Leaked: BlackBerry Torch 2 9810 device simulator!

By Michelle Haag on 28 Jun 2011 04:04 pm EDT
BlackBerry Torch 2 device simulator

Two weeks ago we saw the device simulator for the BlackBerry Torch 9850 leak, and today we bring you the the BlackBerry Torch 2 9810 simulator! This is as close as you can get to actually having this device, unless of course, you somehow have this device in which case yay! Sometimes people find fun new stuff in these simulators, like new icons or what-have-you.

Since everyone always asks "What is this for?" when we post this kind of stuff -- it's a device simulator for BlackBerry developers to test their apps on. If you're not a developer or just generally have no interest in playing with a device you can't yet physically touch -- this isn't for you. Cool? Alright then, hit the link below to grab the install file.

To download the BlackBerry Torch 2 9810 simulator

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Leaked: BlackBerry Torch 2 9810 device simulator!


Can the posting of articles on the Crackberry homepage become any less professional? I apologize for griping.

If you have to apologize for saying something- don't say it in the first place.
IMO - this site is very professional- and if Crackberry didn't post it and someone else did- then there would be griping about that.
Rant over.

True; I was referring to the verbiage of the articles. I am an English writing fanatic and frequently proofread articles online as a hobby. I apologized because I knew it was a personal gripe without much real-world merit. You won't see smilie faces or personal hidden messages or chit-chat style in Engadget or Android Central, just to name a couple of other technology news sites.

Heh.. I write for both and I don't adjust my writing style to differ on either site, you saying I'm a bad writer? huh? Are ya... huh?  :P

I'm saying that writing as "Chris Parsons" is a lot more professional than "Bla1ze". Other than that, your writing style is much better than your podcast style.

I know the Americans have their American English. But an English writing fanatic would surely use proper English. The English language was first, and America was first colonised by... the English

I think it's funny that every time there is a screenshot of a download, it's always a .exe trying to download on OSX :P

Nope. The 9810 is the Torch 2.

The 9850 is the all touch Blackberry coming out. Its codename is the Monaco but it is rumored to receive the Torch name upon release. Volt is another rumored name.

Try this:

With the simulator loaded, press "CTRL-SHIFT-H" on your computer keyboard :) Welcome to the new Engineering Screen :) Lots of interesting information in there, including the OS build Date, hardware features and information :)

You can thank me later ;)

so im a newbie never really messed with this stuff(everyone needs to start some where) but im interested in trying this so be for i attempt this let me ask will this simulator wipe my phone?