Leaked: BlackBerry Desktop Manager for Mac!!!!!

By Kevin Michaluk on 3 Sep 2009 05:31 am EDT

BlackBerry Desktop Manager for Mac!

Calling all Mac + BlackBerry users... your big day is has come! Sent in by our friend TimBukTwo, BlackBerry Desktop Manager for Mac users has leaked its way onto the interwebs for all to download. This is version 1.0.0 beta software, which means there may be some glitches still, but if you're a Mac owner and have been waiting years for this then you may just want to throw caution out the door and give it a go (do so at your own risk of course!). I installed it on my Mac alllll good. If you're not familiar with BBDM for Mac, you can visit blackberry.com/mac for more details and you can click the link below to download the unofficial release.

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Leaked: BlackBerry Desktop Manager for Mac!!!!!


people have been waiting on this i personally use PC but to each his own maybe we can get more people to come over to the crackberry nation this way hehe it's a start

The Muscle Couple just bought a brand new Macbook Pro 15' last week and it's an amazing device.

With the release of this software me may be able to officially move to "ONE SYSTEM" for everything now!

Let's hope the Beta/Bootleg OS Community will also create Hybrids to install with Mac OS's as well?

Any way to unofficially update phone with this....?? Would be awesome... although I remember reading a while back that this program in particular blocked unofficial releases.... hmmmm

On my BB8900, I'm getting always the same error message "A sync error occurred". The bacukp, instead, is fine. Any other similar issue?

SAME HERE! frustrating!
I bet it clash with one of the syncing app but I uninstalled missing sync and pocket mac before I install DM

any solution yet?

it looks for Entourage notes!!! While I just want to sync the adress book
04/09/09 08:37:44 [0x0-0x25025].com.rim.blackberrydesktopmanager[241] failed to register client because: client named com.rim.blackberrydesktopmanager.Contacts.551424884 wants to sync unrecognized entity named: com.microsoft.entourage.notes.Note

If I open entourage I got no sync error and it sync with adress book.
I didn't check if everything is correct.

Great Find!

where do u see that log files?
I got it to work but got so many duplicates.. it syncs, but at the end still got errors..

I wanna know where it is now.

Run Console.app in Application/Utilities/
This is where most of the logs play...
I had same duplicates too but since I'm using GoogleSync I will give another try later without Google and with the final release.

I had the same error. I posted a fix at the bottom of the forum, I'll post it here too, just in case you don't see it.

If any of you got the 'error while syncing', 'please try again' (paraphrased), I can only assume it's as frustrating as it was for me. I discovered this leak just now and was amazed that the program could function so quickly and well and still not work. I nearly sent my BB back to Orange and switched to iPhone just so it would work. PocketMac and MissingSync were useless…

So on to the fix for that error.

Locate Blackberry Desktop Manager on your drive.
CTRL+click and select 'Show Package Contents'
Locate 'Contents/Resources/ClientDescriptionWithEntourage.plist'
Make a backup (just in case) by duplicating and renaming.
Open the original in plist editor or TextEdit
Locate the key

and delete it (select then delete in plist editor or select the key com.microsoft.entourage.notes.Note AND the array… below it)

Save, and reopen Blackberry Desktop Manager and voilà! It should work fine (mine did).

Good luck... maybe this will be present in the final release.


Too bad I'm at work. I installed it at home, yay remote connection, but it requires a reboot and it wont re-initiate my connection (lid is closed. Using InsomniaX in Snow Leopard).

I haven't had any time with snow leopard yet probably not for a few weeks, but I thought it had wake via wifi enabled or is it not enabled right now?

My Tour is the first smartphone I've ever had, and there's a lot to learn. Thanks, Crackberry, for all the information you provide.

It's certainly a good thing Mac users get to use DM to meet their needs; I'm happy for them.

My operating system of choice is Linux; it allows me to accomplish everything I need in a pretty safe environment and with great ease. There is no DM for Linux, though, and that's pretty sad.

I'm using Google sync to take care of contacts and calendar needs, and this has been quite an easy task. Filling the mini-SD card with music and pictures has been easy enough by connecting the BB to my Linux box and doing the drag-and-drop routine.

My questions are: do you know if there's going to be a DM for Linux? Is DM necessary to upgrade to a new OS when it becomes available, or can that be done over the phone? Thanks.

Unfortunatly, no. People have been clamouring for years for a Mac version, and they are only just about to release it now.

Linux may never come or be 5 years down the line.

Although it´s not a german version it works great with Snow Leopard and my storm.
Now the Missing Sync time is over!!!!
After the first sync I got my adresses doupled, but after filtering my adressbook and a sync with replacing the names on the strom everything is alright!!

Did not test the iTunes integration but therefor it´s beta - RESPECT!


installed and runs fine, but won't detect my storm 9530. stuck on the screen that says to begin, connect your device to your mac using the supplied usb cable.

Missing sync detects it fine, running snow leopard in 64 bit mode, so i guess i should try 32 bit

welcome to the world of DM. u want to know how to get it detected? WAIT! that's right have some patience because on the windows version you may have to wait up to 5 min before it's "connected"

seriously? i mean i assumed it just wasn't detecting it, in the windows version it at least has some visual feedback to show you something's happening, this one just says connect the cable! ill give it a shot though

... but this is great news.

One thing that worries me if DM will support Bluetooth sync as well?

FINALLY...Christmas is here!! I have been waiting for this for years and even though its the bare minimal as far as options is still better than pocketmac (IMO)

Works great. Only thing is when I try to copy movies over to my SD card (only major thing i've tried; rolling back the OS seemed to work) it keeps ejecting my devices and then immediatley reconnecting them so I just gave up. Other than that it's slick. Could use some improvement but what couldnt!!!?

Synced with Snow Leopard and my Storm like a champ. It does however say that I need to create a calendar? Hmm.. I need my iCal to sync here

I have been waiting a long time for this! I am pissed because I left my bb cord at home :(....I have to wait until lunch time to try it out...bummer!

What a great site. I love that it's totally geared toward the Bb.

I want one!!! I'm the ONLY one without one and I'm DYING for one! Pick me pick me!!!

Left various items from my BB Storm Calendar off of my iCal Calendar for some reason. Most of the items missing are repetitive events either weekly and/or monthly.

Other then that very happy I can finally backup my device!

So i just d/l this application. It loaded up fine. Then when i connected my BB bold it asked me for my device PW. I entered every PW that i have ever had on my phone as well as on my macbook and it still wont let me in... anyone else having a similar issue? I am now on attempt 7/10 and dont really want to get locked out of this. ;) is there some general PW like 0000 or 1234 that i am not aware of on this?


Thank you BlackBerry. I've been waiting for this! I can finally start using my BB to its full potential.

It won't find my Blackberry (storm) when i connect it to the USB port.. anyone else having that problem?

Guess I'm going to have to upgrade to Snow Leopard now...and I was just starting to daydream about trashing the old PC...off to the Apple Store!

The program wiped out my calendar on the bberry, device wouldn't allow contacts to "pull" changes (thank god), and couldn't upgrade OS, but I suspect it was trying to load 4.5.0 and I have on my 8330.

Also, upon connecting, the DM wanted me to configure the "network settings" for the device? I didn't understand so "cancelled" it after trying to configure.

I am running Snow Leopard so maybe there are still some bugs.

As excited as I am, I will uninstall and wait for release version. But thanks so much for making this available. Obviously I can't wait!

I am glad I am not the only person who keeps getting the "network settings" dialog. It really bugs me because it seems to keep anything from happening (like it is preventing the BB from connecting to the Mac). Further, it erased a lot of my setting during backup and restore (which I had to do after this Beta erased my Calendar and Address Book).

it doesn't work....

backup device: error
calendar: didn't try it yet
contacts: doewn't work
notes: OK
task: OK
music: doesn't work

I downloaded it, everything seemed fine. After syncing I got double all of my contacts and my calendar was erased. Weird. I'll have to try it again later.

I am very impressed so far. The interface is much cleaner, very easy to use. I've only backed up so far and it was lightning fast. It will be a welcome change, my BB was the only reason why I installed Windows on my Macbook.

Work on Snow Leopard,
Thanks !

Mirror RS : rapidshare.com/files/275167269/BlackBerry_Desktop_Manager_english_language.dmg

well i guess I'm one of the lucky ones, maybe because I'm running snow leopard. I have now successfully done a backup, synced calendars and contacts, removed several unneeded applications, and added music to my tour without issues.

Both backup and sync went faster than they do when i run windows desktop manager through vmware. Not sure if that is due to the mac DM, or slowdown because of using virtualization or what.

Anyone tried connecting to mac DM who installed the 5.0 OSes? I wonder if that causes any problems. Does it try to get you to downgrade to the current official OS?

There's no option to sync podcasts. Can we expect this option to be in a future version?

Other than that, it looks great.

loaded on 10.5.8 fine but I am syncing with a bold with the latest over the air AT&T update. it recognizes the device but deleted all of my contacts and calendar from the bb and then will not sync. It says there is a sync error "try again" and it will not backup.

At least with Snow Leopard. Had an error on initial install. Once I finally got the app removed, I decided to give it another try. Second time led to a successful installation. First thing I wanted to do was sync some tunes. Started off by just putting together a short classical list to sync.....10 tracks and only selected that list. First attempt at sync and it froze. Second attempt took ages to complete for just 10 tracks. When I opened up my media to listen to the tunes, I was greeted with over 200 tracks and none were from the list I created and selected. Two more attempts did much the same thing. Decided to uninstall using their uninstall app. Yep that failed, too. Used App Zapper and spent some time looking for stray files to remove from my Mac. All in all this one is a failure in beta form. Not much went right and no way I'm going to try to add/remove apps using it. I suggest waiting for the official release and even then, I'll let someone else test these waters. Hope the next release will have something....anything that actually works with it.

are we gunna be able to do os updates w/ this version of desktop manager on the mac? i think i remember reading we wouldnt be.

hopefully we can figure out a way around this, maybe an app for macs.

A couple of things I noticed:

A tiny bit of doubling on contact information and calendar events, but nowhere near as much as there was with PocketMac.

One that's a bit more frustrating is that some notes under contact information get erased -- in BOTH directions.

Anyway, MUCH BETTER than PocketMac. It's nice to have a dedicated program. Can't wait for the official release.

tried on 4 different macs here, all running snow leopard, can't get past the 'connect your device screen' guess it doesn't work on snow leopard

Everyone who is complaining about how buggy or how it doesn't work right....you need to chill. It's a leaked version. I'm sure the official version will be a lot better. For now lets just all rejoice that this version was leaked because at least it's something. It's a lot better than having to use my fiance's pc

Look slick. Crackberry is about getting the best out of a blackberry device and yes, that includes trying new programming and even betas/leaks. Trying and giving feedback....FEEDBACK is par for this course. If people stop doing that, this place ceases to exist. Folks are free to provide commentary as they see fit and if you don't like it, tough. Who the heck are you to tell folks to do anything much less "chill"? Get over yourself.

Installed on a Mac running Snow Leopard. Installed without a problem. However when I tried to backup my Blackberry, the backup failed. When I tried to update my software, that process also failed. No reason given. I won't attempt to sync until I have a backup of my Blackberry's data. Anyone out there know why the Desktop Manager is doing this?

Not all of us can get to the radipshare/mega whatever sites. They blocked at work and at home. Torrents and Usenet is everyone's friend.
Sendspace doesn't do anything.

I have the bbdm loaded on my ibook g4 (ppc), but I'm also running leopard. I believe since they've been working on this for so long that they had worked in all processing architextures (ppc or intel).

On my macbook pro 15'', running Snow Leopard, the program says that I have to connect my blackberry, it is already connected but nothing happens.

ok so i downloaded the new software and now im trying to do the updates, for some reason when its trying to backup my profiles its killing the process, anyone have any answers?? i only have the original profiles on the phone......this is on an 8330 as well

i'm afraid we are still so, so far away to have a good, proper 'all it works' DM....

it's too complicated to synch RIM and MAC...
that's the reason RIM never release a native DM since years!

and because pocketmac and missying sync are not safe.... it will not work, even if it will be a RIM DM program.. it will not work like to sync blackberry and windows...
there is something with MAC that RIM DM will always be like pocketmac and missing sync... ; for someone works, for many many won't work... i'm pretty sure i will go back to missing sync


you mean to tell me this will not support 10.4.11 that was in 2007, not everyone upgrades their software every year, i think it was stupid to leave out all the users on tiger.

i meant it will not work on 10.4 neither on 10.5 neither on 10.6

RIM DM will be like pocketmac and missing sync: instable, unsafe.


I've got a Macbook Air running 10.5.8. The Sync is faster than Missing Sync but I wish it synced iPhoto and had Bluetooth..........maybe later.

Does anyone know how this works on BES devices?

I'd like to sync my home computer (a Mac) with my device as well. Wouldnt mind having my contacts stores on my Mac and even the calendar wouldnt be too bad. Just wondering how it would work for a BES device.

Dont want anything deleted on my work PC

I can sync everything perfectly on my bold but it wont let me backup. I keep getting an error message. anyone else have this happen?

So if you are on a BES and have wireless sync enabled, it wont let you copy your contacts and address book to your mac.

Even pocket Mac allows that.

Hopefully rim can fix this since many BES users would like a copy of their stuff on their home Macs.

buggiest software ever created. do not use. refuses to let you sync contacts, instead gives you a list of blank entries

This is just a tease.. i does nothing but only give u a preview of what the DM is going to be like.. all i get is errors and preview of what OS i can update too...

this blows!! release the official version!!!

if you turn your wireless sync off on your device, it will let you sync so you can save a copy of contacts and calendar on your mac. When you turn it back on, changes made to the device may get erased, however.

Also, why no picture / iphoto sync?

Playlists sync has an issue. You click on the list and you dont see your songs in that list but it just plays it. Maybe its a setting on my device??

Otherwise not bad for a first leak.

Contact mapping is a bit off. Contacts that were on my device that were filed as Company only (i.e. no first or last name) got put into Address Book with out a title.

I had to go into each and click the "company" box.

I am running Tiger and I am getting an error message that I have to upgrade, is this version only for snow leopard?

Running on an iMac OS 10.5.8, everything went fairly smoothly. Some problems with contact mapping (as Trader Z reprorts).
Biggest bug (or is it a feature?) is that now I can't edit my contacts on my BB8830. I guess it's back to Missing Sync!

I've tried PocketMac before (which never ever worked) and also tried Missing Sync (which I had to go into some crazy pages on my Bold and enable some weird thing to get working). After uninstalling Missing Sync and installing this on my MBP w/ Snow Leopard all I get is "Backup failed" and "Sync error."

I tried turning off mass storage mode on the phone, but that didn't solve anything. Maybe whatever Missing Sync had me enable in some crazy pages on the Bold (which I think was just mass storage mode in the first place) is causing this not work?

It's also worth noting the rumored RIM Modem Tether doesn't work for me using default modem script or even the RIM 3G script for that matter. I still need to use a custom Blackberry 3G script that I found on the internet.

Hi, I'm not looking at this apps for contact and calendar sync because currently I'm using Google to sync that stuff for me. Planning to use it for device backup.

Tried to do backup and it always failed...at the end I notice it failed at the 'theme settings' section....So to solve it need to manually select all except 'theme settings'...

I encounter some new error...

1. Can't delete calendar, address book or any BB data compare to the Windows version.
2. I can't install any app...DM keep on saying my device (8310) is out of memory

Maybe I found a little solution for my problem (the program can't connect with my bold). My Snow Leopard was running at 64 bits, so I restarted at 32bits and the connection was succesful.

U can upgrade to snow leopard directly from tiger. I purchased the 29.99 snow leopard and installed directly from tiger with no issues. 29.99 is a good price to be able to run mac DM

I fully downloaded the dm and updated my BB Curve 8330.. It took some time but totally worth the wait...

Only concern after updating and everything the time changed for hours ahead of my time..

I can't wait for the offically but this will do for now... YAY...

thought I'd have to find a PC to update my BB... Just incase I'm using a Macbook Pro with the OS before Snow...

I just tried a software update, and so far it seems to be working, my phone is currently at the re-boot stage, I'm just hoping it works. So far so good.

People, this is BETA, so take it easy and don't blame it on RIM if you are trying unfinished software in production computers, nobody forced you to do that.

I tried it, it works, lots of glitches to repair until final release, but I won't be switching from Missing Sync, at least for now. Without proximity sync (bluetooth) it is practically useless for me.

(a few hours after actually doing it.)

DM has worked for me, and I upgraded my Storm to .158 using the app, as of now, I've actually not found any bugs running on a month old 13 Inch MacBook Pro using a Storm 9530.

There are some little UI things that could be improved, but the core functionality of the app seems to be working for me. Personally, I've never synched my device with my computer before due to the lack of an official application from RIM, and this may be the app to cause me to start doing that.

I'm using this on 10.5.7, and have had no issues, I don't yet have a copy of Snow Leopard to try out, but I'll be getting one soon, If your running 10.4, BlackBerry Desktop Manager for Mac should just become another incentive to *upgrade* to 10.5 or 10.6, DM cannot run on 10.4 as 10.5 added a load of new core OS features that RIM has taken advantage of, these things aren't in 10.4 and therefor the app isn't backwards compatible, to those whom are saying that RIM should have made a 10.4 version,

Doing so would have been idiotic, it would basically require completely re-coding the core of the application, and RIM would not do that for an OS user base which is shrinking rapidly anyway.

If your on a Mac, DM is more likely than not a worthy upgrade for you, currently in its leaked stage, and also in its final, released stage. It really depends on what you want from your desktop synch experience.

what?? whats in DM that cant run on 10.4. you dont even know. it was a bonehead move on blackberry's part to do this. a better reason is that apple agreed to let BB do this only if they agreed to force people to use 10.5, which BB stupidly agreed to.

Running Snow Leopard on my MacBook. Have a VZW Storm. Installed and running great. Doesn't appear to be able to sync iTunes at this point but who cares, it's Beta and that's why I have an iPod.
Never able to get PocketMac to work with the Storm and never tried Missing Sync.
At this point on the first sync the DM almost doubled my contact entries and turned a bunch of "Company" entries into "No Name". Went through and corrected that and turned off music sync and now have no problems.
Appears to only sync my default calendar off the Storm at this point, I'll take it for now!!
Never tried the backup option yet.

This is my first beta ever! Installed it, syncs well, shows my current apps and it seems it can do updates too! Sweet!!!

Coming from the PC DM I was looking for a way to select the software I'd like to sync with. I can't find any options. I can't tell whither it will sync with Entourage or Address Book. And, the only option is Don't Sync or 2 Way. Am I missing something?
I didn't sync my BB to the MAC since I know my Entourage contacts are out of date and I want to update them from the BB not the other way around. And, I don't know if I start a sync which app will be the target of the sync.
I really want this to work, but right now I think I have to stick with Pocket MAC.
Please let me know if I've missed something.

i'm running 10.5, with Bold.
i got error msg while syncing.

currently anyone knows how to solve it?? else have to wait for the official release. :(

Running Mac OS 10.5.8, have a Verizon BB Tour.

Erases some of my contacts from the phone. Type a deleted contact back into the phone, re-sync and the contact is deleted again.

Type a contact in the Mac's address book, uploads to the phone, but it doesn't sync the "note" information. Type the note information into the BB, hit "save," and it logs an error message about the information being modified externally.

Hey there.
I've had trouble syncing my BB Pearl with the new DM for Mac. Since I don't use iCal or the mac AdressBook there is no option to sync with Entourage.
Any hints? Can anyone help me out!

Doesn't work for me. Comes up with Sync error. I am completely amazed that nobody can develop a program that will actually work without errors to sync the BB to a Mac. NONE of the commercial solutions out there work without enormous effort and one of the worse is Missing Sync for BB. Sync an Iphone with a Mac it just works, everytime, all the time. There are no exceptions, rebooting, duplicate records, etc. I recognize this is still beta but if it won't even sync anything without an error I consider it Alpha. I hope RIM does better than they have done in the past building desktop software.

This is a God sent for mac users. I luv it !!!
but when i try to install any application via the software (any applications downloaded from any site *.alx files)it gives me an error, saying unable to install ... file since its not on local drive.

can someone please help me out with this problem.

Thanking you in advance.



Another benefit comes with BB Desktop Manager for Mac. It installs RIM Network Device. Plugging in the correct Phone number, userid, password (on the configuration screen) and changing the Advance Modem Model & APN appropriately will let you tether you Mac to your BB.

I have a 8220 w/T-Mobile, MacBook Pro, running 10.6; this is what I used.

Phone number: "*99***1#"
Userid: "GPRS"
Password: "*99#"

Advance options
Model: BB IP Modem (GSM)
APN: "epc.tmobile.com"

Seems to perform slightly better then Blue Tooth Tethering (using public domain BB Modem scripts).

Was able to download and install. I'm running OS X 10.5.8 (waiting patiently for Snow Leopard to arrive...).

Everything works fine except cannot sync contacts. The progress bar almost completes the sync, but then seems to hang. I then usually have to force quit the app, even though it does not say that the program is not responding.

Guess I'll wait for the official version. Meanwhile, all my contacts in my Berry8700 are gone.

I love the way it works and lets me see more detail of my Tour's memory. I can backup the unit (a bit slower than on a pc) but I cannot do any sync. I get a sync error. I am runner 10.5.8. I know it is a beta, but does anyone know how to get pass this error???

Works fine foe me but I wonder how it would work if I had a software crash like I had before where I had to reinstall the OS. Since I was not able to do that, I was given a new Tour instead. I just hope the release will allow a complete software re-install???

Two issues:

(I have an Alltel 8230 Curve Flip)

Categories are not acknowledged on the Blackberry. Still show up on my Mac.

Can not sync just individual calendars. If I choose all calendars, it works fine.

Bold 9000,running .167, MBP running 10.5.8, ran backup fine, synced Calander ok (I'll look around for dupes) and sent several of my playlists from Itunes right down to Media Card--does happy dance. Was going to upgrade to new software with it this weekend, and now At&t pulls it. Figures. Have to go find the .282 that's out there and see if it's "offical" enough to install.

i tried connecting my Blackberry 7130 and it showed up " The connected blackberry device is not supported by Blackberry Desktop manager. Try connecting another device."

Running Leopard 10.5.8 MB and a BB Curve 8320 with v4.5.0.81 on t-mobile.

Thanks alfurgeson for detailing the tethering!

Having preferred to NOT sync rather than use that PocketMac mess, the Missing Sync for Blackberry was a godsend. This beta already has me considering adopting a new favorite. It's brain-dead simple and I like the look and feel of it.

There are a two things I hope get addressed eventually:

1. Merging contacts with special characters are being duplicated.

2. There is no way to sync custom contact fields. Is this a limitation of the Blackberry Address Book? I couldn't do it in Missing Sync either.

I guess while they're at it, I'd like to see the addition of podcast syncing from iTunes along side music playlists as well as bluetooth proximity sync capabilities... then it would be freaking perfect for me. *laugh*

So I got it last night and I have to say for a mac user this is a god send. I am impressed it works the way that I expected it to. I have had a few issues getting it to connect but I am sure this will be worked out by the time it is released in full.

noooooo! i was so happy to test this leaked desktop manager for mac, but unfortunately i have OS 10.4 on my macbook pro and i cant install it :'( :'(
does anyone know if the final version will work for 10.4 users? if u have an answer, please email me, this way ill be sure to read ur answers! thanks everyone, my email is number_nine@hotmail.fr


I have been waiting for this software for so looooonnnnnggggg!

I can't believe they have only just made software for Mac, as you can't count PocketMac as that is shocking!

Hope it works!

Anyone have trouble using this on Tour with Snow Leopard? It detected mine but when it tried to connect it got an error and now my BB says there is a media card error.

Just downloaded and installed Desktop Manager for Mac. Used it to sync, and then upgrade my 8120 to Everything worked without a hitch! Glad to finally have an official solution for Macs!

I am not sure why some people are having problems, every Mac I have thrown this at so far (2 running 10.5, 2 running 10.6) works, and works flawlessly.

MissingSync was working fine for me, the BT sync is still a plus, but perhaps RIM will pull something out of their hats in the final release.

And remember, while it might look so, it *is* a leak.
I am hopeful this is not close to a FINAL release, as they continue to test and tweak it.

Blackberry good...
Macintosh good...
Marco Happy!

The Calendar, Contacts, and Music is synching fine however is anyone having issues backing up their phones? Every time I try - a message pops up that lets me know the back up has failed. There is an update feature as well - but that doesn't seem to working either. Has this happened to anyone else? Any solutions?

This is way nicer than having to back-up my Tour to my cheap little EEE Pc...
Seems they made this nicer than the Windows version...

I'm actually impressed!

I haven't updated to snow leopard yet (can't figure out why) and I've got the DM running.

Its still slowly 'updating device' and 'waiting for device to restart' but its an old man and I'm patient with him.

I'm prepared to give it about another half hour before I start tinkering...

Well, I uninstalled and redownloaded a copy of this and everything now seems to be working correctly.

I was trying to sync for a number of hours, uninstalling and reinstalling. I was able to get my playlist to sync, but nothing else, and then I set it to forget device and use Entourage (although I no longer have it installed on my Mac) and it worked. I then set it to sync to the built-in Mac apps and everything is fine. BTW it rocks, seems really fast and no duplicates @ all,but I have to sync my music separately and it is kind of slow. I actually use Google Sync for contacts and calendar only because I like the OTA syncing (the less I need to use wires the better). Overall a lot better than PocketMac and Missing Sync.

OS: Snow Leopard

I downloaded BBDM for my Mac and for some reason it's not reading my memory card. Is anyone else having this problem? I tried to format the card and that didn't work either, of course I lost everything!

I try to sync my BB, but keep getting sync error with everything!
Uninstalled previous syncing programs, but no improvement.
Any ideas?

Everything synced fine until it got to the music sync..it froze for over an hour, the progress line was not moving at all. Snow Leopard.
It could be that I need to get rid of the Media Sync file paths in my BB2 folder. I have not tried that yet...I am a little hesitant. Im just going to leave well enough alone for now. Works great!!

K I have deleted the contents of the music folder on my storm. I tried to sync itunes with DM. It freezes when it is 75% complete (entire sync) Has anyone else been successful with an iTunes sync??

Well I discovered it doesn't work with 64-bit leopard as of yet. I had to boot in 32-bit kernal (default unless changed, like I did because I wanted default 64-bit). in order for it to work. It would run in 64-bit but would not detect my Tour.

Hope this is something they fix up in the final release...

If any of you got the 'error while syncing', 'please try again' (paraphrased), I can only assume it's as frustrating as it was for me. I discovered this leak just now and was amazed that the program could function so quickly and well and still not work. I nearly sent my BB back to Orange and switched to iPhone just so it would work. PocketMac and MissingSync were useless…

So on to the fix for that error.

Locate Blackberry Desktop Manager on your drive.
CTRL+click and select 'Show Package Contents'
Locate 'Contents/Resources/ClientDescriptionWithEntourage.plist'
Make a backup (just in case) by duplicating and renaming.
Open the original in plist editor or TextEdit
Locate the key

and delete it (select then delete in plist editor or select the key com.microsoft.entourage.notes.Note AND the array… below it)

Save, and reopen Blackberry Desktop Manager and voilà! It should work fine (mine did).

Good luck... maybe this will be present in the final release.

I have a blackberry bold 9000, syncing my music has not worked very well. It takes a terribly long time to sync, and my music gets copied more then once. I get an error message almost every time.

Any suggestions ?

ever since I downloaded the new DTM for my MBP entourage keeps coming up with an error with Microsoft sync services every 20 seconds or so as long as entourage is open. starting to drive me nuts any thoughts on this?

I tried syncing with my Storm and it will sync everything except my Entourage Address Book! It actually deleted some contacts from my BB and didn't replace them. Grrr! Any help?