Leaked: BlackBerry Desktop Manager Software 5.0

BlackBerry Desktop Manager Software 5.0
By Kevin Michaluk on 11 Apr 2009 02:22 pm EDT

With BlackBerry 5.0 device software for the BlackBerry Bold and BlackBerry Curve 8900 leaking onto the interwebs this week, it only makes sense that Destop Manager 5.0 software would follow suit. Big thanks goes out to sliderz once again for sending us in the link.

I'm not sure how close this software is to being in final form considering it hasn't been officially released by RIM, but it looks to be the same as in the Desktop Manager 5.0 preview we brought you a couple weeks back. After unzipping the file and installing on my PC, the software seems to be working fine and loaded up onto my Curve 8900 without issue. But as usual with this kind of thing, ** Install and Use at Own Risk **

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now if only a storm 5.0 leak would accompany this =) or a leak that makes the phone as fast as the Bold or Niagara in the video below


It will come soon...

Just a matter of time...


the storm sucks, move on.


So no point for my storm to get the 5.0 love. Damn!!!


I don't use media manager as often as I can, having "verizon and rapsody" useless for myself (I don't use either.


Maybe this is the reason why we storm users are being denied a good OS...how cool would it be if the next leak or official OS was 5.0. One can only hope.


one can only hope and dream...haha...im a chicago cubs fan so im use to dreaming with no result


Thanks for posting the news!


Has anyone found any bugs? will it be able to load the media manager now?


Does anyone have any feedback or comments on the changes or improvements in this newer, unofficial version?


if i install this would there be any issues with apps? for instance beejive 1.1.2?


just curious and might be a little off topic but will there be a plazmic 5.0 now and does anyone else here think that they should also offer themes in the app store??


Are there any differences between 5.0 and 4.7? From what I've heard, 5.0 is just a more storm-like experience for the trackball devices. Is it possible that one of the current 4.7 OSes will just be relabeled 5.0 when it's released?


I have just upgraded from DM 4.6 to 5.0.... I am using Bold running .247 OS. Everything is exactly the same as DM 4.6 but... synch seems to work faster... I synch with Outlook 2007, Calendar, Contacts, Notes and Tasks.
I tried making a backup of my device... no problem.

So... I´ll stick with DM 5.. and wait a bit longer before upgrading my Bold´s OS to 5.0.

I really expected a major change in the interphase.. but no.. In this aspect a miss my former days as a Windows Mobile user using Microsoft´s ActiveSync. DM still needs a lot of work to really synch. automaticallt every time a change happens either in Outlook or in the device.


"For those that DOWNLOAD and Install this BBDM 5.0" Is this version is the one with Media Manager or without?


This version includes Media Manager.


Seeming this version is the one that includes Media Manager, QUESTION: when you install it can't you choose either to install it as well or can you uncheck the part where it say do not install Media Manger?


Might RIM possibly follow this release with Desktop Manager 5.0 for the Macintosh?


Now we need OS 5.0 for my 8330!


BTW does anyone know when DM and OS 5.0 will be officially released?


With all the Storm and Bold news and stuff, what about us Curve 83xx series users? Where's our device updates? The only reason I haven't upgraded cause the Storm sucks and it's only on Verizon. When BB decides to make a Storm version with a slide out keyboard for Tmo, then I'm in. The virtual keyboards suck and you make too many mistakes typing. Not to mention it takes up valuable screen space.


the only change I noticed is SIGNIFICANTLY faster syncing, in my case it went down from 6-8 min to 2 min.

No other improvements/changes noticed

I'm on Bold OS .247