimer: Whatever you do, don't try to install this on your Tour 9630 as is. ???

DO NOT install this os on your pre9650 with Hardware ID 05001504 It will brick your phone... This OS is for newer 9650 Hardware ID 07001504. Unless you have previous OS which contains rim0x05001504.sfi for te radiofile..