Leaked: BlackBerry Messenger for OS 5.0!

By Adam Zeis on 8 Dec 2009 11:40 am EST

It appears as if BlackBerry Messenger is included with the latest Bold 9700 leaked OS, and BBHybrids has posted an OTA link so everyone can get in on the fun. Rumors all over on what is new/different in this version (dive into our forums for lots of threads on it), but if you want to give it a go you should be able to install it on any device running OS 5.0. We're not sure how long the link will stay working, but you can give it a shot and keep your eyes out for any download mirrors that will likely pop up. Be sure to leave a comment and let us know your findings.

* Disclaimer: Same standard disclaimer as all OS leaks apply. Install at own risk. *

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Leaked: BlackBerry Messenger for OS 5.0!


if u dl the BBM after u delete the one u have on ur BB originally the DL time is like 2 minutes.

this is one popular download!!! To those having difficulty, please be patient as the number of people attempting to download is staggering.

It's worth the update. Much improved over 5.0.33!

Thanks BBHYBRIDS.net!

New Icon
File Transfer gives option to preview before download
Group Chat is smoother
Option to auto accept voicenotes
Overall Faster


yea mine took forever and it kept asking if i was sure throughout the download but its rebooting now...hope all is well and some changes have been made

They left out all other OS (phone software) therfore no it doesn't work with the Garbage RIM has left to most of us people with coverage (CDMA)

Yeah, i got 'download failed' too and I clicked on details. A message said "907 Invalid COD HTTP Error 504: Gateway Timeout"

Just checked my current version of BBM before this update and it also has voice notes option. Just to point out that seems to not be a new feature.

I am going to wait to see what's new about this before I try it on my 9700. If anyone sees a major difference, please post.

Hey CrackBerry Nation I know how great leaks like these are but keep in mind the pressures they can put on the BlackBerry servers. When the first BBM 5.0 leak came out everyone was jumping on it and it caused major issues to the BBM efficiency. Trust me I like new stuff as much as the rest, but this is not a Vendor by Research In Motion product and should not be downloaded. There will most likely be an official update to BBM soon since there are new enhancements happening on the backend.

Just be patient.

what are you even talking about, the inefficiencies were caused by RIM not having their servers ready for bbm 5, but that issue is over with now, it's all upgraded. it's not vendor by RIM because it's hosted separately by people here, it's included from the newest 9700 build, so you're pretty much completely wrong with everything you said


You might want to get your facts straight. The inefficiencies are caused by leaked (not official) products getting out to the public. RIM does not have to support these because they are not official. READ ALL LEAKED DISCLAIMERS! If they have an official product released to the public and it has issues then that's another story. Also, the 9700 .415 is once again a "leaked" unofficial version, not supported by RIM unless it and all the contents of the OS (including BBM is officially released!

It's disappointing to see people blame RIM for what others are leaking out to the public. If RIM hasn't made it official you can't expect them to by ready!

I enjoy leaks as well as others but it bothers me when people complain that RIM needs to do this or that! We are lucky to even get leaks of products and os's. Some devices are not getting the love (Tour) but that doesn't mean that it will not come. There is a leaked version for the Tour but people want more. That's cool and to degree I will agree with those people especially with all the love the 9700 is getting. But the 9700 is a GSM (international) device, where the Tours are CDMA. GSM devices are easier to build software for, so you will always see more for them. I am still waiting for a leak for the 9550, but all i can is wait.

Why does RIM have to like that crap... I get download failed everytime. And I was still running the 4.7 messenger b/c the 33 was so awful..now I lost that during the failed download process. How could RIM have released something as SUCKY as .33 anyway? Gah!! Drives me crazy...someone get a new link please!!!!!! FAST!!!!!!!!

Whats new about this version? I've been running .33 on OS with no problems.

I guess I will wait for the official...OH...THATS RIGHT....I own a Tour which means I no longer exist to RIM...sorry almost lost my mind for a second.

Tried a few times without deleting .33, deleted .33 and kept getting the same message that everyone else is getting. Reinstalling .33 right now

* Note, disregard I have bbm 5.0.33 still.

Ok, since I don't know anyone else with a 9700 who downloaded 415, if someone could send me a picture through bbm to see if it works. I will send one back. Please keep it clean. pin:2147f0c2

The first post mentions a new icon...is anyone else seeing this? I have the same icon that I had with

Plenty of us are running operating systems that weren't officially released by RIM, you think those same people are worried about one program? /chuckle...

Excellent build...:) No delays and also has Auto Accept Voice Notes as well (was told it was in .33 but didn't have that one).

Plenty of us are running operating systems that weren't officially released by RIM, you think those same people are worried about one program? /chuckle...

So true.. Loaded and it works fine

i downloaded the successfully, but i cant find it on my tour, i tried the shortcut "N" and i could see BlackBerry Messenger in my application. Cant find the icon anywhere

my bbm icon disappeared after downloading.. even if i go to applications, it says i still have it installed on my phone. sucks. now my bbm is gone..

Not one of the these links have worked for me... either a "uable to import zip" error before the download ends or a "download failed" error as teh download completes.

Great build! When sending pictures to a BBM contact, it no longer brings up spell check first. Fast performing (coming from .33), smooth setup, loaded via BBSAK on 9000 running .238

So after about an hour of trying over and over to get the OTA download to get passed 50%, I finally have it. So to those that still haven't had any luck, keep at it. You'll get it eventually. From first glance, the only difference I notice is the font change of my contact's status. I haven't had a chance to play with it yet but I'll get to it after I get off work.

i noticed that the text of the on-going convos under the chat section got much smaller...anyone notice this, can it be changed?

i have to admit i'm getting a bit annoyed...i keep getting 907 invalid COD no matter what link i go to, no matter how many times i try to install...anyone else getting this message???

I finally got it downloaded and there definitely isn't a new icon. The preview text is smaller which isn't so great but its still 5.0 so I guess I didn't lose THAT much

I have been trying for over an hour now with multiple links and every time i get to about 80% and then get the 907 error ... any help???

It's weird cuz the LCD lights up, albeit with a black color and the keyboard lights up. My phone stayed like that for a good 5 mins before it became usable. I reloaded it a 2nd time thinking something went wrong the first time, but 2nd time did the same thing.

Anyone else getting a black screen for a good 5 minutes after BBM .52 is loaded??