Leaked: BlackBerry Bold 9700 OS

BlackBerry Bold 9700 Leaked OS
By Bla1ze on 5 Oct 2010 05:46 pm EDT

Ouch! Ya, no joke. This one hurts just a little to have to post it but, it is what it is. OS has just popped up for the BlackBerry Bold 9700. As always, you know the drill. Back up your data and of course report what's new and what's broken on the comments or in the forums. Next up OS 6? Come on!

*OS Disclaimer - Please Read: Keep in mind this is NOT an official release and as such is not supported by RIM or your Carrier. If you choose to install, do so at your own risk and only if you're comfortable in the process of upgrading and downgrading your device software. It is quite normal during operating system development for certain features to be crippled or disabled while others are tested, and these beta builds often reflect that. They are not always better. Depending on your BlackBerry comfort level, it may be best for you to wait for community feedback on a build before deciding to download and install for yourself or simply wait for the next official release. If you require support, you will find it in our CrackBerry forums via our extremely knowledgeable community base - do not contact your carrier or RIM for Beta OS technical support (their first course of action will be to advise you to downgrade to a supported OS). *

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Leaked: BlackBerry Bold 9700 OS


RIM needs to get some control/quality/dev plan and stop all this 'leaked release' crap. what a joke. dump crap out onto users indiscriminately without documentation.

trust me folks you do not want OS6 for 9700 in its current state. unless you have nothing better to do than test RIMs half baked software.

I know right. They are like painfully teasing us. Next up will probably be a leak lol.

Shamefully, I already have. =( Now my 9700 won't stay on and shuts off.
Okay, I admit I haven't thrown it against the wall but it did floor down a flight of stairs in the subway. =( Maybe this is a sign that OS6 isn't coming anytime soon so my phone decided to commit such an attempt at suicide.

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO this has to be joke, i refuse to install this, ok this must be a joke maybe the file name is bad and they changed the 6 for a 5, yes that must be it im going to install it to see........3 hear me right 3 OS 6 leaks and the 9700's one is a OS 5 leak

this keeps getting worse everyday. the traffic i've generated to crackberry alone is definitely paying for this month's load. blah! get me OS 6 for my 9700!!!! please.

my heart stopped beating after i read "Leaked: BlackBerry Bold 9700 OS " but then it just has been smashed to the floor..

I see 9700 then i read os .............5. not getting it. what is broken it my heart or my phone heart it is tired of running in the past he wants to make me happy. Seriously this really feels like a terrible april fools joke. Well since last leak bricked my phone from time to time after a battery pull I don't want this, but thanks for the up anyway.

P.s. Their is another 9780 leak if anyone wants to feel a little more left out.

I think "getting played" is on a whole new level now. Something good gotta be around the corner!!! Hang on 9700 owners.

c'mon seriously I'm checking this site everyday like 5 times a day and all of the sudden 3 leaks and none are OS6 c'mon really .

you have to be kidding me, 5.0... Not remotely interested. All it is good for is making 6.0 hybrids. get on with the os 6.0 Rim!!

but i can give u a list of what it doesn't have. maybe that will help u. joking they normally don't have a list uyou figure it out on ur own.

Ok! This has got to be a joke. OS 6 leaking like a faucet for other BBs but 9700 gets no love. What is that all about!? I'm not downloading this...come on!!!

Typical RIM! This is what they do every time, all spaz on the new models and no love for older ones. I'm sooooo fed up with this company that I'm two shakes from moving on to Android! Really in the end, the only thing I would miss would be bbm. I used to get excited when I saw "Leaked!" Brutal!!!

Then its as simple as you leaving to go & get an android!!!!!! Do it, quit crying & go do it! Just a bunch of complainers!!!!!!

Then its as simple as you leaving to go & get an android!!!!!! Do it, quit crying & go do it! Just a bunch of complainers!!!!!!

While equally annoyed with the lack of 6 for my 9700. I do happen to also have the 9650 Bold which is basically the Tour with 512 memory, a trackpad and (drumroll...) a leaked version of OS 6.

Though I paid to upgrade my Tour when the 9650 came out one of my employees told me that Verizon stopped giving refurbished Tours to customers with problems and therefor handed him over a 9650 free. It might be all smoke and mirrors but maybe you can "think" of a way to use this to your advantage (i.e. complain about anything you find wrong with it!)

Weeks ago, 3 OS6's leaked. Today, the same thing happened.. What's going on!? Even a leak would seriously help my minor signs of depression and suppress my iphone interests..

ONE carrier to release it for official (all 9700) devices to use. I'm not jumping or rushing into it at all either. This is to prevent any problems, bugs or issues from disrupting my BB experience.

Im freaking mad about this stupid leaks i really prefer no leak at all unless is the freaking 6 common for how long...bahh

I laughed when I read the title. What a punch to the gut!

I find all this "I'm going to switch" talk hilarious, am I'm one of the few thats getting by just fine with OS5?


Before (seeing blackberry bold 9700 os..): :D

After (seeing blackberry bold 9700 os :(

You do realize RIM is not responsible for these leaks right? If it were based on them we would have had OS 6 months ago. We clearly seen 9700 devices with OS 6 so we know that RIM created the OS already and someone has it but refuses to leak it (for whatever reason).

No one actually has it yet afaik. When BGR showed us it on a 9700 what they had was a 9700 with OS 6 already loaded onto it (probably by RIM). A loader has not been made yet, when it does then most likely it'll leak straight away.

Well we also know that people outside of the carriers have been demoing it so I think it more of a confidentiality issue at this point. The carriers know who has access to the OS so they will all be held accountable if it leaks prematurely. Logically this seems to be the only thing holding us back from seeing OS 6.

Considering how much of a surprise the PlayBook was and no body leaked it, maybe RIM has stopped some of the usual suspects who leak these things.

I feel so violated lol its too much, they release the OS.6's even for the curve and not for our Bold!!!! Its too much =( not installing it

RIM you are pissing us all off by not releasing OS 6 for one of the BEST BlackBerry devices I have ever owned!!!

I love BlackBerry, but I certainly smell the Apple iPhone as it gets closer to my hand.

I'm pretty sure this has been covered before, but it is NOT (I will repeat, IS NOT), up to RIM to make the OS final. If you have a problem with not getting 6.0 out on your device, complain to your phone carrier about it. RIM builds the OS and has it to be sent to your carrier for testing. It is up to them whether or not it should be released to you. Enjoy your iPhone on the same company that denied you OS6, assuming you're on AT&T.

It's unfortunate there still isnt an OS6 Leak for the 9700, but anyway, I updated, and the only difference I found so far was that the messages that said you were registered to the BlackBerry network now have the BB Logo beside them instead of an Envelope.

I remember 2 years ago and my 8900, I would upgrade all the time.. now I see u suckers, dying to upgrade any chance possible.. lol...

itll eventually get old.. you N00bs

What would be even more comical is if they didn't actually release OS6 for the 9700!!! (only that wouldn't really be comical at all)

I love my Blackberry but it's stuff like this that has me ready to jump to the Android platform. I am excited for the Playbook to come out but it is the constant refresh of the same phone that is getting old with me and how long it takes to get OS updates. I know the OS updates aren't totally RIMs fault. It's the same crap different day. Maybe it's just the frustration talking or maybe it's the fact that I have never had any other smartphone and want to see if the grass is greener.

Hahaha, this is priceless! I left the 9700 for the Torch and I haven't looked back. I just did the AT&T official OS6 update and its faster than ever! I loved the 9700, but I think it may be time for you guys to throw in the towel on this one, maybe the 9700 just isn't going to get OS6...? Get a Torch, superior device, and OS6, of course! hehe...

Well! I though with all the leaked OS 6 today it would be the day at Least a beta for the 9700, today I installed a fantastic hybrid so not everything is lost, it'll come out when it's ready :/

Not all of us are AT&T customers to get the Torch. Appeasing the 9700 customers with the OS6 RIM already made would make us happy until either our contracts end where we could get the 9780 or the Torch would be good because it keeps us happy for awhile and buy some blackberry applications, more OS6 users means more OS6 development for apps for you to use.

to be honest I prefer that RIM is absolutely certain 6.0 on 9700 will be perfect then release it early.

I can appreciate these final builds.

lol. This is so effin painful.

Maybe there's gonna be a leak as well.

C'mon RIM you're running out of version numbers now.

Living between Chicago and Toronto I happen to have the 9650 (Verizon) and a 9700 (Rogers). Though the non OS 6 leaks for the 9700 are getting a little annoying. I'm hoping it worth the wait especially since were all looking to work 6 with 256 internal memory.

bla1ze you know you didnt have to do that to them 9700 owners didnt ready the any post but i cant see them wheres the 6.0. no love for the 9700 come on rim this is just wrong lmao good stuff

I've been putting off updates in the hope that OS6 would be released. Unfortunately it hasn't and I have been getting a little bored. 979 seems ok so far, no issues.

I'm not upgrading until i hear some legit feedback. I have and I see no differences from the .714 I had before. Only difference is the number change.
where the hell is the 6.0. Carrier don't mean nothing when it comes to leaked OS because if they release 6.0 for AT&T 9700 then I will upload it to my TMO 9700. So all ya'll saying carrier just stfu.

I normally don't download leaked OS's to my phone but I'm trying to download this one to my phone & I can't. I have the file downloaded & saved to my computer but I don't know how to sync the OS to my phone. Help.

You have to have Desktop Manager installed to your computer too.

Install OS to your computer. This means you double click on the OS.exe file that you downloaded and let Windows install it.

Plug in your phone and use Desktop Manager 6.0 (DM) to make a backup of your device.

Close DM and go to:

C:\program files(86)\common files\research in motion\apploader\

From there delete vendor.xml, if it's there, then run loader.exe

Follow the instructions - make sure you look closely at the list of items that have or do not have check marks next to them so you install what you want and don't install what you don't want.

When the popup asks if it should make a backup of your device and restore your 3rd party apps, it should be selected to do it. Do not change it.

Wait about 15-20 minutes for the process to complete and your phone to reboot completely before disconnecting.

Thanks to Jeffreii (SP) for the instructions


This is not OS 6 so stop whining. Please post your findings related to this OS version only.

You want OS 6, wait for it. At the mean time be constructive and stop wasting people's time reading your senseless posting!

This is funny. I suppose there are more leaks after this version before OS6 rolls out. Such as and :D

Well leaks are all good... But wait! A leak means they are working on that build, right? So I just can't understand why they would still be working on/leaking a os 5 and not 6.

I highly recommand ,Don't install this leaked version.
When I finished installation and Boot up again, it show error message " caught =>6 " and I pulled out the batterry and restart manully again " caugth =>10"
Don't Installed this leaked version.

The 9700 got leaks like crazy when it first came out.Back then it was the S2 owners complaining. Look on the bright side at least the 9700 is gettin OS6. The 9550/9520 int gettin shit.

Since I have put this build onto my phone (even if it is not os 6), I am impressed. This is a solid build. Everything runs smoothly. But we'll see how it works tmro. So far so good. But like everyone else: WHERE IS OS6!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????

Oh well, went ahead and downloaded, deleted xml vendor file, installed via DM 6. I've noticed great battery life on the most recent OS leaks, but can't wait for OS6!!

Backed up all the data and wiped my 9700 with BBSAK 1.8.2 (for the first time ever), loaded this OS and so far it is working better than .938! Feels snappier and got fixed a couple of bugs. Guys, seriously, wipe your BlackBerry before installing a leaked OS. Works way better! Still waiting for OS 6, though. Don't worry, it's coming!

Finally (well, there have been a couple of others) someone who give a proper, constructive comment regarding this upgrade!
I am so sick of all the whining, complaints that RIM are in the wrong and general rubbish about leaked upgrades being the reason to change platform. If leaked then you can't blame RIM for a start, use your tiny brains! As for RIM not releasing it yet - maybe there are some serious issues with OS6 on 9700 that haven't been published. Would rather wait a few than get it now then watch the whiners screaming about "dis bricked ma fone". As for jumping platform... Do it and stop blabbling here. Good luck too, look forward to you whining on the Android forums, then iOS, them Nokia, etc as you keep jumping about.

im happy with what i currently got <3 ,

who tested this ? whats new ? what works ? major things ?

we will never get os6 until 9780 pops-up and perform bad sales.

if rim would have refreshed bold 9000, i would have considered it.

but 9700 refresh is no good upgrade decision.
so i will be waiting for some really solid bb.

I completely agree with you on this one. some here just don't get that or simply don't know the 9780 is coming out in a month or so. they have a while to wait for the OS6

Not gonna lie... this kind of makes me want to either drop by Bold into the garbage disposal, or scratch out my eyes with rusty spoons.

Hate the fact its 5.xxxx but this one is still leaner and snappier than .932. Wondering if and when 6 arrives, what it will do to performance and available memory...

lets be honest here. why do you think they would release anything until the 9780 goes on sale for a little bit. if they release no many people don't both to upgrade.

Just loaded. All seems the same. Maybe phone is a bit quicker but it always feels like that after an update. I will add any comments I can.

Oooh, just checked. Free'd up another load of memory maybe about 8mb. Maybe rim will keep doing this until they make one that uses minimal memory before upgrading to 6.

Crybabies, quit your crying. The word out there is that you people with antique 9700's are going to be the first ones to get the OS 7 leaks.

not complaining, uploaded last night and all is running smoothly. noticed my device is quite a bit faster and gained another 8MB with all my apps installed and running. so far so good. when they choose to release Os6 i will be waiting and will also upload then. this build is solid and the best so far of all others, just my thought!!

It's true. There's more free memory with this version and I've been browsing the internet all morning, installed a new theme and pulled battery for full instalation and still got 90% of battery charge. Nice.

that is a low blow for us that have the BOLD 9700, i was so excited and then i read 5.0 that sucked booty. they need to just release os6 already and stop playing with us. well i guess its more waiting for us 9700 users. i have the torch but i want to use my BOLD for a while but not till i install os6 so ill just stick with the torch till then. sorry people we have all been fooled once again

There's not much to talk about, everyone's pretty much got it. You get a bit more memory with this install. I noticed that when you get an email from Blackberry, it shows the Blackberry logo rather than an envelope. And when you dial a number and hit talk, it now sends it automatically - I think this was bugged in the last upgrade, as it would freeze/not do anything.

As for OS6, I'm fine with them taking their time. OS5 is great and all, and like all of you, I'm getting blue balls waiting for OS6 - my heart stopped when I saw a 9700 leak, and then I hit the floor in tears when it was another OS5 update - but I'd much rather have them released a solid, bug-free version than a half-assed OS6 with lots of things that drive you up the wall.

It'll come out in time. Obviously there's something wrong with it right now for the 9700, otherwise it would've been leaked along with the other 6 leaks before it. I think there'll be a update next, if not another OS5 update after that. I hope OS6 comes out before the new year, though.

is it me or is the first initial boot after it loads the applications taking WAY longer than normal.

I thought the Bold series was supposed to be the flagship handset for RIM? Why aren't we getting any love?

I dont believe they are worried about releasing a buggy platform. These are 'leaks' and more over I have never used a Blackberry that isn't buggy.

this is very frustrating, arguably one of the best berrys to date is the 9700 and rim's playing games like this, COME ON!

What you guys should do? is to not reveal any Bold 9700 5.0 OS unless it's an 6.0 :)

ex. Version comes out, don't tell us :) BUT if version come out, trust me I will run naked in downtown Montreal :)

Because we have the most hilarious comments. They must enjoy teasing us with all these leak updates and none with OS 6.0 I mean c'mon .979???? WTF RIM?? This is another sad day for 9700 users.

There's nothing barring a or higher from being released after this either.

When its ready, it will come. Have patience.

Not going to bother making the obvious OS 6 frustration comment but I downloaded this last night and have yet to see the point/notice any difference.

Upgraded to the .280 leak for my 9650 as well yesterday and that on the other hand is unreal (sorry to brag, but it's true).

What the hell? Rims being ridiculous. I think they wont release 6.0 because the 9780 is expected to be released in mid November which runs OS 6.0. Maybe they don't want us 9700 users to just upgrade their OS and purchase the updated version of the Bold. Either way I'm annoyed.

Facts are facts. The guys at RIM must know that most BB9700 owners have not had their phones for a year and definitely will not buy the 9780. What I am actually saying is that they should give us OS 6 leaked or otherwise, for the 9700 and then put the 9780 in the market for the ones who don't have phones as new as the 9700, to upgrade their phones . While I understand the real BB users talking about patience,the undue and painful delay in the release of the OS6 is unnecessary, since the ones that will buy the 9780 will buy and those who will not, will not. As for giving us OS5 Leaks,this time the OS6 craze is on and OS6 available for much older models than the 9700, that is downright disrespectful if not insulting to 9700 users.

Facts are facts. The guys at RIM must know that most BB9700 owners have not had their phones for a year and definitely will not buy the 9780. What I am actually saying is that they should give us OS 6 leaked or otherwise, for the 9700 and then put the 9780 in the market for the ones who don't have phones as new as the 9700, to upgrade their phones . While I understand the real BB users talking about patience,the undue and painful delay in the release of the OS6 is unnecessary, since the ones that will buy the 9780 will buy and those who will not, will not. As for giving us OS5 Leaks,this time the OS6 craze is on and OS6 available for much older models than the 9700, that is downright disrespectful if not insulting to 9700 users.

I have a really quick question...I downloaded this, installed and when I attempted to delete the Vendor.xml file, there is no Vendor.xml file.

I am on Windows 7 Ultimate. Am I missing anyting?

I just moved up from .602 on at&t and I can see a notable difference.

I am a HEAVY BB user below is a quick run-through of what I noticed moving from .602 at&t to .979.

- "Smoothness" of the trackpad
- Faster the boot time
- Blackberry logo in the messages folder (i.e. msgs from BB)
- Response times when "clicking around"
- Visual voicemail isn't CONSTANTLY running (i.e. only 5 running apps - always running)
- Signal strength is "measuring" different (I've read it is "more accurate" therefore, that would be a good reason or it cold be this build doesn't work well with At&t?)
- Focus "square" when taking a picture is green rather than white
- Focusing seems faster to calculate a "focus"
- New icons for options after a picture is taken - when scrolling through these icons (i.e. crop, trash ect), seems to be buggy or "blinky".
- Web Browsing (Full 3G Bars, Column view, java script disabled) seems to be dramatically improved. Pages are rendered a lot faster (even with Java Script Enabled). Scrolling is smooth and transitions easier. :Requesting time seems to be cut in half. My phone now beeps at me when I go to a particular website. (I need to figure this out!)
- Lock Screen fades to black now rather than showing a "lock" on the screen.
- I needed to update Berry Weather the older version wouldn't load.

That is all I have for now.

Okay, after all the stink, the download is not even available anymore. Tried the following sites:


Downloads are all gone! Not really too upset. After all it was not 6.0 anyway. Wonder why it got pulled. .938 works very solid. Way better than .862 which had random reboots. Was considering .979 to fix the phone dial out lag issue. That one is pretty big, especially in an emergency.
So, I guess that is two hits to body. First no 6.0 and now there is no .979! Maybe it was a mistake. One download site said the file has been removed for copyright infringement. Whatever.

So why so many phones? A marketing strategy for RIM. I get it, but it is now bordering on obserd. Android isn't too far behind. I get having a high, mid and low and phone. All these different phones and OS's is really too much. Produce a rock solid phone and rock solid OS and be done with it already. But then, what else would we Crackberry users do all day if we were not downloading leaked OS versions.

Speaking of which, with all the hype of OS 6, it is destined to be replaced by a completely new OS (QNX). Given the lightening speed of RIM, that won't happen for some time now.
QNX is the engine on the Playbook and according to the WSJ, the execs at RIM have said QNX will make its way to hand helds. Right after we have all bought the latest phone with

By the way, why did RIM wait so long to release the Playbook. I-pad has taken root and now it looks like a "me too" device, even though, by the specs it looks like it blows the apple product away. It was RIM's chance to really bring something special to the market, which they apparently will. Maybe they needed the Apple marketing machine to bring the product into acceptance. Anyway, not much to do with 6.0 NOT being on the 9700.

I have not noticed anything different on this release. Reboot time is faster. However, the LED light flashes without any notification and it takes another reboot to get rid of it. Anyone else have this issue?

.....Still waiting.
I'm still running .321. I like it. I put .593 on once and I didn't like it. I hope an OS 6 update goes better.

Hi there,

Yesterday i see this post on my work, when i came home the download link is broken,.

Can someone make a new download link please????

Just installed .979 and it works great. Snappier and batterylife increases (coming from .938)

But what I noticed (and I never noticed it before) that you can turn on ringing and vibrating at the same time. That a step forward for me (or was that for sometime now???)

Naturally I am still waiting for 6.0 to come. But with the Hedonedesign OS6.0 like and Socialscope installed I am very close to the 6.0 experience with this last leak.

So, just give it a try yourself.

Consider that it took RIM 979 tries to get a solid 5.0 OS.
Well, maybe not that many times, but a lot. .979 seems very solid. Hopefully, easier on the battery than .938
and the phone lag thing will be gone too!
I probably won't jump on the first OS 6 release as it will be Buggy! Yeah, right, who am I kidding? I will get it. :)

From (out of the box with AT&T) I have been on many of the OS 5 upgrades. After a few days, I can say without hesitation, this is the best OS for 9700.

Calls engage and disengage quickly. .938 (serious lag)

Way less switching from 3G to EDGE (We are talking in the same location folks). .938 and below did this all the time!

WiFi stays connected. Before this release, my BB would drop WiFi (again same location, home) a lot. Thought it was my wireless router or modem, yet, I was sitting in front of my laptop and it stayed connected. WiFi log in Blackberry would say, "device unable to obatain IP Address) or some strange thing. Does not do that anymore with .979

Battery life is about average, maybe a little less drain than .938

Boot time is still the same...Longest in the industry. I do have a lot of apps and data on my phone.

So, signal strength, WiFi, phone connectivity (after all, it is still a phone, I think), are all very solid on this build.

Other than the Browser update for 6.0, I don't see what all the fuss is about.

In 5.0, go to your messages box. There you will see messages marked for Facebook, Twitter, regular email, BBM.
It is a universal in-box already. You will need to have the RIM Apps (FB, Twitter, etc. installed).

Anyway, I am very glad I upgraded to .979

Bonus is the SMS option to choose whether you would like the return key to send the text or not. BBM and IM+ have this option, but to my knowledge SMS text did not. For me, hitting enter is the speedy way to send, yet not always the best way.

know this hurts, but has anyone tried the upgrade yet? Does anyone know what the differences between os 979 and 938? Is it worth the time? i'll give it a shot anyway. we'll see how it goes.

@Judson50 AND @joeberrymomma; Thanks for the detailed information. I for one tried OS6.X and after 24hrs went back to! Memory took one HELL-OF-A DIVE!!! From approximately 92Mb @ boot (OS5) to 74-76Mb (OS6). This is however was / is to be expected since ALL OS6 Devices come with 512Mb (2x) compared to our (&00's 256MB....

Copy/Pasting in Ur Contacts was pretty annoying especially @ a Trade-Show..! And of course we all (should) know by now the Browser issue if the work around is not properly executed...;-). Browser will then only work on a WiFi connection bot on your BIS only...:-(.

I for one will be trying this one ( as probably the latest? Official 5.X release...hehehehehe!