Leaked BlackBerry Bold 9800 Photos Show Off A Little More Of The Webkit Browser

Leaked BlackBerry Bold 9800 Photos Show Off A Little More Of The Webkit Browser
By Bla1ze on 21 May 2010 04:21 am EDT

Whoa. Early morning treat for all you BlackBerry Bold 9800 slider fans out there. Brought to us by the folks over at The Cellular Guru, we now have some nice clear shots of what is surely one of the first BlackBerry devices to have BlackBerry 6 on it when released. Running on the slider, as you can see from the above shot is the long awaited Webkit browser Research In Motion has been working on. And judging by the picture, doing quite well as it just scored a 100/100 on the Acid3 test. As Kevin had mentioned before, it is indeed a touchscreen that is not powered by Surepress technology so we're all still waiting to see how that works out. Click on over after the jump for a few more pics of what to expect.

Leaked BlackBerry Bold 9800 Photos Show Off A Little More Of The Webkit Browser

Leaked BlackBerry Bold 9800 Photos Show Off A Little More Of The Webkit Browser

Source: TheCellularGuru

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Leaked BlackBerry Bold 9800 Photos Show Off A Little More Of The Webkit Browser


whoa thats not bad at all! my storm 1 is so beaten up i just might pick this up when it drops..cant wait for more os6 pics and lets get a video already!!

oh, and im a little scared of how touch will work without surepress..im so used to it! i love being able to move around and select stuff just by touching and the click by...clicking. lets hope RIM has something creative up their sleve.

ill be waiting for more news CB!

i've had the storm 1 and now the storm 2 along with my bold 9700 and i LOVE surepress as well, i dont know why there so much hate towards it, i hate going to the iphone and not being able to select things

@shankeith...As much as i want it to...i dont believe the 9800 is gunnabe coming out for sprint or verizon (cdma carriers). Ive gotten some info from good sources (VP of a certain sector for VZW x Blackberry rep) that the new cdma BB will be the "Atlas"...which is that weird full qwerty flip looking thing. The 9800 Bold (codename Talledega) is a sick phone and lets keep our fingers cross that RIM and other carriers decide to switch it up and make it a phone for all to share!

Agreed. Surepress is a wonder. I hate playing with an iphone where you touch (or tap like all the newbs) for everything. Come, on, give a man a man's phone. iphone is so fruity. Natural human instinct is to press, and RIM embodied that in Storm devices.

I think Surepress is 100% innovation, and invention. Everyone says RIM is working backwards, but how is it working backwards when it releases something new that's not one step, but two steps ahead?

Everyone can make a touch phone. Who can make a Touch and click phone? RIM.

I agree completely. Maybe Rim is going to use the touch screen and the trackpad in an intuitive way. I don't think it will be as good as SurePress, but it may bridge the gap between the unintuitive iPhone/Android Touch screens and the Ultra-Intuitive Storm.

Sounds like they should just give us a track pad to search and select things....that would make life really easy just like the 9000 and 9700....oh wait...they did...

I can't wait for this phone...I just REALLY hope it has the keyboard size of the 9000 and not the smashed together one of the 9700 because I stuck with my 9000 for that reason alone when the 9700 came out.

I just LOVE IT!!! Can't wait to change for my non 3G Curve.

Here in Spain i think i'll have to wait till Christmas!!! :-(

Since everyone is saying the Bold 9650 will support OS6, I'm guessing OS6 won't be limited to touch screen. I'd like to think RIM isn't going to leave their standard form factor for all touch screen phones, but who knows.

He never said it will drop with OS6, don't be silly!

He said it will support OS6, which means that when OS6 comes out, it will be able to be installed on the new Told

I'm excited!!! If the white 9700 bold wasn't enough! They come out with a 9800!!! It's a freakin' slider!!! GOOOOOOO Blackberry!!! This is what I'm gonna use my discount for if it comes to T-Mobile! :D

what discount? I have tmo too, and my contract ends this month. I am wondering if I should wait for this one if it comes soon enough, or see what the new HTC/ Tmo devices have to offer.

The 9700 is not necessarily doomed, it's just going to be more or less like the 9000 is today -- a device with limited app memory. You can see from the pic that OS 6 takes up about 200 MB, which means that a 9700 running OS 6 will probably have about 30-40 MB free app memory.

It's possible that touchscreen devices have a different version of OS 6 with all the touch information being accounted for. Hence, it's possible that the non touch OS 6 will take up less space than 200 MB.

...that if BB 6 did take up a lot of mem space that there may eventually be the possibility to store apps on the SD card. Then the sky would be the limit (practically!) But I'm leaning toward more what trini pirate said about non-touchscreen OS may just be significantly smaller in size.

that is what i am hoping for, we just saw yesterday google announce Apps to SD Cards coming to Froyo, so i KNOW RIM can do this :)

if so, that just opens up the doors to ALL devices with 256 mb on board memory.. im telling you guys, this IS what RIM can do to make a lot of their customers happy

Any thoughts/ideas/guesses on when Sprint will see some slider love? I'm torn between upgrading to the Bold when I'm due in July or holding out for something better. I'm currently on the Tour (2nd one after trackball issues), and I haven't had any problems with it. I would buy the slider in a heartbeat, though.
When I left my BlackBerry 8330 for the Palm Pre (for a whole 3 days before returning it), I told everyone that if RIM were to release a BlackBerry of the same form factor, I would buy it in a heartbeat. Here it is, and I'm worried Sprint won't have it for ages. :(

Where's my Webkit browser for the 9700/Storm2?

Don't leave me hanging. I'm sure I'm not alone if I have to buy another device to make the browser usable. Shoot, I can't even RUN the Acid3 test in a usable state (i.e., javascript OFF). Javascript On, say good bye to your day because it will take the entire day to load the non-mobile version of CrackBerry.

When I first saw pictures of the slider I hated it but it has grown on me and now I can't wait until this is available! Webkit, os6, and FINALLY a touchscreen berry for at&t/Rogers. Can't wait to hear how people like it once it goes into testing.

Thats because the first pictures released were TERRIBLE! RIM would be smart if they would leak high res proshot pictures early on before others released the terrible pictures that they release. A lot of people were turned off from this phone after that first batch of pictures dropped.

first timing commenting here.

not sure if you guys realised.... this looks like the phone htc made for O2 5-6 years ago.

o2 xda IIs.

muhaha..... nice flash back.... i liked this new design!

I had the HTC Touch Dual, and it had the same form factor but with a 20key suretype keyboard. I'm so getting this when it drops, regardless of carrier. I'll just unlock it.

May be the phone to get this year. I'm looking at all of the other devices that will be dropping this summer and if RIM got it right with this one, they will be in the hunt for sure. This looks like the BlackBerry smartphone many of us have been waiting for. My hopes are high.

Is this 2008 RIM? A slider? It would have been slightly better if they had kept it with a horizontal sideways slider instead of this only because it would make it have a low profile.

If you want to use the touch screen it would be same but it seems so awkward trying to type on this with the keyboard fully out.

Please don't tell me this is the nex flagship that will most likely be the next device released. Why can't they just give us another damn Bold 9000 with an upgraded trackpad, preferably 512 mb to 1 gb app memory, wireless-N, 5.0 megapixel camera and a higher res screen?

There is nothing wrong with having this phone as a flagship device, any device that they are using as a "flagship" should be on all carriers not limited to one or another. I personally never cared much for the 9000. So slapping updated specs on a phone from 2007 seems like a waste of time.

It was released in August 2008 in Canada and in November 2008 in the US making the Bold 9000 a little over a year and a half old so please check your facts before making such statements.

So updating specs on a phone that isn't even 2 years old is nothing farfetched. Look at the 3G to the 3GS.

Instead, RIM keeps developing all these other phones that are missing things.

For example, this 9800 slider is still known to have a 3.2 mp camera while the 9670 clamshell is going to have a 5.0 mp camera. It will most likely change.

Flagship doesn't mean carrier availability. Flagship means their best device. It was the Bold 9000 for a long time until the Tour came and then the Bold 9700. Now the Bold 9650 (Tour 2) has taken that crown.

Also, the Bold 9000 design-wise is probably the best looking BB they have ever created and numerous polls have shown that. Also, even the poll a few weeks back where Crackberry.com asked if people would love a revamped Bold, nearly 75% or close to 10,000 people stated they would love it. So clearly you are in the minority :)

The bold 9000 the best looking Blackberry ? Come on........
it is the 9700 for sure, and the 9650 isnt the flagship, it still is the 9700, since 9650 is jsut the same as 9700, and GSM devices haves more public

The Bold 9650 is the new flagship. It's a CDMA device that also uses Sim cards meaning if you unlock it, you can use a sim anywhere in the world.

Not only that, but it also has 512 mb of memory which is double what the 9700 has.

Most people are saying that OS 6.0 uses at least 200 mb of memory which means that the Tour, Curve 8900, Storm 2 and Bold 9700 will barely have 30-40 mb left, much like the Bold and Storm have now.

Which means the Bold 9650 would still have close to 220 mb left. It easily equals or trumps the Bold 9700 in almost everyway.

There are many MANY people who have been dying for a large (touch) screen BB that has the world famous BB keyboard, and THIS is that device.

Also, a horizontal slide wouldn't work and be a BB -- you wouldn't be able to do the patented one-hand thumb maneuver from the keyboard to the trackpad because the trackpad would be on the far upper left of the keyboard rather than immediately above it.

I'm not a huge fan of the slider. For some reason it feels like a toy, and has a bulk factor.

Either way, many people would like a device like the Tour or Bold, or Curve to have touch abilities where not having Surepress is fine.

I agree 100% that lots of people are looking for a large touch screen BB with a BB keyboard. I'm one of them! So that means you are also correct that the slide has to be vertical and not horizontal.

What I'm afraid you're wrong about is that the 9800 is that phone. This is not a large screen by today's standards. I'm becoming more and more certain with all the newly leaked pictures that the 9800 really does have a paltry 360x480 resolution.

I hope so badly that I'm wrong! The resolution would need to be at least 480x720 for me to consider it - at the bare minimum.

The device I will have to see and hold in person. The reason why I didn't go for the 9700 or the storm is because I love the bold. Just upgrade the 9000 with A truckload of memory and there you go the best phone on the market.

Nobody wants another 9000 cuz its too frickin big! We want small slick phones. If I want something bigger I've got my laptop! There is nothing wrong with the 9700 keyboard its the best one available to blackberries! This phone is what everyone should want cuz nobody likes typing on a touch screen! This has both finally! If this phone has openGL I'm getting it.

Do we know if its the 9000 or 9700 keyboard? Personally I like the larger 9000 keys. my guess is that its the 9700 keyboard. please confirm. *Edit* I just read the cellGuru article and it is the 9700 keyboard. I will have to try it before I buy it.

I have seen that it say it has the 9700 key pad, but it looks smaller to me, i really hope not. the 9700 key pad is almost to small.

It looks like OS6 still has BORING ICONS, with that damn "31" stuck on it's calendar! Why can't they make colorful icons and ones that update - like the date; why have "31" everyday of the month? Simple little things like this would make such a difference and are so easy to do.

How the hell does an icon that represents the current date look like a carnival unless it shows up in the rainbow colors you so love?

Hate comments that really don't make sense.

I'm pretty sure he was referring to the "colorful icons" part of your post. Your point about the calendar icon is actually a great idea.

Wake up! Its 2010! Blackberries are for media, entertainment and business now! Why do u think they have touch screen and openGL??

I find it interesting that in the Webkit Browser screenshot is that the Ipad in the screen or is it maybe Blackberry Tablet hahaha

They JUST released the Bold 9650. Seriously, there isn't enough of a difference between the Tour/Bold form factor and the Bold form factor. They don't need to release a new non-tour like Bold for a while now.

In almost all sliding phones there will be the issue of the sliding action being sloppy over a short period of time due to many people will be using the keypad a lot.

I have the bold 9000 and i can't imagine the wear and tear a slider will have when i use the keypad 99% of the time when using my phone.

The failure rate on such phones no matter what company makes them will be in the very high to extreme rate. I will not be getting any such phone even though it is made by my favorite company RIM.

What rim needs to be focusing on and i mean ASAP THIS YEAR is building a producing a ANDROID OS phone that is like the storm design in a horizontal configuration like the HTC/SAMSUNG devices. They need to get with the times and the market and have a line of ANDROIDS along with the BOLD series phones.

Get rid of the STORM and CURVE models PERIOD.

I would love to know what you base this theory of off? I work in two Shopping Malls for tmobile and everyone and their mother is sporting the curve.

Probably most idiotic post I have ever read here. EVER. You're telling me that you want RIM to start using their competitors OS? Just abandon their OS which is the 2nd most popular smart phone OS in the world. They should just abandon the 80 million customers currently using their phones and use an open source less secure OS? Wow, like I said before, idiotic...

The Storm may not be the biggest hit ever, but it is definitely making them money and it is a more app friendly phone (which is getting them even more money through the App World). As for the Curve, it's been the best selling Smartphone is the US for years, what a complete failure that is....

Also, I personally will NEVER buy a horizontal slider. The keyboards on them are as uncomfortable as a phone keyboard can get, especially compared the the current Bold keyboard.

RIM is doing very well and does not need to make any extreme changes. They just need to get their new OS and Browser out as quickly and flawlessly as possible.

While I agree with your hardware assessment of slider failure rates, you lost me with the Android OS. You do understand that RIM has their own OS for a reason and the chances of them going to Android is as good as Apple going to WM7 right?

While I like some things that Android has to offer, you forget who owns it and where data is potentially tracked and trafficked. One of the key reasons the US government and many corporations use Blackberries is it's security.

Please don't forget that business users also are interested in instantaneous e-mails, reliability, and stability. The Blackberry OS for all it's shortcomings is a pretty rock solid OS.

Shame to see the Bold name get dragged through the mud like this. This device is a ridiculous attempt at a throwback IMO. It will be just like the S1 and fail miserably, causing nothing more but loss of money for RIM.

Im thinking, If its not sure press then why seperate the glass between the screen and the buttons? Looks just like a Storm screen no?

It would be greaat if my Bold 9000 accessories would fit this phone. I don't relish replacing charging cradles and cases every time I upgrade.
Nevertheless, as soon as AT&T gets this phone I will get it.

i'll pass on this one and wait till the S3 drops but hopefully without the surepress instead a capasative touch screen + OS6 then it could finally be comparable to the iPhone yet better since it will have a better OS and features! :)

why would rim need to produce an android phone??? i think the os they have runs fine, does what its supposed to do without much flash.. it just flat out gets the job done. It would be silly for rim to waste resources on something like that..

ontopic: this phone is growing on me as well, maybe ill wait on upgrading my curve 8330

I have the Storm 1, i've taken great care of it and I keep it updated. I've had no problems, however, I need a new phone that run more apps b/c I lack memory. Please give me something with more memory, SurePress, and a Click Screen. Please don't kill SurePress and Click Screen.

I'm going to hold out judgment until I can hold one. From the pictures it looks like it would ge awkward to type on.

OS 6 looks great though!! :-)

It's interesting that the second to last picture above shows the "All" menu but doesn't partially show "Favorites", etc. like in the BB 6 video shown at WES. I wonder if that's a configurable element or if this device is running an older version of code. I'd be happy either way :)

That said, I'm still 100% positive this is a touchscreen. RIM wouldn't show a very, very touch-focused BB 6 video and then release the first device w/o that feature.

Nice to see a decent photo. Looking better every post.
I too wish it had the 9000 keyboard and will have to try it before I buy it. That said, it looks good and has decent specs. If I can type on it with the small keyboard this will be my next phone. If/when it comes out on sprint it will be my wifes next phone as well.

OS6 looks pretty good, but I have never had good experience with sliders plus I have big hands which will make it hard to type on I'm guessing. Like everyone else though the look of the design is growing on me.

These pics make the phone look much better. I like the big screen and all but not sure if i like the form factor (vertical slide-out keypad).

I don't think I'll be giving up my 9700 just yet.

"Form factor" is a big reason why I went back to BB. I currently own a Motorola Cliq (my second line) and slider phones are usually bulkier and heavier. My Cliq is not a "pocketable" device. The phone is heavier and you have to be aware of the phone slightly opening and moving around in your pocket. When I put it in my holster, it just doesn't feel comfortable on my hip.

After a weekend of playing around with the HTC HD2, Garminfone (my friends a TMO manager), myTouch Slide and my current Cliq and G1........I'm not digging the size and weight of these phone. Sure the displays look great but for me....form factor is more important.

But I do look forward with tinkering with the 9800.

I wonder which carrier will release it...i so want one. It would be really hot if cb would give away one **hint hint**

I just read the Cellularguru article and they showed a screen shot and it said available memory (free space, it looks like 341mb), which means that this bad boy probably has 518 mb app memory! Can any one confirm this? If this is the case I will surly get this phone.

With apps I love to run my memory is down to 16 mb on my bold 9000 (24.4 mb after a reset/batt pull). Sorry I have to go, I need to reboot! This is getting old!

Please drop this phone on ATT soon!

This also means that the current s2 os takes up roughly 146 mb (on my phone, not optimized) and that the new os will run at around 177mb. Not tooo hefty for an upgrade if you ask me. Still leaves about 90 mb of memory for apps on my s2 (if it drops for the s2, which it should)

Very cool!

If SurePress is now a part of the 0S6, then how will it work on the S2 with its current sensor and screen hardware configuration?

Why wouldn't Surepress be supported? I'd imagine the reason that this phone doesn't have surepress is to keep the thickness of it down. Being a slider it is inherently thicker than a "normal" phone, adding surepress would make it even thicker.

Apple?! u do realize they've had the same design for their touch screen and nano products like forever and its kind of getting old. So unless they comeout with a new design for their products and OS, their pretty much useless! But I do love they virtual keyboard and capasative touch screens :)

i agree on the apple thing same thing over and over and the post about that, yea, its a stupid lookin phone >_>

This is a 1st gen slider for RIM. Sliders always have hardware teething problems. I'll stick with my plan to get the 9650 from VZW for now. This time next year I'll see what's up with the 9800.

The only reason surepress is not on this device is because it is exclusive to Verizon devices. I dont know why all the hate on surepress, on the Storm2 it is flawless, and i can type way faster on my Storm2 then I could on my tour or curve previously. Surepress makes typing on a touchscreen a dream.

I heard this was going to AT&T, I pray it goes to T-Mobile cause I need this phone. I've been saying for years that Blackberry should come out with a qwerty touch screen base phone and here it is. The phone of my dreams. I hope it is also sure press, I have the 9700 and my sister has the storm and I love the sure press, to me its the greatest thing to happen to touch screen.

I hope not, but I might have to be unlocking this phone, plan on using my discount towards it if It comes to TM.

Really - nearly identical icons to what launched on the original Bold and Storm, including a calendar that doesn't update on the home screen? No widgets? No Flash? BB Maps not updated to include turn by turn voice directions. Word is that ring tones and alerts still don't play through the headphones. Are e-mails still heavily truncated? Is full html e-mail now native? Has the download cap been removed? What about the attachment cap?

So it has inertial scrolling. Well welcome to 2005. Say in 5 years can we get most of what other OSes offer now? Nevermind, its not going to take nearly that long before another platform has secure, push e-mail.

Hmm - only the 23rd compiled OS in 6. With about 100 more to go before release, I'm hoping there's time and desire to takle the issues that have plagued BB for the last 3 years.

I'm really confused by people's fascinations with icons. Who gives a shit? You click them and they take you somewhere. The calendar doesn't update on the home screen? Good thing the date and time are at the top, don't strain your self looking up there. OS6 does support flash. I hear ring tones and alerts just fine through my head phones.

You've got me on the truncated messages. Full html e-mail is native. Inertial, or flick, scrolling has been supported since OS5 came out for the Storm 1.

Can't wait till this one drops on AT&T. It's everything I have dreamed up. Touch screen and full physical QWERTY keyboard. *drooling* as I type.

Perhaps I'm a little late though - I wanna see some specs on this one.


Gotta applaud RIM for trying something different. Personally, I don't like sliders, as they inevitably have one of two problems: they're cheaply-made, like the Palm Pre, or they're "spring-loaded" which causes much wear and tear.
MY ideal BB would still be the 9700 (GSM), with 1GB+ memory and OS6. It's still the best BB I've owned (and I've owned most for a decade now), it just needs (and should've already come with) more under the hood.

Nevermind I see that new LED lights are circular in shape!
I see a very obvious circle on the top right of the device. Is this a new shape for the LED or does it's circular shape suggest a forward facing camera is present?

after every new picture leak, this device is slowly growing on me and im starting to like it

love the device memory!
plz dont fail with this RIM :(

Damn AT&T and their long contracts. I'm not eligible for an upgrade until May 2011, so I won't get my hands on this baby until then. :( My 9700 is all well and good, though. If they release (or leak) OS 6 for it, then I guess that can hold me over. :D

So far I'm liking the Slider with OS 6 and Webkit Browser.. I might get this and ditch my curve 8320 lol

According to an AT T employee at a local store in SC., He spoke to an AT T Rep. yesterday who stated that there are no plans to release any new Blackberry phones in the near future, and that they were "pushing the Bold 9700". So who knows if the 9800 is just a rumor or fact? If its not out by July, 9700 here I come!

Maybe AT&T has better communication with its store reps, but I wouldn't blindly just trust the rep's word on new phone releases. Case in pont: last year after reading on CB and other places online that the Curve 8520 was due to be released by Tmobile on whatever the date was, I want to 3 Tmo stores & asked when the new phones would be in. In EVERY case, the reps had NO CLUE about what I was talking about & preceeded to tell me no such phone was scheduled to be released. And then the phone came out THE NEXT DAY. Again, in Nov '09 when the Bold 9700 was scheduled to be released, I spoke with a rep on the phone, & she had NO KNOWLEDGE of there being a new device set to launch. I just chalked it up to the possibility that the various carriers don't want their reps promoting things that aren't yet available, BUT DAMN! They should at least have A CLUE about upcoming device launched in THEIR OWN STORES!

Maybe AT&T has better communication with its store reps, but I wouldn't blindly just trust the rep's word on new phone releases. Case in pont: last year after reading on CB and other places online that the Curve 8520 was due to be released by Tmobile on whatever the date was, I want to 3 Tmo stores & asked when the new phones would be in. In EVERY case, the reps had NO CLUE about what I was talking about & proceeded to tell me no such phone was scheduled to be released. And then the phone came out THE NEXT DAY. Again, in Nov '09 when the Bold 9700 was scheduled to be released, I spoke with a rep on the phone, & she had NO KNOWLEDGE of there being a new device set to launch. I just chalked it up to the possibility that the various carriers don't want their reps promoting things that aren't yet available, BUT DAMN! They should at least have A CLUE about upcoming device launched in THEIR OWN STORES!

I agree with you, some of the Reps. in that same store never heard of the 9800! I hope it comes out in June like the blogs are stating, I am ready!

don't webpages get processed on RIM's servers, then reformatted and sent to the phone with this browser? that would mean that the acid test is passing RIM's server, not the phones browser...

This shaped up pretty well...still wondering how it will feel after you slide it up, balance wise, and it would have been really nice to get a landscape keyboard...IE: my touch slide. But a step forward is always a good thing.

the bold slider looks good but i want to see a hand on video first and how the touchscreen works before i decided to get it

This is a BEAUTIFUL device!!!! I honestly cannot wait for this baby to hit market. Hopefully I can get an unbranded one.

I've can wait for tha summer to come now..no school and uh touch-screen slider by RIM..nothin better than that for uh kid like me ((I'm 17))..even though I'm not an At&t fan ((go Verizon)) I still would get it for any company ((except T-mobile))..lol :)..

i really like this phone its the best of both worlds your getting touch screen and trackpad i like the way blackberry though of this one other phone makers have a full qwerty keypad at the side good one def want one but how soon will it be released???????

The keyboard should slide out from the side instead of the bottom. Like the droid. my fingers are big and it makes it harder to text and drive.