*UPDATED* Leaked: BlackBerry Messenger

By Bla1ze on 14 Dec 2009 06:11 pm EST
Leaked: BlackBerry Messenger
*UPDATE*- Seems this one might go official. It's showing up on the BlackBerry site
 *UPDATE 2*-Officially released version now available, will be avail. in BlackBerry App World.

Another day, another BlackBerry Messenger leak appears. This time we have now available for download. Remember folks, these are all just maintenance releases if you have a working BlackBerry Messenger now, not any huge changes will come from installing the leaked versions that are showing up.

This one is for OS 4.7 and up like the last one and remember to back up your contacts before installing. If you get errors on the download, try again later or wait for a mirror to show up in the forums or comments.



and the crowd goes wild.


I have tried three times and nothing running 4.7 on Vzw.. Icon missing , tried pulling up thru quicklaunch says program has to be running... Its a no go


2 leaks in one day? Awesome...Downloading as we speak...or should I say type.


Installed not seeing anything different..


OTA link fails for me, "Invalid COD" ?


Works just fine. Rebooted and everything appeared again once I agreed the the EULA. Nice job on the leaks this week!


Both links for me are dead i get errors saying cant unzip the cod


Invalid COD error for me as well.


Come on now....lets get a working OS leak for the Tour now!!


Download was fast everything seems to be working well , don't see anything new , using the Bold 9000 btw


All working well. As they said these are MINOR upgrades


all i wanna know does it show the photo preview madd small or is it finally a normal viewing size?


but you can maximize the preview...at least on my storm 1 i can...


through the bb button or what?


Wake me when it drops for realz, lol.


...a 907 cod error comes with each and
every download.


Are you using Wifi? I was having this issue and I was not aware that you can't have Wifi on. Worked for me at least!


Upgrading now, well downloading via the mirror.

Asks you repeated "do you want to replace this module questions"

is everyone getting that?


I wonder how many people are bothering to upgrade at this point knowing another one will probably be leaked tomorrow. lol


Why does it not say Research In Motion? is this someones hack up version of BBM5? I like leaks but I'll wait for the really thing


this is the same as the official one....


RIM = Research In Motion..... it's ok.lol


research in motion is the company that made the phone you are using....jeez this community gets dumber by the minute



I know that was an honest mistake, but you're not looking so bright right now. =P He said why does it *not* say Research in Motion. And the answer is because the OTA link was put together by someone else from a RIM leak of BBM.


Someone add me to their BBM PIN 24B183F7. I don't think any of my messages are going through and want to test it.


This is now available from RIM. I just downloaded .55 directly through RIM and it worked on my 4.7.1 Tour.


thanks, this leak wasn't working for my tour. nice find


Wow nothing was announced good lookout .. thanks


Now official for the Storm1. Went into the BBM and it prompted me for download.


just download itt..and its fine


This is the same build that shows up for me when I downloaded BBM from mobile.blackberry.com 5 min ago.

Official for Tour.

EDIT: I'm not the first to notice I guess.


Available on App World Bold 9700


Worked fine on my Tour with the hybrid, pics go thru a lot better on this one!!


Worked fine on my Tour with the hybrid, pics go thru a lot better on this one!!


Glad it's working out...

I had the same problem, downloaded from the link posted here, it did not work and the icon disappeared. Went back directly to RIM to see what they had available - and it was .55 - except it downloaded and worked immediately with no problems.


Could the next leaked version be version Just a guess. Lol. They need to release the real sh!t already and give us something new for a change, lately I've been feeling bored. I would love a customizable bbm with different color themes or backgrounds for the chat screen area etc.


rim just released the official .55


This is not a leak. This is a official release. Go to http://blackberry.com/messenger from your BlackBerry. Not yet updated in App World.


Did they fix the photo sending function in this one? In the old BBM you could send pics really easily and could preview them without saving them first...in bbm 5 files sometimes expire when you send them and you have to save it first before you can view...it sucks. I hope they fixed it on this version. Anyone else have this problem with bbm 5??


Did they fix the photo sending function in this one? In the old BBM you could send pics really easily and could preview them without saving them first...in bbm 5 files sometimes expire when you send them and you have to save it first before you can view...it sucks. I hope they fixed it on this version. Anyone else have this problem with bbm 5??


just got a notification from BB App World to upgrade.. you can get it from there


i am only seeing .33 in app world.


I just realized on my wife's Tmo 8900 running 4.6 she has full picture preview.. on my Tmo 9700 running the latest leak.. i get that shitty tiny picture view. any experts out there know why this is?


full preview on bbm5 only works with versions newer than .33, both people have to have it.


that answers my question. lol


Her 8900 and my 9700 have the latest official BBM just released, but my picture view is completely different.


downloaded fine but when i rebooted, i got a bbm error, downgraded and lost bbm and market.. wtf.. trying to fix it now


Lol...so, i downloaded the "Leaked" version posted here to my 8900 running OS 5.0 and it installed fine. Then, just a few mins ago as i'm checking UberTwitter i see the Tweet for the *Updated* BBM Leak. Of course i had to check it out and then i find out it's now OFFICIAL Lol!! No complaints here but i did re-download and install the version from RIM's mobile site just to be safe i guess! Even tho it asked if i wanted to replace version with version lol!

And P.S... Not sure if because this release of BBM is actually only intended for OS 4.7+ but it's still not currently in App World on my 8900


File transfer works great, finally. Good job rim


Just updated, what are some of the changes?


I'm wondering the same thing :\

the brother

Same here kelli, running os on Rogers and so far no issues. Install was very smooth, all open conversations remained in tact! Maybe the post should be updated since the 'offical' might be working on 4.6.x.xxx. Anyways, all good so far. Time to get ma fellow BBM 5.0h'ers to upgrade to .55!!



This one is official. I just received the message from Blackberry App World, and it's installing right now.


download failed: invalid cod??? why is that


No Spell Check in here....!! Damn! I need a update for BBM asap, Or a Downgrade to .33, Even the Built in 'Auto' Spell Check 'as you type' (OS Ver 4.7) is gone, I can't go without spellcheck, this is sick! What a careless mistake from RIM

Any Idea where I can still get the .33 ???


more like, what a careless mistake by YOU. spell_check is present in .55 on all 6 phones i installed it on tonight. might wanna check your phone before you make blanket false statements to people


Yep! Spell Check is gone for me too. BB Tour.


hi i'm running a 8820 blackberry and i'm downloading the new messenger and my blackberry is running os 4.5.139 from t-mobile.... so the new bbm does work with os 4.5.139 from t-mobile...


Yay for Official Release! Its allowing me to download it to my wife's 8230 and my work 8220, and my personal 9530 (I got too many blackberries (Just kidding). The Pearl Flips run 4.6 so it hopefully works without a hitch. :D


Just tried to install on a 8350i. Dropped my memory from 53MB to 40MB, and to top it off, said there was an error in the installation. Will do a battery pull and retry.


It installed fine but what is different about it from .33?


on my storm1 (maybe other blackberries) when in a convo, you can now click the black banner on the top to open contact info. i dont think .33 had this


I will also chime in and mention that I'm running OS 4.6.1 on an 8230 and the download went just fine. I still don't see the updated version in my app world, but from blackberry's site there was no problem. It's running fine!


Going to attempt to download this, I see someone above got this running on their BB running OS I'm verizon Curve on so we shall see...


Got it to download, running fine on my 8330 OS! Haven't noticed any changes either. I sure hope pics go through and receive faster, takes forever!


Got it to download, running fine on my 8330 OS! Haven't noticed any changes either. I sure hope pics go through and receive faster, takes forever!


Got it to download, running fine on my 8330 OS! Haven't noticed any changes either. I sure hope pics go through and receive faster, takes forever!


I just downloaded the 5.0.55 BlackBerry Messenger version and found out there's 11 (eleven) BBM Notification that couldn't get outta my screen..
Did a check..But no new messages..

Wondering what the heck is happening with my Bold? (Running 4.6.301 on Unlocked T-MOBILE Brand)

Did a battery pull but those freakin' notification still dimmed in my screen..




BBM .55 is officially available for download through App World

3.0MB though.



This suck!!!! Spell check is missing!!!! Help I need it anyone have the same problem??? I have Bold 9000


spell check is there...bold 9000 (os


kept getting errors went to Blackberry.com/messanger downloaded it no problems


I saw this was official so I went to the blackberry.com/messenger and clicked as far as to see what version I would get and it was showing the new .55 version.
.....but from reading it sounds as if I need 4.7 OS and my OS is . Seeing that made makes me wonder whats up with that lol :p


@ whoever said "doesn't work on 9000"..of course, it does. I just deleted .54 before going to blackberry.com/messenger and then downloading and installing the new one. Restored the backup via one of my email addresses and there it is!

It also uses slightly less memory


Showed up in app world on my wife's 8330. Installed just fine and now she is running!

The Gift

.54 I found to be a little buggy for me, freezing etc


Ive bee trying to use the "send locaton" feture in bbm and it never works for me. does anyone use it or has ayon eer seen itwork? im using a tour 9630 lemme know at jazzboy1 at optonline.net


Never worked on my Tour, but I've seen it work on my cousin's Bold 9000. Asked him it it still works on his new Bold 9700 and he said it doesn't work any more.


I am new to BB and I am looking for groups to add on my messenger list, where is a good place to find them? Thank you for all assistance


i have had the bb 5.0 messenger for about 2 1/2 months already!!! its dope!!! definitly worth the time downloading it...!!! its crazy because it was actually in my bb appworld waiting for me to download it when i got my phone back in august!!! i didn't even download an app till mid september!!! i wasn't really into the downloading thing!!!! but now i be all over CRACKBERRY.COM going in!!!! good lookin out to my ppl from crackberry!!! KEVIN WADDUP!!!! YALL keep up the great work!!!!




Can someone please tell me what the changes in this verson are?


...that didn't arrive with the built-in 907 COD error. Waytago RIM!


crackberry is slow on news.....


Just snagged this now and rebooting.. from what i read its just a maintenance update. thanks again CB


has anyone else nuked their berry by installing this?


Seems faster if you asked me.


Tried getting the leak, no dice
Then it was officail with no notification, took over 10 minutes to dl and then another 10 plus to install. Then it tells me it didn't work and BBM was gone. 30 minutes later I get an email notification telling me to upgrade.
Clicked the link and it took me to App World. It gave the choice to "RUN" or Upgrade". Chose upgrade, it froze my phone and went to white screen. battery pull, (still no BBM icon.
Clicked the email link again, took me to app world...again. This time I chose "RUN" dl'd and installed in under 2 minutes rebooted and everything is back to normal.

That was very annoying!

At least it working again though.
Also didn't automatically remove me from my groups this time, which it did during the last upgrade.

Also last time I upgraded I lost all the BBM contact pics until I had a conversation with the people, than they showed back up. This time they were all there immediately after the upgrade.


it changed the font on mine.
when i view the main screen, i can see more of the convo now without opening it due to a smaller font size.

i guess thats good? lol
also like someone else said you can click on the black bar to open someones profile.


Did anyone get spell check to work on Tour? installed fine, but no spell check.


My spell check is technically working, if I spell something wrong thats in auto text(example adn it will change to and) but it doesnt give me the dotted line under the other words like it did before(example spelling complicated copmlicated it doesnt change) which is pretty anoying


why is my BB app world still showing .33 and not .55??


where the hell is the spell check on this update??


Must be why I gained a couple of megs free application memory on my Bold 9000.
(AT&T Official OS 4.6.304)


I downloaded it but don't see a difference. Can someone PM me and let me know what it is? Maybe its just bugs idk


It does work on 4.6+, it works perfectly on my bold, so you need to change the information, instead of 4.7+. It is actually 4.6+


Spell check is gone and so is the ability to back up BBM contactst o SIM or eMail





They take way to long to load and install if you actually can! Mine has locked up half the day!Don't put it out unless it works!!!