Download the leaked BlackBerry OS

By Bla1ze on 10 May 2014 09:52 pm EDT

Well, you've been teased and tortured with a plethora of images and even video but now OS has leaked. At this point, some of the stuff we've seen teased is in the OS and some of it is not, you'll just have to go through it all to find out what's there and what's not. Also of note, it's not available for all devices but if you have a BlackBerry Z10 STL100-3 then you can go ahead and give it a go and I'm sure some autoloaders will get made for other devices eventually.

You're on your own for a full change log, we dunno how the battery life is and we're not entirely too sure if all your apps will work as expected or if it'll turn your device into a Decepticon and destroy your whole city. If you're not down with that then let some other folks run through it first. Eventually a thread will be created in the forums with the all the different changes this OS brings so if you're not willing to risk loading the OS, just hang tight and see how others like it. It should be noted, this is an older build than some of what has been shown off recently.

Of course, standard disclaimer applies. Be sure to perform a full backup using BlackBerry Link before you install any OS and don't hold us responsible should anything go bad — though you can always reload your OS. In fact, if you load this there's a good chance you're gonna wipe it anyway and go back to something more stable.

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Download the leaked BlackBerry OS



This leaks are actually not good marketing at this point. One can argue BlackBerry boasts in security and can't even secure their own OS.

And second I want a great highly anticipated OS launch, not something anyone can get if they really want, that's not special.

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Only BlackBerry fans know about leaks. I'm user of BlackBerry for 5 years and discovered leaks last year. My GF use BlackBerry for 2 years and she don't know about leaks. Leaks are common knowly around people who interest in mobile phone technology.

Posted via CB10

I really am not sure how these leaks can actually happen. I know the culture is such that leaks are a prized possession, but why would you want to put a potentially broken version of an OS on a phone designed for productivity and reliability?

Out of respect for John Chen and his plan, I look down on anyone who considers these unofficial leaks as 'prized possessions.' Leaks wouldn't happen if there wasn't a demand from people to use them.

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I've been using BlackBerry for years & there have been several times that leaks have kept me using BlackBerry. They typically fix issues, add functionality, & improve overall user experience. Here in the US, carriers are notoriously slow at releasing BlackBerry updates. Why should I/we have to wait for the ridiculous carriers to finally get their acts together- particularly when other carriers have already released the updates (10.2.1 is a perfect example).

Even when the leaks are not yet released, there's still value in the work that this community does to test & provide feedback. And believe me, BlackBerry does keep an eye on our comments.

Keith. Posted by CB10 using Z30.

I can understand your point of is just very weird that it happens for black error and not the other guys (android/ios/wp8). It's almost like they intensively leak versions that fix this and that.

As an American, I also suffered from slow releases and understand the purpose of past leaks. But going forward, it seems Chen is really trying for worldwide releases of updates. 10.2.1 was progress towards that goal, but there is more ground that needs to be covered.

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I disagree, leaks to a hard core group of users can result in getting your beta testing done by those who are most critical of your work. Honest feedback will be plentiful if mined correctly, and of course we could get squircles!

Brought to you by my: Z30 (STA100-1FTW) / Z10 (STL100-3) / Q5 (SQR100-1) / Q10 (SQN100-1)

You said it right bro. I don't use leaks personally but I love when they get out there gives users like me out there a chance to discover what we as consumers need and convey the same to john chen

Posted Using the magical typings of da "Q"

This isn't OS security, that is fine because of need for signed files prevent tampering.

It's more about having leaky testers, which says more about the company and its process than OS security directly.

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Maybe you can checkout Nazi Apple that stuffs whatever they like down users throats with no prior consumer testing

Posted Using the magical typings of da "Q"

Yeah same to me... I'll wait... but I can't wait for the new BBM updates... haha.. but will be always wait for the official version..

 BB FANS via Q10 

I am wondering about this one, I would think Crackberry would already have this installed to report this.


Totally agree! I wonder if this OS will make possible the installation of Google services, would be great, I would like to save my lvl 7 townhall !!

Posted via CB10

Awww I wish I still had my I'm rocking a Z30...fingers crossed the Z30 leak comes so fast!

Posted via CB10

Hey howz the z30 compared to the z10....

Keyboard, battery, camera,...
Cuz I'm on a z10 but hesitant to shift to 30

Posted via CB10

The battery life of a Z30 is incredible compared to the Z10. The rest is pretty much the same.

Posted via CB10 - @M_Hutsebaut

Pretty much the same??? Would definitely not say so...

- The screen is amazing, not that sharp as aZ10, but "size matters" and totally makes up for the lack of ppi =)
- the GPU makes a great job allowing the CPU to work even faster (made some non scientific comparisons loading instantaneously several sites on both Z10 and Z30 browser on the same network and the Z30 is twice as fast ... at least)
- the stereo speakers are wonderful, you can basically throw away your BT speakers
- more comfortable for flicking the words (again the size)...
- this is my perception, but with a 5 incher, there's no need for a tablet anymore...

Etc etc, whole lot more could be written

Ferrari ZetaTrenta - STA100-2

Yeah but you can use Internet radio apps on the Z10, FM radio is like a headline feature for South Asian countries and (now) shitty Nokias from the late 90's

Posted via CB10

What a huge improvement! I didn't think it would be that much, but it definitely is. The biggest thing for me is the battery. I would charge my Z10 numerous times a day, even had the extra battery pack, now I don't even carry it with me, let alone know where it is now lol. The sound quality from even a simple Youtube video is amazing!!! I cannot get over the sound quality and camera, just as good as Z10 - blackberry always makes a good camera. I love the bigger screen and couldn't go back to something smaller then this now. :-) Hope that helps you with your decision but I bet you won't regret it.

Lol all these guys that typed "downloading now" won't be on crackberry for a while lol. Their phone will be DOA after loading this lol

Posted via CB10

Good luck to anyone who loads this. I finally got all my contacts linked up so it's gonna be a while before I jump to another leak

Posted via CB10

Curse of the pictures app, and it's "Recently viewed" section.

Just stay away from this stuff, and be fine. You should only see one when peeing or cuddling with your wifey :-)

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

The funny thing is that people who don't know what you're referring to, are just gonna think you're really into dick pics. lol

BlackBerry Porn - Unexpected Leaks in the Strangest Places

The marketing campaign guaranteed to get you hot and bothered. ROFLMAO

Posted via CB10 on BlackBerry Q5

Just follow the forums link in this article and see how other Z10 owners are doing!

If it's stable enough and no one is freakin' out, it might be worth a try. :)

Yeh, think I'll wait on that... sounds like we don't have so long to wait for an official release and I need some daily driver stability. I think it's been evidenced that leaks are much more on lockdown with the new BlackBerry, and that's a good move for them in the long run.

Constant feature updates from BB have taken away a bit of the pain for me that I'm sure some of the enthusiast community is feeling, but if you want bleeding edge with all the bugs inherent, the XDA community is what you're looking for.

Posted via CB10

If this is an early build, whereas micheal clewley's the most recent, am i right to assume that a possible leak of the latter's version will come out soon as well? I mean, several persons have been affirming the SDK, hence, a more stable one is due to come out.

Glad to hear BlackBerry continues to improve software.

Real updates have been seamless and they come shortly after the leaks. I say waiting a few weeks will save you some potential aggravation.

Unless off course you are looking for bragging rights.

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No official date has been announced - you're probably at the mercy of your cell service provider, too (unless you bought your phone directly from BlackBerry?).

Even if you bought directly from BlackBerry, you're still guaranteed to be at the mercy of your local cell provider.

Is that right?
I thought that if you got a BlackBerry phone via ShopBlackBerry, OS updates would be sent directly from BlackBerry, instead of whatever service happens to provision your SIM card?

If we knew, the date would be all over CrackBerry, and you'd probably know it already... :-)

One thing is for sure, it will be on the new phones in fall (northern hemisphere).

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

I don't remember which site I visited, but it said it would be available near the end of the year with the launch of the new phone.

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I just wish they allowed full beta is testing through beta zone, why not give the newest stuff to your most dedicated customers

Via Z10

Good idea. However, I think they have enough issues prioritizing bugs still at this point without open beta testing.

And I thought I was going to get sleep tonight!

Wait... only for the Z10! :( booooooo.

Posted from a BlackBerry Q10

Leaks? Those I don't do. I love my Q10 too much. The official shouldn't be too far from our grasp. *fingers crossed*

Posted via CB10

For a couple of hours, and then they pulled it and made us wait a few more months while everyone but AT&T got theirs.

Posted via CB10

I have a spare Z10. I'm gonna load it up and check it out.

Brought to you by...My sweet Z30

Bla1ze, can the article's title be clarified to state Z10 only please?

And having a Q10 as the article photo was a tease :( :p

Just installed the leak and everything seems to be working fine on my stl100-3 Z10, howeverrrrrr.... I just hate the watermarks! which really really annoy me!!!! If i can not turn the page on this I'm downgrading to the last leak...which rocked!!!

BTW I'm doing a restore on my last full backup... praying and crossing my fingers..... transferring @ 31%

Here a weird request...but since you have the leak running, could you please upload the wallpaper that has been shown in all the 10.3 pics (dark blue with some ragged edges thing going on)

Just downgraded from 10.3.0296 to microsoft exchange account not working...and that is a real deal breaker for me, this leak is great for a second phone, but not a daily driver... didn't got a chance to roam through wallpapers...sorry

downloading now, i have recently bought a second Z10 just for testing leaks, and eventually as a backup phone.

I'll wait till its official. Can't take risk for my files to be deleted. That would complicate things more. Patience is a virtue. :)

Posted via CB10

Love my Z10 too much to risk leaks look forward to official release instead. (man this text prediction is good)

Tapping and flicking on my Zed 10

I will be pretty much patient enough to wait for the official release for my other option I guess..:/

Posted via CB10

"or if it'll turn your device into a Decepticon and destroy your whole city"...

That's the best disclaimer ever... LMAO!!!

Ferrari ZetaTrenta - STA100-2

...if Chen REALLY wanted to stop leaks, he should hurry up and give a deadline for official release. not like for 10.2.1, BlackBerry will loose credibility if they drop it again. So, no leaks? Deliver the official, in a serious way, not over half a year. Hope other BlackBerry users will push on this way.
Have a nice Week-End.

Posted via CB10

If Chen really wanted to stop leaks all he would have to do is what Microsoft has started doing, release official beta "developer" builds that are the full OS and installable through BB Link

If ders a leak...that means the official version roll out date is near.... fingers crossed....


Posted via CB10

This is a question to anyone that has already loaded it: does it still have the number things at the four isles if the screen and do all the apps work and is it stable?

Posted via my AWESOME BlackBerry Z10

when's the official version to come???. I prefer official version...but I hate the battery back up right now with it was better before :'(

Posted via CB10

Please I only have one question: can this leak be used as a daily driver? I don't care about watermarks I just want to know If everything works fine like all the apps browser and calls and texts.

Posted via my AWESOME BlackBerry Z10

No wonder we are falling behind the main competitors. Some may think it's cleaver to leak os but it steals away the excitement and the opportunity for BlackBerry to advertise and sell new features. You guys are killing blackberry too

Posted via CB10

Oh please. I know quite a few people who had iPhone os7 leaks before it was released. No excitement lost there. It's more exciting to see that development is going on.

Previews are exciting in any business.

Posted via CB10

Sorry, I can't pull the trigger on my Z10 until a 10.3.0.xxxx leak (without watermark) comes out. Too risky, plus my 10.2.1 OS is rock-solid.

But if/when the Q10 version of this leak drops, then it's on like Donkey Kong!...

Posted via CB10

I will wait for official then load it myself. I'm not going to wait on the carriers. It took way too long for 10.2 in the US (Sprint) after the rest of the planet had access to the official release.

Posted via CB10

Based on past experience, how long does it take for the official update to be released after the first leak shows up?

Posted via CB10

As much as i want a fix for the pictures, camera, and music app, I'll wait for an official release. Can't guarantee I wouldn't download a heartbleed attachment.

Posted via CB10

Hello... blackberry please update the music player with equaliser...some of the songs are irritating to hear on my Z10...even the cheapest mobile brands are concentrating on this why don't you.......?????

Posted via CB10

BlackBerry does not care users listening to music or browsing the internet. Just have a look at the media player and internet browser :)

RedBerry Z10 Limited Edition #0167

Everything is working great. However I've been unable to load the snap bar file using the chrome extension. Still trying to figure out why.

Ps. It does have watermarks. But they're hardly noticeable 90% of the time.

Posted via CB10

I wish blackberry would just offer some needed patches to fix some of the bugs then force us to wait for a grand release. Fix the pictures app, The camera focus, the music app like Amazon where you can sync your music files with their cloud services, and fix missing album art. The Id3iot app is nice, but I would rather have the ability to do this within the music app. They should buy the app, and merge them to streamline the process.

Posted via CB10

I suggest they change the search feature on all touch screens with the double swipe up. Right now the keyboard comes up and really does nothing. It would be a great shortcut that would emulate search on physical keyboard devices.

Problems with BBM. I prefer the Last camera app(1 button to start video/photo).
Everything allright

Posted via CB10

Just reading the comments, most of us here seem reluctant to leaks. And I think it is a good choice.
Even being a beta tester: sorry, paid my phones. Far too expensive to test products. That will flow cash in BlackBerry. Reminds me of Microsoft, they use beta tester at very early stages, then install unstable OS, people even pay for it. Just a note: check Mozilla Firefox, they will bring phones under 200$ and operating on Firefox OS. Check that out.

Posted via CB10

I'll just wait for the actual release of the update... Telus is always on the ball and release it right when it comes out so probably won't be long now if the time frame is the same as the last release

Posted via BlackBerry z10!

So far everything works perfectly except the intelligent assistant - voice control is not working well (it wasn't in the last official update either) could be my Z. Panoramic pic, music player updates (EQ) email improvements etc. Impressed do far...

Posted via CB10

How did you get it to work? help me out. I have a windows 8 laptop and when i downloaded it from MEGA and when the file opened i had 4 contents, cfp.exe, Load.bat, and 2 .signed files i try to run the cfp but it closes down the Load.bat is in spanish and says to press any key, when i do it turns off and i dont have any program to open the signed files. how did you get it to work what order did you do it in does it require the signed files to open?
Long Time Dev, Shazaib

on my Windows 8.1, run command prompt (administrator run as), navigate to the folder where you extracted cfp.exe and load.bat, then run load.bat (enter there) and the device will connect to bootrom, reset, then prompt for the device password (enter correctly here), then it will then load the OS

Okay so I'm not the best at this I usually rely on autoloaders, I ran as administrator and I have it on my Desktop not in a folder or anything, how should I navigate?

Installed and running reasonably well so far on my Z10. Very tempted to pull the sim out of my Z30 and take the 10.3 Z10 for a test drive this week just to see how it goes.

Posted via CB 10 on my Z30 (STA100-5) w

I hate reading the comments on OS leaks. I'm looking to hear from ppl that DL them, not scary ppl who say I don't trust leaks or I'll wait for the official update. Well good for you ppl, can you keep your uninformative comments to yourselves cause no one cares. Thanks.

Posted via CB10 thank you! I think I'll wait for the official update. I don't want a leak install...nor do I want anything leaking from my phone...

Cartman says: Screw you guys I'm going home!

To the people who complain about "hurry up BlackBerry and release the official "... are you kidding me! Do you realize the changes and additions they have given us since BB10's inception, which has just been a little more than a year? What we are seeing from 10.3 is awesome! When you stop to think about it, they are listening and working hard to make BB10 into the best OS on the market. Wait, I think they already have!

Powered by BB10

Running well on my Z10 and also thinking of temporarily not using my Z30...icons are fresh, active frames seem snappier when closing and browser also seems faster! Prefer dark themes, but things just seem more polished. Watermarks are there but very faded.

Posted via CB10

After reading the string, couldn't stand it any longer...took the plunge, downloaded from mega, unpacked with 7-Zip, executed the .bat, plugged in Z10 STL-300, and very nice 10.3 was installed in less than 10 minutes with all normal functions, radio and media card. Really runs well and barely notice the watermarks when and if you see them. Set up wifi connection, logged into BBM, BBWorld, updated programs, set up email accounts, just like recent 10.2.1 leaks. Very, fast, good different, and looks/works great. Whatsapp and many other apps all ok. If you liked, you'll like this one too. Just back everything up and do it!

Okay guys, so I've taken the liberty to download the leak myself and loaded it onto the ol' Z10. They've removed that annoying -outofplace- orange in the hub. Everything is smoother and faster. Every change you've been told officially is there. The keyboard is noticeably different. And feels smooth. Cosmetically it looks great. Only thing that annoys me is the icon for BlackBerry fuse. It's an ugly one that irritates me. The hub is great. Everything is as it should have been on day one of z10 launch. Apps work fine. I'll do not know about Android run time though as I don't use apks.

Posted via CB10

Just downgraded from 10.3.0296 to again.... I tried to live with the "barely there" watermarks, but once i got all mi email accounts up n running, I tried to configure my microsoft exchange account, and for the first time after installing every leak out there with no problems whatsoever on this won't work/ got a server error message. Bummer!!!!

all my accounts are working fine except one I have which is a microsoft exchange active sync account from work...

There are many ways to do this. However, I recommend downloading the autoloader of any previous version 10.2.1.xxxx here on Plug your phone via us and run the autoloader file you just downloaded. That's it! From there you can keep a fresh copy and build upon it...or... restore from a backup file on blackberry link. Hope that helps!!!

I've been playing with the leak the whole day pretty much. At first everything was running a little slow but I think it might be because the OS wasn't finish loading because everything is running fine and smooth.
Icons look very nice and sharp, love the new colours and the new menus. The keyboard improved big time, is faster and looks just better, the bubble used to scroll and move through text improved a lot, is aside to use. All the apps are working for me, including android apps. Watermarks are hardly noticeable. One of the only issues it could have is battery life, I'm not sure if it needs improvement or if it is just me playing too much with my Z10.

Posted via CB10

After playing around with 10.3 for the day I'm convinced TAT may have finally contributed - every thing looks better and work smoother (except voice control) . The water marks are hardly noticeable and all accounts are working perfectly - best leak if they would stop keeping this a secret...

Posted via CB10

I've tried this papi, and it's pretty awesome on my Z10. More responsive, loving the new GUI, and very fresh.
Let's see the final version.

 Z30 ™  Best mobile platform.

I am not very lucky to have a spare Z10. So I downloaded 10.3 just for fun and tried it out for a couple of hours. Here are my first impressions :

Overall impressions are quite good. 10.3 will be a significant change and I think bb nation will be happy. Lots to improve productivity. I like the new home screen and its distinction from the lockscreen. I find some refreshing differences, and I hope 10.3 gets out very soon. These changes are important ones that should not wait.

I absolutely do not like the new large blue circle in the centre of some applications, particularly email, which takes prominence and worse precious real estate on the message reply screen. I literally hate it!! Making it smaller to fit the bottom bar would be best, in my view. It just seems to me to be too intrusive and not necessary. Just too large.

I do like the new format of icons. Its not a big deal for me though. But it just looks better.

Two new entries to the Settings menu include Intelligent Assistant and Advanced Interaction. Intelligent Assistant includes dictation, which I think is a really good option in principle, but not well integrated in the blackberry experience. Advanced Iteraction is interesting, but I am not sure I will use much since I have a flip case.

The hub. I like the new option of listing for deletion, with an undo option. It is not as fancy as the android swipe, and I find it “ less cool”. But it’s a big improvement for those who manage their email and arguably more productive than the cool swipe option. In terms of using the hub, the big intrusive blue circle reads “compose” and it intrudes into the reading of hub – space. That’s sort of ok, but opening an email, the large intrusive circle converts to “reply all” … why this I do not know, but I see no reason for this to be so large and intrusive. Then pressing the large intrusive blue circle takes me to reply mode and changes to an “attachment sign” .. still large and intrusive, it blocks even the smaller real estate of the reply message. The usual attachment sign is still on the subject line anyway.. which I find far more useful.

The camera app is new, and for the most part I like it. Easier to use and less likely to trigger all the time when you do not want it to. I like the auto suggestions on cases to improve the photo such as hdr. Focussing seems to be faster. The idea of putting camera and video choice in front of the user all the time is a really good move… I think people will do video more, and I think this is very useful. On the downside, in this version, I do not see the ability to move the focus area, which is helpful to adjust the lighting and focus point. I suspect this will return in the final version. The menu for the camera is much improved. For me, the bb camera keeps getting better.

I would like to do music more on my bb. I still do not see any music contour options. I find this strange. This is an important function for many people and should get some attention.

The two finger swipe for quick settings is really helpful, particularly if you use rotation lock most of the time like me.

On the screen at all times are the draft markers indicating the number of the software version. But they are not annoying.

These are first views. What are others finding?

Posted via CB10

That's just how it is for a fresh OS install. Just restart the phone a couple times for the OS to settle in

Posted via CB10

We are not going to see a stable 10.3 OS without watermarks, until the last few digits are in the 1000's. There have been a few people in the forums that have pointed that out. This leak and the prior one are just ideas Blackberry is working on. If they can release 10.3 with the capability of saving texts within the text app and having an audible notification for missed calls. I will be very pleased.

Posted via CB10

Mine landscape, but I don't think is the new OS, I have downloaded the latest bbm on the beta zone which supports landscape mode

Posted via CB10

This version has a built in data usage monitor to track ur plan usage and give notifications.

Posted via CB10

Thank god I kept my nice white VZW Z10......will use as my dev phone for leaks and such and have my Z30 as my daily horse until 10.3 comes out for it..........niceness

So I installed this new leak and the first thing i noticed is a watermark of my pin on the four corners of my Z10's screen.. Does anyone have the same issue??

OK...i have been running this for a full day now and before i break down my feelings has anyone noticed that the vibration does not work anymore unless its on vibrate only or is that just me and my issue that im having?

also i cannot set and sound notification for any of my 4 email accounts on my z10 (i was able to set the sounds for txt, whats app and twitter no problem)

all this things worked on 10.2 before i upgraded

downloaded 10.3. found no problems so far. it's definitely faster. the watermark is a bit annoying to look at though. make sure to backup with blackberry link, it wiped most of my contacts and apps. oh the intelligent assistant doesn't work.

I backed up my device before installing the leak, and did not loose anything including media files saved in my device

Posted via CB10

Many attempts to dl, many days. Please stop with Mega or bitcasa. Am I the only one who thinks they are sub par ways to share. Sorry but really guys come on it never seems to work properly and never ever on the first try. Please someone put it up as a torrent. It's the best way to go. Millions of pirated copies of movies and songs can't be wrong. Lol

Posted via CB10