Leaked BlackBerry OS for all BlackBerry 10 devices

By Bla1ze on 2 Aug 2013 07:32 pm EDT

In case you thought this weekend was going to be a little on the boring side, guess again. A new OS leak (OK, it's not really a leak but rather a release version) has just been dropped in the CrackBerry Forums and this one is sure to please everyone who owns a BlackBerry 10 device, yes, even you STL100-1 owners. BlackBerry OS is now available for all BlackBerry 10 smartphones.

Like all leaks, you'll want to take caution while loading this one up as it's not an official OS but if you're into loading leaks, the scenario is all too familiar. We do suggest reading through the forums and asking questions you may have in there as it's the best place suited to address any questions or concerns you may have as we're not responsible for any damage that could potentially arise from loading this.

For the curious, this release has many improvements over previous releases including full radio support, lockscreen previews, android app player improvements and much more. Plus, unlike previous leaks, you'll no longer have your PIN displayed on your device. Need to know more? Hit up the forums using the link below.

If you need help installing the leak using an autoloader, be sure to check out our full tutorial here.

Download the leaked OS

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Leaked BlackBerry OS for all BlackBerry 10 devices



I'm still not going to load it, but it's good for more adventurous people to try and report back.

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Probably smart. From the YouTube video by Kris, it sounded like this is more of a hybrid. There was no radio in what he originally received and now there is one? Sounds like .810 to me and that was all kinds of bad for me. Others had a very diff experience, but "have fun" to those who dive in.

The radio file on this is - so this is an actual full release. I have it on my Z10. It's REALLY good.

You won't be disappointed.

Long time lurker, first time leaker......

In the words of Starsky and Hutch, "Do it.".

First leak I've ever done and totally worth it, killer features. And if you don't like it, just revert back to what you had, no risk!

Your avatar look pretty adventurous to me. I'm only kidding. I agree I will let many others guinea pig for a few days I'm sure another leak will be out by Monday as well. I am glad this is getting out quickly. Keep 'Em coming.

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Anyone know if you can restore directly from 10.1 normally not like the last 10.2 release?
Thanks guys

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Yes you can. I backed up 10.1 on bblink, uploaded, restored the 10.1 backup. It works and works well. Do your research, search the forums, and bombs away. It's worth it. Save your contacts to your SIM card and you won't have to worry about the cloud unless you want to.

hi! How come did you go back to 10.1? Weren't you satisfied with 10.2? Or you had problems with it? Just wondering as I am about to try it.... But am very doubtful!

Oh no, I'm still on 10.2 and its great. I just restored the 10.1 info, you know, texts/apps/e.t.c.
This new OS is great and I do recommend it. I deleted all my apps first, then security wiped my phone, ran anti virus on my pc. Turned off my phone then turned off pc firewall. Opened the OS on pc and when the command prompt showed up I plugged in phone and got a green light and 10 min or less I was good to go.

You'll love it.

Thanks! Which device did you installed it into? Z10 or Q10? How come you did remove all apps in your phone? And you have to plug your device-after opening autoload .exe - being turned off? Did you remove your simcard or your additional card containing pictures etc?
Also.. How long did the process take?

After searching forum, an IT guy suggested loading OS on a clean phone to reduce likely hood of problems. I plugged phone in after running autoloader, phone was off per IT suggestion. Once plugged in, green light came on, os loaded, 10 min or less and I'm running. I did remove SD card, bit not sim. I had backed up all contacts to sim beforehand and the were there when done. Opener link and restored calendars and apps. It's smooth sailing now.

Thank you again! Which device did you install it into? Z or Q? Also.. What do you mean for "Opener link and restored calendars and apps" which link?
How do you back up to SD card your contacts? Have no idea... Thanks!

Z 10. Sorry I meant, opened bblink and restored from a backup. It had my calendar /apps in it. Also, I copied my contacts to my SIM card, not SD card. If you need help w that, search forums. Answers are all there. Just takes patience. It's worth it though.

Thank you again ! Very helpful! Hope for my Q10 will work out fine as well! Anyone you heard/know of using Q10 that had probs when installing this leaked? And by the way.. They say it's not awakes version but a real OS isn't it? Will the phone be able to update to future OS versions ?

Don't know about the Q except for what's on forums. It's a real OS. I can't imagine it wouldn't update in the future. Just wipe it and install /reinstall. Good luck!

Before anything, delete all apps/email accts. Just clean up the phone. Then do a security wipe. You want that OS to go on as clean a phone as possible to reduce chance of installation errors. Then turn it off, run autoloader, then plug it in and wait for the green light. Then you're solid.

Wipe your phone completely. From here out you really need to use the forums, all your questions can be answered there bud. I've helped all I can. I need to get some work done. Good luck!

Thank you so very much for spending. An afternoon answering to my questions.. Again sorry and thanks a lot! I want to tell what I ended up doing then.. Took off SD card-to start with- erased all apps(the ones I could have installed at a later time... Launched autoloader.exe on my notebook and found out the initial screen was the one showed in here .. And then got scared my Q10 would be screwed up!!!:// horrible feeling! So started re-downloading the apps from app world and reinserting email accounts information.. And now I have two facebooks accounts with the same name showing in the hub.. If I erase one the other one will stay there... What if I do the security wipe having all the apps still there? And how do I get my texts back after ? Thanks ... Sorry again for bothering.. #confused

Back up your Q on bblink before hand then unplug phone and turn off bblink and when you have new OS loaded, turn link back on and reload that backup. Texts should be there. Sometimes, when loading a new OS, you may lose some information. You should get it back, but don't worry, it's worth it.

You are just so patient! Thank you so much again! By the way.. I I do let the autoloader.exe do its work and wipe all the info without performing a security wipe myself I could incurr into installation
Problems right? Also.. They do advice to not back up phone after changing OS.. Is that correct?

Listen.....this whole thing is a risk, but myself, and many others are willing to take it to enjoy the potential benefits. Keep that in mind. It works. I found that wiping the device sped up the process and appears to avoid installation issues. I can't speak to doing it without wiping, I didn't go that route. Others have and it worked. It made sense to me to wipe it and start with a clear slate. Since its your fire time, I suggest the same for you. As far as backup after changing OS, I don't know any reason not to. Except that you don't really have much new info to backup.

Right! Are Twitter mentions poppingas notifications on top of your screen? Can you choose which notifications to have?

I don't use Twitter. I believe whatever you load into the hub will pop up. If that's true, then yes, you choose. You're just going to have to load it up and see what you get. If you don't like it, reload your previous OS.
Questions questions questions, just go for it already! You know you want to.

Yes! Deleted everything and just di da security wipe.. All went fine .. Went and launched autoloader.exe, got the green light on... Autoloader screen was 'working' so I left my notebook doing its job.. When I came back-5 minutes later- S CERN was black(default screen saver) and when I touched a key(don't know which!) autoloader closed up! Bb started to blinking its red light and I panicked a lot! Then took off and on battery, device did not turn on by itself... Re-launched autoloader, plugged in shut off Q10 and as autoloader 'sensed' bb it kinda of started working where it was interrupted(sort of.. That's what seemed to me) now... Autoloader closed off itself and Q10 is rebooting now loading language.. Is that a good sign? Do you think the interruption will cause troubles of any kind?!?! HELP! Thanks!!

I do a security wipe after the installation of the OS, it cleans up any install files on the device. Makes it run nice :)

So.. I won't say it out loud but it 'seems' everything is working .. I have no contacts no texts. If I do connect he phone to bb link.. Will it recognize it as he same BB having the new os? And how do I brig back up back? THANKS!

Bblink should recognize it fine. Bring what back up? If you mean your last restore point, bottom left click on bb10 and click restore and find the recent one. Should restore texts. Not sure about contacts. You should have backed those up on your SIM card

I don't care about contacts just texts at least.. I have now downloaded the apps I need and email accounts.. Or these will all be loaded through restore by BB link? Does the restore from old data might cause problems to the actual OS? Jut wondering...

Some people have had problems, I have not. I think it's because I wiped phone. Whatever you had before should be restored, but no guarantees. Have fun. Search forums for the changes on the Q. I cam only speak to the Z

Ok! I will try! Thanks a lot again! Will let you know then how it goes!!! By the way.. Loaded new OS 2 1/2 hours ago and have used it only for barely 1 hour.. And I must say I don't see it being this 'fast'.. Meaning sometimes apps gets 'stuck' for a few seconds... Nothing dramatic though! Maybe it's only a matter of adjusting it on the phone.. One more thing.. While loading I did take off SD card.. I did reinsert it and it says it is 'indexing'.. But even though I have thousands of pictures and a few vids in it.. How long should it take to view such? Is it possible it's taking this much?

It will take a bit for the OS to cook. Battery will take a couple of days to settle in. I only have 12gb of data on my SD card so yours will likely take longer.

Hey there! Ended up going to bed at 2am last night after restoring Q10! Got all my texts, contacts and docs! So far so good! Must say I haven't been able to test it at all but I TOTALLY LOVE WHAT I SEE! Thank you so much for sort of ‘pushing me' to do it first of all! You've been of great help!
Just posted my experience of it on a post regarding Q10 owners here http://forums.crackberry.com/blackberry-q10-f272/q10-owners-have-you-ins... !
Put your nick in it as a help going through all this! Hope you don’t mind!

By the way after restoring as you suggested, I had problems with double accounts and passwords to be reinserted! But it was easily solvable! Thanks again! So far I love it!!!

Have a nice Sunday!
Ps. My SD card was 8 GB... and it took quite a few minutes to load all! lol!

Also.. BIG question I am noticing right now.. Getting BB Link connecting errors continously on my Pc(unreliable lately).. Can BB10 devices connect to BB LINK usign WIFI? I am seeing when it states device that there's the wifi usal logo... and Q10 is definately not connected to pc! It is now synching it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! m I right? Is that how it works now? no USB cable needed to back up BB10 devices? Aside that it si STILL giving me BB Link error....which is a pity...:/

Bblink is a strange bird. Try a different usb cable or port. On phone, instead of autodetect, switch to windows in the storage and access settings menu. Units tall link and reinstall. Search forums for new ideas suggestions. That's what I did. It takes patience but at least you're on the other side of the install, that's the hard part

Yes! I will download this leak. Thanks for sharing the 10.2 leak to STL100-1 users.

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Go out for a beer or load leak...load leak in morning at work while recovering and be paid. Oh well...

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When is the official release for 10.2 coming to the United States. I haven't received a single update. I love the BlackBerry 10 OS but need it! BlackBerry pls. :(

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It's your cell phone provider fault they are so slow to roll this out! Call your costumer service and complain about that

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what Knee-jerk? It is what it is, and always had been with even legacy devices. So BlackBerry Beta testers leak the OS to bb fans like us. I mean that is how this site even began into existence!

I know; right? It's just like all those sheeple who always jump up and go "oh, it's gravity!" to explain why things I drop are attracted toward the center of the Earth, right? What a bunch of mindless, rumor-repeating morons, right?

10.2 hasn't been officially released yet. But when it does it will depend on your carrier. In U.S I expect it to be released done time at the end of the year for those of us who are GSM carriers

No superimposed pins? Wow, that alone is huge. I might actually migrate to 10.2 with this one...

Posted via CB10 on my white Z10 and loving it!

Just wondering if the payment option works on this leak? The last one I loaded couldn't purchase apps :(

Posted via CB10 from my Z10

Heck yea, Ima crank on this one! .810 was awesome, the subtle changes were a treat, hated the watermark pin... I don't think I could go back to 10.1 at this point. Don't be chicken to grab 10.2 all you skeerdy cats.

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As tempting as this may be, I would rather be cautious and stay away from this release. The current 10.1 MR release is stable and does the job, though I hope they start rolling the 10.2 ASAP.
Can anyone who installed this release please post updates on the features and bugs? That would definitely help everyone out into making the decision of installing it.

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This update is really good but it screwed my phone's battery life! Today my battery was full around 6 am and then around 10:30 the battery died and my phone was working on 2G only. But the features are really good on this one. They should fix the battery thing and I think the ZTL 100-1 doesn't support 4G but it is showing the option of 4G services. The mobile hotspot is also not working.

I'm not going to go back to os10.1 now because the lock screen notifications are really useful and awesome :D

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I'm jumping on this and staying for from Verizon "Official" updates. Had for a month. Updated to the Verizon release (which has since disappeared) cause it fried my phone. 10.2. Here I come.

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What if I like the pin watermark? People always ask what that is when I show them 10.2; strokes my ego a little.

Does this prevent the keyboard from being interrupted when I'm typing and a message comes in?

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Can I attempt this if I've only loaded the official 10.1 release from Verizon or do I need to do the other leaked releases to?

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You can jump to this one. But remember when the official one is released you will not get a notification and have to down grade to original OS to receive the OTA from your carrier.

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Guys, this leak is worth it. My biggest beef with the browser has been fixed. I always hated how small the font was. The default font in the browser has now been enlarged so every site is now READABLE without using reader mode. Hallelujah!

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What about those of us who thought the browser font was already too big? Will we be stuck with mega-sized text, or can we change it? Will the larger size be the default?

Loaded more watermarks.....system is smooth....remote access is good....you can flash this on top of 10.1.......I like it and will let it settle and index for the weekend or should I say the Leakend.

When can start seeing android apps run very well. Like temple run and subway sff

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Is this worth the try? Still running 10.1 and this os I'm running is the most stable I've seen. I use my phone too much at work to take chances anymore.

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I just loaded. 468 yesterday lol Ahh to have and own a new BlackBerry again. Get relive the good days when the 9700 was still in its life cycle.

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so far this looks real nice! only problem i noticed was touch screen at first was a little laggy but that fixed after everything booted up just performing the security wipe hoping it doesn't take too long

Total fail for my device. I am on Bell, and my Z10 is a -3. Autoloader seemed to run fine, the progress bar continued to 100% written, then gave me an "Error: scurity error". now I have a nice phone with a blinking red LED :-(

Going to find that link on the BlackBerry site which loads through the browser.....

First off nice work and thank you very much. FU€£ I wish I was at home to install this son of a gun.

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Just woke up, check the phone and there it is..yipppiieeee..what a wonderful weekend. No superimposed pin, toast on lock screen *dancing*

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Ok I took the leap, my dumbass forgot to do a more recent backup before I did it, but my backup from back on 22 June installed just fine.

Only issue I have now is getting my debug token installed on my phone to get my Android apps back.

Posted with my VaderBerry (

Installed. Didn't do the wipe, and just restored right away. Had to restart phone 3 times just to set up yahoo email. The evernote app that came with it wouldn't let me log in. So I deleted it and loaded my sideload. Problem solved. Overall, I'm liking the zippiness. Have to wait till tomorrow to see if battery life is good.

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Jumping to 10.2....but....
Umm, can I go back to my original or previous OS if I'm not happy with this leak?
Please advice!

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Loving it! Fixed the major bugs and then I get to use the remote file access feature. So happy thanks team BlackBerry.

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You can do that today using an Android app -- but I get the impression you already knew that, and you're pining for a native app.

I cannot restore, it has been since the last leak I am unable to do it,

I will try later on my mac, but with windows it starts and shows the process on my Z10 for 5sec then stops, and I have a message in link who said that there is something who stopped the restoration

If someone has had the same issue, can you let me know what to do

Thank you

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Just found. In settings. BlackBerry Link. Turn on? Mine was already. Maybe yours is off?

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Hey, I fixed the issue with mine... I had to do a security wipe and then everything worked correctly.

I'm so happy I can hardly count. This leak has gone well so far. About an hour and a half total. Lame WIFI here. However, Having done this right as I get my replacement (Verizon 10.1 fried my original) I am never going to update a Verizon OS update again. THIS HAS NO BLOAT ware. So Freakin Awesome. I have no need for the silly file I had to hide all the Verizon apps. YAY ELITE TEAM....

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

No more BlackBerry ID registration during initial setup, so with 10.2 we can use BB10 without a BID. At least until it is needed (BBM, BAW etc).

Yeah man! Good bye to days on Verizon -Check for updates- button pushing! Hello toast!

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This is Awesome and fantastic! I think BlackBerry has now given me something to be really excited about. Finally, Remember app looks like what it was intended to do. However, it's early days yet to explore all the other features in but I will be back with more comments later.

Not able to sideload with AndroidPack, but Playbook extension in Chrome worked fine.
Not able to log into Audible 1.5 (App did not see keyboard inputs.) Was able to install Audible 1.4.5, log in, then upgrade to 1.5, which is now working ok. Thanks to the Jellybean runtime, I now have access to the Audible setting that enables downloads to go to the SD card. That option was not displayed on 10.1.
Thanks, team. BTW - Z-Theme is not applying theme changes with this OS, though it seems to do everything without error messages or freezing; it just doesn't change the theme.

Installed leak. Priority Hub seems cool, diagnostics tool seems useful, contacts sort and search quickly. Still having issues with the calendar app. It doesn't load, and if it does, freezes and my appointments aren't populated. Same issue as with TMobile release Any idea what release is going to fix this?

Is there an easy way to update to 10.2? I really want this but I feel like the process of upgrading is very challenging.

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Not challenging at all:
1. Back up device via link
2. Download autoloader for your device..at the start of the thread
3. Connect device
4.run autoloader
5.restore device via link
6.hard reboot if you experience any issues
7. Done!

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I admit, I am somewhat apprehensive of doing this because I use my phone so much for work, but you are making it extremely tempting to try it out! I have 10.1 MR from Verizon, which I just updated to about a week ago and it's got a few nice improvements and seems to be running well. This is a tough decision...

How much do I love this OS!! This is what BlackBerry 10 should have been launched with!
The homage to the trackpad is my ultimate geek moment of all time!

CB10 on my Z10

Loaded and running well. Able to restore backup. Upgraded from base t-mobile release. My first leak :).

Only sad part so far is unable to find setting for wifi calling.

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There's a setting? I thought that all calls would go through wifi if connected, whether you like it or not.

Hi guys and girls dropping in from sunny South Africa, currently on want to try this release, what do i do, back up, do a security wipe then load this new OS, quick help will be appreciated.

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Personal, I use the auto loader.
Use the link to download the required version, backup with link and then load the new OS.
Restore once the OS is loaded.
I'm sure there is a tutorial on here somewhere so best to check that out 1st incase I've missed anything.
Enjoy ;)

CB10 on my Z10

When you do something like this, us, developers suffer from making sure our app works on the new os way before we're supposed to.

This would be a valid point if those installing leaked OSes didn't explicitly accept the knowledge and risk of app incompatibility. This is, in fact, the main reason that those who know about a leak will choose not to install it.

Well you don't really have to and no one can hold you responsible until the official OS is released by BlackBerry.

Take your time. We appreciate your hard work and dedication.

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I really can't express how happy I am with this release! I keep finding things to get excited about.
Happy as a pig in sh**!!

CB10 on my Z10

I'm in, I'm on and it's faster than fast... loving it! on Verizon STL-100-4 ...! Up from 810...

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First time I have done this kind of update and looks like it worked perfectly, touch wood. Thanks to the elite team and the update looks really interesting but only starting to play with it.
Put it on my Z10 and left Q10 as is.

I will go for it. Due to summer holiday the MR release will not be able in a while and 10.2 will not drop until End of last quarter this year in Norway.

Keep em' coming:-) so excited.

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Same here bud. Fb aint working properly. I un installed and installed fb. Now it will not even open. Cant even add a fb account in the settingd

Posted via CB10

As a dev said earlier in this thread, because of these leaks apps that wouldn't normally be updated, now will have to be updated (out of cycle).

Puts lot of pressure on devs. Patients is your friend.

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If you reinstalled from BlackBerry World then you probably didn't get the same version that came with the leak. You'll probably have to rerun the autoloader

This happened to me on the last leak. Account setting for FB was missing after performing a restore. Tried a few times. FB worked prior to the restore and not after so both times. Darn.

Whenever I load a leak and my FB notifications don't work I just switch them off, close the settings, go back in and turn them on again. This has worked every time

Can't wait for this good s**t to be officially out :D
Meanwhile, I'll download the 10.1 MR as soon as I get back home from vacation :D

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Many Android apps running on not running on this Version e.g. candy Crash saga. Eventuell after full Reset. Any help?

Posted via CB10

I've noticed the same thing in the previous link candy crush saga subways surf tapped out was working and now any version of the game I put on it crashes. This leak is the smoothest but I can't install android apps like before which to me was the point of installing the leak in the first place

Posted via CB10

OK, most things seems to working... I'm loving previews on the lock screen, new font and small UI tweaks, new text selector when editing text, text editing in general, multiple alarms... found out that Pocket 4.0.5 bar is now working, but Instagram and Spotify are now inoperable...Damn! need to work this out: Instagram is reporting 'old version' and Spotify comes up blank (nothing...)

Sent from my BlackBerry 10 smartphone on the Telstra NextG network.

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Even native apps like need for speed crash loading the game...... and most Android Ports are not running but in. 810 they did......

Posted via CB10

What about an option to automatically turn off all connections while using the sleep mode? Really miss that feature in 10.1. Always have to manually tap the flight mode...

Posted via CB10

Sooooo many new features!!!

Finally I cans end pictures using tmobiles wifi calling. Will rest calling later.

the picture gallery has changed quite a bit with a scroll thing on the right when swiped left the room right bezel. Just a couple things + the lock screen notifications can be turned on and interactive.

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Just downloaded the new release had issues with the setup but eventually i got it sorted, had to manually setup the accounts, my Evernote says i need an update but when i do it tells me not for this device so i can't excess it, let's see how it goes for the next few days, battery a bit hot at the moment will keep everyone updated, but this release is awesome from the little I've seen considering i came from

Posted via CB10

Its just awesome...everything is working fine on my STL1-100....but it take time on the first reboot..

Posted via CB10

On my side. Facebook work fine except the contact picture do not sync. Any idea ?

It's working for LinkedIn

Posted via CB10

Really HATE the permanent bottom bar when running any android port... awfull!

Rest is AWESOME!

Posted via CB10

Help!! Does anyone have and can upload the android runtime from this os, please? I loaded the. 633 runtime and now my phone keeps resetting.


Posted via CB10

Anybody elses battery getting drained after installing this OS? After install i have about two hours of standby?

Posted via CB10

I downloaded the update this morning. It wasn't as smooth as many people may expect :) After the first restart, my Z10 wouldn't boot up. I took out the battery and tried again with no difference. I did this about 4 times. I then took out the SIM Card and put it back. It finally went into the start up screen without BlackBerry Hub. I then did a soft restart and after 10 minutes the Hub showed up! Everything was intact, to my relief. I didn't notice any significant difference after the update.

Posted via CB10

Installed and restored with no issues. So far all is working well. BBM, Phone, Email and all standard apps working fine. I have not side-loaded any apps so I cannot comment on those.

This release is awesome, okay my battery died after the update but it's fully charged now and giving it a go, anyone have issues with Evernote? I'm more interested with the battery how it compares to previous leaks ,seems the crackberry app is a bit buggy, struggling to post this

Posted via CB10

This is great. upgraded from the latest maintenance release - first leaked OS I have loaded on the Z10 and no problems so far. All apps work - love the new features

Problem with Restore, i am not able to restore anything from my last backup taken from is there any help about this, tried wiping also but no change no restore, any help????

Posted via CB10

No bro that's not working for me and one more problem i am facing that as soon as restore process starts my Z10 gets Reboot automatically

Posted via CB10

I got the same problem, tried to restore more 30 times. Link was telling me to sign in to my BlackBerry ID, even though I was signed in. Tried every thing 1. detached the device 2. restart the device 3. hard reset 4. restart the link 5. restart the pc. Eventually I had to rerun the autoloader and reinstalled the OS, and finally it worked.

Posted via CB10

Did you ever solve your restore problem?

My buddy did his today and it worked great, I did my update and tried the restore, and I get the same issue you get.

Please help me out!!!