Leaked: BlackBerry Messenger Version

By Bla1ze on 23 Mar 2010 04:33 pm EDT
Leaked: BlackBerry Messenger

Amidst all the OS leaks going on it seems some folks have found that the Tour OS contained the latest BlackBerry Messenger release. After being extracted and an OTA made, you can now download BlackBerry Messenger Of course, this is to be treated just like any other leaked item in the fact caution is urged when loading it. Be sure to back up your current contacts database.

Source: BBHybrids

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Leaked: BlackBerry Messenger Version


Another one of these leaks that don't work off of wifi! What's the deal that! Haha- I'm hoping some of you out there can get another leak out that will get the wifi issue fixed!

Another one of these leaks that don't work off of wifi! What's the deal that! Haha- I'm hoping some of you out there can get another leak out that will get the wifi issue fixed!

seriously!! i might be being cynical, but thiese arent `leaks` their blatantly `accidentally leaked on purpose` for all to try for feedback, anyways with that said i have seen BB builds on :)

Just follow this website and it will tell you EVERYTHING you need to know - http:// theliaison.wordpress.com /os-instructions/

Ok now i'm excited!! if only i could download it! ugh! keep getting download failed... off to try attempt #20!

Shoutout to MyBBOTA.com for hosting this (note the page address at download)
Just giving credit where it's due :)

The link posted on BBLeaks is just as slow. It's the install process not the server speed. It's 2.8MB.

2.8MB x how many users? Lets just say over 4,000 users have downloaded 1 single leaked OS today. It's pretty much a DDOS on one server, lol.

Something is new or the build number wouldn't be higher... Doesn't necessarily mean you'll see what's new in it! :p Maybe easier on the battery, etc.

Actually, this one does tell us what's "new"... Its added new updates for ZXing (java QRcode business) that's part of the BBM barcode functionality. It say right in the picture in the main post! :)

57 is 2.4mb, this is 2.8mb I was expecting something new for an increase in 0.4mb. Don't really care about it being able to read more barcodes. I already downgraded back to 57

Send location is one of the new options when you are talking to a contact hit menu "send location" Never mind that was old :)

Quit Downloading it people!!! give me a chance to get some bandwidth on this, i've tried like 10 times now, all downloads failed ... i even tried loading it through bbsak after downloading it on my laptop and THAT wont even work ... grrrrrr ....

Ladies and gentlemen, we got em!!!
it finally went through, so now, i got OS .566 for the 9700, bolt 2.0 beta, and BBM .65 to play around with all night! JOY!

When are they going to fix/switch the emoticons???

:| = Straight Face
#:s = Phew

Or am I the only one who has these two switched on BBM?

Ok - to help everyone with the bandwith issues:


download the file.
unzip its contents (its the same JAD file as MyBBOTA)
copy the contents to the SDCard on your device
launch the JAD file from the SDCard
install should take a few seconds.

there are a total of 12 files, including the JAD file.

mines is roughly about 1/3 done i hope it completes im downloading directly on my BB i hear nothing new is coming but minor bug fixes and faster BBM is still better then what it use to be

Hoped that it would fix the status message bug, no luck. Seems identical performance, didnt notice anything new.

Ahh man, I hate this issue, when are they going to fix it and whats weird, I dont see alot of people facing it, hmm ?

The font is A LOT smaller on this leak. Or maybe I should say the format is a lot smaller, because the icons are smaller as well. Only difference I've noticed so far. Hopefully something good/dramatic change soon?

Just for reference it takes longer than 10 minutes to install AND that's the only thing that has changed. So if you can, just wait for an official update (if its worth it).

If all these updates are being released for testing by us. and PTT is coming out shortly and required a software system update, then hopefully that means verizon will finally gear towards releasing the new OS. for 9550 to incorprate the changes.. please please.

ok so I keep getting a pop up asking me if I'm sure I want to replace my current BBM with the new BBM:RIM.....argh!!

Just added to my website so allow more people access to it... i normally have tour 9630 updates posted here are they are leaked to share the wealth.

OTA Link phinx.net/Downloads/Blackberry/Blackberry Messenger.jad

now I'm at about 95% downloaded and have come to a complete stop!!! and this pop up won't go away!!! JEEBUS!

I've only noticed a slight improvement on the performance of bbm...no aesthetic changes or new features as far as I can see.

Do you have to un install and then re install for this update to work? It isnt downloading at all for me.

Is that what everyone else did?

it's in the previous version, but thanks for mentioning it, because I never noticed that option before you brought it up!

3 attempts at downloading...says install successful but that's a damn LIE! no where can I find this stupid BBM and I'm persistent as hell to get this. anyone else having issues? I feel like I'm the only one.

causes Java.lang errors when you click on a link now. Same problem in the twitter app now. Apparently it messed up a shared library.

Restored .57 and the problem persists :-(

I'm hesitant to install a leaked BBM after the whole day of no data due to a bad BBM release (official no less) a few weeks ago. Mine works fine as it is, so I'll be sticking with it. But if I experience any data outages in the next week or so, I'm blaming you all! lol

It shows my text from my bbm contacts in chats. For example my wife sent me a text and it shows up in bbm and has a mobile icon beside it*Update* I was informed this already existed but it never worked on my 8330 running5.0.0.230 so maybe it was afixed glitch because my wife has always been connected with my bb contacts

same here buddy...!
tried all da links/mirrors... and zip...
Megaupload JAD said: "unable to import zip file"...


I'm so tired of RIM and their technology that is soooo stuck in the Dark Ages. I can no longer put up with the phone's constant freezing, the constant battery pulling, the ridiculously slow browser, etc. I'm sick of BlackBerry. Time to move on.
Research In Motion, you have failed us all.

Got while I was trying to make the 907 COD error go away, here is the link for the page:


You'll be able to find both .65 and .66 on there to download via OTA and desktop.

Link credit goes to BBtweeps.

PS - no noticeable differences, probably more background/internal update in BBM if anything, enjoy guys.

I found the following features that might be new, because I don't remember seeing them before:

My Profile -> press BBM key:
Enlarge/Save Display Picture
Add Additional Info

Options -> Miscellaneous:
Save Message History

Its pretty much is the same as .57 bbm. I had some delay in the download process also, but not to the extent some of you guys are having. Lets see if they extract .66 also.

Also don't notice one iota of a difference either...from 57 or 65.

No need to update to either of these folks...not yet

VZW 8330 running OS works fine, runs a bit faster for me, thats about it. I originally got a 907 error when installing it of memoy card but use the ota link and it worked fine. (

my reboot time has doubled ... in 3 runs times are 3:34, 4:20, and 3:08 ... the initial reboot after i installed took well over 5 minutes as well ... hope these times get better. 3:08 isn't bad, but i was worried a bit when it the times went up ...