Leaked: BlackBerry Messenger

By Bla1ze on 11 Dec 2009 10:05 pm EST
Leaked: BlackBerry Messenger
Well, that didn't take long. Just the other day BlackBerry Messenger was leaked to the interwebs and now we have .53 floating around and most importantly .54 is now up for OTA download. Word of caution of course it's NOT official by any means so if you decide to download make sure you at least make a back up first. Also note, only 4.7 + and higher plus the servers are likely being crushed with requests so if you are not able to download it the first time, look in the comments for a mirror of the file or just sit tight till the rush passes. (Thanks for the pic, @Sloth26)

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Leaked: BlackBerry Messenger


Downloaded fine for me also. Don't really notice any differences tho. But hey... An upgrade is an upgrade.

Edit: can any1 confirm if the add caption was in the .52 build when sending files.

Can I download the .jad to my computer and then email it as an attachment to my blackberry email address, then download it on my blackberry? I'm afraid to try before asking if that works...

Why don't you just download it to your blackberry from the native browser? it took a little while but It worked fine for me.

I finally got it downloaded through my browser. It failed a few times and that's why I was wondering...

IF this is a BBM leak for people using OS's 4.7+, then perhaps this should be noted in the OP. Just to keep people who are using OS's lower than 4.7 from downloading and wondering why it's not working. Just sayin!

this .54 is alot smooooother than the .52 really liking the new pic preview in this version (.52 also). did the ota and only had to reset a few options in my groups and lost no contacts >nice

if u using my link, it should work, i dl'ed myself n it worked...

if u downloaded from previous leak, was the vendor a custom?

maybe that's y? my ota has the legit vendor name...

yup, tried all the links. Same thing happened when BBM 5.0 first leaked. Couldn't download it until it was officially available from RIM.

...this exact same thing happened to me. when the phone resetted after the download, it was nowhere to be found on my phone. anywhere. so i just powered the phone all the way off, pulled the battery then put it back in, phone resetted again and still nothing. guess i'll just wait for the official release...

Perfect download.
Perfect reboot.
Checked my app version and it was!

Looked for the icon and it was nowhere to be found. And I checked every folder. Twice.

Uninstalled it and reloaded from app world back to, and it restored my contacts perfectly.

I guess I'll wait for another leak.

some of the links are getting hammered. You guys need to learn to be patient and WAIT for stuff to calm down before going off the deep end about leaks.

Drift.....OTA download worked great for me.

I understand, not a newb....Fact is, there are plenty of users saying they had no issues, whereas I'm yet to hear a successful storm 2 story. Just a thought, not flaming.

I'm having the same issue as itszmelyy. Download went just fine, but now I cannot find the icon on the device anywhere..... How do I find now?...

The main improvement that I loved is picture preview before accepting is way bigger than .52 and transfer seems a bit faster. Good job RIM keep it coming!

After installing and rebooting I got the following:

Uncaught exception: net_rim_bb_phone_app (58) is not responding; process terminated

I clicked the OK button below it.

I was prompt to download it. I didn't request it. It took me a couple of trys and it works. I like the screen layout better and the remote backup too. I have a tour and only had it a week so getting use to these things.

On my 9630 Tour--Had to do a reboot to be able to start sending msgs.. Layout seems the same, no major changes that I can see. Receiving pics...now you have the option of preview, accept, or cancel, and when you preview the pic is waaaaaay too small to see and when u zoom in, it blurs out.. over all seems stable.. we'll let you know of anymore findings.

just like spiltmilk00 & itszmelyy - downloaded just fine to my VZW Tour 9630. Bu-ut - - now can't find it anywhere on the device, though it is listed in the applications list..... Anyone?... Anyone?...

how come every time i download this bbm disappears from my phone! its in my apps list but not on my home screen or any folders...

For the ones having problems finding the icon...most likely you will have to completely un-install BBM and re-install it, and make sure that you are on your STOCK theme, then you should get ur icon back. I had the same problem when trying to install the .33 version. Couldnt find the icon in any of my folders and I did a re-install then a re-boot and it was back on my homescreen...hope this helps...if not, I dont know what else it could be.

If you are running a non stock theme try going back to your stock OS theme then look in instant messaging. I bet you'll find it there :-)

no problems here with my 9700. Ask if i wanted to replace the current BBM version, clicked yes and BOOLA !!

I just downloaded it and so far so good. I didnt have any problems with the last leak either. I noticed that my name at the top is larger but I dont know for sure if it was from the update or the theme that I just installed.

thanks for the attempt to help nighthawk34691. Tried all that you suggested & still nothing..... good thing I have a replacement (fix trackball issue - finally) Tour to pick up @ FedEx tomorrow!

the contest is over on dec 24 but why would u randomly ask that here on a bbm blog. come on now, all u have to do is go back a couple of blog pages and look for yourself, ur just as bad as the ppl that keep posting "pick me" for that contest on ever blog CB puts up, now i have had my rant, didn't mean anything bad by it but why can ppl just think about what there doin and do a lil research of their on

OK --- Tour I have and man! this is taking me 2 hours now and I can't find my BBM ICON its gone! Ive tried everything stated prior to this message and NO LUCK! Can anyone work on a fix?
Thank you my crack friends! :)

Running off a Tour using OS Whereas the pre- ".52" version of BBM worked fine for me, that last beta actually killed my radio! No SMS, no BBM, no internet connection... Nothing.

More specifically, trying to transfer a file did this. Plain BBM was fine. Just seemed to "lock everything up" in terms of communicating w/the outside world. Not sure if anyone else had this issue or not, but whether it was sending or receiving the request to move a file (ie- image), lock-up. Not even calls were coming! Took a battery pull/reboot to get things right.

Took me a night to figure this out since the next morning, I noticed BerryWeather had failed to update...which it never did at 1.5.x... (I got no love from 2.x!)

Rebooted, and boom. Emails came pouring in, BW updated and all the things that make me a BB addict went rushing into the digital veins.

I am happy to report that this version (x.54) DOES work as advertised. My download was slow, but the wait was worth it!

What link did you use? can you provide me with some help? i do not have OS But have the 4.7.

Thank you.

Seems nicer, I didn't notice any bif change but somehow it appears a little different on the eyes. Looks better in some way.

Thank you! I will give it a whirl!

PS Also if anyone is using SAFEBOX it wiped it out and if you didnt keep your registration code you are SOL.

I've been trying for the past hr. i think there needs to be a new jad file setup :-s. I'm getting the file not found error.

i got the link working. hey - and to all trying to download the file with your wifi settings on, turn them OFF!! i did, and like magic it worked for me.

Installed OTA on my Bold 9700 - seems to work well so far.

I got plenty of bandwidth, I could make a mirror but how does one actually mirror OTA downloads ?

An OTA consists of many .cod files. Is there a .tgz or .zip of this BBM version that contains the file structure for an OTA ?

Tour on .230 here. Just had it replace my .52 build. Other than 7 "replace this with this?" Prompts had no problems. I don't use the bbm icon but I searched for it and its found in the instant messaging folder.

Installed it via WiFi and didn't bother deleting the old version first. Just had to accept each module, not a big deal. 2.4MB, and I did not have any problems. Running lyricidal's latest Storm2 Hybrid.

I tried every link on here and every one of them started and then gave me the option to replace my previous version .33 and I said yes and then it said 907 invalid cod. What is the problem? I am getting real annoyed with my blackberry and tired of stuff not working all the time.

same... over and over again.. 907 error.

Tried with WiFi. Tried just EDGE (8900). One link, I was able to download, but it just saved it to my SD card. Would rather it self install rather than use something like BBSAK...

Ideas? Can anyone shed some light on this?

... this is for 4.7+ My wife's 8330 Curve was getting that error until I realized that since this leak is for 4.7 and higher...

Not sure if that's the issue for some of you but wanted to bring that up just in case.

I'm getting "Invalid COD 907 cannot import zip file error " at the 75% mark same thing with .52, tried WiFi and EDGE. I'm running OS 5.0.411 on Bold 9000

download still a while but i got it downloaded and up and running seems a lil faster and the icons look a lil smaller from a quick view but who knows. all i care is it didnt delete my bbm wuuu huuuu (homer style) lol

Installing went well. First thing I notice is when ending chat you know have the option (yes or No).
Second thing is, in bbm options there is an 2 extra options (Auto Accept Voice Notes)and (Delete back up files).
If I find more I will post more.

Update: I have compared my Storm1 with Storm2.

In Storm1 in menu options there is Back up/ Restore and Delete. They done away with this in the new bbm and put it in bbm options instead. Like this as less to scroll in menu options.

Update. In the storm1 at the bottom of screen you have 5 icons. I could never get the Contact Profile icon to work, it would scroll down my contacts. This is now fixed on the leaked bbm.

I downloaded this OTA on wifi with 8900 T-Mobile. After around 5-6 "yes/no" are you sure you want to download, it downloaded completely. Looks like RIM is trying to solve the picture downloading problem on BB Messenger most of us are having when someone sends you a picture. I was able to receive photo sent to me after a 2 minute delay. I have been having problems downloading photos sent to me via BB messenger. I see the photo in small form and when I click "accept" the status bar shows up,but never actually downloads picture. This is a problem RIM is currently working on as I am not the only one with this problem. The whole messenger message send and delivered confirmation is inconsistent. Some messages take well up to 2-3 minutes to deliver and some take immediate delivery confirmation. Texting now and they are being sent fast and on time as they should, however, 5-10 minutes from now, we may be back to delayed delivery. i will continue to use and monitor the rest of the day, however I may downgrade back to

For those of us not able to d/l this, keep getting 907 error....Are you running a hybrid OS? I am running OOAK's latest on my 9550. I can't think of any other reason why I get about 80% finish, then "download failed" pops up. I've been trying for a day now!

Just downloaded to my Storm 2 with no problems at all. Haven't really noticed anything new yet, we'll see how it goes!

Since the message went out that the leaked is going to stop working on 12/15, do you think an official release might be tied in with that?

I see 105 posts up and mostly is about link to download, unable to download, and I have no problem download. My question is what did they improve? is it worth to upgrade not just for the sake of upgrade.
Would wonderful if someone can share some info regarding what has actually changed in this new leaked version.

Thank you,

So I've been trying to install for a very long time and kept getting the '907' error. After each attempt I was sure to clear the browser cache.
My browser was set to hotspot browser by default, as I was trying to do this via wifi. I then switched the browser to 'internet browser' and tried over 3g and it worked!!
For those having trouble try this out. Hope this helps!

I've downloaded it 5 times and rebooted it everytime and I can not see the icon. Any suggestions? Running v4.7.1.57

if you can't find the icon it may be a hidden icon so just unhide it by selecting show all using the menu key.
I personally had no problems with OTA download and everything works great

Downloaded it a while ago and so far, everything is working great. :) And yeah, what @StormOG said. Anyone know what's new or w/e with this one?

I've had it on my Storm 2 for several hours now, everything seems to be working fine but I'm not sure what's changed? So for everyone who is still trying to download it, if you can't get it to download, it doesn't seem like your missing much!

I just downloaded and installed!! It was kind of annoying that i had to keep hitting 'YES' every time it was replacing the modules...had to do it like 7 or 8 times i think! But other than that, everything installed successfully!!

I have BB Curve 8900 running OS

ok i have the storm 9550
every link i have tried has destroyed my present bbm
so i have to redownload a bbm a real pain, i give up
and will wait for the official release.

I added it to my QuickLaunch. It brings up the TOS screen, follow instructions to recover contacts hit save and there she was right on the home screen.....Cha Ching

Downloaded the application but no icon in the IM folder. Is this for 0S 5.0? I am running OS 4.7. I may have to wait for the official release.

Sorry, I just cannot say good things about this leaked version! I have downloaded this version and used for a full day and it is just glitchy as all hell and I am down grading to the previous version! Shame on the person who posted this garbage and Crackberry for letting this post through without testing. Come on guys, have some dignity and stop posting garbage, try it yourselves before you launch garbage on us!Fuk you for telling us to test and report back on our findings we will just start up our own blog then, fair enough?

Should have known it was this cat! Bla1ze has been posting garbage since I have been a member. Get rid of this guy already!

It has to be the WiFi... I turned it off like a previous posts had stated... the download does go slow but I was able to complete it finally..


So, I downloaded On my Sprint Tour(which is slow as hell) I hate the Tour! gonna take it to the store today.

Anyway.. I downloaded the leaked BBM and it never appeared anywhere on my phone. I checked in every folder, hidden files, etc. I had to come back to I had to uninstall the .54 and reinstall .33.
Alas, when I checked the DOWNLOADS folder, .33 was right there and it displayed: BlackBerry Messenger(Archived)?? What does that mean? WHERE ARE THE ARCHIVES? THIS WAS CERTAINLY NEVER THERE WHEN I HAD .54

Anyway, I had to then go to App world and download .33 again, since it was Archived...

Does anyone know about this?


dude, not only is app world still not ready for prime time but neither is the 'offical' BBM that RIM pushed out to us a couple of months ago. let's face it there are aome really frrrrreaky things goin on - and it's not only a compatibility issue! 4.6 (which we faithfully rocked forover) was stable sh!t. i get messages all the time, the red blinker is on but the message will come in 5 mins later. anything 5.oh is anything but an INSTANT messenger.

Dear RIM: the crackberry nation begs you to please work on a stable product, k?

piece (i'm on an 8900 on Rogers, offish o/s with mess in case y'alls intrested) from Canada, eh

I have the 9630 Tour. I just upgraded the new OS that was released from RIM. Will this work in my blackberry? I don't want it to crash the phone.

I had .52 then .54 and the only difference I noticed is the bigger file size of the .54 leak. I moved back to .52. If there are any improvements that I didn't see please let me know.

I got it to download. But I had the same issues of others where I couldn't find it anywhere. Default theme didn't show it. Show all was marked. So I downgraded to .33. No big change anyways!