Leaked: BlackBerry OS for the BlackBerry Z10/Q10/Q5

By Kris Simundson on 13 Sep 2013 10:43 pm EDT



I had tested earlier in the week and it didn't work. Thanks to usman_hidayat19, he retested and it worked. And I just verified on my Q10.



Well, here it is folks. My first blog, and it's a doozy with BlackBerry OS for the BlackBerry Z10 STL100-2/3/4. This is a complete OS including radio. Sadly this will not work on the BlackBerry Z10 STL100-1 variant. Also, there is no support for the BlackBerry Q10 or Q5, as there is no proper radio.

Now onto the goods. This OS will bring along Dark Theme SMS, BBM, Calendar, and Contacts. The big thing to take away from this however, is if you need BBM Channels, you will lose your dark theme BBM. And as per all leaked OS's they keep improving on performance, speed and squashing those bugs. Also, if you fancied the camera from, then you'll want to side load that, as this camera does not have Face Focus.

As always, standard disclaimer applies as well. Use caution when installing any leaked OS on your device. Be sure to backup first using BlackBerry Link and follow our full tutorial on using an autoloader here

Download / Discuss more in the forums here

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Leaked: BlackBerry OS for the BlackBerry Z10/Q10/Q5



Sorry to disappoint you, but all the «leaks» are coming from "Santa". To those who already knew that he did not existed, because of the impossibility of distributing so many Xmas presents in such a short time, the story is HE EXISTS, and HE is giving us all these beautiful 'LEAKS'. Long Live Santa!

Big man now posting on the first page! Congrats!

Sent via Z10 on Verizon running a .1047 hybrid thru CB10. My channel: c0004f9bb

I think it is just cool that they finally just let him post it straight to the blogs instead of another editor posting it and linking to his forum posts.

Movin up in the world!!

What what!!! Guess What day it is????? Guuuess what day it is???? Itssss leak day!!! what what!

I'm 2 weeks and going into this z10 thing. Can someone explain to me why STL100-1 gets ZERO love when these leaks come out?

Posted via CB10

It's not BerryLeaks fault. RIM makes the OS's, and BerryLeaks pulls them off BlackBerry's server. What's not there they can't get.

--Q10 and Canadian all the way! Posted via CB10 on

The stl100-1 is using the OMAP cpu, and a different radio chipset, versus the -2,-3,-4, which all use the same cpu. Nobody in the leaks team has an stl100-1, so the person leaking isn't bothering to deliver the -1 software.

Posted via CB10

we have one member with a full blown STL-1 and most of us have dev B's which are STL-1 ;) 


still doesn't change what we can and can't get from our sources

the escape for blackberry model Z10-1 flight STL100 to start well but as I have time with her and is very bad the battery does not last any problems with bluetooth sometimes gets hung but worst of all is the battery nothing lasts please take out a new leak for urgent STL100-1

Welcome aboard Kris. Glad you got blogging at CB. Look forward to your future input in these pages. #IChooseBlackBerry10 #KeepWriting

Downgrading now as well don't like the watermarks with don't mind them but they're not exactly pretty. Keep em coming berryleaks! :D

IROC-Z10 But Mostly She Rocks Me!!

Omg BlackBerry when will you see that user with stl 100-1 has right to upgrade their software!! Am totally disappointed of you !

Posted via CB10

this isn't BlackBerries fault, it's leaked software. When official software comes out, it'll be for STL100-1 as well. So chill :)

Are you kidding?! Just last week we get a new leak ! Posted with my awesome Z10STL100-1/
Btw, did everyone understood why four types Z10?!?

So sick of STL 1 users whining you got the last leak before any STL 234 users so shut up seriously stop whining its LEAKED software what about that don't you get....

Didn't you know how many STL 2,3,4 users trying to make fun on STL 1 users when we had our exclusive leak? the OP and other berryleak members even made a warning to them. Because you are hitting us below the belt with non sense comments.

So in confused you think you have the right to software still in developmental stages? Am I missing something here?

IROC-Z10 But Mostly She Rocks Me!!

Congrats Kris!! Does this leak come with an unlocked version of Runtime or would I have to install Runtime myself.

No. It doesn't. U have to load it. But this is a very fast one

Z10STL100-3/10.2.1.xxx member/co-founder Berryleaks. From CB10. My channel C000B3B57. Team channel C00032537

I want to download 10.2 but I don't want to risk my phone but at the same time I don't want to wait till whenever it officially releases. BlackBerry need to release it asap!!

Posted via CB10

Go for it, it's really hard to screw up your phone if you follow the directions (and you're not using an STL100-1.) Trust me, 10.2 is worth it!

Posted via CB10 on my white Z10 & lovin' it!

I've never had a problem with the leaks. They're all built by BlackBerry, and occasionally the leaked version that you have ends up being exactly what a carrier releases as official. You just have the advantage of all if the improvements much earlier.

Keith H. Posted via CB10

First blog post and not a single curse in sight! Congrats Kris and thanks! I do believe on Twitter that I said you'd make this a great weekend and you (and the BL team) came through!

Posted via CB10 on my white Z10 & lovin' it!

Bla1ze doesn't sleep he finds tired BlackBerry employees working overtime on leaks

BlackBerry for leaders, not followers.

From a version perspective, is a higher build number than 10.2.0.xxxx, no matter what "xxxx" represents. You work from left to right. Its like alphabetizing words, but this deals with numbers. The "." between the numbers represents a new number.

So, when comparing to, you first compare the "10"s. Since they are equal, you move right. Now we compare the "2" in both. Again equal. Next we compare the "1" and the "0". Since 1 > 0, we determine that is a higher build than In this case, the "200" and the "1725" don't matter.

All that being said, Kris did say that is actually a newer build, but that doesn't mean it is a higher build version...

Posted via CB10

Tkx, I did not notice the. 1 in, however knowing the 1 before the 0 makes for a newer version I was not aware the 1735 would make for a newer build over 200. I guess build takes precedence?

You're right, I'm having a hard time understanding the numbering process as well. I would have assumed 10.2.1.xxxx > 10.2.0.xxxx

Basically 10.2.1.x is a higher version, however this leak,, is newer as it has a newer build date. 10.2.1.x is a different version branch build - perhaps used for interim testing of a subset of new features to incorporate later on in, dare I say it, in either 10.3.x or back in 10.2.x. Or it could be an actual whole newer version to be released later on. So treat 10.2.1.x as an alpha for now, hence all the watermarks.

This is why I don't ever install leaks that have the PIN watermark. You can always be certain that a new leak will land about 48 hours later.

CB10 on my Z10

Sweet. Thanks guys. Will be loading this baby up tomorrow to replace 1047. 1047 has been so stable for me, so hoping this one will too! Good weekend ya'll!

White Z10 Verizon

All I want for my BlackBerry z10 stl100-2 is to become smooth..when sliding in between apps and hub while there are some active frames..it lags and chap..grrr...annoying!

Z10 OS

If you have Android apps installed, make sure to sideload an Android app killer. It will close all open Android apps. For some reason, even if you close an Android app, many times it remains open and burns the CPU. Some Android apps will actually do this on there own even if you haven't opened them.

Posted via CB10

i ALWAYS sideload the app killer. I've been doing that since I've sideloaded on my PlayBook. you're right, sometimes it kills apps that were running and you never even opened them that day.

i'm sorry, i was mistaken. it's called Advanced Task Killer Pro. I've also recently just downloaded TaskManager from BB World and I see that it kills BB10 Apps as well as Android.

Where can i side load the camera with face focus? I thought all the components came as a single download and cannot be selected individually? But i would definitely like to learn where these components exist and how to fully customize the Z10. I know how to side load but don't know the location of the face focus camera software for example or any other components.

Great first blog on the leak Kris! Just downloaded and installed this latest leak on my Z10 STL-4. Looks great on the dark theme! Thanks again to you and the BerryLeaks team.

Posted via CB10

Good job on your first post Kris. Not gonna lie, I was reading through your article to see how many times you wrote the word f%ck. Haha. Keep up the good work. #IChooseBlackBerry10 because the BerryLeaks team is always giving us users what we want. Thanks to their passion. And un-named sources. Haha for Q10 is...only one build from hasnt there been much much higher builds out? or is the update to say 1725 OS with 1048 radio (since file says radio only)? im confused. [q10 -]

Just curious - is stl100-1 OS being revised less often or is the leaks team getting hands on it lesser?

Posted via CB10

Sorry have seen the question lot of time but not an answer. Have always seen one like yours. Since you were replying you could have simply answered rather than being sarcastic.

Posted via CB10

Exactly. I am just curious why they are getting hands on stl100-1 much lesser than the others - just chance or is it being revised much lesser.

Posted via CB10


Different radios and CPU between the 1 and 2/3/4. Which means you need to grab to two separate files. The person getting the files may only have access to one or the other at the time as well.

WIKI BlackBerry Z10 if you want to see all the differences.

I guess I know what I'm doing tomorrow. :D

Posted via CB10 on my Seksi Z10 (STL100-3 | OS

can anyone pinpoint me to the camera app to sideload? i really want to try face focus. oh, and does this build work with the unlocked android runtime?

Hey, can someone tell me if BlackBerry Traffic is in 10.2? Thanks!

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Um. BlackBerry traffic is already part of the OS. Since 10.0. It's called Maps. They combined traffic with the older maps implementation and made it a singular app.

Posted via CB10

Question... I know if I load Bbm channels I lose dark theme. however, my contacts also lost dark theme. Is thus because it pulls Bbm contacts? Thanks y'all.

Posted via CB10

After installing, we do can hide the bar however, some of the sideload apps can't be run, pls fix the compatibility with next build,also a lot of Chinese users need the language input in flow way as English

Posted via CB10

You do realize we aren't BlackBerry right? We do not have control over how a runtime is built into an os. We just provide it to you.

Z10STL100-3/10.2.1.xxx member/co-founder Berryleaks. From CB10. My channel C000B3B57. Team channel C00032537

Well done Kris! is it possible with any leaks that the phone unlocks from the network provider. Just curious.

Due to the fact 10.2 keeps being fed into the community for beta testing, can we assume that a final hasn't even been submitted to regulatory bodies and networks for approval yet.

I wonder if BlackBerry actually have a target date for official release or is this (pretend leaking) going to go on ad infinitum. It's becoming a bit of a joke to me, no other manufacturer plays around like this.

First off. BlackBerry doesn't feed os betas to community for testing. We do that. That's why their called leaks. Secondly. U assume right, 10.2 hasn't quite yet been sent off to carriers yet. At least not all. But that's very very soon now.

Z10STL100-3/10.2.1.xxx member/co-founder Berryleaks. From CB10. My channel C000B3B57. Team channel C00032537

Then BlackBerry has serious security problems. I hope they retain my personal data much more securely than their own.

Leaks are not a security issue. There is likely only a signed piece of paper preventing a beta OS from getting out.

It's not a security issue the way that you would think. An employee or employees of BlackBerry are leaking these and they contain no personal information nor are these connected to their security infrastructure. Beta software is all this is...

Posted via CB10

To add my 2 cents. I do hope these leaks go on ad infinitum. Cause Verizon doesn't love us like CrackBerry.com and BerryLeaks!

Posted via CB10

This is working well.

One thing to note, the 'dark' theme for contacts was working until I did a full restore. Dark sms, BBM, calendar all work great.

Just wondering though, on the Q10, is the hub in an all dark theme as well? A dark hub theme would look amazing on the z10.


Love it after installing this. No watermark which I do like to have as it is uniquely your phone. Work great so far. No complaint. All restore data/apps works after testing briefly. All side load apps seems to work like sugarsync, skydrive, and other ported android apps. Bar are able to be hidden. It keeps on improving after every leak. Thank you berryleak team. Keep the piss going. ;)

Posted via CB10

Link throws an "Incompatible device" error if you try to restore a 10.2.1.xxxx backup to a 10.2.0.xxxx device. Just an FYI.

Congratulations on your first and thanks for your hard work.

I can't wait for 10.2 I hope it does to me what 10.0 did

Posted via CB10

??? For me 10.0 was a disaster! I almost left Blackberry. 10.1 leak, got me to stay. 10.2 made me start to love my Z10.

I've never installed a leak before but I will try this one..especially since I have a 1988 PC in front of me

Shai's Z10/Q10

USB didn't exist in 1988. Maybe typographical error and was 1998?

--Q10 and Canadian all the way! Posted via CB10 on

Maybe I was just being "sarcastic" bc I can't believe ppl still have PCs

Posted Via CB10... Z10/Q10 Owner

With all the leaks coming we might need to get Kris and rest of the leaks team a box of Depends. :)

Posted via CB10

How do us Q10 owners load the radio with it yes I read the first post but can't seen anything about it

Posted via CB10

Wow Kris, to think that four months ago you were just another reader and now BAM! Front page and on the payroll. Happy For you man. Now to do what we all came to do. Thanks Again!!!

Posted via CB10

Can someone please post a link to how to install a leak OS (1st time leaker here) ... forums have way too many posts... confusing for 1st timers.

Posted via CB10

My apologies, but I have loaded many leaks before. Just can't seem to be getting my Dark theme to work.

Posted via CB10

Thanks for a great article, Kris! Maybe you'll be getting a BlackBerry Service Medal for your dress uniform! Good for you...!

Can you point us to the camera bars? I've found many references to it but nothing I can download. ( sys.camera- ?

Thanks Kris you've been such a great help on CB... and congrats!


On the Underrated Z10

Welcome to the big time Kris. Congratulations on your first post. Looking forward to more from you as you continue to become more involved. I like how you are very interactive with people in every way. Don't you ever sleep? This is like a full time job and a lifestyle for you.

Posted via CB10

Let me get this straight: I download Q10.2.0.1725_Autoloader.zip and run it. Then run (after downloading...duh) Autoloader-Radio-Only_1048_Q.exe. Am I right? Should I have good phone quality on my Q10? Thank you in advance!

Installed black theme is blahhhh doesn't look good on LCD only amoled

Posted via CB10

I guess it's time to leave 1371... was hoping for another unblocked runtime with ability to hide options/back bar first, but that seems like a pipe dream at this point.

Darn...where's my debug token. Wish I could just get the few apps I want from BBW already.

Posted via CB10

Anyone else- Verizon z10 doesn't display black sms theme? Calender BBM contacts work great. No black sms. Help?


I don't like dark themes at all. The white background looks 1000 times better in my opinion.

Posted via the Super BlackBerry Z10

i just upgraded from .1371 i just notice minor improvements and less clutter/lag plus the dark themes are awesome

Careful with this release ---> Z10STL100-3/

The phone app doesn't work from the contacts screen. Anyone else have this issue? She jams right up! Reset!

Posted via CB10

1725 is up and running. Having some trouble with side loaded apps tho, they start to load then crash.. I'm sure I must of messed something up.

Everything else is working as advertised, thanks BerryLeaks!!!

Posted via my  Z10 -

Is it possible to set up Carddav sync without requiering a email? Want to sync my contacts with owncloud.

Posted via CB10

Phone quality sucked again. It can't be hardware of Q10 being bad because this is a warranty replacement phone. I'm done with leaks. Good for everyone else it works for.

I think that you and I are the only two with Verizon phones having trouble with call quality. I can't for the life of me get a 10.2 leak not to Squeal.

Posted via CB10

I think it is Verizon as a hidden "don't download over us" kinda thingy. Also, I think some who have the same issue, don't talk on the phone that much to bother them. Plus I am a sound person...can't stand certain noises...

Any continued problems with contacts not staying dark for Verizon users? Also name will not save as last for display in contacts

Posted via Zed 10 Oreo running with Camera Hybrid

I'm on Verizon and both those issue are still with me after downgrading from The last name contact sorting thing has been with me since I took delivery in April. I wonder if it's something to do with storing contacts locally vs. cloud (I use Google).

sadly again not for STL100-1. why the **** u bother to produce z10 with no 4G or LTE AT ALL?

Posted via CB10

how about you ask your service provider why they don't have 4G or LTE? or why they asked BlackBerry to make a model without it. 

Epic mate.. so far so good.. love the new sounds and ability to change the dark and light themes.. but need to add BBM channels.. since 7+ hours.. Os seems stable already. keep it coming +1725.. cheers..

Posted via CB10

once this is installed, do I have to install any other android software ... I forget what it is called but I believe it allows all the sideloaded apps to run better..

Is sms black theme only for the q10? Using stl4 no black sms. Is this similar to rest of z10 Verizon users?


It's for all models. In the Hub, click More (bottom right) then Settings, then Text Messages and you'll see the option there at the bottom.

Thanks. Had done that. Mentioned in different post that contacts and BBM and calender worked black. Left my phone in charge few hours and came back had gotten a multi person mms and like magic it came in black! Checked out rest of sms messages from earlier and it changed black! Happy it's working now! It's the best


Quite like the look of dark theme in contacts. But can't understand why the same theme isn't in in the phone app too. Anybody having trouble with dark themes what I did was load the bars on the original post and install them to fix it not working. Also I have no bar runtime working really well which also can be downloaded from original post.
Loving the leaks show some appreciation please.
Thanks kris

Posted via CB10

Would love further information. What did you not like? Did it nor load up on your I phone? Be more specific. Otherwise your comment is bloatware.

Posted via CB10


Works great. Dark themes active!

CBC app has stopped working though.


Posted via CB10

my cbc quit too. I deleted and loaded twice. gave up for the night. few hours later, it worked!? wish in could tell you why! all is well with cbc now. reddit in motion has issues watching videos.

from Z 2 U via CB

Black Theme not working for Contacts. It can be selected but after restart contacts it goes back to light Theme.

CBC app not loading for me either.

I use this daily, great news app.

I've uninstalled and re-installed with no change.

Anyone have any thoughts as to why or how to resolve it?

Posted via CB10

I think that CBC is down; I'm running 10.1 MR and CBC isn't working for me either.

Posted via my Z10

I'm on 1047 still not sure if to jump to this leak, is it stable? So far 1047 is ok and quite stable.

Posted via CB10 using Z10

1047 was a bit laggy for me in the UI. 1371 has worked perfect for me, and i'm installing 1725 as we speak. it can only be more stable than the last.

Love it! I had the 1047 but hot spot did not work. I have found that everything seems to run very smooth. Love the dark themes especially in text messages.

Posted via CB10

C'mon now, Kris! I just got 1443 settled in. Gosh!

And 1443 is pretty awesome! It's so cool doing stuff and finding new improvements. I love the cutting/pasting and text selection. I swear I type better with this too, although that doesn't make sense.

I'll have to write a scathing email to someone about all these awesome updates; I can't keep up! :)

Via Z10 & CB10

This is really nice one. Not only the dark themes, but also some minor transitions. Hahaha. Can't wait for the official one

Posted via CB10

Sharing and downloading pictures is not possible with the leak...
When I get a email, with a picture directly In the mail, and. Load all pictures to save. It shows the saving dialog, but nothing is save.

And when I'm try to share this picture directly from the mail
There is only the loading circle and a button to abort.
With other leaks it was work.
But the picture download with endless loading problem are at many apps...


Posted via CB10

Give it time. Charge phone and leave it a few hours. So a full reset by holding down volume keys until phone turns off. I've used every single leak ever leaked on cracking berry. Kris is the man! This is absolute best leak yet. Download your apps,change settings, get it the way you had it before and give it a day and get a full charge and a fresh restart.


Any idea when the official OS is actually coming out? Just have a feeling my sideloading is going to be disastrous someday..

Posted via CB10