Leaked BlackBerry OS for all BlackBerry 10 devices

By Adam Zeis on 13 Aug 2013 02:02 pm EDT

While many users have taken the plunge into OS 10.2, there are plenty that are still playing it safe with OS 10.1. For those looking for a bit of an upgrade, OS has leaked today in the CrackBerry forums and is available for all BlackBerry 10 devices.

No word of what's new and improved in this build just yet so if you want to think things over before you give it a go be sure to keep an eye on the forums thread for findings. If you do install be sure to drop a comment letting us know how it's working for you.

As always, use caution when installing any leaked OS on your device. Be sure to perform a full backup first and don't blame us if it goes bad. Check out our tutorial on installing a leaked OS for more help.

Download OS for all devices
How to install a leaked OS on BlackBerry 10

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Leaked BlackBerry OS for all BlackBerry 10 devices


Not again? I always have to go through dilemma when this happens. Almost torture :P

Posted via CB10

Not sure if it is the same issue as you, but when I try to use it it says something like "mobile hot spot is not authorised for your region". I just acknowledge, try to turn on hot spot again, and it works. Minor flaw.

Also, I can't get mms to work on rogers tho with Tried adjusting the APN settings (not greyed out), but have had no luck.

Posted via CB10 on my kickass media-consuming Z10

It's more serious than that. Can't get past the initial setup and if I go around it, the app just crashes when I save the hotspot settings.
My carrier has probably not updated its files...

Έτσι, για να αναγκάσει; ; Μπλεγμένος πινέλο είτε όχι

I'm running a near flawless build of 10.2 I won't be switching back to 10.1. The only major downside with 10.2 right now is that I cannot connect my BBM Channel to it just yet. So, it sits in limbo right now. I'm looking forward to the 10.2 final build.

What version of 10.2 are you using? I'm on and no problem with BBM channels running

Posted via CB10

I am happy with 10.2. The BBM Channel thing is the same for me. I for some reason have been getting really good battery life on 10.2 as well.

Posted via CB10

I've had the OS for 2 weeks now and I got the update from checking for new updates in settings.

Hotspot works great.

Posted via CB10 on my Z10

Although I have yet to load the latest 10.2 leak, from the reports I don't think I'd bother with anymore 10.1 leaks.

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Anyone having issues with sms in 1047? I am unable to delete just one of sms's... I've tried resetting, pulling battery, hard rest, refreshing hub like a thousand times... might go back to 10.1

Posted via CB10

A few minor updates, mostly carrier bars as they start to push updates and a newer Flash version.

Someone pls posts what's new... I just loaded the last leak a week ago and it's running beautifully. what has been updated with this one?

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Here we go again! We had the 10.2 leaks several weeks ago and is taking ages to be official. All of a sudden a leak in 10.1 now surfaces! It doesn't matter to me as I am not the brave hearted to download leaks but then leaks sets me up to look for official software updates. It is not a question of how many updates that a phone manufacturer needs to give but why updates are required! For iPhone the updates are far and in between whereas in case of Android phones they can differ based on models. Re BlackBerry phones when I used the earlier models they were few and really didn't notice much difference. But in case of the BlackBerry 10 series we seem to visually see the improvements and hence makes it look as if we are waiting for ages whenever a leak happens and official update is not happening!

Posted using my Q10

Of course, but a leak is overall positive. I prefer getting a leak and use it now and waiting for the official release than having nothing at all and being disappointed because there is not advancement.

Leaks indicate that they are working to solve problem and add functionalities, not that there will be an update *soon*.

Posted via CB10

why parallel 10.1 and 10.2 leaks? I wish we knew if they are testing features in 10.2 then cascading them down. I do not understand the need for advancing 10.1 further. Seems inefficient. Am I missing something? Is this fragmentation due to hardware types?

No turning back from for me . It's just awesome and really, no bugs except Evernote (not working) wich I didn't use anyway.

Settings works like a dream, app manager it's here, and battery it's way better than in I think) . Attachments button in hub, priority hub...it's lightyears ahead 10.1.xxxxxx

Totally agree, since this there's no way I would go back to 10.1 plus it looks like we will be getting an even newer 10.2 soon. For those who are still afraid of leaks I just don't get it, I'm not saying you have to install every single one of them but especially those that have proved to be stable like the latest 10.2 it takes minutes to install one and if you have backed things up and synchronized contacts and emails with whatever cloud, it's really easy.

Ahh... I just reinstalled .4687 (down from 10.2) yesterday as I needed hotspot to work again.


I installed the 10.2 leak and ran it for a while until I discovered that Netflix wouldn't run on it. I also heard that skype didn't work, so I went back to 10.1.

Meant to say, that I installed the "previous" 10.2 leak and netflix wouldn't run. Would like to know if this leak will run netflix.

I have a .bar file that works beautifully. Sometimes I get an occasional error but I don't touch the app and it continues to load. Send me a private message and I'll find a way to get you a copy.

I would like it still waiting for an unlocked Jelly-bean runtime out of the box, But untill them I'm trying to stick with 10.1. I adopted to 10.1 way too early for me and also had to go back to 10.1 1720 at some point since some of the 10.1.2xxx had poor performance on the android run time.

So my experience is that too many people yell yay while there's still issues

I hope Blackberry do a better job of securely retaining my personal and payment information than they do their own intellectual property...

You guys are killing! On vacation, can't download until I get home!

Posted via the best Keyboard in Existence my Mo Fo Z10

Hahahahahahahahahahahahah. To funny! Whats really going on? Everyone has a different OS? BlackBerry needs one "solid build" what's the issue? Where's the official 10.2 build! with all functions Working better then 10.1?? Google has a phone out! (HTC one ) and you need Google Chrome to download leaks? Why would Google support leaks? If they have there own android mobile devices? LoL! The Z10's and Q10's are awesome devices!!! Why down grade! The brand and following! with experimental OS! Is it that hard to build off of what you guys already created! Or? Did blackberry fire everyone who created BB10 already? LoL! Corporate suicide!!!

Posted via CB10

For the record I love my Z10 I think it's a great product! I would just like to enjoy it more! Instead of changing the whole operating system! For average functions! That come with average smart phones?

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10.2 FINALLY fixed my charging/rebooting issues during bedtime charging. 10.1 couldn't fix it. I'm never going back! I'll be getting this baby now too.

Edit: 10.1 leak. Forget it!

When is all this leaking going to stop? I'm ready for the operational 10.2. I guess when the ship goes down the leaks will stop.

I still love my 9700>Z10.

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Active sync was problematic in the 10.2 release. I had it running for 4 days on the Verizon network. I had considered going back until I found the fix: I need to reboot the device then I'll get 23 hours of corporate email syncing. Totally appreciate the new features.
Where do I report the active sync issues?

Oh. Yeah, I lost all my sms messages during the upgrade!

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I genuinely suspect that the layoffs of the 250 or so testers was because blackberry found testers that cost them zero dollars.... the crackberry nation. They probably get more feedback from the forums here as a result of the leaks and in a real world environment. Perhaps this is why we get so many leaks... it is all intentional.

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Cheapest & useful beta-testers EVER.
Whats the point to leak an 10.1 when what we really need is an even better 10.2?

Anyone else notice WiFi direct and HDR Camera missing on or this leak.

Zed 10 - In your face VZW

HDR camera option is still there. Same place. Go to Camera, see under Shooting mode.

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Hi Blackberry Team. I have downloaded and installed this build and it seems pretty darn nice. I am still playing with it, however, and will report more later. My biggest complaint is the ongoing problem with all 10.1 builds as they interact with the Kindle app. In all cases, the app places an undeletable, odd, folder of 8 blank photos on the Photo app of the phone. The only two ways to get rid of this phantom folder are to either do a security wipe or reinstall the OS from the autoloader. Both are a real hassle. Just did the former, by the way, after again trying the Kindle app with the latest build. I note that OS 10.2.0 1047 has eliminated this bug but has other bugs which keep driving me back to a lower 10.1 build.
I sure wish that this problem would be addressed on the 10.1 build because the last few 10.1 builds have worked the best, with the fewest bugs on my STL100-3 phone on the AT&T network. Maybe, a later version of 10.2 will be released that works as well at That would be truly awesome!

I tried 10.2 and found some apps weren't working so I downgraded back to 10.1. I am sure the official BlackBerry 10.2 isn't that far off. What's the difference between this and the. 4181 official release

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All you people talking about 10.2 being flawless and not going back. Have you read all the bugs and problems it has, whether vpn or Skype not working. There's a long list of problems with 10.2 and if you don't mind not having Skype and other major apps then go ahead.

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M fed up of downloading the leak versions...n m nt finding this sideloading function interesting ny more..of one has to use android ports so wat is the fun of using BlackBerry fones..android fones r the options...though m a BlackBerry fan but still m nt happy wid the service. They take us for granted.

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Which OS 10... that have the ability to give orisinal caption when you want to share pic And autosave goup pics.....
I'm using 10.2.1047, No problem with performance but I don't have hotspot now (malfunctioned). Still try to look for a better OS

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I have my 2nd Z10 after the first died with 10.2 OS, reload it and seems not many change. Battery as good as 4633 with 2G Connection and Wifi

Has anyone heard when BB will be adding group capabilities for emails and text for the BB 10 OS? Having to select the names each time is very inefficient and it's getting old.

Please advise


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Thats probably not going to happen. .1047 was a LEAK. The official 10.2 OS is going to be much higher version with all the bug fixes included.

Does wife calling work for anyone with 10.2? I needed that and it seems non-existent with the new 10.2...

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O.K. I am back with further updates on With the exception of the continuing "phantom folder" problem noted above from using the Kindle app, is really solid. No, it does not have all of the new features associated with the build, but it also has far fewer annoying bugs. Additionally, it seems to be a bit more thrifty on the battery, after you give it about 48 hours to settle in. This build is as close to perfect as I have encountered. Don't get me wrong, I will try when it is released by the Blackberry release team, but for now, I give this release two thumbs up!