Leaked: BlackBerry Desktop Manager Beta - No keycode required!

BlackBerry Desktop Manager 7
By Kevin Michaluk on 5 Oct 2011 12:28 pm EDT

Following up the previous leaked version of BlackBerry Desktop Manager 7 beta, an updated version -- -- was released in the beta zone. RIM's making it more difficult for OpenSourceBB members to get at the keyless version of the software, but OpenSourceBB members are smart and made it happen, so it's now available for your download (thanks guys!). Here's the verbage from RIM on this build:

Desktop Software 7 - Upgrade Available! (
Please upgrade to this latest version of software ( as soon as possible and let us know what you think. Your participation in this beta program has been instrumental in helping us prepare the Desktop Software application for market release. As we approach our upcoming launch date targeted in the near future, your feedback is imperative to let us know if you believe this version is ready for market release and which areas need improvement. Let us know if we are meeting your needs and expectations, and how we can improve your experience - we are listening!

Due to a known issue, please remember to manually uninstall Bundle 10 of Desktop Software 7 before installing this new build (bundle 19)

There you have it. It's a beta, so take caution, but if you want to download, you can do so at the link below. Be sure to jump over to the forum thread for more info and discussion before downloading and installing.

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Hmm ill give it a try, but im a bit concern about:
Due to a known issue, please remember to manually uninstall Bundle 10 of Desktop Software 7 before installing this new build (bundle 19)
Lets hope is not a big deal on the software :)


What are the new features of this one? Is it worth time downloading?


Little scared of this one. The last beta version 7 was beyond slow. They seem to be trying a new engine for syncing without Intelisync. It also screwed up my calendar and my ability to actually sync without getting errors. Am back on the a non-beta version and still can't sync without errors. Have removed every birthday in contacts and tried all the usual remedies to no avail. Haven't had the time to give it a complete work over.
Recommendation is be careful.


Not really something new, except all the bugs


Tried it and ran into a mess of problems and freezes...back to 6 for me.


I would advise staying at the version that currently works for you.


5.0 still going strong for me!


Downloaded it and was installing already and then it said it couldn't validate the package :( any help pls?