Leaked: BlackBerry Messenger

By Adam Zeis on 8 Feb 2011 11:32 am EST

BlackBerry Messenger

It's been a while since we've seen an update to BlackBerry Messenger (either leaked or official) but thanks to our own BigBadWulf we have a new version from the Bold 9650 leak of OS This version is only at which isn't much higher than other versions we've seen floating around. No real news on what (if anything) is updated, but be sure to leave a comment with your findings.

Please note: This is an unsupported version of BlackBerry Messenger so be sure you backup your device before installing. It should run fine, but it never hurts to have a backup :-)

Download BBM version OTA from your device

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Leaked: BlackBerry Messenger


Looking over BBM now...

Don't appear to be any UI changes or any sort of glaring differences. I'm going to say this leaked version just fixes bugs...

If anyone catches anything I missed, please update!

I believe your'e right its for OS6 - I downloaded onto my Storm and it removed the older BBM (previously installed as Core App) - now the newer BBM is on as Add-on. There's no BBM icon for me to run it. Application menu shows its installed but it's not running in background as before. No way to run it. Now I have to remove and put the older BBM back on.

Yeah man sorry about that...and it works on my bold 9700 OS 6 perfectly but i tried it on a bold 9700 OS 5 and it did NOT work..which kinda sucks but oh well lol...theres no difference btw so you arent missing much

Just finished installing it on my Bold 9780...I believe this is for OS 6 devices only, but I'm not too sure!

regarding the differences, I haven't notice anything as yet, & THE CURSOR ISSUE IS STILL THERE!!!! which sucks big time!!! :@

can anyone remember which is the last 5.0.1.xx version of bbm where the cursor was not an issue??

Well I have on my Bold 9780 its the one that came installed on here from T-Mobile & the cursor issue is fixed. Haven't had a problem yet!

Thanks pilot-leo! I was just about to install right when you told me the cursor issue is still there. I don't know how RIM cannot fix that issue, which is very aggravating to users. Guess I won't be downloading this leak!

yeaa!! they make me hate them at times...& regarding this download, i won't advise it!


gonna try & source version

thx! :)

Downloaded it and nothing looks different. The cursor is still missing and no new symbols. It probably fixed some bugs, but I haven't seen anything different yet.

strange.. didnt anyone else get the last week? I got it right from rim on my S2. Just curious cause the article says there hasnt been one in a while.....

So It work on my bold 9700 OS 6. I tried it on the OS 5 bold 9700 and it did NOT! work so It's only for OS 6 people and the Cursor problem is still there and it looks the same as every other bbm so people you aren't missing much at all

I downloaded this for my bold 9650 running and for some reason when it rebooted i got a error, and now my sms icon is nowhere to be found? Everything also seems to be running pretty weird. Does anyone have a fix for this??

go to 9650 thread in the forums and jump over to the unnoffial OS release thread. There is a fix for that issue there. Good Luck

Download was fine, except it took a reallyyyyy long time (like 30 min.) Can't seem to find any differences at all from last build - I'm running official OS on my Sprint 9650. ALSO, my main complaint about BBM has been the same since last September when I loaded the first leaked OS 6 version (that's when it started): It's really jumpy and buggy on the first screen that shows chats and contacts. If I don't have any open chats it seems to be nice and smooth and responsive. As soon as I get a couple of chats going, the whole thing gets stupid. Anyone know why this is???

What is this cursor issue that everyone keeps talking about? I have a 9800 running OS with BBM and I have what I consider a cursor in BBM. It's a smal blue box that shows me where I am in the text.

I have repeating messages, does anyone else seem to have that issue also?


PS- I'd def like to see some added smiley faces or even animated smiley faces! now make it happen RIM ha ha

1. Only works on OS6, so OS5, don't even attempt to install this leak.

2. I have not seen any major improvements with this leak. Most likely only bug fixes. The cursor bug has NOT been fixed for leaked OS.

3. For people who are saying they do not have cursor bug, this is because it is a Leaked OS bug. People who are using official OS 6 have been reporting that the cursor bug is non-existent on their BBs.

Funny, I tried to download, and my device says I have allready... :-) I'm running on my 9800.

Just downloaded to a 9700 running OS6 ( in less than 2 minutes. I was running version Rebooting now - seems to be ok no noticeable problems