Leaked: BlackBerry Desktop Manager 7 Beta - No keycode required!

Leaked: BlackBerry Desktop Manager 7 Beta - no keycode required!
By Bla1ze on 25 Aug 2011 06:05 pm EDT

A new beta version of BlackBerry Desktop Manager appeared in the BlackBerry Beta Zone a while ago, and while it required a keycode in order to make use of it -- some folks didn't really feel as though the application should be restricted. As such, OpenSourceBB members have gone ahead and released version with the keycode requirement stripped out of the app. Now, everyone who wishes to try out the BlackBerry Desktop Manager 7 Beta can do so. Remeber that beta tag though folks, expect some bugs.

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Leaked: BlackBerry Desktop Manager 7 Beta - No keycode required!


Is one of the requirments still that you have to use Outlook? It's like RIM is stuck in 2003 - my apologies if they support other desktop clients now - it's been so long that i don't even look at it anymore.

LOL hardly.
The way it works:

The initial .exe that asks you for your installer is really just there for that purpose alone. After that, it launches the real .exe which has been leaked here

Very easily done and users that find ways to circumvent this are not to blame here. RIM, being known for their security, could really find a better way to apply their key code process.

Fact: Once you go mac, you never go back!

No, but seriously, Windows is terrible imho. And I have bootcamp and an actual PC which I used for 13 years up to Windows 7 as my source to say mac is way better (for me).

sorry, I meant I have been using the Windows OS for thirteen years. I do have a quad-core PC with Windows 7, but also with a Hackintosh installed cause I couldn't stand Windows. Don't get me wrong, Windows is great for gaming and app compatibility, but a Mac is so much easier and more productive (IMO)

Just curious... what do people use to justify "mac is better than windows" arguements?

I own both but I am honestly just curious

No kidding. I own both, use both. They both have their good and bad. Years ago Mac was much better, IMO, but now, 6 of one/half dozen the other. Windows 7 works great for me, and costs are way less. No new Macs will I be buying in foreseeable future.

FACT:I hate my iMac. Keyboard broke, mouse fell off the table and disconnects at times pluss eats through batteries but the worse thing is when I just want to resize a window I have to go all the way to the bottom right to resize, If you're at the top left in the menu on a big screen with a slow mouse curser its a pain. On these larger screens you don't need the separate menu from the window and becomes counter productive. In short using a Mac makes you do more when you could do less (keystrokes) Yeah I've used computers since win 3.11. I don't like windows all that much but Mac isn't better RANT over! :)

No sense in trying it out if I can't sync to my Yahoo calendar and address book. When is Yahoo ever going to make their new set-up compatible for BB syncing again?

I didn't think DM had anything to do with online calendars and contacts. Are you saying that I could potentially link my online calendar and address book through DM? I am trying to find a nice calendar solution for my family so whenever my wife or I make an appointment for the family, kids, her, me, etc both our blackberry's at the same time.

Use Outlook (I use 2007) and do a meeting request in the Calendar. An e-mail will be sent out to all the contacts you wish. That will arrive on their BlackBerry e-mail and automatically into their calendars for the appropriate time and day.

Synching Outlook with BlackBerry Desktop will synch e-mail, calendar changes, Memopad to Outlooks Notes, contacts and tasks.

I already do use DM but not sure what you mean by syncing email. I do sync the other 4 options though.

My question is how do you sync online programs with DM OR what would the point be since the information is not stored locally. Unless there is a program like google calendar sync that works with Yahoo that the original post was hoping for. I wish Verizon's mail/calender would have something like that but I can not even import/export a simple .csv file to load onto verizon's site.

I already do the meeting request for some things I just need to stay more on top of it.

No longer uses Intellisync to sync. Guessing RiM decided to do their own and stop paying royalties. It came up with hundreds of conflicts from years gone by. If you had it set to notify you of conflicts it does just that. It's just that you can't get out of the notification or tell it what you would like to do to correct it. Had to change the setting to computer wins and then it worked. First sync was painfully slow (assume it was converting data). Hopefully it will get better because an even slower Desktop Manager would be hard to imagine. Also hard to imagine that it hit 650MB of RAM while it was synching.

Can I install this alongside my older version (I like 5.0), or will I have to remove my older one first?