Leaked: BlackBerry Desktop Manager 6

Desktop Manager 6
By Adam Zeis on 27 Jul 2010 12:21 pm EDT

We got word last week that BlackBerry Desktop Manager 6 was being made available for a select few in the Beta Zone and already it has made its way out into the open. The beta version has been leaked and is available for download, but be sure to use extreme caution when installing since this is in no way an official release. The Windows software is sporting a total redesign and features a better layout as well as some new media options. I'm sure it will pop up in the offical sense in the very near future, but if you're up to the task download from the link below and give it a go. Be sure to drop a comment and let us know how it's working for you.

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Leaked: BlackBerry Desktop Manager 6


I already installed it and the good news are that it supports Microsoft Outlook 2010 (I use 32 Bits OS), now I can finally sync my BB with Outlook, I wasn't able to do it since April.
It also seems to be more friendly and easy to sync also music, pictures and videos.

I just re-installed windows on my laptop and I had the desktop manager 5 download 98% done... Now this pops up LOL

Works great. Installed it yesterday on win 7 64bits. Design is great. Much easier to use than the previous version and love the fact that you can sync media, outlook (I use 2007 version) and backup all at the same time.

Been using this since last night. Its MUCH better but the music part of it is still confusing me a bit. I have songs on my device but I don't see them listed as on my device. Who knows....

I can't get to any of the download sites from work. Oh well....wil have to wait until I get home to try.

Since people with 9700's on Beta Zone are getting this, ya think that is a good sign the 9700 will have OS 6.0? *fingers crossed*

I've backed up and synced it with my computer twice.
Deleted 3 apps and rebooted once.

That's it so far and everything went very smooth including the initial install!

Downloaded twice and installed this evening, very smooth, faster than 5.0.1 and much better graphics! Looking forward to seeing OS 6 and the 9780 now!

Just logged into my account, only to find this message been floated around by the community forum moderators.
It goes like this
"Hey everyone,

It has come to our attention that a pre-release version of Desktop Software 6.0 has been circulating. In accordance with the Terms and Conditions, which you agreed to when signing up to BlackBerry Beta Zone, we ask that you please refrain from posting links to unofficially released software.


Way to go forward!
I'm in no way endorsing this nor condoning this.

When i try to download it says would you like to find or save this file.

I have downloaded leaked dm in the past with no problem, can anyone help?

I really like this it's fast and the ui is great and easy to navigate. I don't think I can ever use 5.0 or 5.0.1 again now lol

Works amazingly well, probably better than any version of bdm before it. I know thats saying a lot but im use to bdm freezing or bogging my system down at least once or twice a session but this version didnt choke once. anyone else having an easy time with this one?

I've downloaded the software but when I try to open it, I get the window that tells me that I need to select a program to open it. I don't know which program to use. Any help would be very much appreciated.

I used WinRAR (32-bit) available at www.download.com. Once downloaded and installed, you should see the RAR file icon as books. Right click on the icon and unzip the files. Once unzipped, look for the setup file to install Blackberry Desktop Manager 6.

After I posted my cry for help, I searched google and figured out how to do it. I used Jzip, extracted the files, started the setup file and was home free. I then deleted Jzip and ran a full system scan just to be safe. Haha

Thanks anyway nkhamilton!

It takes forever to complete any operation and it stalls my system when it's running. Every time it's running it takes about 450MB of memory and spawns an auto-update process as well. It also ignores the mass storage option on the device and mounts the memory card no matter what. This is not progress.

I can't make Blackberry Redirector to make it work. Mine is personal mobile but I use blackberry redirector to forward my work e-mails during work hours. Looks like this feature is not supported in this. I get message that my phone is doesn't have Enterprise activation. However blackberry Desktop software 5.0 supports this.

This could be due to incomplete leaked software or may be RIM is stopping redirector completely.

I love how people say this is not working at all and B1tching about it not working and no progress is being shown, when it is only a ***BETA*** of course stuff is not going to be perfect in a ***BETA*** calm down and wait for the full version to come out before you complain. Just saying

i see no option for add-in's like companionsync, which i own, thanks to the fact i also own outlook 2010 64 bit.

any ideas? do i have to downgrade? or should i wait til official release to see add-in compatibility?

I downloaded yesterday and loaded on my computer with no issues. The look is great and the best part it syncs to MS Office 2010. It has been so long since I have been able to sync my BB with Outlook that I almost forgot how great it was. Long past due.

I installed yesterday guys, and when doing first synce worked a charm, but when going back to re-sync (BB BIS) it crashes everytime telling me an error has occured etc etc.

Am running Win 7 64bit, Office 2010 Beta. This worked fine with Desktop 5, any ideas?

jw - does anyone kno if this vers will have availability to "tether" ur bb with TMO enabling it. Would b great! Here's hopn they aren't gonna be "stingy" bout it!!! Thx in adv ... Anyone kno? (Bc from wat I've read bout "tethering ur bb" it must b allowed/enabled by ur S.P. !!!

I'm a beta user but have been waiting for this to show up in my thing !! thanks again. And if it goes down Someone just message me and I can upload it somewhere

I have tried every link on this website and NONE of them work. I get the same error message every time - that Windows cannot open the file. Someone please give me a link that works:)

I got it and it's really nice. I plugged in for the first time and it asked me if i wanted it to manage my music folder, yes.

It looks great and easy to use. Colors are awesome.
I opened up the tab for the media (pics and videos) it looks really good. I like the shape that the picture icons are in like a rounded square. The icons are perfect size to see the entire picture in browse view.

I also had the opportunity to use the Back up mode. I just got a replacement Tour and i backed up and restored to the new device. It seemed to work alot faster.
I really like the look and feel and so intuitive. They put in some work on this version.

everytime it goes to the "add device" screen, it asks something about music. If I don't click on anything it will stay there, but if I click anywhere on the screen the program "stops working" and shuts down... any thoughts on how to fix this?

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Looks nice, syncs fine - even the media part. On the resource side it's a WTF? though. On a Win7 64bit system it quickly soars to 450,000K of RAM and doesn't seem to ever drop below 251,704K. It hangs around in Task Manager at that level even after the program is closed. The task has to be killed.

Not yet ready for prime time. However, quietly awaiting an updated beta that uses less resources. Thanks RIM.

i put the DM 6 to the test, the version i got was the July 19 Release (Bundle 32).


installation works fine, ,like any other software.

* it automatically upgrade your existing DM Version.
* took a while too install (108mb)

Some microsoft components also needed but included in the package.

the interface:

Clean Interface, Smooth and now identifies and display picture of your device:

Backup Now Button is displayed as well as the Device options, software version and the dae you last back-up and sync your device.


* faster loading, (notice the screen of the device blinked couple of times, which is normal)

* now has the X and the + button for quick adding and removing of features.

* The application summary on the bottom provides you with info and pending action (like updates)

There is also an INFORMATION menu on the right pane, giving info about the current tab you are in.

Media Sync is perfect, except for MUSIC (in my case)

i always get a MUSIC SERVICES FAILED TO LOAD eveytime. im still looking for a solution.

the device hangs for a few seconds after making a full backup. but its fine.

i got 1 error during backup, looking at the details, the THEME SETTINGS was not backed up.

to avoid error, make custom back up then uncheck theme settings.

im still testing other features like the organizers.

overall, i find the software more user friendly, faster and very clean and organized.

these are just few observations that i made and purely based on my own experience on the first time i use the 6 version. will post more soon.'


Just downloaded and installed this file... (Build 32) on a brand new Win 7-64bit system.

Installed just fine. Sync'd my 9700 in seconds. Works so much smoother and faster than the previous versions.

I have the beta of 6 on my computer. It is faster, and much easier to use. My 8530 Curve gets checked to make sure the software is current, and that my media is synced between the computer and phone. It is much better.

Be real nice if they would allow u to unlock things like SAMPLE photos and remove from device on this version. Don't know why they make u waste so much memory on things you'll never use. Not everyone has the know how to manual load OS and delete during OS install.