Leaked OS for all BlackBerry 10 smartphones

By Kris Simundson on 20 Sep 2013 12:59 am EDT

Well isn't this just a lovely treat. Not only has the BlackBerry Z30 been announced officially, the leak game has just started to heat up. The latest comes in the form of BlackBerry OS for ALL BlackBerry 10 devices. Yes, this includes you BlackBerry Z10 STL100-1 users.

So after playing around with it, not much has changed it seems to just bring performance enhancements and bug fixes. All the same rules apply from the leaked OS, so if you need anymore info check out that blog post.

Again, this will bring Dark Theme SMS, BBM, Contacts and Calendar. BBM Channels will break dark theme on BBM, so use caution. Otherwise enjoy and play safe. As per usual CrackBerry is not responsible for any damage you may do to your device. Everything is install at own risk. For a complete tutorial on how to install leaks, check here

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Leaked OS for all BlackBerry 10 smartphones


Lol I can't keep up with all the OS leaks sticking with 1725 until there is more significant changes.

CB10 - Z10 -

No kidding, haha. I just loaded that one last week. It's running nicely on my Q10 and this leak doesn't seem to add anything new just yet. I think I'll wait for the next leak, or one that adds another bit of functionality in it...

Can anyone who has loaded this please do me a favor and go to keyboard region options; please tell me if Japanese is now listed as an input language? Not display language, but actual input. Several people are waiting on this (myself being one of them). Thanks in advance!

Posted via CB10

If you do a backup and restore it takes minimum two hours. If you decide to start from fresh you can pull it off under 45 minutes. You could skip the wipe too (because that takes a really long time), but there's probably a good reason the BerryLeaks team says to do it.

--Q10 and Canadian all the way! Posted via CB10 on #IChooseBlackBerry10

It's pretty easy. Basically there are four steps:
1. Backup your phone using BlackBerry Link.
2. Install the leaked OS using the provided autoloader.
3. Do a Security Wipe on the phone (from within Settings).
4. Restore your backup using BlackBerry Link.

That's basically it. Check out the tutorial before you start and do your research. It's basically impossible to brick your phone, and everything should go well just as long as you follow the steps.

--Q10 and Canadian all the way! Posted via CB10 on #IChooseBlackBerry10

Windows 8 causes problems for me all the time. Midway through it loading the computer goes to a blue screen and says something about a Watchdog Violation and then restarts. All progress is lost and you need to reload the software to the phone. With that being said it doesn't do it ALL the time though.

I'm on 1725 and it is running very smooth. At times I get the odd doubling of my replies to emails but I haven't noticed anything else.

A question for you. Do you know what version the official 10.2 will be when it is released? Believe it or not, I'm not too sure I want to get ahead of the official version.

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Kris mentioned it to me once I think he said it would likely be a 14xx or 15xx build

CB10 - Z10 -

Ugh...so I assume there will be a way to restore all the data if our leaking habit has gone to far?

- aBBuser on CB10

I don't want to sound too sardonic, given the bad press and challenges our friends at BlackBerry are experiencing, but are you saying the leaks are well beyond what the official release is likely to be? Hell, of that's the case, there's another reason to keep up with installing solid OS Leaks. It might future proof us somewhat from any changes due to the strategic review that is taking place.

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Leaks are all about getting ahead of the official version. I'm on AT&T 's network & I actually think they launched the Z10 on version 9. We just got 10.0 yesterday cuz they're "thoroughly testing" each OS. If I relied on my beloved carrier, I'd still be complaining about the old random reboot issue!

Keith H. Posted via CB10

Amen to that! AT&T and their thorough testing have left us in the archaic realm of BB10. If it wasn't for the leaks, I'd be miserable.

Posted with a flick of my thumb via CB10

Can anyone tell me if any of these leaks restores the option to make calls from the lock screen?

Posted via CB10

So these leaks are they official leaks or classed as BETA sorry if this has been covered I wasn't sure. For example ios releases day beta 1 2 3 4 5 etc to devs then release official version. These leaks are they official releases from blackberry

Posted via CB10

Thanks Kris. I think I'll stick to 1725 for the moment though as I have it purring like a kitten :) Keep 'em coming!

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What about reader mode in the browser, is it still hiding out in there? That sneaky little squircle.

Sometimes, late at night, I'll dim the lights and put my browser in reader mode, just to see my Squircle. Don't judge me

Hmm, I have a major IT issue at university - and a laptop with Link :) - nice, I guess I'll have something to do. Cough, cough :D.

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If you follow the very simple directions you can't mess up. In the unlikely event that something goes wrong you can return the device to its previous state through BlackBerry Link. Easy as 1-2-3. Backup your device prior to starting is the first step to success.

I think I'm going to skip this, my leak is working good for me now. Have fun to those going to install it!!

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Hey guys, please add my BBM Channel: "Men's Fashion & Lifestyle" C001214D9

Proud support of BlackBerry (Q10/Z10/PlayBook 16 & 64GB)

That takes care of my plans for tonight! My wife is starting to hate you, Kris...;-)

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Just wondering why this leak isn't available for all z10... waiting for this version but too bad I could not have it, my device is STL 100-1 ..iPhone is better when it comes in releasing updates.... :(

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People don't know if you're joking as you seem to be a new user. I know that it clearly says for all devices and I don't think iPhone have a system that is better for "leaks". They allow beta downloads but that isn't a leak.

Finally we stl001 are in the loop.. I just hope these is the final leak to the official release..

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September 8 installed
September 20 installing
Thanks for the upload.


I'm gonna load it. The 1725 leak hasn't been running well. I can't flip to landscape, and contacts won't switch to dark theme. I hope that some of these bug fixes work to fix this.


I was having the same probably. I loaded this leak, and it seems to be working now. I was also having issues with not being able to two finger swipe down to get rid of the keyboard.

I am about to read through the link again. But I think because of the security wipe and autoloader process that I will lose my connection to my company bb10 server. It is quite painful to request another enterprise activation so I went be doing another os leak install until the ota.

Am I right? No way to install leak without requesting another enterprise activation?

Posted via CB10

Absolutely, positively correct.

Don't understand the painful part; it's a matter of moments to enter a new activation password into the admin panel. Sounds like your IT department may be making quite a bit out of nothing.

So is this further along than the soon to be released 10.2? If so is keyboard shortcuts for speed dialling from home page in for the q10? I remember Michael Clewley told me on twitter that will be in 10.2?

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Yes, dark theme for BBM option is available in this leak but if you install BBM channels from Beta Zone the option disappears.

better than 1725, the dark theme for contact will be ok , even after recovered all backuped data. are there any improvement for the battery life is still under observing

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Is there USB memory stick support guys ? Can someone plug a OTG lead into the USB port and check ?

When your carrier decides to release it.

Since I'm on AT&T, I don't expect them to release 10.2 until sometime next year. That's a cynical expectation based on history, not fact. They may surprise me, but I doubt it.

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Can somebody give me info on the usual things like:

Android runtime: version? Locked? Unlocked?
Battery life?
Issues noted?
Bugs encountered?

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It's a brave new world baby!!!

All and all works like a champion.

again thank you for uploading

STL-1( on STC

every time I install os 10.2 skype stops to work so this time y will wait for the official version...

I have had the BB Q10 for not even 24 hrs and am just 1 hr away from returning it simply because of the Facebook. I have been searching forums all over the internet and have exhausted all solutions and still no fix.

Here's the issue.
1. FB friends names and pix appearing in contacts
2. FB friends appearing in the "To" dropdown within SMS/MMS\
3. FB friends are appearing in search results

What I have done:
1. Uninstalled App. Reinstalled. Upon setting up account, turned "off" all options (Find Friends, Notifications, etc.). Unselected FB in the Hub. Unselected "applications" from Search settings. Friends still appear in search and SMS

2. Hard reset of phone. Did not import contacts from SIM this time (figured maybe that was the issue). Set up FB acct and turned off all options in step #1. Friends still appear in search (sans pix) and search. When I start typing a letter, let's say "L" all friends with that last name appear and beneath the name it says "Contacts" however how can this be if there are NO contacts listed in the Contacts App???!!! Mind you, i have installed NOTHING else on the phone. No texts, no phone numbers saved, nothing.

3. After seeing that they still appear in SMS and Search, I log out of FB and BAM that fixed the problem. However this is unacceptable.

This means that FB can not run in the background as intended, rather you would have to log out each and every time you check FB. The problem is clearly with the FB app on BB and it automatically installing all friends to your contacts >how is this if they don't appear in the contacts app? No clue. This is a problem for me because I don't talk to my 425 friends on a daily basis and therefore do not want them to appear in my SMS and Search drop downs.

Is this a straight up bug or is there a step I am missing? This is a def deal breaker. As much as I NEED the physical keyboard this screw up is enough reason to give up on BB.

What I mean by hard reset is using the security wipe so wiping the entire machine of all data. I called BB and was just put on hold for an hour. I don't have time to just sit there...

When I try to add an email account, my contacts lists and calendars synces without any problem... but my Gmail account doesn't sync.

Posted via CB10

Well cut my suspenders and float me to the ceiling!! I just loaded .1725 and here we go with another one. There have so many leaks that I started wearing Depends, then went to a catheter. Now i'm just going au natural and listening to Jose Feliciano sing, "Listen to the falling rain, listen to it fall..." :)

Thank you to the Berryleaks team and all that you do! Can't wait to get home and download this. Go1ndr, eat your heart out!

Posted via CB10 via my Z10

Just upgraded to this. Everything seems OK this far. I especially like the full BBM app now having the dark theme instead of only the chat frame that's on.1725.

Re-added all my accounts seamlessly, too.

My Z10 just became a little but more awwsome.

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Can you load back up on this os from with out the error of "the devise software isn't compatible"

Wish I had time to do this. Have too much important business on the go to risk any interruptions of communication. 4181 your gone first chance I find your dead.

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Can you load back up on this os from with out the error of "the devise software isn't compatible"
I tried loading .1725 leak after it came and was supposedly higher os than but kept getting that error

Can we please get an official list of change log or improvements over 10.1?
We still cannot find one, and all we keep seeing is leaks for months.. when will BBRY will release officially!?

Just going to wait for an official 10.2. Been pretty happy with the latest official 10.1 on T-Mobile USA.

My phone and PIM features work without issue and that's probably the most important thing to me. Wouldn't want to disrupt that with a leaked 10.2 not based on an official version.

Posted via CB10

Long story short. I did my backup, install the leak, wipe the phone and restore my stuff via link. Everything is OK with the exception of the camera. Anytime I tried to load it it says camera can't start. Did a battery pull and nothing.

I reflashed the phone again but did not restore anything and the camera worked. I did restore and it stopped working again. Based on this I preferred to go back to my previous leak, followed the exact instructions and the cam on this leak never fails.

I even tried side loading the 10.2 camera bar file and it did not work. Wasn't lucky this time and would wait for the following leak or the official release.

Installing leaks takes time (sometime hours) to customize your phone again and it's very frustrating to fail on this. Maybe I was just bad lucky.



I have problem when I stared the camara in my Blackberry Z10 STL 100-1 Just Scrach

Somebody have the same problem, I need help!!

stl100-1,downloaded the new 10 .2.0.1743 but still dont have the black theme,any suggestions on what need to be done?thks

Posted via CB10

Right! I was fighting back in the days with Vodafone about not letting us to upgrade to 4.5 from 4.2 for about 1 year!!! So I started using leaks and latest release from all over the world! Especially from berry shout. I'll never wait again for some narrow minded sms sellers to grant me the right to use my phone at his full potential!!

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Blue tooth doesn't work for stl-1.
To hell with BlackBerry. Last time I downloaded the leak, hotspot wasn't working and I rolled back to 10.1.

I will be the first to celebrate when the doors BlackBerry doors are locked permanently. They deserve to let their fans down.

Posted via CB10

Did you read what was said when this leak was posted, before you go shooting off your mouth READ, it's folks like you that open their mouths before thinking, go back to the post then you'll know why it's not working.

Posted via CB10

Have we always been able to share pics from inside the camera app when you touch preview , slide up to the right ? Then a little menu pops up with a delete button and a share button . Or has that always been there and I'm a little slow ;)

Text doesn't show in conversation when I hit send and I can't receive texts or send out after this update???

On that z10 is better than this. I've spread quite a bit of hatred about this leak on the forums. Install 1725, NOT this.

cant restore from os when is blackberry link going to be able to restore content from newer os versions? hate the message "the device software is incompatible for your device" tried to install this newest leak and get away from cause of all its bugs but cant restore

It works on stl-1. Bbm and sms have a nice black theme. Some of my friends installed bbm on their iPhones and works fine with my BlackBerry z10. Skype works and so does blaq for twitter. Camera works good as well. Battery is on 40% after 12 hours of use. I only have remarks that volume buttons on the side of the phone are not working, although when u press them both, they make a screen shot. Settings is not working well either, you can't open all the fields. Sometimes while u type, the volume sign shows up on the screen and disappears. Also Sayit is not working on this leak. Facebook check in still not working. Password keeper works just fine.

Love my Z10

I restarted the phone and now the volume buttons work fine, as well as settings :) I really like this leak

Love my Z10

My question is, after doing a wipe how can I restore my contacts the way I took a lot of time setting them up.? It's such a hassle to restore and then have to link everything back together...

I can't seem to get dark theme working on contact list even though the option is there on this leak!!

Posted via CB10

First time for me to Update my Z10 with a leak OS...it's was all good, but after I side loaded Instagram it won't work it says, Doesn't meet the minimum camera requirements...and give a link on the screen!:-( wat shout I do?

Posted via CB10

Oh you people.. READ. READ the post regarding installing leaks. READ about it. READ Extra Extra. Ask and asked kindly for assistance and these kind folks are ready and willing to help. Don't blame the world for every little things that doesn't work. By jove this is a leak and don't pissed people off when you encounter a bug. If you are new to leaks seek counselled and guidance. Just my worthless observations in the thread.
Btw, been on this leak for 2 days and all are working as expected, even sideload topload bottomload overload apps. :)
Thank you for the leaks and efforts. Well done first class.

Posted via CB10

I don't know anyone with a PC. I want to upgrade to 10.2 so badly! I wish the autoloader worked with Mac products.

Posted via CB10

I tried to according for this version.
Battery runs out too quickly. Even if I turned off unneeded services and reduce screen light.
So sad! Downgraded!
The older soft BB OS was better.

Can anyone please enlighten me as to how I can keep my contacts exactly the same after a wipe?! FB, Twitter, 2 email accounts are all over the place after a wipe and setup.

I use Link as well.

I've activated my social and email accounts from scratch this time around without restoring from Link. All my contacts on outlook.com sync over nicely as did my LinkedIn and Twitter. It worked perfectly and from here on I'm abandoning BlackBerry Link and will use it only if I've made a complete mess and need to reinstall carrier OS. Purchase an SMS backup app to restore your text messages and you're set. Link unfortunately makes an absolute mess of the contacts and also messes up some of the OS features (like loosing dark theme for contacts on this specific build). My opinion.

Guys need help...im running os now but the vesion of instagram I sideloaded wont work, wat should I do? Do I need to install the older barfile?

Posted via CB10

I've been lurking and enjoying 10.1 & 10.2 leaks for a while. I just want to say thanks to all the work you guys put in to get the leaks to us. Much appreciated.

This one looks for Carrier Network signal really fast! But I couldn't set up my Google mail accounts and Yahoo! as well when i'm at school, using the school's wireless network. I can do only at home! Mine is Z10 STL100-1.