Leaked BlackBerry Link v1.2 for Windows

By Bla1ze on 12 Sep 2013 08:14 pm EDT

We've already got a close look at BlackBerry Link 1.2 in some screenshots earlier but as of now the update hasn't started to roll out of Waterloo for whatever reason. No matter though, if you're on Windows based computer and want to give it a go, you can now grab the leaked version. Sorry Mac users, you're in the dark here.

Overall, you'll see some visual improvements to the app as well, faster and more reliable back-ups, better synch offerings and more options for when it comes to restoring your device. Additionally, there is also fixes for remote access and logging in via your BlackBerry ID.

Like all leaks, you're downloading this one at your own risk. There is no promise here that all things will work as expected and really, you'll want to use caution when using it. If for whatever reason you find this version isn't working the best for you then it is suggested you revert to the official release.

Download the leaked BlackBerry Link 1.2

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Leaked BlackBerry Link v1.2 for Windows


I dunno using link almost on a daily basis I would hold my breath. Not gonna install this I wanna see if others run into troubles first.

It would be nice if the add sycn for outlook notes and tasks. I can't believe it's not there yet. They should have launched with at least all the features of The Desktop Manager.

Posted via CB10

What os are you using that won't login to BBID? I'm using windows 8.

.1 to be exact.

Posted from my Z10STL100-1/ on CB10

Thanks for this, though I use Link sparingly enough that I can wait for the official update to drop.

Posted via CB10 on my white Z10 & lovin' it!

I want to be able to queue music and browse while playing.

Scrolling song names would be nice too.

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Maybe because you're running 8.1 on your system. I still get the BSOD when plugged into USB3 & still disconnects/reconnects with USB2....bah

I get that error on 4 different PC's for 4 different hardware drivers.

That's a m$ issue being wrapped as a bbry issue.

They are choosing to block perfectly fine function calls in drivers because they decided to change a security model without caring about existing code banks.

Posted via CB from my LE

I hope it will open. I haven't been able to use it in months, as soon as it starts open I get a crash and error report. All this despite uninstalling and downloading again.

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WTF is with these leaks??????? Why cant BB just release the f-ing product? Who is in charge of the software development? They need to get their ass in gear!!

Calm down. There's no need to be this dramatic. You have an overblown sense of entitlement. Don't forget they moved an update to link relatively recently. Perhaps this update will be officially released with 10.2.

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Im not being dramatic. When there is a software problem they should release a fix WITH change log. Blackberry might be #3 or even #4 by now but it doesnt mean they are exactly small. They have MILLIONS of users who use their software daily AND they are getting paid to write code. Meanwhile see all these freeware apps out there with constant updates and change logs? You might be a blackberry fan just like me but you are just as lost as they are.

You should go work for blackberry clearly your coding skills and ability to execute fixes faster than everyone else would greatly help the company. Or switch to android and we'll all enjoy your head exploding on the insane amount of time it takes them to push an update.

I have been waiting for this. Now that I can do proper 10.2 backups, maybe now I will install a 10.2 leak on my Q10 :)

This software is so difficult to use. BB wants to be unique but they just do it wrong. Lets see if backup and restore works fine at least.!!!

Quick tips: Run as administrator and don't have your device plugged in while installing.

Posted from my Red Zed

I back my phone up and sync it A LOT so having a faster back up and sync and restore would really benefit me. I will download it on the morning and see if I come across any problems :).

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A leaked version of something I used to restore and back-up "My Precious"?? I'll pass on this for now and wait for the real deal ;)

Doesn't sync worth crap.... tried a one way to computer and it did the exact opposite... so both options actually sync to BB... what a mess now with contacts...

Is selective backup and restore included in this? Can't believe they excluded that from the initial release.

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Doesn't let me backup idk, it getting stuck on "preparing for back up" for a long time even after i restart the application smh..

Overview & Details is blank and the back up gets stuck on the preparing stage :(. Back to the official :(.

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Thanks, Bla1ze! So many goodies for CrackBerry Nation members over the last couple weeks. Cheers for that!

I'm hoping they release it officially soon. The UI looks neater. But more importantly, I'm looking forward to faster back ups and syncs!

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Installed the leaked...useless crap. It doesnt have any way to register BB ID. Clicking the "settings" doesn't do anything. Remote Files Access doesnt show anything too. Though i like the interface... kinda neat.

Z10 STL100-2

I just want bbLink to work period. Have never been able to backup or sync my device....keeps telling me of a connection error.
I think I'll try this leak. Can't be any worse then what I have now :/

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Give us a functional BlackBerry Protect as this really blows. No selective backup or restore. Doesn't sync... etc...

BlackBerry Since 2006. Z10 Rogers, Halifax NS

Oh my god, a BlackBerry Link leak? I'd have to be out of my mind to install that on my computer. BlackBerry programming is abysmal, I can't even imagine what a leaked PC application would do to my computer. On a phone is one thing, you can wipe and restore. On my PC? I'd have to be certifiable to even consider that.

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Amen to that! The "official" Link took my PC down for 3 days while i struggled to figure out what it did to my system. Very Long Story Short: Link installer popped open a command prompt mid-install and deleted my ntfs sys win32 file rendering my pc unbootable. Be wary of this software, extremely wary!

Anybody else finding this a huge pain to install? It keeps giving me errors even with a full review uninstall of the old software. BlackBerry Link sucks...

CB10- BlackBerry Z10 -

I did a revo uninstall of the old BB Link software gave me a few errors trying to open it up but the third time was a charm. Haven't tried a backup yet. UI seems better anyways.

I downloaded fine and tried installing on a win7(64 bit) os but keep getting error messages while installing so ended up cancelling it! I have no issues with previous build so won't bother with leak until it becomes official

Q10 10.2.210

Lol enough has been said... I will wait.

I would drown a slow death in leak + leak problems.

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I can't sync my music to bb link with the current official version. I don't think that I am going to try the leaked version, unless everyrhing works with it

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downloaded,installed, sync actually just synced the latest photos I took instead of syncing and re-syncing double of everything like before, at one point I had 12 copies of pics because of sync! back up went fast, I haven't tried restore yet

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Amazingly BlackBerry has found a way to make iTunes look like a fast and flawless program...Link is without a doubt the worst program I have installed on my PC..

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Works great for me. Running windows 8. I had a problem during installation my BlackBerry Z10 was plugged in. Removed and re installed and works.

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I miss the ability for a proper two way sync between my phone and Outlook. I think the current link only lets me sync one way, or at least when there's a conflict to resolve it can only be done one way. Either way it's half-baked and doesn't work properly.

Better release it soon. Link is the biggest piece of crap software I have ever used. It constantly crashes on windows 8 and won't even launch now.

Great software!

I don't know which type of windows it is, but my Windows 8 pro has never had a recent problem with the official BlackBerry link, 2 versions ago it may crash my system but then again windows 8 isn't perfect either.

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Don't care. Removing link, never to return to my machine. Worst piece of software ever written. Not fit for purpose. Never worked in any way, shape or form.

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Error 1920. Service BlackBerry Link Communication Manager (RIM Tunnel Service) failed to start. Verify that you have sufficient privileges to start system service.

Installation is rolling back!!!
Win8 64 bit

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Same here. I had issues with Link before the upgrade, and I imagine you guys did too. Tonight I'm going to uninstall and reinstall rather than upgrade. Whatever is currently installed is borked, so best to start off somewhat cleaner and hope the latest doesn't repeat the usb issues and crashing.

Remember guys, it's a beta.. It wasn't going to be perfect. Bla1ze released it for us to TRY. If it worked flawlessly then BONUS!

And the current official build does it's job for me. Slow as hell... But I'd of lost all my stuff each time I put a new leak on my phone but at least it's functional! :).

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I hope someday they will fix the windows 8 watchdog bug... when I plug in my z10 and work with other programs. windows 8 will get down with an watchdog error bluescreen...
I know windows 8 is bulls hit, but there is no BlackBerry Link for Debian Linux ;)

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BlackBerry leaks coming out the ying- yang. I just installed my first ever leak with 10.2 and as straightforward as it was it was pretty nerve-wracking for me so I think I will opt out of this one, I've had no issues with the current Link version. I don't know if I missed it but can someone tell me or direct me to where leaks are explained? How do Leaks work? Who leaks them from BlackBerry and why do we have access to these OS upgrades far in advance of the official launch?

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Shit...It does not work!
Error 1920. Service Blackberry Link Communication Manager (RIM Tunnel Service) failed to start. Verify that you have sufficient privileges to start system services.

So far so good. Removed previous version manually then installed this build.

Signed into BBID no problem, backup ran with no problem, sync worked without issue.

Haven't tried remote access yet...

Need to try it on my laptop via a USB2 port to see if I get a BSOD.

Oh yeah - looks nice too!

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Has anyone found a solution for the Error 1920 issue? I'm getting that on my 64-bit Windows 7. I'm trying Run As Administrator now, but I'm not very hopeful.

Update - It seems to have installed successfully now.

I like it fine... the new UX is more sensible to me (separating the handhelds from the computer itself in the left column) but there is a design error: controls that aren't relevant if you're not signed into the app with your BlackBerry ID are completely disappeared from the UI: there is no prompt to say "to access your Remote File Access settings, Sign In first." Last time I used my Link 1.1, I had it set to auto sign in so when I installed Link 1.2 and was looking for settings etc. everything just wasn't present, but then I noticed "Sign In" on the menu: after signing in, all was well, but it did have me puzzled for a bit (dare I say like BB10 might be for BBOS users? :-( )

Always a leak....I'm closing in on a year of a two year contract on my phone...does that mean I will only get to enjoy the full BB10 potential for about 6 months (once the carrier decides to release the official version)??? Pathetic. Same with 10.2 . These so called leaks are just a way to get some users to act as unofficial testers???

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Nothing to do with liking or disliking leaks, got to do with releasing good software first time round, then make it pretty and all that within the time one has the phone for.

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Won't install. Getting an error of possibly needing to have permission to run. (1920 error)

Bad Download? or is this possible? The download file is 159 MB. The last 1.1 was 179 MB

Thanks bud. Same error, but using Windows 8.

Running as Admin was my next test.

Does the old 1.1 need to be uninstalled first?

Edit: Installed as Administrator and all working.

On install got "Error 1920". Rolled itself back, but then had no BBLink anywhere to be found. Rebooted (W7) reloaded 1.2 and it installed successfully...BB ID and all. However, according to my Z10 now I no longer have permission to access my computer remotely...it's "unavailable". Ok, took the hint and opened BBLink as administrator...and now I can't sign in to BB ID. It doesn't know me (or want to get to know me) at all as administrator. I'm blocked either way I go. Maybe I could start over and run the exe file as administrator...? We'll see.

Installed and working fine, logged int bbid, did a backup and a restore in under 30 mins(4 hours beforehand) faster ui, faster sync. ran installer in admin mode win8 64 bit.

Are you able to see your pc files remotely...? Or does it tell you that you that "you don't have permission to access this folder"? Even installing the executable file as administrator won't give me permission to see my pc files remotely. Not ready for prime time.

This leak doesn't make it on my Windows 8 laptop. It doesn't allow access to BlackBerry ID, and hide the Y and Z drives created by BlackBerry Device Manager. Loading takes longer than 1.1 and backup took about the same time. Management of pictures and videos is improved, and UI is neater. I uninstalled and went back to 1.1.

This will still suck if it does not work with MS office, especially outlook like the old BBdesk top did and the sync can be done local on your own computer. I am not speaking of out look the email web program former hotmail.

Scared me off! LOL! works great for me with Outlook 2007 desktop client. Think I'll stay with this version and continue with the OS leaks instead--I will say that Link no matter the version has always synced and backed up correctly for me but I know many people have had nothing but issues with it, so I hear ya! Maybe they'll get the picture and go back to a hybrid BBDM (there's a thought BerryTeam!) for BB10.

Hello, This is my experience, not necessarily yours. Storage drives, device and sd card do not show up in My Computer. Sync to windows contacts, only synced 66 of 870 ( one way only, to computer). Personally I don't want to sync anything, I want to back up. As far as I'm concerned LINK is next to useless and should be scrapped not redesigned. Uninstalled.

since moving from BBDesktop to BBLink and it's ben problems all the way, not even this beta leak is doing any better than the official release.
I really miss how excellent BBDesktop was and still is, it never cared what OS it's running in XP, Vista, 7 and even OSX.
even my AntiVirus agrees with me on that, thank god that BB10 and Z10 is too awesome to notice that BBLink failed me in all categories.
thank you for the download link. cheers!

I too haven't had any problems with link, my only gripe is the poor restore/backup functionality. Hopefully, they bring the Mac version up to par with this as I use Link on my Mac.

Does not work at all for me. All backups fail. Will not uninstall, either, so I can't reinstall 1.1. A total disaster, as I now have no Link installation.

The problem is due to things being junk:
1) people who have SSD's with outdated firmware for Win8 need to update their drives. If your SSD doesn't find an upgrade, go to #2.
2) people with Win8 need to update to Win8.1. It solves the watchdog violation which causes the BSOD junk.