Leaked: BlackBerry Bold 9650 OS

By Bla1ze on 5 Oct 2010 03:27 pm EDT


Been looking for an OS higher then for your BlackBerry Bold 9650? Sure you have. Now, go grab the download and remember this one is not a final release so you're on your own. Be sure to back up your data folks. Report back on any bugs and such in the comments.

*OS Disclaimer - Please Read: Keep in mind this is NOT an official release and as such is not supported by RIM or your Carrier. If you choose to install, do so at your own risk and only if you're comfortable in the process of upgrading and downgrading your device software. It is quite normal during operating system development for certain features to be crippled or disabled while others are tested, and these beta builds often reflect that. They are not always better. Depending on your BlackBerry comfort level, it may be best for you to wait for community feedback on a build before deciding to download and install for yourself or simply wait for the next official release. If you require support, you will find it in our CrackBerry forums via our extremely knowledgeable community base - do not contact your carrier or RIM for Beta OS technical support (their first course of action will be to advise you to downgrade to a supported OS). *

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Leaked: BlackBerry Bold 9650 OS


They released four leaks for four different devices and the 9700 gets These dudes are now playing with our balls.

if this is a sign of attention....9650 pwns 9700...at the moment. more attention means moreeee= updates :D! that is until the 9780 comes out...thenwe both 9650 users and 9700 alike are screwed......

I mean really!!!! I see Bold, I see OS6, then I see 9650. Can we all come to a conclusion that if its not for the 9700 we don't want to see the update. Why do I get the feeling we won't see it till the Bold(refresh) comes out. I'm with @npatrin on this one.

Why should I be joking? I'm a consumer and I picked up the newest bold only two find out, less than a year away, that there is going to be a bold refresh. I and all 9700 users have the right to get upset. We're the last phone that has yet to get the os6 and we get a leaked os5 today instead! Yes, I'm upset and have no problem sharing that with complete strangers.

Yeah, I would be pissed off too but it's stupid to say that Crackberry should stop posting OS6 leaks unless it's for the Bold 9700.

Yeah, I thought we where on the wrong page. Talking about the OS 5 leaks we keep getting, not the others.

They are playing us Bold 9700 users. We will be the last to get it and the 9780 will release for atleast a week or two before we get OS 6.0 Watch and see.

9650,9650. You would think by now the 9700 would see something or would have been the first for a leak. You have this video running around with 6.0 on the 9700, so it's out there. Give it up already!!!

Why would you expect the 9700 to get it first? The 9650 was made for OS6. Also, Verizon is probably trying to get a working build out there asap to compete with OS6 for AT&T whereas AT&T would rather people buy the Torch to get their OS6 fix.

everytime i see a leak my heart skips a beat thinking this may just be the 9700, but i see 9650 instead :-(
feel sorry for the 9650 users who read the comments all bombarded with "were is 9700 leak".

once the 9700 leak is out we promise you 9650 user we will not bombard you lot ever again!

please let the 9700 leak come out sooon!!!!!

Contrary to what most people think, leaked OS loaders do not have vendor.xml files! Well, they do, but they are blank. You don't have to delete it.

RIM sends these loaders to multiple carriers, as such they are not branded for any specific one. The carriers test them, if approved then they get re-released with their vendor.xml file added.

I actually never knew this. Was able to install without deleting the vendor.xml. Makes sense the way you explained it.

we've covered this before. u cant install a OS for one device onto another device. i'm sorry and not trying to be a dick but it just makes sense. not possible

hope os will be faster. i had to go back to 5 because the original leaked one was way to slow if anyone downloads it let us know if its faster.

it being confirmed by alot of users that .280 is much faster than .222.........fixes the video light and sms issues

if the OS leak for the 9700 dont release this week...... im giving my phone away. iphone4 in the near future!

Dear 9700 users, DON'T be so disappointed. This OS is absolutely horrible on the 9650, and will be just as bad on the 9700!! It IS designed for a touchscreen device, and on a keyboard device it is very cumbersome to navigate! Don't hold your breath....You'll be disappointed! Go iPhone or Android if you want a good Web experience! I love my 9650, BUT the web sucks!

that's just plain wrong. maybe you should either 1) deal with having big cumbersome hands or 2) turn down your trackpad sensitivity. i have no problems navigating OS6.

you guys really hate the 9650 because it gets a phone leak over the 9700 get a clue u guys will not get a leak until the 9780 pops up people should know that by now.

If you guys are so mad about it give up your 9700 and get a bold 9650 and see if that makes you happy lol.

i have 9650 love it but thats because its on sprint and sprint is kewl lmao.

It's been so long and i just can't wait any longer. Please, GOD or anyone out there, help us and giveth us the OS 6 already dammit.

The vendor is definitely Sprint.

ALOT faster on starting up.

Browser bug fixed where the browser would scroll all retarded or w.e

SMS bug also fixed, though i never had a problem with .222


ohh and i noticed this includes a pretty cool introduction video welcoming users to OS 6 :D (when the device starts up and you enter the set up screen)

@bold1193, I also am on VZW, did you install over .222 or did you wipe clean & then install .280??

i actually deleted the vendor file (just to make sure)

and it still came out with everything Sprint.

unless the OS itself can determine what carrier you have :o

BUT, i doubt that... on settings for screen display, go down to Themes and it says Blackberry 6 for Sprint as the active theme

where as back in .222 is just said Blackberry 6 Zen theme.

Sorry, but this is not a Sprint|NEXTEL build. If you go into the theme settings, it reads, next to a Verizon logo, "BlackBerry 6 theme for Verizon Wireless".

Ohh well like I stated before, I guess the OS itself can determine what carrier you have, that's pretty cool.

I guess these newer builds higher than .280 might be the ones ready for primetime

It wasnt anything big but the character count was all retarded.

like usually after 160 letters it stops you right? on .222 it didnt, then when you would click send and go on to type another txt the character count started on 1. ( hard to explain i know -__- )

also on .222 during a call i'd go back to re-read a conversation by text, and it wouldnt scroll up. I had to get off the call and then it would scroll.

I am on VZW and I had to delete the vendor file before i could get the app loader to actually start loading this os. I am loading it now. Can't wait for some os 6 goodness!

VAD (voice activated dialing)works
Pandora works (no stop after 21-22 secs)
OTA downloads work
No error messages from Blackberry App World

faster,pandora works again,no problem with app world yet,nice intro video i think its also smoother navigating between icons,also faster and smoother on web both wifi and 3g no b&w option on camera still.i installed right over .222

Almost BC I have noticed that the media buttons don't work out site the app like volume and mute. They fixed the video light. And I have notice that the browser want from scoring a 198 to 208 on the HTML5 test. And now we have totorial videos amd a welcome video witch I missed BC my DM was restoring.

After a battery pull everything is working. Only thing is that when I type in the browser with the predictive typing I can't see what I am typing.

Hey i canot install this on my 9650...its not activate tho, is that a problem? It is unlocked and i put my sim card in it but still nothing, when i try to update over DTM it says "This BlackBerry® Device Software upgrade includes new features and significant enhancements to the BlackBerry® solution and, as such, is only available to users with an active BlackBerry subscription. To learn more about BlackBerry® service, please visit www.blackberry.com/service." Is this because it is not activated? trying to update over apploader does not work either for me. It just brings up the podcast app, app world, and twitter with no options...help please

Everything seems to work great so far, except for my browser. I have a VZW 9650, and anytime I try to visit a site via the browser it is unable to connect. I'm connected to the network and have a strong signal. Anyone else having this problem?

Upgraded from

So I just downloaded and installed this leak and its so far fixed all the lil bugs I found with the previous leaked .222! Kullkid92x pretty much listed the major changes that were buggin me using my BB daily. Also forgot to mention that the camera light bug is fixed on the vid recorder app. Now the light actually turns on when u click the video recorder so you can take no-light footage. Now I just need to see if the battery life has improved after the next 48hrs of daily testing and use. The battery life on .222 was just god awful compared to the OS 5.0 predecesor. Maybe this new leak will be one bigger step closer to a near perfect official 6.0 release for the 9650?

This is a lot snappier then .222 it's a great upgrade. I have verizon and didn't delete the vendor file and everything was fine. I feel bad for you 9700 users but really complaining about it doesn't get you anywhere and it is annouying that we have to keep reading your comments.

Installed v.280 and everything is working grrrreat! It is snappier than v.222. Overall very happy with this leak

This is definitely faster, and fixed some bugs from previous leak.
The only app I've had problems with is WorldMate Live. Apparently they don't have OS6 support yet. But I can live without it.

I can tell you that this is a Verizon build. Just go into the theme settings and you will see "BlackBerry 6 Theme for Verizon Wireless" with a Verizon logo in the thumnail location.

just installed this over .222, somehow it got errors while installing now my phone does nothing but sit on the blackberry loading screen. Ive installed numerous leaks and officials from different carriers in the past, never had this happen. Unsure how to bring it back to life :(

Did you give it the full 30 minutes before pulling the plug? Mine took a bit to finish, too. However, it was worth the wait. I'm on Sprint.

Yeah I gave it time, like 45 mins. I ended up un-installing every blackberry os on my pc, including the ones from my curve. Re-installed this leak only, then installed and it went without a hitch. This is the verizon 9650, although i dont think that matters.

Seems most people are having things go well. I am not. it is very slow, getting "thinking clock" all the time. It freezes up.

Verizon visual voicemail works though you wont need it with the blackberry visual voicemail working just as well.No social feed and blackberry maps.

going back to .222 was much happier. not happy with this build not verizon ready at all


***Final update**** Situation averted . Be careful when loading. I ended up having to revert back to 5.0, then wipe device, load 280 on again and then restore.... ::wheeeww:::

Ok if I could take screen shot to show it believe me I would cause my 9650 shows a Sprint icon. I honestly think it just depends which network your phone is on, well my guess. Other then that .280 works great for me Bar sliding icons all. App world just needed to be uninstall then reinstall, video light works, webkit zoom and page load much improved, and voice dial fixed.

The presence of carrier specific apps and themes in no way indicates that a build is specific to your carrier. Even in many of the official builds, there are carrier specific elements for multiple carriers.

What elements get installed is determined at load time by the loader after parsing a file which tells it what parts are appropriate for YOUR carrier.

Sadly, it has been a while since I loaded Orange, Sky, and other carrier specific themes on my blackberry after editing the correct file. So, that being said, I can't tell you the name of the file off the top of my head. But go dig around the installation directory; it's plain text and not that hard to find.

I installed .222 on the day CB leaked it and have been using it since. I couldn't install any google apps or some AppWorld apps(Google Sync, Google Maps, Google Mobile App, Foursquare) but just dealt with not having them while I waited for the official release of 6.0. I saw the .280 leak last night and installed it right away. I have the 9650 on Verizon and I didn't delete the vendor file or do anything tricky, I just installed .280 like you would normally and so far everything is perfect. It is so much faster, no lag between apps or screens. I can now download google apps, appworld apps,restoring my bbm contacts didn't give me an error like .222. So far this is a good leak and I would recommend upgrading to it if you are unsure.

I didn't have any of the problems you had with .222. My Google apps were transferred from OS 5.0 and worked just fine on .222. In fact, other than the horrendous battery life and certain browser issues, .222 gave me no hassle at all. I have never found it necessary to delete my vendor file, and this is my sixth leak. Also, I used to use the app loader to load the leaked versions, but have been using the Desktop Manager lately with the same results.

.280 is better than .222 insofar as the video light now works, and voice-activated dialing is also functional. Other than that, I haven't really noticed any major changes. The jury is still out on how good the battery life will be for this leak, comparatively speaking.

For me my battery life on .222 lasted like 2 days compared to .280's battery life.. 6 hrs into today's daily use, battery is ALMOST done...

so happy we got a new build
time for the gurus to make us a new hybrid as well

time to try this leak first
i was getting bored with .222

Think the build is great, the only issue I am having is with visual voicemail. On the previous build, this worked seamlessly, now, it is not allowing me to use it, saying I need to change permissions, and then it wont allow me to make the changes it needs. Any one else have these issues and if so, is there a fix? I am running on verizon. thanks

But I don't have visual voicemail, and didn't have it on the previous leak either. Is it something I missed in app loader?

Anyone know how to fix the application center error 404 I got with .222 and I am still getting with this build? Also, NFL app still not working... very frustrating...

It's pretty good, it's a tad choppy compaired to OS5, it runs kind of like my curve 8530 does... which is workable

Google Maps> Works
Tether> Works
BeWeather> Works
BeBuzz> Works
Google Mobile> Works
GMail> Works
Trillian> Works
LinkedIn> Works
MyVerizon> Works
GoogleSync> Works
QuickPull> Works
ScanLife> Works

Basically aside from some choppyness, and the order of my favorites moving for no reason at no discernible interval it works fine, no complaints

If you go in to the Java Folder in your RIM files after this is installed to your computer, you can see that the files include both Verizon and Sprint specific files. So I am not sure what carrier build it is. Too be honest, I really don't care, because this one is bug free for me. The video light is fixed, BB Maps works completely, Youtube App doesn't stop after a minute, and the battery has been great. Very happy with this build.

What do I need to install this leak in my VZ9650?

I have DM 50. I'm currently running v5.0.0.810.

Please advise. I've already downloaded the leak to my computer.

Thank you all for any advise.

I have a blackberry 9650 on verizon. Just downloaded this file and loaded it to my bb without deleting the vendor file. It worked great! No problems. Then I reloaded all my contacts and everything I had backed up in dm. The only bummer is the sounds on os6 are different then os5 so I lost my alerts, no biggie. The browser is a lot better, and the phone boots up in about 2 - 2.5 min instead of 4 - 4.5. So far pretty happy with it. Thanks so much for posting this

ok so i installed this on my sprint 9650 and its working perfectly fine.. i love the bb6 so much better then the removing the vendor.xml def was a required step. i will continue to test the os6 and will report any bugs if i find them to the community later..

Au contraire, removing the vendor file is not a required step. I would recommend only doing that if you ran into trouble downloading any leaked OS. I am on my 8th leaked OS and never had to delete my vendor file. It's one of those urban legends. . .

where is the social feeds app? The torch has it and that was on thing i was looking forward to? Maybe only the att version will have it?

Just a heads up, my internet went out again, so I will have to do the service books fix (which is very easy). Not sure if anyone else experienced this problem.

Other notes: On the prior version, my phone would randomly reboot from time to time when charging, but other than that, it was snappy after a day's use. I really dig having 2 rows of icons on my home screen, and the webkit browser of course. The between screen flashy transitions are slick too. Gchat/bbm/text/email all worked great on the previous release

Can't wait to get home and load in my OS 5 service books...

Verizon Bold 9650 user.

Why cant i install this??? Im doing everything just the way i did last time and it just keeps wiping my phone back to out of the box settings. Ive noticed it says im installing 5.0.0 system software and core applications and i cant remove the check mark next to them. What am i doing wrong?????

Is anyone having problems with the facebook application? After I installed it said that I needed to update my data plan. Then after I deleted it and then re installed, it stated that it could not reach facebook. If anyone knows how to fix please let me know. Thanks

See my post above. You don't have access to your data/internet. Look up the service books fix. Twitter, fb... any application using the web won't work.

I had the same issue but didn't need any compicated "service book fix". All I did was go into my mobile network options and update my profile. After provisioning completed, everything worked just fine!

Is there any way to enlarge the text inside the web browser. This site does not give me a zoom option and I have tried changing the dafault font settings.

Haven't loaded this yet, but in one of the videos i saw kicking around it looked like they held the ALT key and scrolled on the optical pad to zoom

Hey guys quick question was wondering if anyone else noticed this? This is my first time updating from 5.0 - 6.0. Everything went fine except when i went to access my text messages i noticed that all of my picture messages where gone. I had several of them in my inbox and some saved as well. I was wondering if they where located somewhere else on OS 6 or do they not transfer over when you backup your information? I looked into the MMS folder and even did a universal search for picture messages.. any ideas? other than this OS seems to be running great

I also noticed that picture messaging doesn't work either for some reason..it did on the last build though, even though this build is much improved.

It is rumored that it will come out for the 9650 sometime this month (October) for Verizon Wireless, however, that may not be true.

I saw somebody say that is nice animation when system start up but I don't see it only thing is on screen is verizon logo. Is there a way to change that? When I install .280 I didn't delete vendor maybe that's why? Other thing I notice is when I try to do reverse lookup using poynt it don't works any ideas?

i deleted my vendor file and poynt is doing the same thing on my end, i think its just the app error for right now....as far as the animation you can find it in the tutorials section of the setup menu

All working on VZW Bold. Trillian Pro even started working. Now on to the Sprint Bold tomorrow.

So fun to be using 6.


I love it! I just got my 9650 with Sprint on the 1st of the month (upgraded from a 8520 on T-mobile)and i was in love with it before. Im even more in love with it now. I want it to have my babies. Lol. SN: i would feel bad for the 9700 people if they didnt sound like a bunch of little bitches. GET OVER IT! We got ours first and theres nothing thats gonna change that! Oops!

Can I upgrade the OS using my MacBook. I don't have a computer with windows. Sorry if someone already asked this. I was way to lazy to read through the comments. THANKS :)

I honestly really like OS 6 but i'm having ALOT of problems really thinking about downgrading... I feel like alot of my problems are one's that people experienced in the first release i don't know if i'm experiencing them because i only did this one or what.

A few of the things are:

- The SMS count is messed up I'll go over 160 and it's stuck on 1

- Browser will work one minute and than i receive an error that it is not part of my plan and that i need to connect to wifi to access it.

- BBM's aren't sending all the time.. i tried to resend the service books don't know what else it could be..

- lost all my picture messages on transfer

- call quality is spartic (either really good or really bad)

Don't have blackberry maps
other than that it's pretty soothe and the screen transitions are sick once these bugs are worked out it'll be cool

if anyone has any fixes for these please lemme know


Downloaded on both 9650s; working great on both; no lags so far; beautiful UI; official release should be awesome.

Ok so I had the .222, worked pretty well except for a few glitches (sms wouldn't go down to last mssg, just small stuff). Then when this came out I did the .280, and it fixed that glitch and worked fine for a the first 3 days, then the web started acting up, and then on the 5th day it had no service, and I kept havign to reboot it, and then it kept giving me the hour glass, and wouldn't connect to the web, then it wouldnt let me make calls, then ust kept frezzig up. Finally took of the .280 and now my device is mostly working fine.

Basically: DON'T DOWNLOAD .280!!!! Only .222!!!

So far I have only seen a very few glitches all of which aren't a big deal. They are: when I pull up BBM it comes up with the menu, and the spell check errors occasionally. Anyway, everything else works great.

Noticing a few problems:

--extremely sluggish when trying to receive a text
--videos dont seem to want to work on youtube
--sometimes the image saying whether a message has sent or not wont change unless hovered over

those are the major issues so far.


With OS 6, I'm still able to connect to my WEP-secured wifi (Verizon FiOS) at home; however, I keep getting errors when trying to access web pages (which work fine just using Verizon 3G). I did not have this problem with OS 5. Unsure where the problem lies.

Anyone having issues with this battery? i know i seen people complain, but it runs flawlessly, no apps in the background. nothing. My phone feels like its on fire and goes to about 50% battery after being off the charger for 3.5 hours. one or two texts. no browsing, no apps. just sitting there. Anything i could do? I reboot always. One day i used it heavily and it took almost 14 hours for the battery to go half way. I was amazed, couldnt believe it. It doesnt make sense.

When I try to access NFL Mobile, tells me, NFL Mobile is only accessible with the Untied States and Territories... Any help would be great, and I dont have an application center anymore and it is installed and shows on the DM software.

I have noticed several things with this upgrade - one is the battery does run down much faster, the second is once or twice a day i am getting a "Your device has been registered on the Blackberry network" message.

ok after some nifty moves i tracked down a working link for .280 and im a bit confused because reading the file name it suggests that this is a verizon build i have a sprint 9650 with the latest sprint released OS i really wanna load this but the "PTT" n he file name has me thinking that its for push to talk which sprint doesnt offer and every built i've had before had AMEA in the file name so i need a litle clarification please

I'm having problems getting any others themes to work. The only one that shows is Blackberry 6 for Verzon even though I have others downloaded. Any suggestions?

I'm having problems getting any others themes to work. The only one that shows is Blackberry 6 for Verzon even though I have others downloaded. Any suggestions?

I'm having problems getting any others themes to work. The only one that shows is Blackberry 6 for Verzon even though I have others downloaded. Any suggestions?

im on the reboot part of the process its been stuck on it for about 15 minutes now i hope my blackberry is okay :/